Bulletproof Vest Saves Waldoboro Officer’s Life in Weekend Shooting 

“Like a bang.”

Kelly Moore says she and her dog were awakened by the sounds of gun shots early Sunday morning about 1 a-m. they were coming from her neighbor’s house across the street.

“It sounded like it was like, right here.”

Police responding to a 9-1-1 call for a domestic disturbance at 81 “rivers bend road.”

Waldoboro’s police chief says two of his officers responded to the call. Officer John Lash was the first on the scene and was shot in the back during an armed confrontation with 57 year old Jon Alspaugh.

The chief says officer Lash returned fire, Alspaugh was shot dead. The officer sustained injuries, but the chief says his bullet-proof vest absorbed the brunt of the impact saving his life.

“He’s doing fine he’s doing fine {butted} “if he wasn’t wearing a vest there would have been a totally different outcome.”

The officer was treated and released from the hospital.  he’s now on administrative leave, which is standard protocol when there’s an officer-involved shooting.

The police chief saying to his knowledge there’s only been one other police shooting in this town coastal town.

Meanwhile – Kelly Moore says she had several dealings with her neighbor and never had any trouble. she talked about the time he paid a visit to her lawn sale.

“He was a really nice guy. Invited us over to his house if we ever wanted to go fishing down in his pond or whatever. Bought a few things here at the lawn sale.”