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Maine’s Unemployment Up Slightly Since December

Updated 2 years ago

Unemployment in Maine ticked up a bit in December.Last month’s jobless rate was 7.3%, up from November’s 7.2%.The U.S. unemployment rate was estimated at 7.8% in December.

Lawyer Denied Request to Drop Prostitution Scandal Case

Updated 2 years ago

A judge has denied a defense lawyer’s request to drop out of the trial of a man accused in connection with a prostitution scandal in Kennebunkport.Mark Strong’s lawyer told the judge Strong doesn’t have money to continue paying him, and the lawyer claims he doesn’t have the resources needed to prepare for the trial, but Justice Nancy Mills rejected the lawyer’s request on Friday.Strong is accused of helping a woman run a prostitution ring out of her Zumba dance studio.Jury selection for his trial is set for Tuesday.

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At Least One Loses Job after Misuse of Funds

Updated 2 years ago

A case involving a reported misuse of inmate funds has cost at least one Washington County Jail employee her job.She was let go after a marathon hearing held by Washington county commissioners that lasted well into last night.The hearing looks the same in public as it does behind closed doors. Washington County Jail Administrator Capt. Robert Gross and Jail Clerk Karina Richardson spoke before county commissioners to explain their work-related expenses over the past year.According to a report released by the county’s lawyer, Peter Marchesi, nearly $7,300 from the inmate benefit account was used by gross and richardson to buy items including dvds, books, and cellphones.”I came here to set the record straight on all my bras and stuff,” Richardson said. “That was more important to me than getting my job back.”Richardson says her clothing purchases were approved by the county, including 5 bras, saying none of that money was taken from the inmate fund. Even so, she was terminated after the commissioners believe she used the money for personal gain. “We’re obviously pleased with the decision so far. We think the commissioners are handling this hearing and situation very well.”Even though a decision was made in regards to Richardson, commissioners agreed they did not have enough time to look over all of the details from Captain Gross’ case.They will meet January 24th to determine the jail administrator’s position. Step two is continuing the investigation for this. It was an employment hearing Friday.After the commission makes a decision on gross’ employment, they will hand investigation over to the Attorney General’s office for any criminal findings.”It doesn’t matter who allegations are made against. It’s important we are extremely thorough and no one escapes scrutiny.”

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Phippsburg Man Charged with Unlawful Sexual Contact with a Young Girl

Updated 2 years ago

A 19-year-old Phippsburg man has been charged with having unlawful sexual contact with a young girl from Bowdoinham. The Sagadahoc County Sheriff’s Office says the 13-year-old girl contacted police on Sunday, alleging that she had been sexually abused in her home the previous night. Police investigated and on Wednesday police arrested Cody Ayer. Ayer was taken into custody at a home on Hill Road in West Bath. He has been charged with one count of unlawful sexual contact and is being held on $5,000 cash bail at the Two Bridges Regional Jail in Wiscasset. He is due in court March 12. It was not clear if he had a lawyer.

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Woman Found Dead in Vehicle Parked at a Motel 6 in Portland

Updated 2 years ago

Police are investigating a suspicious death in Maine. Authorities say a woman was found dead at about 3:30 p.m. Thursday in a vehicle parked at a Motel 6 on Riverside Street in Portland. They’re calling the woman’s death suspicious. Police did not immediately release the woman’s name and declined to give additional information. They continue to investigate.

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Angus King Reacts to President’s Plan

Updated 2 years ago

Senator Angus King says he’s pleased with the President’s plan, saying he believes many are reasonable and prudent. In a statement he says:”Given the inherent complexity of this issue, though, I look forward to further studying the specifics on the President’s plan as well as details in corresponding legislation introduced on the Senate floor to ensure that we adopt effective, enforceable, and common sense solutions.”

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State Senator Looks to Increase Taxes on Wealthy

Updated 2 years ago

A state senator wants to increase tax on incomes of more than $250,000. Senator Tom Saviello of Wilton wants to return the tax to 8.5%.That was the tax rate until 2011 when lawmakers scaled it back to 7.95%.Tax bills have to be introduced in the house, so Saviello has to find a house member to submit the measure.

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December State Revenues $5 Million Below Estimates

Updated 2 years ago

Finance officials say Maine state revenues were below estimates in December by $5.2 million as Christmas-season sales did not quite measure up to what was hoped for.But the state’s associate finance commissioner for tax policy, Michael Allen, also says total revenues through the first half of fiscal 2013 are slightly above budget estimates.Allen told the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee on Thursday that Maine continues to work its way through a “challenging economic environment.” Overall consumer purchasing is weak, with the weakest area in building supplies. But Allen says there are also some signs of resurgence, for example in auto sales which are doing better.As for the holiday shopping season, Allen sales weren’t great, but they weren’t as bad as people feared.

