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January Brings Portland Wedding Show

Updated 2 years ago

A lot of June brides, and grooms, got busy in January at the Portland Wedding Show.It takes a lot of planning to set up the big day.The show has everything from gowns, to honeymoon spots, and no detail is overlooked…. This show is just as important to vendors, because even though some weddings are still months awasy, they know now is the time to plan.”In the bridal aspect you have to start planning now because it takes a long time for the dresses to come in to plan for the wedding,” said Sandy Bisson, of Bridal’s by Sandy, and now some of those vendors are starting to see a greater increase in their business, as same-sex couples are now legally getting married here in Maine.”It actually increased our business,” said Dannielle Frick of David’s Bridal. “They have been coming in. tTey are extremely excited. We welcome them all.” Ann Schwartz and Sarah Holmes are already planning their big day for New Year’s Eve 2013. The two say they were thrilled to be at the wedding show, and are now making the most of the state’s newly passed law. “This is not something I thought was going to happen,” said Schwartz. “I never thought I would be at a wedding expo.””No, never in a million years did I think this would happen,” Holmes added. “I am so excited that it did. I was so grateful that it did.”

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Lewiston Fire Destroys Cars and More

Updated 2 years ago

A couple of cars were destroyed along with a garage that burned in Lewiston.Authorities say it started around noon Saturday.The homeowner says he was jump-starting a Porsche in his garage when it backfired.Authorities believe that’s what sparked it.The fire spread to the house, melting some of the siding.A fire investigator says there’s about $80,000 worth of damage.

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Opening Statements in Double Murder Case

Updated 2 years ago

Opening statements were heard on Monday in the trial of a Massachusetts man accused of a double murder in Maine.32-year-old Joel Hayden is charged in the deaths of 27-year-old Renee Sandora of New Gloucester, and 28-year-old Trevor Mills of Massachusetts.Police say Hayden shot the pair outside Sandora’s home in July of 2011. Authorities say Sandora and Hayden’s 7-year-old son watched the shootings, while the couple’s three other children were in a car parked nearby.The boy told the jury on Monday he was shocked by what he saw.He said his father was inside his mother’s house when he saw Trevor Mills fall through a glass door. He said Hayden then came outside and shot his mother.

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South Portland Police Offers to Take Unwanted Guns

Updated 2 years ago

South Portland Police are offering to take unwanted guns.They say they’ll take possession of any firearm and make sure it’s destroyed, with no questions asked.”Any firearm that’s in the house that people don’t feel comfortable with.” South Portland Police Leutenant Frank Clark says people often find guns in their homes or simply make a social decision to no longer own one. If they’re not looking to make money, police will take it.”They’re just simply trying to get rid of the weapon. They don’t want it: they don’t want to give it to someone else. They just want to make sure it’s disposed of properly and safely.”Police say this is not an effort to eraticate guns from the city. They’re the first to recognize the many responsible gun owners, but if nothing else, they hope by better publicizing their effort it sparks conversation.”Even if they decided not to turn their guns over to the police department, if they’re at least talking about it in their own home saying, ‘what guns do I have here? Who are they accessable to?’”Since 9-11, nearly 12 years ago, most pawn shops will no longer deal with firearms. Shop owners in Southern Maine tell us there’s just too much federal paperwork involved, but, here at police headquarters, it’s as simple as turning the gun in, any gun, even if illegal, no questions asked.. “Quite honestly if we take in one gun or 101 guns in this effort, it’ll be a success because the bottom line it’s about gun safety not gun control.”

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Governor LePage Talks Taxes on YouTube

Updated 2 years ago

Governor LePage has taken to YouTube to talk taxes.In a five-minute video, he’s interviewed by his communications director, Adrienne Bennett, about tax cuts passed last session. He says it will remove 70-thousand Mainers from the tax rolls, and he puts in a plug for giving businesses tax breaks, saying it could lead to investments in business, new jobs and higher wages.In the video, he also asks democrats to support more tax cuts in the next legislative session.

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James Cameron to Face Retrial on Six Charges

Updated 2 years ago

A former Maine prosecutor waiting to be sentenced for having child porn faces a retrial on six other charges.Prosecutors say 50-year-old James Cameron cut off his monitoring device on November 15th and took off to New Mexico, where he was captured on December 2nd.He fled just after an appeals court upheld his conviction on seven of thirteen charges filed against him.The appeals court dismissed six charges.Now, Cameron will be re-tried on those charges.He’s due in federal court in Portland next week.

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President Obama Renominates Lawyer from Cape Elizabeth for Federal Judgeship

Updated 2 years ago

President Obama has renominated a lawyer from Cape Elizabeth for a federal judgeship. The president originally nominated William Kayatta early last year for a seat on the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston, but his Senate confirmation was stalled by election-year politics despite an endorsement from the Senate Judiciary Committee. Obama on Thursday included Kayatta in a list of more than 30 renominations. Maine Sens. Olympia Snowe and Sen. Susan Collins had pressed their Republican colleagues to confirm Kayatta before the election. Collins on Thursday urged the Senate to move quickly on his renomination. Kayatta, a partner at Pierce Atwood in Portland, would replace Judge Kermit Lipez of Maine, who had been on the court since 1998. Kayatta is a graduate of Amherst College and Harvard Law School.

