Tuesday, July 29, 2014 Posted at 2:10pm

We regret that the impasse between our station and DISH continues. We do not know when – or even if – the impasse will be resolved.

As we have previously stated, resolution will require fair compromise from DISH on conditions they wish to impose on us in the new agreement.

We have offered several compromises and concessions throughout the negotiation process. Ultimately, DISH has rejected our attempts at compromise. Further they continue to hold fast to their unprecedented demands. They have initiated no contact since the station blackout began.

DISH instead continues to wage a misleading campaign stipulating that the impasse is entirely, or even primarily, about money. We reiterate that the money issue that DISH is winding everyone up about is not what led to the impasse. It sounds terrible the way they present it, but it’s more a positioning statement than anything of substance.

As we have explained – we were, have been, and are open to negotiation on rates. As to why the pay system exists – it’s how the business works. Almost every cable and satellite company pays fees to every local major network station, and pays even higher fees to stations that do not deliver any local content.

DISH was, in fact, among the first large carriers to recognize the value of local stations to their marketing plans and potential profit. They offered cash payments immediately when they came to Bangor. Everyone pays a share of the costs to stay in the TV programming delivery business. These are partnerships. Again – It is how the business works.

And once again, we are prepared to negotiate the rates. This is NOT the issue that led to the impasse.

Unlike DISH, we did reach out in attempt to seek resolution of some of the outstanding issues, and they did respond. However, there has been no progress toward settlement. The impasse continues.

It is not and has not been our intent to encourage DISH subscribers to abandon the service and seek other alternatives. That is an individual decision. However, we are at a stalemate, and you may want to give serious consideration to exploring your options.

We will update this statement if and when DISH is prepared to compromise on the outstanding issues and return to fair negotiation.

DISH customers may contact DISH via their customer service number, 1-800-333-DISH (3474), or through their customer website, myDISH.com.

We also invite DISH customers to call us for more information. 207-947-8321.

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