Whoopie Pie Wonder: Bangor Bistro Morphs Into Tasty Cafe 

You might remember La Cena on Hammond Street in Bangor — they recently underwent a sweet new face-lift.

“We started here as a bistro and we’ve been here for about two years and last year we had one whoopie pie and we’re like everyone loves that one whoopie pie so let’s take that and kind of snowball it into something bigger,” says James Gallagher.

The shift to Whoopie Pie CafĂ© (also formerly L.C. Sweets) wasn’t hard for the family-run shop — the twenty five different flavors were adapted from James Gallagher’s great- grandmother’s recipe.

“We have plenty of different flavors to choose from and we also have the basic ones that you can’t go wrong with – chocolate and vanilla. And we call that the Plain Jane, which is the original.”

“The most popular right now is dark chocolate with caramel sea salt filling; it’s got a richer cocoa that we use in it so it’s much more flavorful that the regular chocolate we have.”

As the ever-popular treat across the state, what makes these whoopies stand out?

“People like that it is natural and we use the same ingredients that you use in your house so we tell people it’s as homemade as you can get in a commercial kitchen.”

And some unique ideas also help – like the “whoofie” pies or the bite size whoopie pie hors doeuvres.

“We can do any flavor whoopie pie that you can think of in any size you can think of, as well.”

But Gallagher also notes that the ultimate key to small business here in Bangor is devotion to your work.

“You definitely need a passion and a drive for a product. You have to stand behind your product one hundred percent and you have to love what you do. That’s what makes coming into work so much easier for me because I love who I work with, I love my customers and then our product stands for itself.”

Whoopie Pie Cafe is looking to expand into other areas across the state – they also ship nationwide.

And for all of you that had staples at the La Cena bistro, the family will continue to sell the popular items, like bread and pasta sauces, in the cafe – which is located at 621 Hammond St.