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Deal Possible for the Business Partner in the Zumba Prostitution Case

Updated 2 years ago

There may be a plea deal in the works for the business partner of a Zumba dance instructor charged with running a prostitution business from her Kennebunk studio. A lawyer for Mark Strong Sr. confirmed Wednesday that a conference with prosecutors is scheduled for Friday, where a settlement may be discussed. The 57-year-old Strong is scheduled to go on trial Tuesday in York County Superior Court on 59 misdemeanor charges of conspiring with Zumba instructor Alexis Wright to run a prostitution business. Strong’s attorney, Daniel Lilley, tells The Portland Press Herald, his client wants a deal in which he gets a small fine but avoids jail. Lilley says he’s removing himself from the case because Strong can no longer afford to pay him. Strong and Wright have pleaded not guilty.

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Former Bus Driver Charged with Exploitation

Updated 2 years ago

A former bus driver for the Scarborough school system has been charged with asking a 16-year-old girl to send him a nude picture of herself. Stephen Mitton of Westbrook was ordered held on $5,000 bail after appearing Wednesday in Cumberland County Unified Criminal Court on charges of sexual exploitation of a minor and unlawful sexual touching. The 47-year-old Mitton was also ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim or her mother. According to court documents, the alleged victim was the daughter of a friend, and the touching involved slapping her behind. Scarborough school officials say Mitton quit on Tuesday, and the charges do not involve Scarborough students. He had worked for the district for a year. Police say the alleged crimes occurred in Westbrook.

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Vietnam Veteran to Receive Long-Overdue Honor

Updated 2 years ago

A Vietnam veteran from Maine is getting a long-overdue honor. U.S. Sen. Susan Collins on Thursday will present the Purple Heart to Stephen Andrews of Harrison. Collins says Andrews was wounded in battle in Vietnam in 1967, but never received the medal he earned and deserves. After being contacted by Andrews’ family, Collins, a Maine Republican, worked to secure the medal for the 66-year-old veteran. Maine National Guard Chief of Staff Col. John Jansen and representatives from the VFW and Auxiliary will join Collins in the late-morning ceremony.

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Maine Ranks Second in Cat Ownership

Updated 2 years ago

As far as states go, Maine is the cat’s meow.This year, Maine ranked second in the nation for cat ownership.According to an American Veterinary Medical Association report, more than 46% of Maine households have a cat.That’s second only to Vermont, where 49.5% own cats.

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Young Filmmakers Draw Attention from Police

Updated 2 years ago

Some teenagers from Brunswick got in trouble for running around with guns. Turns out the guns were fake.They were making an action movie. The guns aren’t real and the effects are computer-generated. Millions of people have watched these action scenes on YouTube, and 17-year-old Paul Kousky, the creator of “USN Films,” says his contract with Google to sell ads is quite lucrative. “I should be set for college if I don’t get any scholarships,” he says.Kousky and friend Angelo Gerardi are both honor students and are working toward becoming Eagle Scouts. The boys and their friends have been producing these movies for a while now. “There is detailed planning going into the videos,” Gerardi added. “There’s extreme processing going on. There’s a lot of acting going on. People are trying, and we’re being safe about it.” However, concerns about safety are what brought these young filmmakers to the attention of Brunswick Police recently. On Friday, police issued criminal trespass warnings to the moviemakers because the teens had shot scenes at Brunswick Landing and the public library, without permission. “We didn’t really try to hide it,” Kousky explained. “We didn’t sneak in and try to film a video and get out. There was a librarian on site who knew that we were filming. The library was open.” Police Chief Richard Rizzo says he’s worried about what could happen if someone calls the cops because of the staged gunplay. “We don’t recognize that the weapons that they have, that are very realistic-looking, are pretend, and we warn them to drop the gun and they don’t do it quickly enough, and the officer feels threatened, and then something tragic happens.” Library officials are now saying almost all of the students are welcome to come back, just without anything that resembles a weapon. 14:14:43-14:14:55 peter lowe/curtis memorial library: “We have great kids in our community,” said Peter Lowe of the library. “We have enterprising kids in our community. We have kids who are being creative. We want to be supportive of that but, in the wake of what happens around us in society, we also have to make sure that we keep people safe.”Paul Kousky has been accepted to the US Naval Academy.Angelo Gerardi is thinking about a career in law enforcement.

