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All New England Snowmobile Weekend?

Updated 3 years ago

New Hampshire Fish and Game officials are holding a public hearing next month on whether to expand a reciprocal agreement allowing Vermont to ride on New Hampshire’s trails one weekend to include Maine snowmobilers.The Nov. 7 hearing in Concord would establish the fourth full weekend in January as the time when all snowmobiles registered in Maine may ride on New Hampshire trails. Fish and Game intends to adopt the rule if Maine allows New Hampshire snowmobilers to ride on Maine’s trails the same weekend.Vermont and New Hampshire already have a reciprocal agreement covering the weekend.(The Associated Press)

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New Hampshire Man Dies After Being Struck by Train

Updated 3 years ago

(AP) – A 50-year-old New Hampshire man who was struck by an Amtrak downeaster train in Dover has died.Dover police Lt. Brant Dolleman says the southbound train tried to stop but couldn’t before striking the man just north of the Washington Street overpass at 2 p.m. Thursday. He says the Dover man was alive at the scene but died minutes after arriving at a hospital.Dolleman says it’s dangerous but not uncommon for pedestrians to use the tracks as a shortcut.Police and Amtrak officials are investigating the man’s death.The train makes five trips daily between Portland, Maine, and Boston. It was delayed in Dover for an hour.

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Former Bus Driver Charged with Sexually Assaulting a Child Pleads Not Guilty

Updated 3 years ago

A former school bus driver already facing charges of sexually assaulting a child in Maine and possession of child pornography in New Hampshire is now also facing federal indictments.Prosecutors say 45-year-old John Allen Wright, who used to work for Provider Enterprises Inc. transporting disabled children, was arraigned Wednesday in federal court in Concord on charges of possessing child pornography and five counts of sexual exploitation of children. A not guilty plea was entered on his behalf. Authorities in Maine have alleged just one victim, but federal authorities say there may be three victims.The Milton man was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation at the request of his lawyer.Federal prosecutors say at least two alleged victims were in Wright’s care, and explicit videos were made. (AP)

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Man Charged in Connection with 2010 Amity Murders Changes Plea to Guilty

Updated 3 years ago

A man charged in connection with a triple murder in Amity last year was in Houlton Superior Court this morning for a hearing to revoke bail. 64 year-old Robert Strout has changed his plea from not guilty to guilty. Today Strout pled guilty to hindering apprehension and arson. According to court paper, Strout helped Thayne Ormsby after the killings in June of 2010.Ormsby is facing three counts of murder for the stabbing deaths of Jeffrey Ryan, Ryan’s 10-year-old son and a neighbor Jason Dehahn. Strout told detectives he took Ormsby to a field where Orbsby set Ryan’s truck on fire, then he helped him dispose of a knife and also drove him to New Hampshire. Strout is being held pending bail, he’ll be sentenced in March.

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Road Conditions Lead to Some Tense Moments in Paris

Updated 3 years ago

The condition of the local roads in the Maine town of Paris is generating a lot of emotion. The chairman of the Paris board of selectmen called the police at a Tuesday meeting after two angry men were asked to speak briefly about their concerns about the roads. The men complained the board wasn’t taking care of their roads. No arrests were made, but police remained for much of the meeting. The board will hold a public hearing on roads on October 24th and on November 14th, a special town meeting will be held to ask townspeople how much they want to spend on road improvements. (AP)

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New Fishing Rules Proposed for New England

Updated 3 years ago

Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown and New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte have introduced a bill that could scrap a contentious new system for managing New England’s fisheries.Under the bill the two Republicans introduced Tuesday, New England’s program would be terminated if more than 15 percent of participating fishermen lost their jobs in the first year. The new system finished its first year in May, but it’s not yet known if the 15 percent threshold was reached.The bill would also require fishermen to vote to approve future management systems.Under the new system, fishermen pool their individually-allotted shares of the fish catch and are held to tough catch limits. Some fishermen say their allotments were unfairly low and the system will force out small-boat fishermen in favor of wealthier boat owners.(The Associated Press)

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Portland Native Anna Kendrick says Oscar Nomination Led to her Latest Film

Updated 3 years ago

Portland native Anna Kendrick says her Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for “Up in the Air” with George Clooney led to more offers and the challenge was to find something different.She says she found it in her latest film, “50/50.” It’s a comedy about cancer.Kendrick plays a young, inexperienced therapist whose patient is told he has a 50-50 chance of survival.Based on a true story, the film was written by a cancer survivor.Kendrick says that the idea of a comedy about cancer made her nervous until she saw the script.

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Thousands Came Out to Lewiston for this Year’s Patrick Dempsey Challenge

Updated 3 years ago

Nearly 4,000 participants took part in this year’s Dempsey Challenge.It’s a two-day cycling and running event started by actor, Patrick Dempsey.The third annual event got underway in Lewiston Saturday morning.The challenge began with thousands hitting the streets of Lewiston-Auburn for the 10k and 5k run and walk.The challenge raised close to $900,000 for the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer, Hope and Healing.Mny at the challenge had a personal story of their own to tell.Ohers gathered a team just because they felt it was the right thing to do.The actor himself said he knows an event like this touches the lives of many people.The cycling event began Sunday morning, where Patrick Dempsey took part in the fifty-miler.

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Portland Named Host City to Conference Connecting Colleges and Employers

Updated 3 years ago

Portland has been selected to be the host city for next year’s Conference of the Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers.Organizers say more than 400 college and university career counselors and employer recruiters are expected.The Eastern Association develops educational programs and connects colleges and employers looking to hire college students and alumni.

