Maine State Archives & Library Launch Digital Maine Transcription Project 

History buffs in Maine looking to research our state’s past can now find a treasure trove of information online.

The Maine State Archives and Library has launched the Digital Maine Transcription Project, which invites the public to lend a hand in making Maine’s historical documents more accessible.

The website hosts digitized items from across the state, which are now text-searchable – letting users find documents that reference their subjects of interest.

Users are also encouraged to transcribe documents for future users who may not be able to read cursive or may have a visual impairment requiring computer programs to read the text aloud.

Right now needing transcription are Civil War hospital records, militia documents from the Revolutionary War, and town records.

“We are coming up on the bicentennial of the state of Maine and so I think putting these documents out online and giving people a new way to engage with the history of the state is really key,” said Heather Moran, Archivist with the Maine State Archives.

The project began last summer following similar initiatives at the National Archives and Smithsonian Institution.