Stimulus Scam? You Decide

Updated 6 years ago

From counterfeit check schemes to bogus sweepstakes there are thousands of scams delivered through the mail every day.

TV5 News uncovered the latest ploy.

It wants you to spend fifty dollars in return for what is called a &quot:real estate stimulus check.&quot:

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Biddeford Fatal

Updated 6 years ago

Troopers are trying to determine why Liszek Twarog’s van veeredfrom the northbound to the southbound lanes, where it collided with two other vehicles Tuesday morning.Police say Twarog was ejected as the vehicle overturned andkilled when it landed on him. The wreck tied up southbound trafficon the turnpike for about two hours.

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More Layoffs

Updated 6 years ago

True Textiles says 75 to 90 employees will be laid off January 26 at its Guilford and Newport plants. The company, formerly InterfaceFABRIC Inc., blames poor economic conditions.

True Textiles makes panel fabrics for offices. Kirk Crisman, True’s senior vice president for human resources, says the layoffs are being posted as permanent because there’s no way of knowing when the economy may improve. Crisman says the company has a callback process in case conditions improve.

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Milk Prices

Updated 6 years ago

The lack of international demand is being blamed, and could push prices down by 50 percent.Experts saymight not rebound until September.

Doug DiMento of the Agri-Mark Cooperative said that will put a lot of struggling farmers &quot:over the edge.&quot:

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Mail Theft

Updated 6 years ago

38-year-old Lori Mathews and 53-year-old Roberta Westerlund, Mathews’ aunt,have beencharged with theft.

Police say the envelopes, many of which contained checks, were stolen from at least 10 mail boxes in Chelsea and Pittston.

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Gay Marriage Bill

Updated 6 years ago

State senator Dennis Damon is introducing a bill to end the prohibition of gay marriage in Maine.

House republican Josh Tardy, meanwhile, is proposing to bolster the state law restricting marriage to one man and one woman by making it a constitutional amendment.

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Power Rates

Updated 6 years ago

State regulators have approved a decrease in the electricity portion of bills for most CMP and Bangor Hydro customers.

The new rates will go into effect March 1st, and will reflect a 10% drop in the electricity supply costs.

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Love During War

Updated 6 years ago



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Jail Death

Updated 6 years ago

That’s the word from sheriff Randall Liberty, who says the body of a 32-year-old inmate was found hanging in his cell Monday afternoon.

Liberty says Arthur Traweek was in jail for allegedly violating his probation, and unauthorized use of property.

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Companies Join Forces to Keep Mainers Warm

Updated 6 years ago

Dead River Company has announced a partnership with Hannaford supermarkets to launch a campaign called Share the Warmth.

The grocery stores will accept donations for the fund through January 31.

Then Dead River will match the donations collected, up to $100,000.

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Consumers worried about Ethanol problems in small engines….

Updated 6 years ago

You put it in most everything that has an engine….

But some folks say the ethanol that’s found in gas these days, is causing problems in smaller engines, like snow mobiles and chain saws……

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Glenburn Fire

Updated 6 years ago

Officials say a neighbor or someone passing by noticed smoke coming from a home on the Deer Run road around 3:30 p.m.

By the time the first crews arrived on the scene, heavy smoke and some flames were shooting from the home owned by Mark and Kerri McDonald.

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Smoking Report Card

Updated 6 years ago

In its rating for 2008, the American Lung Association of Maine gives Maine an A for smoke-free air, a B for tobacco taxes, and a pair of C’s, one for treatment services and one for program funding.

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Snowmobile Ax

Updated 6 years ago

Wardens say the area where the man went into the water Saturday night on South Twin Lake near Millinocket is close to the area where a Connecticut man died in early April 2008 while snowmobiling on thin ice near moving water on North Twin Lake.

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Snowmobile Fatal

Updated 6 years ago

The Maine Warden Service said Raymond Webb was on the West Branch of the Mattawamkeag River near Houlton when he struck an overhanging tree.An ambulance transported Webb to Houlton Regional Hospital, where he was pronounced dead early Monday morning.Investigators said Webb was wearing a helmet. His death is Maine’s third snowmobile fatality of the season.

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Updated 6 years ago

An old internet scam that aims to scare people into ponying up cash to stay alive has reared its head in Maine.

A Dixmont man who received the threat wants to spread the word before someone becomes a victim.

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Pedestrian Death

Updated 6 years ago

Maureen Waltz was the third pedestrian killed by a vehicle in Penobscot County within the past three weeks.

No charges were filed against the driver, who told police he did not see Waltz.

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Updated 6 years ago

Health officials say every year, more than 7-thousand maine women are physically or sexually assaulted by their intimate partners.

But many crimes go unreported, now an Eddington woman is making her private battle with abuse, very public.



Updated 6 years ago

It happened just after Five PM on route Nine near the Eddington Store.Penobscot County Sheriff’s Deputies say 46-year-old Maureen Waltz was crossing the road after getting her mail when she was hit by a pickup truck with a plow attached the vehicle had been travelling east toward Clifton.Waltz was killed instantly.Chief Deputy Troy Morton says officers don’t know too many details yet, as they’re still piecing together what happened.But he wants to stress to folks how important it is to use care when crossing busy roads in the dark. &quot: Always have a flashlight, make sure you’re travelling in a lit area, and if possible cross the road during the day when you can be seen. With all the snowbanks we have and the lighting at this time of year, it’s very difficult for pedestrians to be seen that are out shoveling, snowblowing or even getting mail and crossing the road.&quot:This accident is still under investigation.Just weeks ago, a woman from Bangor was hit by a plow truck while crossing the road. She later died.


Snow Creates Dangerous Roads

Updated 6 years ago

A fast-moving storm dumped up to a

half-foot of snow across southern and coastal Maine before moving

out of the state.

The snow made for slippery driving and led to parking bans on

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