Benton Update

Updated 7 years ago

Paul Letourneau is now accused of aggravated assault, and officials say there might be more charges coming.

Investigators claim that Letourneau and some others had gathered at a home on Easy Street in Benton, when 20-year-old Adam Holt was shot.

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Amherst Fire

Updated 7 years ago

Fire crews from around the area were called to a house on Route 9 near the Amherst town office at around 9:30 Tuesday night.

Fire fighters worked for several hours to contain the blaze, but they were unable to save the structure.

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Double Fatal Accident in Whitefield

Updated 7 years ago

It happened on Route 17 in Whitefield around 5:30 this morning.

No names have been released.

Police say a 26 year old woman was driving a Jeep Cherokee when it was struck by a pick up truck driven by a 21 year old man who was travelling in the wrong lane.

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Shannon Atwood In Court

Updated 7 years ago

It was a somber mood in Somerset Superior Court where the families of Cheryl Murdoch and Shirley Moon Atwood were awaiting to see what Shannon Atwood had to say.

Atwood did not say much though.

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Not Guilty Plea in Newburgh Breakin

Updated 7 years ago

Larry Munn Junior, pleaded not guilty to two counts of robbery and misdemeanor assault charges.

The 25-year-old man went before a judge in superior court in Bangor.

Authorities have been on the lookout for Munn since November when four people broke into a home in Newburgh.

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Wal-Mart Manager Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement

Updated 7 years ago

A Brewer woman will spend the next six months behind bars, after pleading guilty to embezzlement.

53-year old Dawn Denbow, a former manager of the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Brewer is charged with stealing more than $20,000 from the store over a two-year span, starting in 2004.

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Lewiston Stabbing Update

Updated 7 years ago

A police affidavit released yesterday quotes the victim’s daughter as saying a phone caller told her that her brother owed the money.

Karie Lessard quoted the unidentified male caller as saying, &quot:they ain’t got the money, bring on the guns.&quot:

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Publisher’s Clearing

Updated 7 years ago

A Brownville Junction woman could be ten million dollars richer Tuesday.

Barbara Buehler is one of only 210 people nationwide who could be surprised by the publishers clearing house prize partrol with roses, balloons, and a check for ten million dollars.

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Domestic Violence Laws

Updated 7 years ago

One bill would offer more training for police officers who have to sort out who’s at fault in a domestic dispute.

Another proposal would criminalize the threatening behavior that accompanies abuse, such as veiled threats about the kids or a job.

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Snowmobiler Struck Near Farmington

Updated 7 years ago

The woman accused of being behind the wheel of the SUV was in court in Farmington Monday.

Police say Sarah Forbes hit the snowmobile Saturday night, while it was trying to cross Route two in Wilton.

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Canaan Man Arrested on Murder Charges

Updated 7 years ago

It was back in August of last year when the body of a woman was found in Canaan, before that, another woman from the same town went missing.

Tuesday, state police announced that they’ve charged a man with killing them both.

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Water Service Interruption

Updated 7 years ago

Residents in the town of Franklin could be without water Monday.

The town is working to fix a leaky water main. Many residents had reduced water pressure Monday and service could be interrupted on Tuesday between 9:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M.

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Restaurant Fire

Updated 7 years ago

A fire broke out at Slates restaurant on Water Street Sunday afternoon.

The fire was so intense that 2-fire crews were dispatched to battle it.

It took fire departments from Hallowell and Augusta hours to extinguish the fire which started in the restaurant and then quickly spread to a second floor apartment in the brick building.

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Portland Fish Exchange Releases Study

Updated 7 years ago

The Portland Fish Exchange released a study Monday it hopes will bolster its case that Maine should allow net fishermen to sell lobsters they inadvertently catch in their nets.

The report says Maine’s ban on trawler-caught lobsters is forcing fishermen to bring their catches to Massachusetts, where it’s legal for them to sell lobsters.

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Search for Missing Snowmobiler

Updated 7 years ago

Game wardens used boats and planes to search for a snowmobiler whose sled plunged into the icy waters of Sebago lake Saturday night.

Wardens say Paul Blanco of Massachusetts was riding with two other men when they encountered open water.

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Ellsworth Chase

Updated 7 years ago

A Sullivan man who led police on a chase before crashing a stolen car is facing a long list of charges.

Police say 23 year old Christopher Kidder stole a car from a business on High Street last night.

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Bangor Man Admits to Sexually Abusing Two Young Girls

Updated 7 years ago

A Bangor man accused of sexually abusing two young girls in his apartment two years ago, admitted to his crimes in court Monday.

56-year old Roger Bates appeared in Penobscot County Superior Court, three days after being sentenced in federal court on child pornography charges relating to the case.

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Propane Shortage Could End Soon

Updated 7 years ago

More than twenty-five thousand Maine families are hoping there’s an end in sight to the state’s propane shortage…those families rely on propane for their heat.

Local suppliers have been rationing propane, to try and make their supplies last until the shortage is over.

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Gun Control Legislation Proposed

Updated 7 years ago


legislator from Lewiston wants to tighten up gun control legislation.


epresentative Margaret Craven is proposing a bill to require anyone under 21 to wait ten days before buying a rifle or shotgun.

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UFO Sightings Update

Updated 7 years ago


here could be an explanation for all the strange lights Mainers reported seeing in the sky two nights ago.


t turns out some F-16′s from the Vermont Air National Guard were flying training manuevers during that time.

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