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Fryeburg Man Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Stealing Vintage Guitars

Updated 2 years ago

A Fryeburg man has been sentenced to four years in prison for stealing vintage guitars and jewelry from a Porter home. Zachary Jackson was sentenced Tuesday after pleading guilty to burglary, two counts of theft and receiving stolen property. He was also ordered to pay more than $7,000 in restitution. Prosecutors say the homeowner caught a man and a woman leaving his home in April with jewelry. They were told to drop the items, but instead ran to a car and drove off. They were later identified as the 24-year-old Jackson and 24-year-old Tiffany Loring. The Sun Journal, reports that two of the five guitars missing from the home turned up at a Portland pawn shop. Not all of the stolen items were recovered. Loring’s case is pending.

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Rare Stephen King Book Auction Reaches $2,800

Updated 2 years ago

Bidding for a rare Stephen King has reached $2,800.Meantime, the auction deadline has been moved up.”The Regulators” was written under King’s pen name, Richard Bachman.There are only 500 copies like it in the world.It comes with a limited edition slipcase cover, and it’s signed by King.Money raised from the auction of the book will go to the Emmaus Homeless Shelter in Ellsworth for its fuel fund.The book is on display at Scottie’s Book House in Hancock.You can place your bid in person at the store.You can also call in your bid at 667-6834 or e-mail the store at Scotty Books at will now end this Friday, January 18th.

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LePage Looks to Build New Prison

Updated 2 years ago

Governor LePage wants to build a new prison, with 100 million dollars in bond money.Maine’s medium-security prison in Windham has been added on to in stages through the years.The plans call for eight of the center’s eleven buildings to be torn down.The prison is a minimum and medium security facility.Right now it has about 620 inmates.

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Many Show for Women’s Day at the State House

Updated 2 years ago

Take into account Maine women and their families.That message was delivered loud and clear to lawmakers in Augusta on Tuesday as they consider a new budget.Women from throughout the state turned out for Women’s Day at the State House.Organizers say they want to make sure decisions being made by our elected officials reflect the priorities of Maine’s women.”Many of the decisions that are made here in the State House affect women,” said Eliza Townsend, Executive Director of the Maine Women’s Lobby. “The state budget is one of those in particularly. Last year’s did a terrible disservice to women. So we wanted to remind our policy makers that we are 51% of the population.”Women dressed in red filled the Hall of Flags as a sign of solidarity.

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Mark Strong to Lose His Lawyer

Updated 2 years ago

A man accused of being connected to a prostitution ring in Kennebunk is losing his lawyer.Dan Lilley has been representing Mark Strong.Lilley told the judge he hasn’t been paid and doesn’t have the resources to properly prepare for Strong’s trial, so he’s removing himself from the case.Strong is accused of promotion of prostitution, violation of privacy and conspiring with Alexis Wright.Wright is accused of running a prostitution operation from her fitness studio in Kennebunk and will be tried separately.

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Livermore Falls Teen Involved in Car Crash Dies

Updated 2 years ago

Police say a Livermore Falls teenager injured in a weekend car crash has died. Chief Larry White Sr. says 17-year-old Megan Baril died at about 11 a.m. Monday at Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston of injuries sustained in Sunday’s crash. Police say Baril was a front-seat passenger in a car driven by 17-year-old Alyssa Lamontagne that struck a utility pole. White says Baril was not wearing a seat belt. Lamontagne, and a second passenger, 16-year-old Sheila Jordan, were taken to the hospital with what were described as non-life threatening injuries. All three teens are from Livermore Falls. White tells the Sun Journal, says speed appears to be a factor, but the crash remains under investigation and no charges have been filed.

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Georgia Based Company Bids to Buy Closed Hostess Bakery

Updated 2 years ago

Hostess Brands’ shuttered bakery in Biddeford could soon have a new owner, but it’s not clear whether it would reopen or rehire any laid off employees. Georgia-based Flowers Foods has signed an agreement to buy the plant as part of its effort to acquire some assets of the bankrupt company, which made Wonder Bread, Twinkies and other baked goods. A spokesman for Flowers wouldn’t say Monday whether it would reopen the plant or rehire any of its 370 workers, who were laid off late last year when Hostess Brands Inc. ceased operating. Former employees, however, tell The Portland Press Herald ( ) that they consider the sale a good sign. A Hostess spokesman said the auction will likely happen in late February and a sale could be completed by mid-March.

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