Swift Pleads Guilty

Updated 7 years ago

19-year-old Corey Swift entered his plea in Kennebec County Superior Court Wednesday morning.

He was sentenced to ten years behind bars.

Swift was allegedly with 22-year-old Matthew Loisel last April when Jean Paul-Poulain was shot to death at his Augusta apartment.

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Curtis in Court

Updated 7 years ago

51-year-old Albion Curtis is accused of shooting a 28-year-old woman in her abdomen.

He’s charged with elevated aggravated assault and robbery.

According to court documents, Curtis, the victim, and another man were arguing over the sale of some Oxycontin.

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Border ID

Updated 7 years ago

Along the northern border, U.S. and Canadian citizens will now have to show a passport or similar document, or two forms of identification such as a driver’s license and a birth certificate.

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Trooper Stabbed

Updated 7 years ago

It happened while trooper Tom Pickering was questioning 24-year-old Joshua Gray about a burglary that happened earlier this week.

Police say trooper Pickering was talking to Gray at the side of the Ellsworth Road in Blue Hill when Gray ran off.

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Starting Your Own Business

Updated 7 years ago

Starting Your Own Business

There are more than 150,000 small businesses in Maine. Starting your own business may sound like an easy venture, but most entrepreneurs say it’s not, especially when you’re in your twenties. But there is help out there.

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Stabbing Case In Court

Updated 7 years ago

Authorities claim 62-year old Larry Leighton went to a home in Milford in November of 2006.

He burst inside, and used a small knife to slash the two women who lived there.

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Pittsfield Update

Updated 7 years ago

More than 40 students who attend a catholic school in pittsfield will have to find a new school to go to next year.

Bishop Richard Malone announced on Tuesday that St. Agnes school will close at the end of the school year.

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Vandals Still At Large

Updated 7 years ago

Vandals have left their mark in Deer Isle and Sedgwick and the price tag to fix all that damage keeps going up.

At first it was only a few house windows that were shot by bb guns but the vandalism has escalated.

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Boat Building in Bangor

Updated 7 years ago

There was a time when boat building was a common sight along the Penobscot River, and there might come a time when new boats are launched in the Bangor area once again.

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Maine Soldier At Address

Updated 7 years ago

Asoldier originally from Hermon will be a guest of honor at the State of the Union Address in Washington D.C. Monday night.

Staff Sergeant Craig Charloux returned in November from an 18 month tour in Iraq.

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SAS To Pull Out of Pittsfield

Updated 7 years ago

Five years ago, the San Antonio shoe company S.A.S. made national news when christmas bonuses were handed out: $1,000 for every year worked at the factory.

Some employees saw fifteen and twenty thousand dollars as a gift that year.

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Benton Couple Killed in Crash

Updated 7 years ago

Police in Alabama continue to investigate a collision between a car and a tractor-trailer that killed three people, including a couple from Maine.

State troopers say the accident occurred at 7 Friday night on Alabama Highway 59 just south of Loxley when 64-year-old Charles H. Miller Junior of Benton, Maine, apparently pulled his car into the path of a southbound tractor-trailer.

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Street Sentenced for Assaults

Updated 7 years ago

A judge in Augusta has handed a 29-month prison sentence to a door-to-door magazine salesman from California for assaulting women in their homes.

A prosecutor said the victims felt violated when 22-year-old Brandon Street forced hugs and kisses on them and refused to leave when asked.

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Bangor Shooting Details

Updated 7 years ago

Police say 51-year old Albion Curtis shot a 28-year old woman during a drug deal that went bad. The call for help was reported around 6:30 Friday night. A woman had been shot in a building behind the Bangor Efficiency Apartments on Hammond Street. By the time police arrived the woman had already been taken to a hospital in a private vehicle. Bangor police spent the weekend investigating. They say the violence broke out when the woman and a young man went to the apartment to buy drugs from Curtis. At some point during the deal a fight broke out and in the commotion the female was shot in the abdomen.

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C.H.E.A.P. Oil

Updated 7 years ago

J.R. and Amy Porter started the home-based business last year and have helped hundreds of local families who would have otherwise had to choose between heating their home and putting food on the table. Unlike the larger oil companies, C.H.E.A.P. Oil will deliver how ever much oil resident need and can afford.

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Poirier Convicted of Manslaughter

Updated 7 years ago

A Lewiston man has been found guilty of manslaughter in the fatal shooting of his father while the victim was celebrating his 65th birthday.

The Androscoggin County Superior Court jury deliberated for six hours over two days in the murder trial of Scott Poirier before finding him guilty Friday of the lesser charge.

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Volunteer Firefighter Files Suit

Updated 7 years ago

A volunteer firefighter from Clinton

has filed a lawsuit against her former employer claiming she was

fired because she didn’t show up for work after helping put out a

fire in the overnight hours.

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Marshfield Update

Updated 7 years ago

Thursday was another difficult day for the grieving families and friends of those who were murdered. Darren Hart says his family is still reeling from the shock of his 41-year-old cousin Arron Settipani being killed.

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B-Ball Brawl

Updated 7 years ago

One witness described it as a riot that broke out in the game between Lawrence high school and Lewiston.

According to Sargent Matthew Bard, two players got into a heated confrontation at the end of the third quarter.

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New Border Rules

Updated 7 years ago

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Assistant Commissioner Thomas Winkowski says the government will be flexible in implementing the new rules. But he urges people to prepare for the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, which is intended to make the country’s borders safer from terrorism.

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