Brewer Furniture Business Keeps it Local 

“We started making waterbeds back in 1975 and that petered out, so we said well, we’ll change from waterworks to bed works.”

Steven Hammond has seen a lot of changes after forty-years in the furniture business.

But one thing that hasn’t changed?

“Quality is only a word until you define it, and that’s the culture of the business.”

A culture that thrives on Maine made.

The Bedworks of Maine in Brewer makes furniture of all shapes and sizes with products right out of the Maine woods.

“We take a raw piece of wood and make it into a beautiful piece of furniture that people all over the country will buy. We will be plane it, we put an edge on it so it’ll glue up correctly, we glue panels. A very dry wood, but a very good quality wood. And then we finish, sand it, and we assemble it.”

The Bedworks of Maine currently employs twenty-five people.

They make everything from futons to beds and everything in between.

From there, it heads to the shelves of other Maine companies, including L.L. Bean, who they’ve been in business with for the last twenty-five years.

“It means everything because manufacturing, especially years ago, it all shifted to china. Now it’s come back and that’s really a source of pride that we can employ your friends and neighbors around the state.”

Across the river in Brewer is their showroom. A place they like to call “real Maine.”

“We have a very nice beautiful showroom and she and her staff have done an excellent job at setting up for the customer so that they can find mattresses as well as our Maine made furniture and knowledgeable salespeople that will tell them about it and tell them our story.”

Janet Moran has been with the company since the beginning.

Her favorite part of the job? Giving customers Maine made furniture that is the right fit for their home.

“Most people are fascinated to find that their product is coming from the factory right here in Bangor. Often times they don’t know that we make the product ourselves.”

“We have a factory that is humming. We make beautiful furniture and we are very proud to say Maine made, Bangor built.”