Caldwell in Court

Updated 7 years ago

Caldwell made an appearance in court Wednesday.

The charges against him include operating under the influence. The prosecution says he’s a habitual offender.

The defense claims he’s a troubled man who needs help.

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Body Found

Updated 7 years ago

His body was discovered by another fisherman not far from where he disappeared.

The Marine Patrol says the body of 65-year-old Byron Gross was found last week.

He was last seen a month ago, hauling traps.

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Flu Shot Clinic

Updated 7 years ago

Mainegeneral Health is holding several flu clinics in the area.

The first will take place at Senton Village in Waterville on Thursday from 9am to 1pm.

There will be another one at Saint Francis Xavier church in Winthrop on Tuesday, December 4th from 2-6pm.

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Weight Watchers Recipe

Updated 7 years ago

Hands on prep: 20 minutes: Baking time: 25 minutes: Makes:16

1 cup whole-wheat pastry flour

3/4 cup quick-cooking (not instant) oats

1/2 cup packed light brown sugar

1/4 cup pecans finely chopped

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Kwanzaa Cancelled

Updated 7 years ago

75-year-old Kendrick Sawyer of Brewer is accused of saying he would shoot any blacks he saw attending an N.A.A.C.P. meeting at a Bangor church.

Court documents indicate that Sawyer made the statement to his doctor at the V.A. center in Togus.

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Young Woman Saved From Car

Updated 7 years ago

Amanda Dinkins (18) has some strangers to thank after they pulled her from the wreckage of her car.

She was driving along the Fuller road in Hermon, taking her dog to the vet. While she was driving, the dog jumped into her lap, causing her to lose control of her car.

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$100,000 Bail For Sex Offender

Updated 7 years ago

Aconvicted sex offender from Rhode Island who’s accused of molesting children in central Maine was in court today in Augusta.Olin Stevens (36)was arraigned on two charges of gross sexual assault and unlawful sexual contact. Stevens is wanted in Rhode Island for not registering as a sex offender, and for the past eight months he was living in Waterville where he was arrested earlier this month.

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Waterville Teen Faces Felony Charges

Updated 7 years ago

A teen is facing felony charges after he was found responsible for placing an acid bomb near a house.

It stems from an incident Monday night where a homeowner on Wilkes street reported a suspicious bottle in the driveway. When police and fire crews arrived they discovered a one-liter soda bottle filled with chemicals thatcould explode upon impact.

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Waterville Man Jailed for Drugs

Updated 7 years ago

Court records reveal that 21-year-old Roy Garland was arrested last January, when a state trooper went to investigate a report of a suspicious vehicle in Sidney.

Police discovered guns, drugs, and components to build pope bombs inside his vehicle.

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Vandals Cause Thanksgiving Power Loss

Updated 7 years ago

The effected residents lost power on the night before Thanksgiving.

The power company says someone shot out some equipment off the top of a power pole.

Crews worked until around 4:30 Thanksgiving morning to restore electricity.

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Toddler Dies

Updated 7 years ago

Adeath of a 1-year-old boy who became entangled in a window blind cord at his home in Norridgewock has been ruled an accidental strangulation.

State police say Brandy Miller had placed her son Edgar in his crib for an afternoon nap Friday.

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UMaine Student Dies

Updated 7 years ago

Police say his death appears to be alcohol related.

Adam Baxter died in Portland early Saturday morning. His body was found at a home on Forest Avenue bye EMTs and police. They had been called to that location for a man having trouble breathing.

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Minimum Wage Above $8 in ’09?

Updated 7 years ago

Lawmakers gathered in Augusta on Monday, to talk about a proposed increase that would raise the minimum wage at some point next year, to $7.70 an hour, and to $8.40 in 2009.

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Plum Creek Protest

Updated 7 years ago

A volunteer organization called the Native Forest Network held a short play in Bangor’s west market square Monday: acting out what they think is wrong with Plum Creek’s development proposal.

The group wants protection and restoration in maine’s forests and wild places.

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Maine Recycles Film and Radio Competition

Updated 7 years ago

WANTED: Funny / Creative / Attention Grabbing 30/60 second FILM or RADIO ADs to get people recycling! If you go to a college or high school in Maine, get a team together and send us your recycling public service announcements. You could win up to $500 ! The deadline is November 30th.

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Firewood in Short Supply

Updated 7 years ago

Homeowners thinking of switching to firewood after filling their tanks with $3-per-gallon oil may be out of luck.

Many dealers across southern Maine say they already have commitments for their stocks of seasoned firewood, whose prices have jumped from about $220 a cord to as high as $275.

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Skowhegan Fire

Updated 7 years ago

A Skowhegan couple is grateful to the town’semergency workersfor saving their pet’s life this weekend.

Fire broke out at a home on Silver Street Saturday night…the couple who live there weren’t in the house at the time, but their dog was.

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Busy Travel Day in Maine

Updated 7 years ago

Sunday was hectic for staffers at Bangor International Airport…and at airports and bus terminals around the country.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving is considered one of the busiest travel days of the year.

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Legislator Seeks to Tax Grocery Bags

Updated 7 years ago

A state legislator says he’s not giving

up on his attempt to impose a fee of 20 cents or so on plastic

grocery bags as a way to prod consumers to shift to bags that are

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Deer Hunt Ends

Updated 7 years ago

Maine’s 2007 deer-hunting season ended Saturday

for hunters using firearms.

But hunting continues for muzzle-loaders and archers in

designated areas after the Sunday break.

The firearms season followed a 2006 season that finished with a

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