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Historic House in Wells to be Moved Causing Temporary Road Closure

Updated 2 years ago

Drivers who spot a house in the middle of Route 1 in Wells won’t be seeing things. The road is scheduled to be closed for a couple hours Friday as the historic Storer Garrison House is moved just a couple hundred feet. The Portland Press Herald, reports that a section of Route 1 will be closed from 9 a.m. until at least 11 a.m. Central Maine Power Co., FairPoint, Time Warner and Maine Fiber will lower lines during the move, which may cause brief interruptions in service. The Storer Garrison House was built in 1816 with timbers from the garrison that protected residents during a three-day attack in 1692. The house is being moved to the new owners property.

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Angus King Wins Senate Seat

Rob Poindexter

Updated 2 years ago

Angus King will go to Washington as the second independent senator, joining Vermont’s Bernie Sanders.He entered the race when Republican Senator Olympia Snowe decided not to seek re-election, blaming Washington’s partisan atmosphere as the reason why.The race for Maine’s coveted and pivotal Senate seat was called earlier than many predicted. Angus King is the winner.With Van Halen playing in the background and chants of Angus, he addressed his supporters for the first time as their Senator-Elect. “Maine is leading by saying that we are tired of the political divisions that are keeping us from solving real problems. We’re tired of politicians whose main purpose is to divide us instead of unite us.”King then spoke about the direction he hopes Maine is heading, “people don’t care who gets the credit. They don’t care who’s winning and losing from year to year. What they want is a strong economy, a fair settlement to our debt crisis, strong defense, care for our veterans, schools that work, and they’re tired of the false choice that always seems to confront them.”A big focus of the night from King and his supporters was the barrage of negative ads that flooded Maine airwaves, many of them paid for with out of state money. “The state of Maine, the voters of the state of Maine, have said to all those millions of dollars that were spent trying to persuade us that he was someone else, we know him, we like him, we trust him and we want him to be our senator.”King says those ads energized his campaign and he thinks they backfired on those responsible, but the message on election night, ending the partisan gridlock and bickering in Washington, and King says Maine can lead the way. “I am deeply humbled. I am firmly resolved. I am fervently thankful to all of you and to the people of Maine. God bless the state of Maine and the United States of America.”

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Voting Numbers Boost in Waterville

Updated 2 years ago

Voter turnout has been high in Waterville so far today.From the time the polls opened folks were waiting in line to cast their ballots.It’s been a busy day so far in Waterville where in-person voting is up from 4 years ago.Voters have a lot of choices to make.There’s a State Representative seat and a State Senate seat up for grabs.In the race for the house seat, Democratic incumbent Henry Beck is being challenged by Republican challenger Mark Andre.Meanwhile Republican State Senator Tom Martin, the incumbent is being challenged by Demcorat Colleen Lashowicz.Folks in Somerset and Kennebec county are also choosing a new district attorney to replace Evert Fowle.Democrat Meaghan Maloney and Republican Darrick Banda are vying for that job.”It’s been very busy today. It was extremely busy this morning it leveled off a little at lunch time. I would expect another push around 5:00.”You can keep track of results on our website

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Olympia Snowe Cast Final Vote as Member of Congress

Updated 2 years ago

Retiring US Senator Olympia Snowe was in Maine to cast her ballot today, the final time as a member of Congress.She voted this morning at Falmouth High School.Snowe has endorsed Kevin Raye in the race for US House from Maine’s second district. Raye worked as an aide to Snowe for many years.Snowe announced in February she would not run for re-election after 34 years in congress, 18 of them as a senator. “I’ve loved public service, I always have. I love people and I love the institution of the Senate and Congress overall. I just regret not doing the job that’s necessary for these consequential times and that’s my deepest and most abiding concern, and I feel I can best contribute outside the system right now and move it in a different direction.”Snowe using her three-million dollars in campaign funds to start a leadership institute for high school girls.She’s also going to create a political action committee to support consensus-building candidates for the future.

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Michaud Awaits Election Results

Updated 2 years ago

Congressman Mike Michaud will be casting his ballot tonight in East Millinocket. He spent the day talking with voters throughout the second district, making stops in Lewiston, Gardner, Brewer and Bangor. He said he’s excited that election day is finally here. It hasn’t been all campaigning for him though, he’s also been keeping up with his congressional duties. “I’ve been doing my congressional work as well. There’s still a lot of work we have to do there and tomorrow morning I’ll be back on the road again meeting with constituents and getting ready to meet with the Undersecretary of the Veterans Administration, which will be coming to visit Togus this Thursday. We still have a lot of work that we have to do on the congressional side.”Michaud will be in East Millinocket tonight , waiting for the results with a group of family, friends, and supporters.

