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Some Maine Social Security Checks Lost in Mail

Updated 3 years ago

The Social Security Administration says some Social Security checks destined for people in Portland,have been lost in the mail. Spokesman Roberto Medina says that an unknown number of checks scheduled for delivery last Friday were never delivered, even though they were mailed in time. He says the agency is working with the U.S. Postal Service to determine what happened. If the checks don’t show up within three business days, he says they’ll be considered lost and new checks will be issued. Officials say most Social Security recipients receive their money through direct deposit at banks, and only a small percentageget paper checks. (AP)

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Knox County Deputy Involved in Crash

Updated 3 years ago

A Knox County Sheriff’s Department cruiser, responding to a vehicle chase early this morning, crashed in Owl’s Head.Officials say Deputy Nathaniel Jack was driving on Route 73 and was manipulating emergency equipment when he misjudged a corner and went off the road.The cruiser struck a telephone pole and tree.Deputy Jack was taken to Penobscot Bay Medical center in Rockport where he was treated for cuts and pain to his ribs.State police are investigating the accident.

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No School Thursday For SAD 13

Updated 3 years ago

There will be no school Thursday for SAD 13.The superintendent’s office in Bingham says it’s out of respect for a long time teacher and school board member.Camille beane passed away Friday.She taught for more than thirty years in Jay, West forks, Bingham and Moscow and then went on to serve on the school board the past few years.Camille Bean was 64.

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Fatal Car Crash in Lyman

Updated 3 years ago

Police believe alcohol and speed played roles in an early morning crash that killed two women in southern Maine.It happened around 12:30 Wednesday morning in Lyman.Juliza McCurry of Biddeford and her passenger, Sheri Watson of Sanford, both 22, were killed when the car they were in crashed into a tree.

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No Charges Against Man Involved In Fatal Boat Crash

Updated 3 years ago

A Winter Harbor man will not face any charges from a deadly boating accident.Phillip Torrey’s lawyer,David Bate, says the U.S. attorney’s office has decided not to charge the fisherman. Last June, two lobster boats collided about 15 miles from the harbor. Frank Jordan died, 71, died, but Torrey was not injured. In a previous interview with TV 5 News Torrey told us he couldn’t explain why neither man saw each other before their boats collided and that it happened in a matter of seconds.

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Car Crash Kills Two in Southern Maine

Updated 3 years ago

Police say alcohol and excessive speed aresuspected factors in an early morning crash that killed two22-year-old women in southern Maine. The York County Sheriff’s Office says Juliza McCurry ofBiddeford and her passenger, Sheri Watson of Sanford, were killedinstantly when their car struck a tree on South Waterboro Road inLyman at about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday. Deputies say it appears the car skidded out of control, struck arock and flipped over before striking a large tree. It took rescueworkers more than two hours to remove the victims from thewreckage. The crash is under investigation.(AP)

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State Trooper Hits Moose

Updated 3 years ago

A Maine State Trooper was taken to the hospital in Caribou after hitting a moose with his cruiser.It happened early sunday morning on Route 228 in Woodland.Trooper Chuck Michaud was responding to a call to assist another trooper when a moose stepped in front of his vehicle.Michaud sustained minor injuries. It’s not known what became of the moose.

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Shooting Suspect Returned to Massachusetts

Updated 3 years ago

A man accused of murdering a man at a metro train station in Boston was returned to Massachusetts from Maine to be in court Friday.Police say Nhu Nguyen shot a 19-year-old man to death earlier this month.He was arrested in an apartment in Portland on May 12th.

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Man Crashes Truck into Home While Naked

Updated 3 years ago

The lawyer for a man accused of being on drugs and naked when he crashed a dump truck into a condominium says the man had been in the shower before the episode. Defense lawyer Michael Whipple says 24-year-old Eli Hutchins of Lovell perceived an emergency that prompted him to hop out of the shower and into his truck. After crashing into the building, police say Hutchins instigated a fight with the man who lived there late Wednesday. Whipple apologized on behalf of his client, saying that Hutchins was unfamiliar with the truck, which he’d recently purchased. Police said the truck stopped 15 feet of a bed where a 7-year-old boy was sleeping. Hutchins is charged with driving under the influence, among other things. (AP)

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BIll Turned Down Intended For Tax Break In East Millinocket

Updated 3 years ago

A legislative committee has turned down a plan to ease up on East Millinocket’s tax burden.A state representative from the town submitted a bill to reduce the state valuation of East Millinocket by $66 million dollars, which is the stated value of the Katahdin paper mill.When the mill closed and took away 450 jobs, it also created an $810,000 tax void.Taxation committee members say they’re sympathetic to the town’s government and the laid-off workers and didn’t rule out other state help. But the committee rejected the bill to lower the town’s valuation.

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Newest Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Maine

Updated 3 years ago

Maine’s newest medical marijuana dispensary is opening in Auburn.Wednesday, the Remedy Compassion Center started selling marijuana to patients by appointment only.The opening comes despite a warning by Maine’s top federal prosecutor that despite permission to operate under state law, the dispensary can be prosecuted under federal law.The dispensary is offering non-smoking alternatives for patients, including marijuana-laced food.

