Do you have storm information to report? Current conditions? A picture or video of weather in your hometown? Report Storms is a new website that allows you, our viewers, to submit different types of weather information at any time. The information is then relayed to the TV 5 Forecast Center for our meteorologists to use live on-air and integrate into their show. Go ahead… check it out… log onto Report Storms, register and become part of the TV 5 weather network. Once you’ve signed up, you can return to this page and click on the Report Storms link, which will then take you to the login page so you can log in and submit your information.

Report Storms

Also, if you have severe weather to report, you are asked to pass the report on to your local law enforcement and ask them to relay your report to the National Weather Service Office. You can also call your local National Weather Service Office and submit your report directly to them. Severe weather reports are very important to the National Weather Service as well as to us here at WABI TV 5.

Contact Information:
WABI TV 5: 207-947-8321 x536

National Weather Service Office in Caribou: 207-492-0170 then press 6 at the prompt. This will put you directly in contact with a meteorologist on duty.

National Weather Service Office in Gray: 877-633-6772