British Delegation Visits Maine

Updated 7 years ago

(WABI) – Two members of the house of lords and two from the house of commons will meet with Governor Baldacci and lawmakers in Augusta to learn more about the &quot:Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative&quot:, a multistate program in the northeast that aims to take steps to reverse global warming.

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Ellsworth Fire Update

Updated 7 years ago

(WABI) – Flames destroyed Brenda and Albert Varnum’s home last Wednesday, leaving the couple and their four children between the ages of 8 and 15 homeless.

The Varnums lost their dog and almost everything inside their home.

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Augusta Drug Bust

Updated 7 years ago

Sheriff’s deputies say they’ve broken up a cocaine trafficking operation in Augusta.

Kennebec County deputies executed a search warrant at a room at the Motel 6 in Augusta Friday. They found digital scales, drug paraphernalia and other evidence of drug trafficking inside.

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Property Taxes

Updated 7 years ago

Governor Baldacci’s proposal would amend the state’s constitution by freezing the current value of primary residences in Maine until that residence is sold, at which point towns could recapture five years of back taxes.

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Huhtamaki Fire

Updated 7 years ago

Thanks to quick work by Waterville firefighters, the Huhtamaki plant in Waterville is still standing.

A major fire broke out Saturday night at the packaging mill just after 8 pm.

The plant is located on College Avenue, on the Waterville-Fairfield line.

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New Cigarette Restrictions?

Updated 7 years ago

The new bill would require cigarette makers to sell only &quot:fire safe&quot: brands of cigarettes.

The Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee unanimously approved the bill. Members anticipate it will easily pass in the full legislature.

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Former Monmouth Police Chief Behind Bars

Updated 7 years ago

(WABI) – 43 year old Kenneth Latulippe was sentenced to eight years.

Last month, he pled guilty to two counts of gross sexual assault.

Prosecutors say he molested the girl on two separate occasions in 2005, she was eight years old then.

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Teen Robber Given Maximum Jail Time

Updated 7 years ago

(WABI) – Alex Stetkis will be held at the Mountain View Correctional Facility in Charleston until his 21st birthday.

Stetkis is one of three juveniles charged with walking into the Snack Shack on Waterville Road on December 15th.

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Stockton Springs Birthday

Updated 7 years ago

(WABI) – Folks in town are gearing up for Tuesday’s big birthday celebration. March 13th, 1857, the legislature officially separated Stockton from the larger town of Prospect.

To celebrate, the town office and fire departments are holding open houses and displaying historical photos, all to commemorate that important day back in 1857.

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Soldiers Home

Updated 7 years ago

(WABI) – The 170 soldiers who make up Security Force One arrived at the Army National Guard base in Bangor Friday night to a hero’s welcome.

They’ve spend the last year serving in Baghdad and Tallil, Iraq.

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Baldacci Begins Radio Addresses

Updated 7 years ago

(WABI) – Governor John Baldacci began his weekly radio addresses Saturday on more than two dozen stations across the state.

The address is also being carried online on the governor’s website.

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Service Dogs Found

Updated 7 years ago

(WABI) – It happened at the tail waggin’ training center in Levant.

Staffers there train service dogs for the handicapped.

The labs, named &quot:Dash&quot: and &quot:Nara&quot: broke through a fence Friday morning. The center’s owners, along with neighbors and friends, searched all day and night, with no luck.

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Security Force One Returns to Maine

Updated 7 years ago

(WABI) – The 170 soldiers who make up Security Force One arrived at the Army National Guard base in Bangor just after 6:00 to a hero’s welcome. They’ve spent the past year serving in Baghdad and Tallil, Iraq.

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Singer Death

Updated 7 years ago

(WABI) – Yarmouth police say they were called to Chinnock’s home on East Main Street Wednesday afternoon.

There has been no word yet on a cause of death, though Chinnock, as well as his wife, had reportedly been suffering from Lyme disease.

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L.L Bonus

Updated 7 years ago

(AP) – The Board of Directors today approved the bonuses that are each equal to7.5% of a worker’s annual salary.

Chairman Leon Gorman, grandson of founder L.L. Bean, says it’s a &quot:well-deserved bonus.&quot:

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Hotel Demolition

Updated 7 years ago

(WABI) – The work started on Monday, with some of the smaller buildings on the site, including the former nightclub, the Bounty.

The public is not allowed in the demolition area, but anyone can watch from the sidewalk across the street.

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Salmon Fishing Returns to the Penobscot

Updated 7 years ago

(WABI) – For the second year in a row, Maine will have a fall catch-and-release fishing season for Atlantic salmon along the Penobscot river.

The Maine Atlantic Salmon Commission gave the green light to the month long season, slated to begin September 15th between the Bangor and Veazie das.

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Education Reform

Updated 7 years ago

(WABI) – On Thursday, they presented their plan.

The governor wants to save 36-million dollars by consolidating Maine’s school districts, but the committee claims those savings can be met without cutting the number of districts from 152 to 26.

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Governor Radio Address

Updated 7 years ago

(WABI) – The topic of his first address will be education reform.

The address will be available on several radio stations in the bangor area, and will be available in its entirety online.

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Orono Fire

Updated 7 years ago

(WABI) – The fire started about 6:00 p.m. at the Orono Senior Center on Birch street.

The senior center was formerly the old Birch treet school house, but is now co-owned by the Orono rec department and the senior center.

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