WABI-TV (5.1 – CBS) Generic Local Schedule Monday-Friday

4:00A    CBS Morning News

4:25A    WABI TV5 Morning News

7:00A    CBS This Morning

9:00A    Harry

10:00A  The Dr. Oz Show

11:00A  The Price Is Right

12:00P  WABI TV5 News at Noon

12:30P  CBS Daytime

4:00P    The Ellen DeGeneres Show

5:00P    WABI TV5 News at 5

6:00P    WABI TV5 News at 6

6:30P    CBS Evening News

7:00P    The Big Bang Theory

7:30P    2 Broke Girls

8:00P    CBS Prime Time

11:00P  WABI TV5 News at 11

11:35P  The Late Show w/Stephen Colbert

12:37A  The Late Late Show w/James Corden

1:38A    The Big Bang Theory (secondary)

2:08A    CBS Overnight News (Mon-Thu only; Fri is Various/TBD)


4:00A   Various/TBD

4:30A   The Big Bang Theory

5:00A   The Big Bang Theory

5:30A   Various/TBD

7:00A   CBS E/I Programming (E/I 13-16)

9:00A   CBS This Morning Saturday

11:00A  CBS E/I Programming (E/I 13-16)

12:00P  Various/TBD

6:00P   WABI TV5 News at 6 Saturday

6:30P    CBS Weekend News

7:00P    The Big Bang Theory

7:30P    The Big Bang Theory

8:00P    CBS Prime Time

11:00P   WABI TV5 News at 11 Saturday

11:30P   The Nite Show w/Danny Cashman

12:00A   2 Broke Girls (x2)

1:00A     Castle

2:00A     Major Crimes

3:00A     Major Crimes (2)


4:00A   Various/TBD

4:30A   The American Athlete

5:00A   Cars.TV

5:30A   Beautiful Homes and Great Estates

7:00A  Various/TBD

8:30A   It’s All About Maine

9:00A   CBS Sunday Morning

10:30A  Face The Nation

11:30A  Various/TBD

12:00P  Various/TBD

6:00P    WABI TV5 News at 6 Sunday

6:30P   CBS Weekend News

7:00P    60 Minutes

8:00P    CBS Prime Time 

11:00P   WABI TV5 News at 11 Sunday

11:30P   Infomercial

12:00A   Person of Interest

1:00A     Infomercial

1:30A     Various/TBD

2:00A     CBS Overnight News