Lobster Boat Mischief

Updated 6 years ago

18-year old Kenneth Chandler was arrested in connection with a lobster boat that was found circling off Jonesport Monday morning.

The 31-footer called the &quot:Lisa Marie&quot: was going in circles with no one on board.

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Kidnapping Trial Rescheduled

Updated 6 years ago

39-year-old Steven Robbins, and 36-year-old Juanita Mullins are charged with robbery, burglary, kidnapping, and assault.

Police say more than three years ago, the couple handcuffed Robbins’ grandmother to her bed, bound her legs and put a pillow case over her head, before stealing her safe containing $60,000.

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Oakland Woman Dies in Motorcycle Accident

Updated 6 years ago

The crash happened on the Pond Road at about 6:30 Sunday night.

State Police tell us the victim is 42-year-old Sarah Lamarre.

According to witnesses, Lamarre was riding a motorcycle northbound toward Oakland, when her bike hit the soft shoulder of the road, then went airborne.

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Atwood Waives Jury Trial

Updated 6 years ago

The 38-year-old Atwood is accused of killing 38-year-old Cheryl Murdoch of Waterville, whose decomposed body was found in August 2006 in Canaan. Atwood’s trial is scheduled to begin June 3rd.

Atwood was previously charged with murdering his wife, Shirley Moon Atwood, but that charge was dropped. Shirley Moon Atwood was never found.

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More Flood Help on the Way

Updated 6 years ago

Residents of Penobscot county can now register for federal disaster assistance for damages related to late April’s flooding.

President Bush’s declaration frees up federal grants and low interest loans to individuals and businesses.

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Winning Ticket Sold in Lubec

Updated 6 years ago

The winning jackpot ticket in the Tri-State

Megabucks lottery was sold in the eastern Maine town of Lubec.

Lottery officials said the ticket for Saturday night’s drawing

was sold at McFadden’s Variety. The jackpot has an annualized value

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Construction Set to Begin in Old Town

Updated 6 years ago

Construction is expected to start Monday on a wish come true for a mother of four from Old Town who’s fighting for her life.

Crews have spent the week pouring the foundation for a new home for Sonya Barclay, her husband and their children.

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Click It or Ticket

Updated 6 years ago

With the Memorial day weekend fast approaching…Maine is joining every other state in the nation for this year’s &quot:Click it — or Ticket&quot: campaign.

Beginning Monday and running through June first, police are warning if they see you driving without a seatbelt, you will be ticketed.

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Real ID

Updated 6 years ago

Today’s appearance of Kathleen McGee of Bowdoinham and Donna Bendiksen of Portland along with others opposed to the state law showed a united front during a petition drive aimed at collecting 55,000 signatures by July 17th to put the proposal on the November ballot.

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Updated 6 years ago

&quot:It’s a remarkable area when you think about the history that’s happened here and the people that have come and gone and the stories they’ve left behind and it really continues to this day. There is a very active seaport right across the street from us and ship building is still going on here today and it’s just an area that is so rich with history and great stories and our goal is to try to tell some of these stories.&quot:THE PENOBSCOT MARINE MUSEUM IS NOT JUST ONE BUILDING ON ROUTE ONE IN SEARSPORT…THERE ARE ACTUALLY 14 OF THEM, AND SEVERAL ARE ON THE NATIONAL REGISTRY OF HISTORIC PLACES.OPENED IN 1936, IT’S THE OLDEST MARINE MUSEUM IN MAINE.&quot:It was opened by a group of individuals who I think saw the maritime history and culture and material culture – artifacts fading from view you know were being lost over the years and they wanted to do what they could to preserve not only that but the stories and the heritage of this whole region.&quot:AMONG OTHER EXHIBITS, THE MUSEUM SHOWCASES A PAIR OF BOAT HOUSES, A SEA CAPTAIN’S HOME, AND AN ART GALLERY.&quot:I think a lot of people are surprised to learn we have one of the finest art collections anywhere in the country when it comes to maritime art, our scrimshaw collection, our painting collection is a treasure and so people are thrilled to discover that and spend time looking at those paintings and learning about maritime art.&quot:ONE PIECE IN THE MUSEUM’S COLLECTION CAN BE EXPANDED TO INCLUDE MANY OTHERS.&quot: Say we found a painting of a ship, well we know maybe who built the ship or who the master of the ship was and we know what house he lived in which is still standing here in Searsport and we might have his diary or journal in our collection here, we’ve got a photograph hanging downstairs in the exhibit so it’s a really rich multi-layered approach to the stories and we’re able to learn more and more and find out about that and keep adding to what we know.&quot:NILES SAYS THE BEST PARTS OF HIS JOB ARE WHEN HISTORY INTERACTS WITH TODAY.&quot: As one of our staff members was giving a tour to some people who knew a story that someone in their family had donated an artifact to the museum, well during the tour we came across that artifact and there was a picture of her father in our files associated with the artifact and she just started crying and had made that personal, again connecting with history and it was just obviously a really moving experience for her.&quot:

