New Year Eve Fire

Updated 7 years ago

Augusta firefighters spent Tuesday morning mopping up a blaze that destroyed most of a home on Murray Street.

Crews got the call just after midnight.

They arrived on the scene to find a single family home on fire from the cellar to the second floor.

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Brewer Drug Bust

Updated 7 years ago

Local and federal authorities raided a home on High Street after hearing that someone was selling drugs there.

An investigation also led them to what’s being described as a safe house in Bangor.

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Augusta Killing

Updated 7 years ago

Justice Donald Marden ruled Monday that Mathiew Loisel’s interview with a reporter, in which he admitted to fatally shooting Jean-Paul Poulain, would be allowed as evidence at his trial. The interview was broadcast several times the day Loisel was arrested.

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Waterville Man Turns Self In

Updated 7 years ago

Christopher Fillyaw turned himself in to police Monday morning.

Police say he confessed to breaking into the Waterville Savings Bank on Upper Main Street.

That crime happened last Wednesday night.

Fillyaw saw his face in a local newspaper, after authorities released surveillance video from the bank.

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Machias Search

Updated 7 years ago

Family members say 60-year-old Reid Emery had been in the hospital for days before he checked himself out.

He is reportedly delusional, and was only wearing his slippers when he left.

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2007 Homicides

Updated 7 years ago

But law enforcement officials say that drug killings were up in 2007.

In all, five separate drug-related homicides were recorded in Maine last year, the first time that’s happened since the state started keeping detailed records in 1970.

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Wentzell’s Mother Criticizes Police

Updated 7 years ago

The mother of a Vassalboro man who was shot and killed by police four days before Christmas says her son was in need of help and shouldn’t have been shot.

Denise Paradis says her son, 28-year-old Jason Wentzell, was desperate to talk to his estranged wife when he went to her mother’s house in Gardiner the afternoon of December 21st.

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Man Arrested in Hit-and-Run

Updated 7 years ago

An 18-year-old Limerick man has been charged with aggravated assault in connection with a hit-and-run snowmobile accident that seriously injured a man who was walking his dog.

The Maine Warden Service said Patrick Rosa was arrested Saturday night.

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Batherson Dies

Updated 7 years ago

John Batherson, a decorated World War II

veteran and a Maine judge for 36 years, died Thursday at Central

Maine Medical Center in Lewiston. He was 85.

Batherson was a native of Rumford, where he lived with his wife

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More Snow on the Way

Updated 7 years ago

Get out your shovels and long johns. More

snow is on the way.

The National Weather Service says a storm will arrive late

Sunday and drop heavy snow across much of Maine, with the deepest

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Colby Prof Weighs in on Bhutto Killing

Updated 7 years ago

A Maine college professor says Benazir

Bhutto’s assassination is another coffin nail for the state of

politics in Pakistan.

But Colby College assistant history Professor John Turner also

says Thursday’s murder of the leading opposition candidate could be

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Snowmobile Hit-and-Run

Updated 7 years ago

The Maine Warden Service is investigating

a hit-and-run snowmobile accident that seriously injured a Limerick

man Friday night as he walked his dog behind his home.

Officials say 42-year-old Darren Smith suffered two broken legs,

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Caribou Layoffs

Updated 7 years ago

A northern Maine company that develops tax

preparation software is laying off 80 of its 235 employees.

That’s according to Senator Olympia Snowe, who says her staff is

researching services that may be available to the ATX employees in

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Warden Crashes Through Thin Ice

Updated 7 years ago

A Maine game warden escaped serious

injury after his snowmobile broke through thin ice on a Somerset

County pond.

The Maine Warden Service says Scott Thrasher got a dunking in

waist-deep water in Pleasant Pond in Caratunk about 10 feet from

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Calais Crossing Contract

Updated 7 years ago

J. J. Contractors incorporated of Lowell Massachusetts won the $48,300,000 contract. The company will build the land port of entry for the U.S. department of homeland security and customs and border protection.

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St. Albans Woman Killed in Crash

Updated 7 years ago

State police say 40-year-old Heather Barrows died at the scene when her car was struck while travelling along the Palmyra Road.

The crash happened just before 7 pm Thursday night.

According to the police report, 49-year-old Estella Briel of Cambridge was headed in the opposite direction when her car went off the pavement.

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Healthy Foods From Ann Marie’s Kitchen

Updated 7 years ago

Butternut squash bake

4 cups Butternut squash cubed and boiled or micro waved until tender

2 cups chopped tomatoes—fresh or canned

Variationadded zesty green chilies, garlic,

1 cup of cheese shreddedcheddar, asiago

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Truck Accident in Newburgh

Updated 7 years ago

State police say 55-year-old Harold Hoyt was driving south on the interstate just before 3o’clock Thursday afternoon, when his tractor trailer suddenly drifted off the highway near the Carmel/Winterport exit.

The truck went down into the median and struck a tree, causing the rig to roll over.

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Machias Medicare Settlement

Updated 7 years ago

The U.S. government alleged that from 2002 through 2005, Down East Community Hospital over-billed Medicare for the cost of transfusions and related goods and services.

The suit says the hospital knew or should have known about the improper billing early on, but did nothing about it.

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Maine Author Dead at 68

Updated 7 years ago

Sylvester Pollet was the assistant editor of the national poetry foundation.

He edited and published 100 single-sheet collections of poems between 1994 and 2006.

The compilations, which he called &quot:backwoods broadsides,&quot: were mailed across the country and overseas.

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