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Sanford Police Investigating York County Credit Union Robbery

Updated 2 years ago

Sanford police are investigating a robbery at the York County Credit Union. Police say a man entered the credit union on Main Street shortly before 2 p.m. Thursday and demanded money from a teller. He did not show a weapon, and fled on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash. Surveillance cameras showed the man wearing sunglasses, a black hat, and a brown hooded sweat shirt with a distinctive diamond pattern. He is described as heavy set, about six feet tall, in his early 20s with some facial hair. Police are asking for the public’s help in finding the thief.

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Professional Boxer Pleads Not Guilty to Drug Charges

Updated 2 years ago

An up-and-coming professional boxer from Maine who’s also the son of a former world champion has pleaded not guilty to drug charges. Steven Gamache pleaded not guilty Thursday in Androscoggin County Superior Court to a charge of unlawful possession of a scheduled drug. Authorities say during a routine traffic stop in Auburn in November, an officer found the 29-year-old Gamache in possession of two hydrocodone pills for which he did not have a prescription. The Sun Journal, reports that police said Gamache told them a co-worker gave him the pills to treat an unspecified medical condition. Gamache was allowed to remain free on $300 bail. Gamache is 4-0. His father is Joey Gamache, a former World Boxing Association lightweight and super featherweight world champion.

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Jury Selection Begins in Double Murder Trial

Updated 2 years ago

Jury selection is getting under way in Maine in the murder trial of a Massachusetts man charged with fatally shooting the mother of his four children and his longtime friend. Thirty-year-old Joel Hayden of New Bedford is charged in the deaths of 27-year-old Renee Sandora of New Gloucester, Maine, and 28-year-old Trevor Mills, also of New Bedford. Police say Hayden shot the pair outside Sandora’s home on July 26, 2011, with Sandora and Hayden’s 7-year-old son witnessing the shootings. An affidavit says Sandora’s parents told investigators that Sandora had recently kicked Hayden out of their home, and that he had accused her of having a relationship with Mills. Jury selection begins Friday in Cumberland County Superior Court. Testimony is expected to start Monday.

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Infant and Mother Injured in Car Crash in Raymond

Updated 2 years ago

A 6-month-old boy was seriously hurt but survived after he was ejected from his mother’s car during a crash and tossed 25 feet into the snow. The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office says the boy’s mother, 19-year-old Chynna Blaney, drove through a stop sign in Raymond just before 5 p.m. Thursday and was struck by a pickup truck. The boy was thrown from his safety seat in the back of the car and hurled into the snow. The driver of the truck, 35-year-old Angie Horler of New Gloucester, told police she saw something flying from the other vehicle, went to investigate, and found the boy. Blaney and her son were hospitalized with serious injuries. Horler required treatment for minor injuries, while her two children, ages 2 and 5, were unhurt.

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State Board to Decide on Removal of Chemical BPA from Baby Food and Cans

Updated 2 years ago

Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection is recommending a state board reject a petition to remove the chemical BPA from packaging for baby and toddler foods sold in the state. The DEP supports another part of the proposal though, banning BPA in infant formula cans.Maine’s environmental regulators must decide if BPA exposure is harmful to children and other vulnerable groups like seniors.They also have to decide if there are safer alternatives available at a comparable cost.The Board of Environmental Protection will make a final decision on January 24th.

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Maine Prosecutor Facing Federal Charges

Updated 2 years ago

A former Maine prosecutor awaiting sentencing for child porn faces a new federal charge.The US Attorney’s Office has charged James Cameron with criminal contempt.Prosecutors say he cut off his monitoring device on November 15th and fled to New Mexico.He was captured there on December 2nd.Cameron is due in federal court next week.

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Standish Man Pleads Not Guilty to Tax Charges

Updated 2 years ago

A Standish vacuum cleaner salesman has pleaded not guilty to charges alleging he failed to pay $47,000 in taxes. Nathaniel Dupuis was arrested Saturday and arraigned Monday in Kennebec County Superior Court via video from jail. He told the judge he works for a business selling vacuum cleaners and he drives to New Hampshire each day to sell them because he’s been told he cannot collect taxes in Maine. The Kennebec Journal, reports that the 40-year-old Dupuis was freed on $5,000 bail. Dupuis is charged with theft by misapplication involving sales tax and withholding tax: intentional evasion of sales tax: and failure to collect, account for or pay over sales tax. The alleged offenses occurred between February 2006 and June 2008, according to court records.

