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New Report Sheds Light on Maine’e Economic State

Updated 2 years ago

A new report shows how many people in our state are suffering economically.The corporation of Enterprise Development reports 14.6% of Mainers live in poverty.46.4% have less than three months of savings to fall back on, and 23% are asset poor, meaning the assets they do have, such as a car or home, are overwhelmed by debt.

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City of Portland to Count Number of Homeless Residents

Updated 2 years ago

The city of Portland will count the number of its homeless residents. With the help of local, state and federal partners, Maine’s largest city will be searched Wednesday evening to determine how many men, women and children are homeless. Point-in-Time surveys of those people will help identify who is homeless, what factors led to becoming homeless, and what can the city and state do to prevent homelessness. Teams will conduct the surveys at one of the seven shelters within the city and search a number of outdoor locations to try and locate individuals living on the streets. The Point in Time Survey is a federal Housing and Urban Development requirement for certain funding. Portland receives $3.1 million from HUD for employment assistance, job training, supportive housing development and emergency shelters.

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Two Companies Submit Bids for International Ferry Route

Updated 2 years ago

Two U.S. companies have submitted bids to operate ferry service between Portland and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, to the Canadian province’s government, which is willing to provide as much as $21 million in subsidies. Neither Quest Navigation Inc. of Maine and Maritime Applied Physics Corp. of Baltimore currently offer ferry service. Nova Scotia’s government is expected to take a month to review the bids. The Portland Press Herald, says Bay Ferries Ltd., which operated a high-speed catamaran on the route from 2006 to 2009, did not submit a proposal. Maritime Applied Physics Corp. is an engineering and manufacturing firm with an office in Brunswick, Maine. The newspaper says little is known about Quest Navigation. The company is owned by a Maine man who couldn’t immediately be located for comment.

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Congressman Michaud Tours Maine Pulp and Paper Industry

Updated 2 years ago

Congressman Mike Michaud is touring Maine’s pulp and paper industry.During the five day tour he will visit seven of the state’s mills.Michaud is hearing firsthand from mill administrators, forest managers, and suppliers about the challenges they face to stay competitive in the marketplace.On Tuesday he toured the Old Town Fuel and Fiber Mill.The congressman is using the visits as an opportunity to highlight the importance that US trade partners live up to their obligations.Michaud is trying to draw attention to illegal foreign subsidies that damage the industry here in the US. “It definitely is because its about jobs and the economy, and when you look at the paper industry here in Maine, and all across the country, they’re good paying jobs by and large with good healthcare benefits but it’s the rippling effects that it has on the community,” Michaud said.Congressman Michaud’s next stop is Wednesday at the Lincoln Paper and Tissue Mill.

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Time Running Out to Register Maine Dogs

Updated 2 years ago

Dog owners have until Thursday to get their pets licensed or face a $25 penalty. The state requires all dogs to be registered, every year, by December 31st. Owners are given a one-month grace period. That time runs out Thursday. After that you’ll have to pay a 25-dollar late fee, on top of 6-dollars for a spayed or neutered dog or 11-dollars for one that’s not. Contact your local city or town office to find out how to register your pet.

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Susan Collins Receives Navy’s Highest Public Service Honor

Updated 2 years ago

Some high praise from the Navy for Senator Susan Collins.The Secretary of the Navy is presenting her with the Navy Distinguished Public Service Award.It’s the Navy’s highest public service honor. It goes to civilians for service that benefits the Navy and Marine Corps.

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Early Morning Fire at a Warehouse in West Paris

Updated 2 years ago

A large fire broke out early Tuesday morning at a building in West Paris that houses a fireworks business.The report came in around 1:30 a.m.We’re told the blaze is on penley avenue, also known as route 219.The building is an old mill that was being used to house a fireworks business.It took several hours for crews to get the fire under control.The fire marshal’s office will be investigating a cause.

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Whole Foods Recalls Smoked Salmon Product

Updated 2 years ago

Whole Foods Market says it is voluntarily recalling some 4-ounce Whole Catch Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, cold-smoked and sliced, after a sample tested positive for listeria. The lot code for the recalled smoked salmon is 7425A2298B. The UPC code is 0 99482 40880 0. Whole Foods says the recalled items were sold in stores in Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island and Utah. Colorado health officials say no illnesses had been reported as of Monday.

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Westbrook Teacher Charged with Sexually Assaulting a Juvenile

Updated 2 years ago

An instructor at a vocational school in Westbrook is charged with gross sexual assault.32-year old Derek Hanscom was arrested Monday. Westbrook’s school superintendent confirmed the Gorham man is an automotive instructor at the westbrook regional vocational center and is still employed there. In addition to gross sexual assault, Hanscom is also charged with three counts of unlawful sexual touching. Police say the arrest was the result of an investigation into incidents that happened in the past two weeks. The victim is a juvenile. No other details have been released.

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Kennebunk Zumba Instructors Hold Fundraiser to Sway Public’s View

Updated 2 years ago

Zumba teachers in Kennebunk say the now infamous prostistution scandal has given their business a bad name.This weekend they wanted to show the community what Zumba is all about.They led more than two hours of classes to raise money for the Center for Grieving Children.About fifty people took part in the event.Zumba instructors say the prostitution case has attached a negative stigma to their exercise program.”Kind of in the fall, we saw some students dropping off. People that were going to try it, were afraid to try it. So, a lot of the negative thing. Even walking in town, I had my sign on Main Street, so people would stop and talk about it. So, it took a little dip, so we’re hoping that this is just a positive good environment,” said Zumba instructor, Judy Stark.Local businesses also donated to the fundraiser.

