Reed Behind Bars

Updated 6 years ago

William Dana Reed of Orono was sentenced to 30 days in jail after pleading guilty in Penobscot County Superior Court last week to attempting to engage in a sex act in a public place.

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Update on Salmonella Outbreak

Updated 6 years ago

&quot:Our investigation still indicates that four Maine people have been infected with the Salmonella strain associated with the national outbreak that has infected nearly 500 people in 43 states,&quot: said Dora Anne Mills, MD, MPH, the Director of the Maine CDC. &quot:Fortunately, the affected people in Maine are recovering.&quot:

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Weight Watchers

Updated 6 years ago

Reading packages has never been more confusing, The more we seem to &quot:learn&quot: about nutrition, the more complicated it seems to be to make smart choices in the supermarket, especially when we’re trying to reach and maintain our healthy weights!

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Husson President Steps Down

Updated 6 years ago

Beardsley announced Thursday he’ll leave Husson at the end of 2009. He’s served as president and CEO since 1987. He’s also the CEO of the New England School of Communications.

Beardsley told Husson Board Chair Arthur Fuller in a letter that Husson has momentum and strong leadership and this is a good time for him to hand over the reigns.

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Updated 6 years ago

MPBN announced last month it would close its radio stations in Calais and Fort Kent, as well as its TV station in Calais to save money.

That’s in response to cuts in state and federal funding.

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Collins Secures Seat

Updated 6 years ago

WASHINGTON, D.C.-Senate leaders have appointed U.S. Senator Susan Collins to a seat on the oldest and most powerful of Senate committees-the Senate Appropriations Committee, which is responsible for approving all federal discretionary funding. Senator Collins’ membership marks the first time that Maine has been represented on this coveted panel since Margaret Chase Smith served on it in 1972.

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More Budget Cuts

Updated 6 years ago

School systems across the state are beginning to feel the impact from cuts in state funding. The city of Augusta has a million dollar gap to fill, which could put teachers out of work, take away sports programs, or possibly close schools. Augusta is struggling to come up with $1M to $1.5M to continue funding schools. Augusta has six schools in the city, there are two that could be shut down to save money. Hussey Elementary and Hodgkins Junior High are on that list. Combined, more than five-hundred students attend those schools. City Manager Bill Bridgeo says closing Hodgkins could close the budget gap. Bridgeo says he’s heard mixed reactions from community members. Some say shutting school doors isn’t the answer. If Hodgkins closed, students could end up going to Cony High where there is room to accommodate them.

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Bucksport Man Out On Bail

Updated 6 years ago

A Bucksport man is free on bail after police say they linked him to a web broadcast showing the sexual assault of a six-year old boy in Michigan. Investigators say 42-year old Elmer Stevens was arrested last friday on charges of criminal solicitation. Authorities in Michigan contacted Maine State Police after allegedly identifying Stevens as one of the web viewers. His laptop was confiscated and police plan to examine the contents before deciding on additional charges. Stevens has been ordered to have no contact with children. He’s due in court in april.

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Charleston Correctional Facility

Updated 6 years ago

The governor’s budget revision to close a $140 million revenue gap calls for shutting down a housing unit at the minimum-security facility. But lawmakers on the Criminal Justice Committee who toured Charleston say it should remain fully staffed for at least the next six months.

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Mitchell Eyed for Mideast Post

Updated 6 years ago

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Obama is preparing to tap George Mitchell, the former Senate Democratic leader, for a top diplomatic
post for the Middle East. Officials told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the new administration is preparing to announce the appointment shortly. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they have not been authorized to disclose it publicly. Mitchell would assist Hillary Rodham Clinton, Obama’s pick for secretary of State. The Senate was expected to vote on Clinton’s nomination Wednesday. The parameters of Mitchell’s role were not immediately clear. Recent reports said Dennis Ross, longtime U.S. negotiator, would be named an adviser to Clinton. Mitchell, 75, took on difficult diplomatic assignments during President Bill Clinton’s presidency.

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E-Mail Has Grain of Truth

Updated 6 years ago

When this e-mail made it’s way to many people in the area, the Bangor Police Department began getting phone calls asking if it’s true. According to police, yes and no.

On January 11th, at the intersection of Hogan Rd. and State St., a woman thought she was rear ended when the rear windshield of her SUV exploded in. But then, when the rear drivers side window was smashed in, she knew something else was going on. She then ran the red light to escape the attack.

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Snow Con Weekend

Updated 6 years ago

&quot:This is Central and Northern Maine’s Premier Gaming Convention. Lots of families coming with lots of kids, that’s been really encouraging. Especially to let new generations learn the music of gaming. Not just role playing gaming but you know collectible card gaming, table top gaming, board games, all types of games.&quot:

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Last Chance for some Horses

Updated 6 years ago

For nearly a dozen horses, the Last Chance Ranch is their last chance.

The ranch is located in Troy.

It takes in horses that have been given up by their owners many who simply can’t afford the animals any more.

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Blue Hill Hospital

Updated 6 years ago

BLUE HILL, Maine (AP) – Blue Hill Memorial Hospital is cutting 15 positions, or 5 percent of its staff, as part of its initiative to cut costs. Hospital officials say the combination of an uncertain economy and cash flow issues has forced them to eliminate positions and cut back on employee travel, office supplies, printing, consulting services and other activities.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Remembered

Updated 6 years ago



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Last Chance Ranch: Help for Horses

Updated 6 years ago

In March 2004, Cathy was given the opportunity to take over her late brother’s land in Troy. This is when the dreaming of helping retired and abused horses turn toward a reality. Cathy called Mary and said &quot:let’s give it a shot&quot:, and Mary jumped at the opportunity to build the dream.

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Oil Spill Forces Road Closure

Updated 6 years ago

Maine environmental officials are at the scene of an heating oil truck accident that caused a spill in the town of Plymouth. Authorities will clear the spill and reopen the road later Tuesday.

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Project Update at EMMC

Updated 6 years ago

Drivers and pedestrians traveling along State Street in Bangor need to use a little extra caution these days.

That’s the word from Eastern Maine Medical Center.

The next phase of expanding the hospital’s parking garage has begun and that means there are some closures folks need to keep in mind.

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Maggie’s Blood Drive

Updated 6 years ago

A blood drive to help out an infant girl from Levant kicked off on Monday.

4-month-old Maggie Rudnicki needs blood transfusions almost every two weeks to stay alive.

When she was 4-weeks-old, doctors discovered she can’t make her own red blood cells.

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Job losses looming for Brewer

Updated 6 years ago

A long-time car-parts manufacturer in Brewer is closing its doors. Officials with Z-F Lemforder met with workers Monday afternoon, telling them the business will leave the city by the middle of next year.

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