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Chelsea Selectwoman In Court Today

Updated 3 years ago

A Chelsea selectwoman accused of organizing a kickback scheme appeared in court today.Carole Swan is charged with aggravated forgery, improper compensation for services and attempted theft.Prosecutors say she organized a kickback involving the purchase of road sand for the town.People who live in Chelsea voted to pay for an investigation into allegations of misconduct at the town office after her arrest.Swan says she was conducting her own investigation of the town contracts.

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Augusta Man Accused Of Multiple Charges Will Face One Trial

Updated 3 years ago

An Augusta man accused of rape and several other charges in Knox County will have them all handled in one trial.According to the District Attorney, a Superior Court justice has decided that Bradley Lemay will have all of his crimes heard together.Among the charges are gross sexual assault, tampering with the victim after the crime, and trying to escape from jail.The D.A. says typically, related cases are heard together because much of the same evidence would be brought up.

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Boston-Based Company To Open In Lewiston

Updated 3 years ago

A company that provides computer hard-drive backup services is setting up shot in Lewiston.Boston-based Carbonite, Inc. plans to have more than 150 workers there by the end of this year.The company is leasing about 20,000 square feet for its new customer support center and plans to move jobs from India to Maine.CEO David Friend says he was drawn to Maine by its work force, its broadband presence and support he’s received from state government.Carbonite expects to employ as many as 250 people in Lewiston by the end of next year.

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Update: Dittmeyer Hearing

Updated 3 years ago

One man has declined a hearing and two others have had theirs postponed in the case of a slain Maine woman whose body was found in a New Hampshire pond with her unharmed 14 month old daughter in her car nearby.Krista Dittmeyer’s body was found in a ski area’s snowmaking pond April 27th. Last week, Anthony Papile, Michael Petelis and Trevor Ferguson were arraigned in Ossipee in connection with her April 22nd robbery and killing.Prosecutors said Papile and Petelis ambushed the 20 year old Dittmeyer to steal drugs and money. Papile was charged with second-degree murder. Petelis and Ferguson were charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.All three were scheduled for probable cause hearings Thursday. Ferguson waived his right to a hearing. The others were postponed: a new date wasn’t set.

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Dittmeyer Record To Be Kept Secret

Updated 3 years ago

Court records of the investigation into the killing of a young mother from Maine in New Hampshire are going to be keep secret for at least three months.A judge has ruled to keep under wraps for now information about the death of Krista Dittmeyer, 20, contained in search warrant affidavits, the autopsy report and other investigative paperwork.Nearly three weeks ago, Dittmeyer’s car was found idling in the parking lot of a North Conway ski area with her infant daughter inside. The baby was not hurt. Dittmeyer’s body was found in a nearby pond four days later.Police have said she was killed in a drug deal.Three New Hamshire men have been arrested in the case.

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Unity College Names New President

Updated 3 years ago

Unity College has named a new president.Stephen Mulkey,57, is a scientist and expert in climate change and sustainability.He’ll take over in July for Mitchell Thomashow, who is leaving after five years on the job.Mulkey leaves a job as Director of the Environmental Science Program at the University of Idaho. He says he’s impressed with Unity’s focus on climate change and its leadership on sustainability issues.Unity is an environmental studies college with about 560 students.

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Maine Game Officals Warn Against Feeding Bears

Updated 3 years ago

Maine game officials are urging homeowners to not feed birds in order to deter bears that could become a nuisance or danger.The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife says bears have now emerged from their dens throughout Maine and are looking for food that’s not easy to find at this time of year. That draws them to bird feeders, garbage cans, garbage containers and grills where food or the odor of food is present.Experts say there’s lot of food for birds in the spring and summer so they don’t need to be fed by people.Besides bringing in bird feeders, wildlife officials are urging homeowners to keep their garbage inside until the morning of trash pickup.(The Associated Press)

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Federal Cuts Threaten Rural Airports

Updated 3 years ago

A federal program that subsidizes commercial air service for small towns and rural communities across the lower 48 states is struggling to remain aloft.The program began in 1978 after the government deregulated the airlines. It gives carriers a financial incentive not to drop lightly traveled routes that lose money.Conservatives say the $200 million program is wasteful, while supporters say it’s a lifesaver for rural economies. Now, they say it’s more vulnerable than ever as Congress tries to reduce the budget deficit.The House has voted to phase out the program, known as “Essential Air Service.” The Senate would spare it but tighten eligibility criteria in ways that could disqualify some airports. About 110 presently benefit from the subsidies.The two chambers are negotiating the program’s future.(The Associated Press)

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Hypnotist Sentenced to Prison for Charges of Gross Sexual Assault

Updated 3 years ago

A hypnotist accused of using his craft during sexual encounters with a teen-age girl is going to prison for six years.38-year-old Aaron Patton of Jay was sentenced Monday by Superior Court Justice Donald Marden.Patton as sentenced to six years in prison for each of four counts of gross sexual assault, four years each for one count of unlawful sexual contact and counts of sexual abuse of a minor. All but the initial six years were suspended.Patton began treating the girl, now 17, with hypnotism when she was 12 to break her of a nail-biting habit. Prosecutors said Patton would hypnotize her after their sexual encounters to make her feel more comfortable about their trysts. (AP)

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