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Monroe Fire

Updated 6 years ago

The call came in just before 8:00 p.m.

A controlled burn got out of control and had spread to a nearby chicken barn on the Emery Road.

By the time fire crews from Monroe, Brooks, Jackson, Newburgh and Dixmont got there, the flames had already engulfed the 140-foot barn.

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Tazer Officer Not Charged

Updated 6 years ago

The attorney general’s office has been investigating the incident since video surfaced.

It’s against the law to use a taser in Maine except for defense.

In his report, deputy Attorney General William Stokes says the state will not press charges because the officer who was tased does not feel he’s a crime victim.

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Unemployment Rate

Updated 6 years ago

The national rate for April was 5 percent.

State Labor Commissioner Laura Fortman says April unemployment was down as the number of working residents increased. She says that’s encouraging, but would have to continue for several months before it can be considered a trend.

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Bar Harbor Vandals

Updated 6 years ago

17 stones in the historic Village Burial Ground have been damaged.

Ship’s captains and some of the town’s founding families are buried there.

The Bar Harbor Historical Society is helping refurbish the cemetary.

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People’s Veto Set to Start

Updated 6 years ago

The group wants to collect enough voter signatures to force a referendum.

It would repeal a law that brings the state into closer compliance with the federal Real ID law.

Among other things, Maine’s law requires that license applicants are in the country legally.

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Tuller Murder Sentence

Updated 6 years ago

A judge imposed a life prison sentence Friday on 37-year-old Peter Tuller, who was convicted of murdering 47-year-old Michael Demmons in June 2006.

Demmons’ body was found hog-tied with plastic trash bags over his head in an apartment he was sharing with a woman described as Tuller’s ex-girlfriend. The state medical examiner testified that Demmons’ skull was fractured more than 10 times and that 15 of his ribs were fractured two to four times each.

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Child Porn Sentence

Updated 6 years ago

Thirty-year-old Blake Hampe of Manchester, N.H., who faced up to 20 years behind bars, was also sentenced Friday to 10 years of supervised release after he completes his prison term.

Hampe was arrested in September 2006 in Bar Harbor after arriving from Nova Scotia by ferry. According to court documents, customs officers who searched his vehicle found a laptop computer that contained image and video files of child pornography.

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Boat Building, Part Two

Updated 6 years ago

People who buy high end recreational boats are more insulated from the effects of rising fuel prices and other expenses and orders are still strong.

But it’s a different story for those who build fishing boats.

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Weight Watchers Recipe

Updated 6 years ago


prep 25 min Cook 35 min serves 6

1 cup hickory chips

1 cup ketchup

2/3 cup strong brewed coffee

1/2 cup packed brown sugar

1/4 cup apple vinegar

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Winter Harbor Development Meeting

Updated 6 years ago

The group, Ames &amp: Ames Architects and Engineers, would like to develop 33-hundred acres on the Schoodic peninsula.

The land is near the Schoodic Point section of Acadia national park.

During the meeting many residents argued against the plan, saying that the area is fine the way it is.

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