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Lewiston City Officials Warn Residents of Limited Services on Election Day

Updated 2 years ago

Officials in Lewiston are telling residents to be prepared for reduced and slowed city services on Election Day. City Clerk Kathy Montejo says the city uses many city employees to help work at the seven polling places to assist voters with election services on Tuesday. Those workers staff the polls from 7 a.m. through 8 p.m. and as a result, services in various city departments will be slower due to limited remaining staff coverage. She suggests that people needing to do business with the city wait until Wednesday when city departments are fully staffed again. For those who just can’t wait. All city operations will be functioning, just with a smaller staff than usual. Residents with questions can call City Hall at 513-3000.

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Ethics Commission Rules a Republican Candidate Violated State Election Law

Updated 2 years ago

The Maine Ethics Commission has ruled that a Republican candidate for the state House of Representatives and his campaign treasurer violated state election law when the treasurer spent money on the candidate’s behalf through an outside group. The commission on Monday held off on assessing penalties pending further investigation. The commission met in a special session Monday after the Maine Democratic Party filed a complaint alleging illegal coordination between the campaign for Mike Nadeau of Fort Kent and an outside group that spent nearly $1,500 on his behalf. Nadeau’s campaign treasurer, Philip Soucy, is also treasurer for that group, Citizens for Effective Government. The Bangor Daily News, reports that Soucy denied any coordination. Nadeau is challenging Democratic Rep. John Martin of Eagle Lake for an Aroostook County seat.

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Auburn Standoff Ends Safely

Updated 2 years ago

A standoff in the parking lot of a Shaw’s grocery store in Auburn ended safely Monday afternoon.State police officials say 45 year-old Randolph Nutter surrendered just before four.According to police, the standoff was actually started by an incident in a Walmart parking lot where a man grabbed a woman’s purse.She gave police a description of the car he took off in and that led them to the Shaw’s lot.Stores and two nearby streets that were forced to close down during the standoff were in the process of being reopened once it ended.

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Steve Woods Drops Out of Senate Race

Updated 2 years ago

Independent Steve Woods was running for Senate but he dropped out Saturday night, throwing his support behind Angus King, saying “my commitment is to make sure that we have the best possible representation in Washington. I still believe I can provide that leadership, but I know that in an election, sometimes, for the good of the nation and the people of Maine, a candidate must bow out gracefully.”Woods is the Chairman of the Yarmouth Town Council and the CEO of Tide Smart Global.

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Cynthia Dill Debates in Lewiston

Updated 2 years ago

Democrat Cynthia Dill was in a debate in Lewiston Saturday.Prior to that she said she’s continuing to spread the message that she’s offer a new perspective in Washington, “we Mainers need to stick together. We need to send new leadership. We don’t need the status quo. We don’t need extreme politics, we don’t need extreme wealth. What we need is a middle class, working mother, fighting for Maine families and that’s what I offer. We need more women in the Senate, we need younger people, we need a new generation of leadership.”All of the candidates for the seat being vacated by Senator Olympia Snowe spent their Saturday night debating, Dill, Summers, King and independents Andrew Ian Dodge and Danny Dalton.

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Charlie Summers Stops by Maine Brewers’ Festival

Updated 2 years ago

Republican Charlie Summers was out and about meeting and greeting voters Saturday.The Secretary of State was at the Portland Expo, outside of the Maine Brewers’ Festival.Summers says he understands the fight of real people and will represent their needs if elected. “I understand the issues that they face every single day. Paying the mortgage, paying their taxes, sending their kids to school and as you look at that in comparison to the federal debt and what that can mean to the middle class and working people – farmers, truck divers nurses, those are the people that we’ve been reaching out to across the state to let them know that my life is just like theirs and I want to go to Washington and represent their interests.”Summers spent most of Saturday campaigning in the Portland area.

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Angus King Meets with Students at USM

Updated 2 years ago

All three leading US Senate candidates from Maine could be seen on the campaign trail this weekendAs part of his bus tour, former governor Angus King visited USM’s Gorham campus Saturday.He met with students, had breakfast there and shared this food for thought, “it’s just a matter of trying to be civil, to listen and find common ground and I don’t have any illusions that I can do it all by myself, but you gotta start somewhere and that’s really what this campaign is all about. This could be some history here sending a genuine independent to the US Senate, who’s agenda is trying to get something done.”King’s bus tour ends in Brunswick tonight.

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Maine Forest Rangers Help with Hurricane Sandy Relief

Updated 2 years ago

The Maine Forest Ranger Incident Management Team is helping with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.Wednesday, the team traveled to a coastal area of Queens, New York that was devastated by the storm surge and still without power.They’re using their expertise in managing large-scale incidents to help organize and distribute supplies such as food, water and blankets. Right now, the Maine Ranger Team is working out of its mobile command vehicle, which is set up in Brooklyn.

