Man Accused of Robbing Bangor Hotel Appears in Court 

The man accused of robbing a hotel in Bangor early Tuesday before being confronted by a front desk agent appeared in court today.

This as we learn more details about that altercation.

32-year-old Scott Murray of Bangor did not enter a plea today to charges of robbery and violating conditions of release.

Prosecutors say he walked into the Bangor Inn and Suites on Hogan Road around 1AM Tuesday–wearing a bandanna and holding a knife.

Murray reportedly told the man who was working, “I want all your money.”

The clerk refused. Prosecutors say Murray then took a key from behind the desk, opened the safe and removed money.

That’s when the clerk jumped into action.

“He subdued the suspect, punched him in the face at some point. Had his head on the ground and then I think the clerk became in possession of the knife that had been displayed to him and that he’d been sort of threatened with before that and told the guy if he moved, better not until Bangor PD got there. And the guy did not struggle any further,” said Penobscot County Assistant District Attorney Susan Pope.

Police advise against citizens taking matters into their own hands in this way–instead call 911.

Murray was initially supposed to appear in court yesterday, but was unable to–prosecutors say it’s possible he was on drugs.

Prosecutors say he has multiple burglary and theft convictions.

His bail has been set at $30,000.