Possible Postal Delays?

Updated 6 years ago

Some mail that was being handled at the U.S. Postal Service’s processing facility in Hampden is now being sorted in Scarborough two hours to the south.

Postal officials say the change is part of an effort to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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State College Applications Increase

Updated 6 years ago

School officials say applications to Maine’s universities and community colleges have increased this year due to greater marketing efforts and a flagging economy.

In the University of Maine System, spokesman John Diamond said its seven universities and 10 regional outreach centers have received 4.5 percent more applications for 2008-09 than last year.

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Blaine House Celebration

Updated 6 years ago

Gov. John Baldacci and four former Maine governors joined together in celebrating and raising money for the Blaine House, the official residence of the governor.

The five past and present governors came together Friday night at an invitation-only dinner at the State House to benefit the Friends of the Blaine House, a nonprofit group committed to preserving the mansion.

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Machias Blueberry Festival

Updated 6 years ago

It’ll be blueberries all the time this weekend in eastern Maine as Machias hosts its 33rd annual Wild Blueberry Festival.

The festival got under way on Friday and continues through tomorrow with blueberry pancake breakfasts, blueberry farm tours, a blueberry cooking competition and a blueberry eating contest.

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Good News for Maine Ports

Updated 6 years ago

Maine ports that draw upon the cruise ship business are welcoming the White House’s rejection of a proposal that critics say would have altered cruise ship intineraries and imperiled tourism dollars and jobs.

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Nader on Ballot?

Updated 6 years ago

Backers of the independent presidential candidate are expected to submit petitions to Augusta on Friday.

A spokesman tells the associated press they have more than 55-hundred signatures ready for the Secretary of State’s office.

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Drug Conviction

Updated 6 years ago

Jurors deliberated for about 4 hours before finding Arthur Michael Kinsella of Saint John, New Brunswick, guilty Thursday night of conspiracy to distribute oxycodone and possession with intent to distribute oxycodone.

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Baldacci Advances Energy Plan

Updated 6 years ago

(AP) Governor John Baldacci is advancing a 12.6 million-dollar energy action plan that he says makes it unnecessary to hold a special legislative session to deal with the effects of high fuel prices.

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Cianbro Expansion

Updated 6 years ago

(AP) Maine Governor John Baldacci and other dignitaries attended Cianbro Corp.’s formal opening of the Brewer site that was formerly occupied by Eastern Fine Paper.

Cianbro redeveloped the site on the banks of the Penobscot River, where it plans to produce equipment for the $5 billion expansion of the Texas refinery by Motiva Enterprises, a joint venture between Shell Oil Co. and Saudi Aramco. Cianbro’s new site is expected to produce 50 large modules weighing 500 tons each.

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Rope Exchange

Updated 6 years ago

A new regulation will soon take effect that requires fishermen to switch from floating rope currently in use, to sinking rope.

The law is aimed at protecting whales that could get entangled in the ropes.

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Hoffman Seeks High Court Ruling

Updated 6 years ago

On Wednesday, Hoffman’s lawyer filed a 38-page brief asking the U.S. Supreme Court to stay a Maine Supreme Court ruling that invalidated some of the nominating petitions he needed for ballot listing.

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Special Session

Updated 6 years ago

GOP leaders at the State House have urged Democrats and the Legislature’s two independents to back emergency legislation allowing lawmakers to work during a special session without salary and expenses.

The costs of a special session have been pegged at about $40,000 a day, with legislators receiving $170 or so per day. Democratic Gov. John Baldacci has said calling lawmakers back to Augusta is possible but not a certainty.

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Prescription Medicine Robbery

Updated 6 years ago

The customer was robbed about 10:30 Tuesday night at the P&amp:L Grocery Store on Route 7. Police weren’t notified until Wednesday morning.

Police say they were told the crook had a weapon. If you know anything about this, call Dexter Police at 924-7622.

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Playground Fire Arrest

Updated 6 years ago

He was arrested Tuesday and charged with criminal mischief and failure to report a dangerous fire.

Officials say the boy set the July 9th fire that charred part of the creative playground.

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Newspaper Cutbacks

Updated 6 years ago

Publisher John Christie says it equals about 10% of the company’s payroll.

He says most of the cuts will come voluntarily through buyouts.

The Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel have been affected by declining advertising revenue and rising costs of doing business.

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Protesters Gather to Oppose Development Plan

Updated 6 years ago

(AP) Maine Earth First! claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s demonstration outside the Augusta offices of the Land Use

Regulation Commission, which is weighing the development proposal. Meg Gilmartin, who was suspended atop a tepee-like wooden tripod, said the &quot:destruction of the largest undeveloped area east of the Mississippi will not be tolerated.&quot:

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Thwarted Burglary Ends in Chase

Updated 6 years ago

It all started when two witnesses reportedly interrupted a burglary at Dysart’s Travel Stop in Newburgh. An alarm was triggered, and a private security firm contacted police, who were in route when the would-be burglars fled in a black Chevy Impala.

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Petrucelly Makes First Court Appearance

Updated 6 years ago

Enoch Petrucelly made his first court appearance in Knox County Superior Court on Tuesday. He is charged with murder in the death of his brother, 24-year-old Michael Petrucelly.

The two brothers lived together in Palmyra and traveled by ferry to North Haven on Saturday to visit friends. According to a police affidavit, Enoch Petrucelly was romantically involved with a woman they were visiting and told his brother he’d kill him if he put a hand on her.

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Mill Closing

Updated 6 years ago

(AP) Irving spokeswoman Mary Keith says workers were briefed Tuesday on plans to close the mill on August 25th. The company cited the ongoing slump in home construction as well as a 97 percent increase in fuel costs and a 40 percent increase in transportation costs since 2000.

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Police Seek Aid in Theft

Updated 6 years ago

Authorities say thieves hit the Palmyra Variety Store on Main Street twice Saturday night.

It’s believed that the culprits absconded with over ten thousand dollars worth of cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and lottery tickets.

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