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Portland Police Investigating Armed Robbery

Updated 2 years ago

Police are investigating what appears to be an armed robbery of $5 that took place in the parking lot at the Maine Mall. Police say a woman who works near the mall was standing beside her car Sunday evening when a red Ford Mustang, with four young men inside, pulled up and asked for 70 cents to pay a Maine Turnpike toll. The woman says one of the car’s occupants was holding a handgun. The youth, who seemed to be playing with the gun, never pointed the gun at her. Police tell The Portland Press Herald, the woman felt scared and intimidated, so she gave the car’s occupants $5. Police contacted turnpike authorities to see if they had seen the car. They are also planning to review video footage.

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Third Party to Settle Billing Dispute Between the City of Portland and Local Brewer

Updated 2 years ago

The city of Portland and a local brewer have agreed to bring in a third party to settle a dispute over an estimated $1.5 million in sewer bills the brewery says were never received. City spokeswoman Nicole Clegg tells The Portland Press Herald an independent arbitrator is expected to hear arguments from the city and Shipyard Brewing Co. and render a binding decision, likely by the end of March. Fred Forsley, president and co-owner of Shipyard, refused comment. The city is seeking back payments for a 6-inch water line installed in 1996, for which the brewery was never billed. The brewery was only making payments on about 9 percent of its water usage. The sewer billing error was discovered in 2011.

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Authorities Investigating Two Armed Robberies in Lewiston and Gray

Updated 2 years ago

Authorities are investigating two armed robberies at pharmacies in the Lewiston area that may be related. Police say a weapon was shown at a robbery at the Rite Aid on Lisbon Street in Lewiston on Sunday. The thief got away with prescription medications. Maine State Police spokesman Steve McCausland says the Rite Aid on West Gray Road in Gray was robbed of prescription drugs at about 1 p.m. Sunday. Weapons were again involved. The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office responded to the crime, though they have not released any information about the incident. McCausland tells the Sun Journal, that authorities are “looking at any similarities” between the robberies because “there’s some suspicion they may be connected.”

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Massachusetts Paper Company Buys Kennebunk Stationery Maker

Updated 2 years ago

The Massachusetts company that makes the paper used to print U.S. currency has bolstered its stationery division by buying a Maine-based division of Hallmark Cards. Crane & Co. announced Thursday it has agreed to purchase Kennebunk, Maine-based stationery company William Arthur and consolidate the companies at its North Adams facility late next year. Crane CEO Stephen DeFalco tells The Berkshire Eagle, the deal gives his company “flexibility in the marketplace.” The consolidation will result in no job cuts, which employs around 300 in North Adams. Crane will offer William Arthur’s 270 Maine employees jobs in western Massachusetts. The acquisition is expected to close Nov. 30. The purchase price wasn’t disclosed. Dalton-based Crane was founded in 1801 and has been the U.S. government’s sole supplier of paper currency since 1964.

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Two Former Bates College Students Complete Court Ordered Community Service

Updated 2 years ago

Two former Bates College students charged in connection with an alcohol-fueled disturbance on campus two years ago have told a judge they completed their court-ordered community service. Through their attorneys, the pair reported in Androscoggin County Superior Court on Thursday that they each had completed their terms of 200 hours of community service. The Sun Journal, reports that lawyers for 24-year-old Francis Suozzo, of Golden Bridge, N.Y., and 25-year-old Samuel Guilford of Surry told the judge they provided proof of completion to the district attorney’s office. Guilford pleaded guilty a year ago to assault on an officer. Suozzo was charged with failure to disperse. Those charges are expected to be reduced. Eleven Bates students were charged in connection with the disturbance in May 2010 that involved hundreds of students.

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Kevin Raye Campaigns in Bangor and Lewiston

Updated 2 years ago

With the clock running out, candidates are busy making their last appeals to voters.Candidate for Congress in Maine’s second district, Kevin Raye, campaigned in Bangor this morning.His talk focused on veterans issues.Raye says if elected he’ll make veterans programs a top priority and that he won’t vote to cut their funding in any effort to cut the deficit.”It’s off the table as far as I’m concerned when we’re looking at where we’re going to make savings at the federal level. It’s not going to come out of the VA with my vote,” Raye commented.Raye also made a campaign stop in Lewiston today.

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Leavitt Area High School Student Charged With Making Online Threats

Updated 2 years ago

Police say a 17-year-old student at Leavitt Area High School in Turner has been charged with terrorizing for allegedly threatening staff and students at the school on Facebook. The student whose name was not made public, was charged by state police on Wednesday. The alleged threats were made Tuesday morning and Monday night. Their exact nature was not disclosed. The Sun Journal, reports that school officials contacted police. Police say after the student was identified, he was interviewed and took full responsibility. No other students are believed to be involved. The case will be turned over to the district attorney’s office and the juvenile court system.

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