Friday, July 18, 2014 Posted at 10:25am

We understand that you may be becoming more frustrated and irritated as the impasse between our station and Dish continues. We would like to resolve the impasse and return to the service, but that will require fair compromise from Dish.

Dish continues to state that WABI is responsible for the impasse due to demands of rates that are “6 times” more than they pay under the current agreement.

To reiterate – the current rate was negotiated five years ago. That rate is far below the current customary rates that other cable and satellite providers now pay. We have indeed asked them for suitable increases over the term of the next agreement.

It is disingenuous that Dish seems to imply that this increase will be passed onto their customers – as we are only requesting a small share of the profit they gain from your payments to them. They would certainly not need to increase your bill by six times to meet this request.

In fact, the current average difference between what we have currently proposed and what they have currently offered is 45 cents per household. 45 cents. That is significant separation in terms of percentage or multiples – but not in true expense.

And again, we are prepared to negotiate the rates. This is NOT the issue that led to the impasse.

As we have explained – the major issues leading to the current black-out of our stations on Dish are not related to the per subscriber rate Dish will pay to us to retransmit our signal, but rather to certain new conditions Dish wishes to impose on us for such carriage.

We have offered compromises and concessions on these issues. Ultimately, Dish rejects our compromises.

We remain open to a fair agreement. Negotiations for our return will begin with fair compromise from Dish on the unreasonable conditions they have sought to impose.

To date, Dish seems content to spend time and expend efforts to disparage the station by giving you misleading information. We hope that they will re-direct those efforts where they will be most productive to settling this impasse.

We remain open to continued discussions, and we intend to continue to work toward a fair agreement. That will require some significant concession and compromise on the part of DISH. We are willing to engage in meaningful conversations with DISH toward that end.

DISH customers may contact DISH via their customer service number, 1-800-333-DISH (3474), or through their customer website,

We also invite DISH customers to check our website,, for more information and updates as circumstances warrant. Your phone calls to us are also welcomed. 207-947-8321.

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