Tuesday, August 5, 2014 Posted at 11:00am

We understand that many DISH subscribers are concerned about the seeming lack of communication in the ongoing impasse between DISH and our station. We certainly wish that we could provide better news with an update, but, unfortunately, there is little change to report.

As previously stated, we do not know when – or even if – the impasse will be resolved.

As we have shared through many communications with concerned viewers like you, we want nothing more than a fair resolution and a return to your home for our stations. At this time, that does not appear to be imminent.

We recognize that you are no longer interested in explanations and counter-accusations. You simply want the matter settled. We do, as well. We hope that DISH representatives feel the same, and that there will be better news to report in the coming days. That remains to be seen.

It is not and has not been our intent to encourage DISH subscribers to abandon the service and seek other alternatives. That is an individual decision. However, we are at a stalemate, and you may want to give serious consideration to exploring your options.

If and when there is significant progress to report, we will update this statement.