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Augusta Officials Watching Water Supply After Chemical Spill

Updated 3 years ago

Officials are monitoring the water supply in the city of Augusta.Hundreds of gallons of a paper-making chemical spilled out onto I95 in Augusta when a tanker truck overturned Friday.The chemical spilled into a ditch feeding into Bond Brook.Three wells that supply water to the area were immediately shutdown.Officials said two have reopened but the one closest to the accident scene will stay closed until Tuesday.We’re told the spill hasn’t caused any short term health effects.

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Caribou Police Investigating Fatal Crash

Updated 3 years ago

Caribou police are investigating a deadly crash.It happened Tuesday afternoon just off Route 1.Police say 63-year-old Robert Larson of Caribou went off the road and hit a house on Patten Street.We’re told Larson died at the scene and the house was damaged.Police say a medical issue might have caused the crash.

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Windham Police Investigating Fatal Car Crash on Route 302

Updated 3 years ago

Police are investigating a fatal car crash in Windham. Windham police say a car driven by 57-year-old Stephen Aylward of Portland drifted over the center line of Route 302 late Thursday afternoon and crashed head-on into a pickup truck. Police say Aylward died at the scene. The driver of the pickup was taken to a hospital. Police say speed and alcohol do not appear to be factors.

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New England Power Grid Facing Challenges, Report Says

Updated 3 years ago

New England’s power grid operator says the system in changing in ways that can’t be ignored and could affect reliable electricity delivery.An analysis by ISO New England released Thursday spelled out several challenges facing the region in the next seven years.The report says the region is increasingly relying on natural gas for both heat and power, and must build capacity to handle spikes in demand for both uses.Meanwhile, a quarter of the region’s electricity generation capacity is tied up in plants older than 40 years, which are likely to soon be retired.Also, renewable sources like wind must be increasingly integrated into the grid.ISO New England’s chief executive officer Gordon Van Welie said it is time to think seriously about how to handle the coming transition.(The Associated Press.)

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Man Spotted in the Kennebec River in Bath Drowned

Updated 3 years ago

A 51-year-old man spotted in the Kennebec River drowned. That’s according to Bath police who say a man walking his dog this morning saw what he thought was a man swimming in the river.He flagged down a Bath Iron Works patrol boat and the boat’s crew pulled the man from the water and tried to revive him. Police say the man was a local resident but have declined to identify him. The body was taken to a funeral home for examination.

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George Mitchell to Deliver Keynote Speech at USM

Updated 3 years ago

Former Middle East peace envoy George Mitchell will deliver a speech concerning the Middle East at the University of Southern Maine. Mitchell gives the keynote speech Wednesday night at the annualWright Express Leadership and Creativity Event Series at USM’sHannaford Hall. His speech is entitled, “Understanding the MiddleEast and Its Significance on the World Stage.”Mitchell was President Barack Obama’s special envoy to theMiddle East from 2009 until May 2011. He previously served as a U.S.senator from Maine.USM President Selma Botman, who is a scholar on the Middle East,will join Mitchell to offer commentary. (The Associated Press)

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Court Dates Set for Texas Mom Charged with Murder of Son in NH

Updated 3 years ago

A Texas woman is expected to plead guilty in just a few weeks, to murdering her son then dumping his body in southern Maine.42-year-old Julianne McCrery is charged with second-degree murder in the death of 6-year-old Camden Hughes.His body was found along a dirt road in South Berwick in May.A medical examiner says Camden died of asphyxiation.A plea hearing for McCrery is set for November 4th.Sentencing is scheduled for January 13th.

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Shortchanging Gas Pumps

Updated 3 years ago

Maine officials say a gas station that was charging motorists up to 61 cents a gallon over the stated price represents an extreme case of gas pumps being out of whack, but they don’t suspect the station was overcharging on purpose.While performing routine tests at a station in southern Mainelast month, a Department of Agriculture inspector ordered six fuelnozzles at a 12-nozzle station shut down because the pumps weregiving false readings.In a weekly report to Governor LePage, Commissioner WalterWhitcomb said four of the inaccurate pumps resulted in consumerspaying 51 to 61 cents a gallon too much – or up to $12.20 for a20-gallon fill-up. Two of the pumps were over-delivering gasoline, resulting insavings for consumers and a loss for the station. (AP)

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Elderly Woman Charged With Arson

Updated 3 years ago

A Standish woman charged with setting fires appeared in court today. 65-year-old Carol Field did not enter a plea. Field is accused of setting fires in Raymond, Limerick, and Waterboro between September 2010 and September 2011. Prosecutors say she’s admitted to setting those fires and many others.The State Fire Marshal’s Office suspects she set fifteen other fires in southern Maine over the past two years. Field is being held on 100-thousand dollars bail and is due back in court in December. (AP)

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Alfred Pipe Bomber Sentenced

Updated 3 years ago

An Alfred man who lost part of his finger when a homemade pipe bomb blew up in June of 2010 has been sentences to thirty-five years in a federal prison.Robert Infante, 47, was sentenced this afternoon in federal court in Portland. Infante pleaded guilty last summer to having unregistered destructive devices, possession of firearms by a felon, and two drug-related charges.Authorities discovered his bomb-making after a pipe bomb exploded in his basement. Firefighters found a dozen pipe bombs in his house and more bombs in his car. (AP)

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Augusta Officials Looking to Ban Fireworks

Updated 3 years ago

Two Augusta city officials are asking the city council to ban fireworks from Augusta overruling a new law passed this year that would allow them statewide.Augusta Fire Chief Roger Audette says he has lived in areas that allow fireworks to be used and he knows first hand the dangers they pose.Augusta City Manager Bill Bridgeo says he’ll gather fireworks ordinances from other communitites so the Augusta City Council can consider banning fireworks.

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