Weight Watchers

Updated 7 years ago

Classic Sugar Cookies


Servings: 45
Preparation Time: 15min
Cooking Time: 12 min
Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Complete your holiday gathering with these classic cookies. Vary the cookie cutters and colored sugars to create an endless variety of shapes and designs.

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Farmington Bank Robbed

Updated 7 years ago

Authorities say that a man held up the T.D. Banknorth branch on Broadway, at about 3:20, Wednesday afternoon.

A young man walked into the bank and handed a note to a teller which said that the robber had a gun, and that he wanted money.

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Fire Chief Charged With OUI

Updated 7 years ago

Police say 34-year-old Russell Banks of Burlington was arrested early Saturday morning.

He’s the Chief of the Triangle Fire Department, which serves the towns of Lowell, Burlington and Grand Falls.

A resident on the East Old Main Road in Lowell called police when he saw a fire truck race by his house with its lights and sirens on.

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Robbers Hit Central Maine

Updated 7 years ago

Fairfield police have arrested 48-year-old Lorenzo Witham, of Clinton, and 44-year-old Charles Emmons, of Northwood New Hampshire.

According to officers, they hit two locations in Skowhegan before heading to Fairfield. Once there, local police say Emmons walked into the Pilot Travel Center on Center Road around 8:30 pm.

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Verizon Fairpoint Talks

Updated 7 years ago

The Maine Public Utilities Commission will wait another week to take up the issue.

The commission met this morning briefly to say changes have been added to the proposal, which would sell Verizon’s operations in all of Northern New England.

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Stevens Indicted

Updated 7 years ago

36-year-old Olin Stevens faces three counts of gross sexual assault, and three counts of unlawful sexual contact against girls under the age of fourteen.

The crimes reportedly happened between June and September.

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Snowe calls for aid for Lobstermen

Updated 7 years ago

(AP) A federal rule that takes effect next October requires lobstermen to use sinking rope instead of floating rope on their traps. Supporters of the change say it’ll protect right whales from getting entangled in floating rope.

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Arrests in Series of Break-ins

Updated 7 years ago

Police arrested 18-year-old John Ruuk of Brewer, 20-year-old Allyn White of Brewer, and 19-year-old Brad Study of Clifton.

They were all rounded up Monday night in Brewer.

The three are accused of smashing in the front window of Roger’s Market Sunday night and stealing beer and cigarettes.

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Alfond Leaves Yet Another Gift

Updated 7 years ago

(AP) A pilot program starting Jan. 1 at MaineGeneral Health hospitals will establish a $500 college savings account for every newborn at the Augusta and Waterville hospitals. The program will expand statewide a year later, and earlier if the pilot program goes well.

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Macaroni and Cheese

Updated 7 years ago

Oven 350*
1 lbs uncooked macaroni
8 cups water
1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup flour
1/4 tsp. onion granular
1/4 tsp. garlic granulate
3/4 qt milk
1/4 lb. American cheese
1/2 lb. cheddar cheese

Cook macaroni in water just until tender and drain. in this pan melt flout and butter. to the flour mixture add the milk and spices and using a whip, whip and bring to a boil. Be very careful not to scorch. as his mixture start to thicken and the cheeses and keep whipping to keep mixture smooth. Place macaroni in baking dish and cover with sauce. mix until all macaroni is cover with cheese smooth top cover with bread or cracker crumbs and bake until bubbly.

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Tomato Soup and Macaroni

Updated 7 years ago

1 lb uncooked macaroni
8 cups water
2- 303 cans tomato soup undulated

Cook macaroni in water just until tender and drain, add tomato soup stir and enjoy.

Ideas for extras, pepperoni, cheese, and hamburger.

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St. Alban’s Town Manager to Step Down

Updated 7 years ago

Larry Post made his announcement Monday night at the selectmen’s meeting.

He’s worked out a contract with the town that’ll keep him on the job until the end of June.

Post will have put in 30 years, this May.

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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…It’s a Satellite?

Updated 7 years ago

(AP) Law enforcement officials say the fireballs coincided with Monday evening’s launch from Kennedy Space Center in Florida of what a defense agency spokesman described as a &quot:national security satellite.&quot:

Sgt. Derek Strong of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police tells the Bangor Daily News that the orange lights were caused by debris re-entering the earth’s atmosphere and crashing into the ocean off Point Lepreau, New Brunswick.

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Waterville Fire

Updated 7 years ago

The call came in late Monday afternoon to a two story home on Carey Lane.

The home is owned by Christopher and Dacia Rancourt who live there with their 16-year-old son.

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Coach Winkin in Hospital: Update

Updated 7 years ago

Winkin was brought to the hospital Monday in serious condition, after suffering a stroke.

We’re told he was &quot:out for a walk&quot: on Monday, when he collapsed. A passerby found him, and called for help.

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Updated 7 years ago

(AP) Barbara Jean Pearson of Bradford was sentenced yesterday in federal court in Bangor, where she pleaded guilty in April to theft of public funds and bankruptcy fraud.

The 43-year-old Pearson, former owner of Cold Stream Oil, admitted that she used money earmarked for fuel to gamble online and for her personal use.

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Oakes in Court

Updated 7 years ago

27 year old Benjamin Oakes of Waterville made a video appearance in an Augusta courtroom Monday afternoon.

Oakes was arrested Friday night.

Police say he assaulted a woman who was walking her dog Thursday near the entrance of Colby College.

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Waterville Man Charged in Colby Assault

Updated 7 years ago

27-year-old Benjamin Oakes was arrested Friday night.

Police say he assaulted a woman walking her dog on a nature trail near the college’s entrance on Thursday morning.

This is the third attack on women near the campus since October.

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Overnight Break-in

Updated 7 years ago

State police say three people burglarized the conveniece store Sunday night, just before 10 pm.

They were caught on tape stealing several cartons of cigarettes and two cases of beer.

The robbers had their faces covered, but troopers believe they are all around 16 to 20 years old.

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Apartment Fire in Bangor

Updated 7 years ago

They were chased from their home after a clothes dryer caught fire.

The call came in about 1:15 Monday afternoon.

When fire crews arrived they found a room on fire and learned that a person was still inside.

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