Maine Olympic Champion Helps Bring Back Iconic Snowboard Brand 

From WMTW:

The oldest brand of snowboards is making a comeback in Maine.

Winterstick Snowboards, which was founded in Utah in 1972, has a new set of owners, including Olympic champion snowboarder Seth Wescott.

Wescott teamed up with fellow Carrabassett Valley Academy alum Tom Fremont-Smith last summer to build the iconic board at Sugarloaf Ski Area in Carrabassett Valley.

The company has leased the former golf course pro shop at the base of the West Mountain ski slope. The building also includes a chair lift.

“We can literally come up with an idea and in two days go out the front door, jump on a chairlift and test it on the hill,” Fremont-Smith said.

While the company remains true to its heritage of building boards for the deep powder in the back country, its line also includes the most modern designs for riding the slopes and racing.

That is the expertise that Wescott brings to the table as a full partner.

“It’s an amazing extension for me in my passion for snowboarding, to be able to actually create things and take all my experience and history of riding and put that into a physical object,” Wescott said.

Fremont-Smith and Wescott know it will never be the biggest company, but they strive to build the best snowboards.

The company handcrafts about a dozen boards a week. Each is prominently stamped “Made in Maine.”

“We know that the Maine brand resonates throughout the world, and so that’s what it meant to us to be building boards here in Maine with local people and local products. It’s a high-quality product,” Fremont-Smith said.