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Lighting Costs for the New Memorial Bridge More Than Previously Estimated

Updated 2 years ago

It’s going to cost more to illuminate a bridge connecting New Hampshire and Maine than planned. The new Memorial Bridge is under construction and due to open this summer. Lighting estimates have increased from $80,000 to as much as $200,000. Peter Somssich, who heads a committee on the lighting, tells the Portsmouth Herald, the increase stems in part from the cost of bringing wiring and lighting to the top of the towers to allow downward lighting. The lighting also includes the center-span deck, which would only turn on when the bridge is raised and lowered. The New Hampshire Department of Transportation says it is not paying for the lights. Residents say they can raise the money by the end of March.

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Judge Refuses to Dismiss Charges Against One of the Defendants in the Kennebunk Prostitution Case

Updated 2 years ago

A judge in Maine has refused to dismiss charges against the business partner of a Zumba instructor charged with running a prostitution ring from her dance studio. The judge Wednesday rejected Mark Strong Sr.’s motion to dismiss. The Portland Press Herald, reports Strong is now scheduled to go on trial Jan. 22 on charges of promotion of prostitution, violation of privacy and conspiracy to commit those crimes. The 57-year-old Thomaston businessman is accused of conspiring with Alexis Wright, whom authorities say ran a prostitution operation out of her Zumba studio in Kennebunk. Strong’s attorney filed the motion to dismiss on the grounds that authorities failed to turn over evidence to the defense as legally required: and investigators did not provide proper evidence in seeking warrants to search the studio. Neither the defense attorney nor prosecutors commented on the decision. Neither the defense attorney nor prosecutors commented on the decision.

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City of Portland’s New Fire Chief to be Sworn in Thursday

Updated 2 years ago

Maine’s largest city is getting a new chief of a fire department that has 234 professional and civilian firefighters. Jerome LaMoria will be sworn in Thursday as the 14th fire chief for the city of Portland. LaMoria was unanimously confirmed by the Portland City Council Dec. 17. LaMoria’s father, Norman LaMoria, will pin on the new chief’s badge at the City Hall ceremony following his taking the oath of office. Norman LaMoria served Newfane, Vt., for 50 years as a firefighter and fire chief. Prior to joining the Portland Fire Department, Jerome LaMoria was training and exercise coordinator for the Prince George’s County Office of Homeland Security in Maryland.

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Auburn Hosts “Snowe” Day

Updated 2 years ago

Today is “Olympia Snowe” day in Auburn, as proclaimed by the city’s mayor.That’s where she grew up, and she once represented Auburn as a state lawmaker.She went on to serve thirty-four years in Congress, both the US House and Senate.She decided not to run for re-election to the Senate in November because of all the partisan bickering in Washington.Wednesday is Snowe’s final full day in office.

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Maine’s Economy Showing Some Bright Spots

Updated 2 years ago

There are some bright spots in Maine’s economy, but experts say some things need to be changed for real recovery to take place.On the plus side, home sales are improving and unemployment is shrinking, but Forbes has ranked Maine last in its annual “Best States for Business” report. Forbes gave Maine bad grades for its high corporate taxes and energy costs, and for having the nation’s oldest population.

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Russian President’s New Law Affects Mainers

Updated 2 years ago

A new law in Russia is being felt here in Maine.Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law banning Americans from adopting Russian children.Unicef estimates there are about 740 thousand orphans in Russia.The law also blocks dozens of Russian children now in the process of being adopted by American families from leaving Russia.The US is the top destination for adopted Russian children. The boyles are getting their Freeport home ready to welcome a child, even two children, from Russia, but, for now, their dreams will have to wait.”It’s frustrating because we were so close and we saw the light at the end of the tunnel and, to have that taken away, it’s heart-breaking and it’s heart-breaking to think of all of the kids that are over there that won’t have as good of a shot of being in loving homes,” commented Cristina Boyle.Cristina and Matt are high school sweethearts who married in 2006.They spent more than a year and a half trying to adopt domestically, but switched their focus to Russian adoption because they say there is no chance of a parent changing his or her mind at the last minute.”The one thing that we thought was a sure thing, now is completely the opposite. We were this close and now they’re saying, no, you can’t have a child,” said Matt.Anne and Dave Wilson understand the emotional ups and downs of adopting from Russia.”We bonded with Zach the moment we saw his video,” said Anne. “We bonded with Anneka the moment we met her. We knew these are our children.”The wilsons adopted 13-year-old Zach in 2000.They adopted 11-year-old Anneka in 2002.The wilsons are disturbed by Vladimir Putin’s push to stop Russian adoptions.”Personally, I think he’s using all these orphans as pawns in a political game,” said Anne. “He wants to show his clout, show he’s in control and it’s the children who are going to suffer.””It’s just an issue of: if the kids were really important, we wouldn’t be here,” Dave added.The Wilsons run a not-for-profit to help families who want to adopt from Russia.They hope international politics won’t stop other American couples from sharing in the joy they’ve experienced.Folks at Saint Andre Home in Biddeford facilitate domestic and international adoptions and say they have one person who is even further along in the adoption process than the Boyles are, but it’s too early to say how things will play out.

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