Seniors Gather to Support Raising Minimum Wage 

Local senior citizens gathered in Bangor Wednesday to voice their support for the ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage.

Seniors working low-wage jobs spoke along with officials for Mainers for Fair Wages at the Bangor Public Library.

Question Four would raise Maine’s minimum wage from $7.50 to $9 next year, and then by a dollar each year until it reaches $12 in 2020.

It would then automatically increase based on inflation.

“I have to make choices on a daily basis about whether to get my car repaired or buy prescriptions. Making low wages is very hard on older people,” said Augusta senior Kathy Rondone.

“Making a little more money means that they don’t have to make difficult decisions and it will help seniors who are still working save a little bit of money so that they can retire and enjoy time not working at the end of their lives as I think we all do,” said Amy Halsted. of Mainers for Fair Wages.

Proponents say if Question Four passes, one in three working Mainers would get a raise.

Opponents worry it will unfairly impact small businesses.