Auburn Man Sentenced

Updated 6 years ago

A 24-year-old Auburn man has been sentenced to 14 years in prison on a manslaughter charge for the death of his girlfriends eight month old daughter. Todd Gamache had been charged with murder but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge in February as part of an agreement with prosecutors that would cap his sentence at 20 years.

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Real ID Veto

Updated 6 years ago

Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap says he has received a peoples veto application that could launch a referendum to overturn the legislation.

Signed by the Governor in Early April, the new law requires proof of U.S. citizenship in order to get a drivers licence.

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Cianchette Confirmed

Updated 6 years ago

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate confirmed President Bush’s nomination of Peter Cianchette.

Senator Olympia Snowe says it’s a proud moment for Maine.

She says Cianchette’s tenure in the legislature, and his extensive business background, gives him a wealth of experience that he brings to his new post.

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Spring Flooding

Updated 6 years ago

Water has been covering some roadways, and filling lots of basements.

That was the case on Squire Street in Waterville Tuesday night, where water started to fill basements in four homes.

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Murder Suspect in Court

Updated 6 years ago

Richard Widdecomb jr. entered pleas of not guilty by reason of insanity in his first court appearance.

Widdecomb is accused of killing 29-year-old Katie Cabana of Marshfield, and 41-year-old Aaron Settipani of Eastport.

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Flooding Safety Tips

Updated 6 years ago

Flash floods can happen whenever we get too much rain in too short a time, at any time of year. Warnings are issued, but may be only shortly in advance of the flooding, or flooding may already be occurring.

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Fire On Matinicus Island

Updated 6 years ago

Residents of Matinicus Island have lost a central hub of their community. Fire flattened the island’s Post Office Monday, which also housed an apartment upstairs. The blaze was discovered around 1PM. Mantinicus does have a volunteer fire department, but additional firefighters were flown in from Vinalhaven.

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MDEA Arrests

Updated 6 years ago

Maine drug enforcement has arrested three people from St. George on cocaine charges. Debra Corlis-Brannan (36)was arrested Monday afternoon and is charged with trafficking cocaine and hydrocodone.

When Brannan was arrested she was in possession of a gram of cocaine and a gram of crack. Brannan’s arrest was a follow up to an arrest made last week. When John Whorisky and Kim Vieira were arrested on drug charges at their home on the Dennison road.

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Cyclist Killed

Updated 6 years ago

A bicyclist was killed after getting hit by a logging truck in the Southern Maine town of Sanford Monday afternoon.

43-year-old Susan Coy of Sanford was riding on Route 202 when she was run over by the loaded truck.

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Transient Death Update

Updated 6 years ago

A 56-year old man accused of beating a homeless man to death in the woods by I-95 in Bangor Sunday, made his first court appearance today. Stephen James looked flustered, as the judge asked him if he understood the charges against him. James is charged with manslaughter in connection with the death of 63-year old Clyde Worster.

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Man Arrested After Police Chase

Updated 6 years ago

A 19-year-old man from Albion is in jail after a high-speed police chase.

State police and officers from local departments chased Michael Henderson for close to an hour and a half…through several towns, including Fairfield and Waterville.

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Homeless Man Found Dead

Updated 6 years ago

Bangor police are investigating what may be the beating death of a homeless man. Police were called to a makeshift campsite off I-95 and HammondSt. Sunday afternoon to respond to a report of an assault. When they arrived in the area, known as ‘The Pines’, they found a man believed to be in his 60′s, dead. The man’s identity is pending. His body is at the medical examiner’s office in Augusta for an autopsy to determine how he died. Right now police consider the death suspicious as they try to figure out if someone killed the man.

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Bangor Stabbing

Updated 6 years ago

A Bangor man with a history of criminal activity is in jail, charged with stabbing his girlfriend.

Police were called to an apartment at 8 Hudson Street in Bangor Saturday night.

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Bryson Says Not Guilty

Updated 6 years ago

A Cutler man charged with manslaughter in the death of his two year old stepson was in court Monday.

William Bryson entered a not guilty plea at his arraignment Monday morning.

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Fatal Motorcycle Crash

Updated 6 years ago

A man from Rockland has died from injuries he suffered in a motorcycle crash.

It happened Friday in Brunswick… about a half mile west of the New Meadows river.

Police say 44-year-old Larry Worster lost control of his motorcycle on Route 1 and struck a guardrail.

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Millinocket Teacher Scams School

Updated 6 years ago

A teacher from Stearns High School has been charged with forgery after she allegedly scammed the school system in Millinocket for time off and compensation for a disease she didn’t have.

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Truckers Head to DC

Updated 6 years ago

More than a dozen Maine truckers are on their way to Washington, DC, to protest the high price of diesel fuel.

The truckers will join a national demonstration on Monday.

Maine Congressman Tom Allen hitched a ride with one of the Maine truckers…he plans to take part in the protest.

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Shaws Offers Incentive to Use Federal Rebate Checks

Updated 6 years ago

The economic stimulus checks from the federal government start going out on Monday.

One local supermarket is hoping to entice you to use at least some of your check on groceries.

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Maine Soldiers Heading to Border

Updated 6 years ago

A group of Maine soldiers is heading out for duty on the US-Mexico border.

50 soldiers left for San Diego, California Saturday.

They’ll be there for two weeks, supporting border patrol agents.

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Bar Harbor Merchants Uneasy About Summer

Updated 6 years ago

Some merchants in Bar Harbor say they’re counting on Canadians and other international tourists to make this summer a successful one.

Several downtown business owners say they’re worried that the rough economy and high gas prices may keep folks from driving to Bar Harbor this spring and summer.

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