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Judge to Decide Whether to Move Forward in Strong Trial

Updated 2 years ago

A judge will hold a hearing Tuesday to determine whether to move forward with remaining charges in the trial of a key figure in a prostitution scandal in Kennebunk. Friday, a judge dismissed 46 of 59 counts against Mark Strong Sr. He’s accused of being in business with Alexis Wright who’s charged with running a prostitution business out of her dance studio.The dismissed counts deal with violation of privacy of prostitution clients videotaped without their knowledge.

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Future of St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church Remains Uncertain

Updated 2 years ago

The future of St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church in South Portland remains up in the air after a weekend meeting of parishioners. The church’s finance committee has recommended that the church be closed by June 30. The problem is a lack of cash. The church’s annual income of $180,000 doesn’t cover the $200,000 in annual expenses. The 60-year-old boilers are on their last legs. Church property requires other expensive repairs. At the same time, the congregation is small and shrinking. Most parishioners agree that the church should be closed, but on Sunday wanted some questions answered before making a final decision. Among those questions are whether the sale of some church property could help the parish stay open. The final decision rests with the bishop.

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Appeals Delay Zumba Trial

Updated 2 years ago

The trial of a key figure in a prostitution scandal at a Zumba studio in Maine has gone through four days without a jury being selected. And it’s unclear if the process will resume Monday. A pair of appeals to the state supreme court delayed the trial of Mark Strong Sr. in Superior Court in Alfred. The defense is worried that the lengthy delays could cause potential jurors to turn against Strong even before jury selection is completed and the trial begins in earnest with opening statements and testimony. Jury expert Valerie Hans from Cornell University Law School says surveys show jurors hate delays. But she says there’s no research showing that they’d punish a defendant.

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Sarah Mildred Long Bridge Reopens

Updated 2 years ago

A New Hampshire transportation spokesman says a lift bridge that’s been out of commission for days to motor vehicle traffic over the Piscataqua River has been reopened. The 73-year-old Sarah Mildred Long Bridge connecting Portsmouth, N.H., to Kittery, Maine, was shut down on Wednesday after its center span got stuck during a routine test. The closing blocked shipping lanes until the bridge was lifted Saturday to allow boats to pass, but cars and trucks could not use the bridge. The ships carry heating oil and other supplies on the river. Bill Boynton of the New Hampshire Department of Transportation said the bridge was lowered and tested Sunday and was back to normal operations by the evening for both ships and motor vehicles.

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Viles Arboretum Farmers’ Market Accepting Applications

Updated 2 years ago

The Viles Arboretum Farmers’ Market is now accepting applications for their upcoming season.The market runs every Friday, starting May 3rd to October 4th.It’s located off Route 9 on Hospital Street in Augusta.To get an application, just call 626-7989.You can also visit

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Chemical BPA Banned from Baby Food and Formula Packaging

Updated 2 years ago

The Maine Board of Environmental Protection has voted to ban the chemical BPA from baby food and infant formula packaging.State lawmakers now must review and authorize the action.In June, petitions from Maine voters called on the board to replace BPA in baby and toddler food packaging with safer alternatives.

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Old Orchard Man Suing Hannaford After Salmonella Outbreak

Updated 2 years ago

A man made sick by tainted ground beef is suing Hannaford supermarkets.Kenneth Koehler of Old Orchard Beach claims he suffered two months of debilitating symptoms after eating ground beef he bought in November 2011.He was one of more than a dozen people sickened in a salmonella outbreak that led Hannaford to recall ground beef last month at its stores in New England and New York.Koehler claims he ran up $8,000 in medical bills.

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LePage Clears Way for Extra Hours for Heating Oil Drivers

Updated 2 years ago

Governor LePage has cleared the way for heating oil truck drivers to work extra hours.It’s to make sure deliveries are made during extremely cold temperatures.Some oil companies say restrictions on their drivers made them fall behind meeting the demands of their customers.

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Wanted Kentucky Man Arrested in Wilton

Updated 2 years ago

Police in Maine have apprehended a man wanted in Kentucky on sexual abuse charges. Wilton Chief Heidi Wilcox says officers arrested 44-year-old Jaime Johnson at a relative’s home in town on Wednesday night. Maine authorities were tipped off by Kentucky State Police, who say Johnson is wanted on 15 counts of sexual abuse. Johnson was charged in Maine as a fugitive from justice. He is being held at the Franklin County Jail pending a bail hearing scheduled for Friday. Details of the allegations Johnson faces were not released by Maine authorities. It was unclear if he had a lawyer.

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Experts Predict Large Lobster Catch Next Year

Updated 2 years ago

Industry experts predict a big lobster catch in Maine next year, which would mean low prices for those who catch lobster for a living.The commissioner of the Maine Department of Marine Resources met with concerned fishermen on Thursday to talk about it.Lobstermen say prices for their catch last year were so low it was almost not worth pulling their traps.A veteran lobsterman from Scarborough says last year’s warm winter caused lobsters to arrive early.He hopes this year’s colder winter will mean the catch will return to being spread out so there isn’t such a glut on the market this summer.

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