WABI-DT2 (5.2 – The CW)


5:00A    Forensic Files (x2)

6:00A    King of The Hill (x2)

7:00A    WABI TV5 Morning News

7:30A    Cops Reloaded

8:00A    The Steve Wilkos Show

9:00A    The Steve Wilkos Show

10:00A  Jerry Springer

11:00A  Jerry Springer

12:00P  2 Broke Girls

12:30P  WABI-TV5 News at Noon

1:00P    Mike & Molly

1:30P   How I Met Your Mother

2:00P   Judge Alex (x2)

3:00P   The Robert Irvine Show

4:00P   Cheaters (x2)

5:00P   Cops Reloaded

5:30P   The Cleveland Show

6:00P  American Dad

6:30P  American Dad

7:00P  Family Guy

7:30P  Family Guy

8:00P  The CW Prime Time

10:00P  TV5 Prime Time News

10:30P Seinfeld

11:00P The King of Queens (x2)

12:00A Rules of Engagement (x2)

1:00A   Raising Hope

1:30A   Seinfeld

2:00A   Extra

2:30A   Mike & Molly

3:00A   Supreme Justice w/Judge Karen Mills

3:30A   Justice For All w/Cristina Perez

4:00A    Various/TBD


5:00A   Various/TBD

5:30A   Mike & Molly

6:00A   Mike & Molly

6:30A   Various/TBD

7:00A   CW E/I Programming (E/I 13-16)

10:00A  Save Our Shelter

10:30A  Vacation Creation

11:00A  Save To Win

11:30A  Unlikely Animal Friends

12:00P  Various/TBD

12:30P  It’s All About Maine

1:00P   Various/TBD

2:00P    Raising Hope (x2)

3:00P    The King of Queens (x2)

4:00P    Rookie Blue

5:00P    Rookie Blue

6:00P    Cops Reloaded

6:30P    Cops Reloaded

7:00P    Cheaters

8:00P    Family Guy (x2)

9:00P    Bob’s Burgers (x2)

10:00P   Family Guy

10:30P   Seinfeld

11:00P   Rules of Engagement (x2)

12:00A   CW Late Movie

2:00A     Extra

3:00A     2 Broke Girls (x2)

4:00A     How I Met Your Mother (x2)


5:00A   Mr. Box Office

5:30A  The First Family

6:00A   Scandal

7:00A   Rizzoli & Isles

8:00A   Tomorrow’s World

8:30A   In Touch Ministries

9:30A   Key of David

10:00A Campmeeting

11:00A  Mike & Molly (x2)

12:00P  It’s All About Maine

12:30P  Various/TBD

1:00P    Heartland

2:00P    Various/TBD

2:30p   Made in Hollywood Now

3:00P    CW Movie 1

5:00P    CW Movie 2

7:00P    CW Movie 3

9:00P    Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

10:00P   Family Guy

10:30P   Seinfeld

11:00P   Cops Reloaded (x2)

12:00A   CW Late Movie

2:00A     Person of Interest

3:00A     Various/TBD

4:00A     Various/TBD