Whoopie Pie Festival

Updated 6 years ago

A well-liked Maine dessert was taking over Dover-Foxcroft today.The Center Theatre was hosting their first annual Whoopie Pie Festival.The theatre invited businesses, home-bakers and organizations to show-off their whoopie pie recipes.Folks attending the festival paid five dollars and got to taste over 20 different whoopie pies.There was even a ballot for the “people’s whoopie pie.” in which people got to vote for their favorite one.Executive Director of the theatre Patrick Myers says he thought the festival would be a fun event and help out the theatre too.”We’ve got a 25,000 dollar challenge that we’re working under this year. If we can raise 25,000 dollars the Maine Community Foundation will match that for our endowment. So for every dollar we raise today we get 1 dollar from them towards our goal of 50,000 dollars.”At today’s festival folks could find more than the traditional whoopie pie.Some booths had peanut butter, chocolate raspberry and coffee flavored whoopie pies.

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Corinna Days

Updated 6 years ago

Pancakes were being served up this morning at the Morse’s Corner Baptist church in Corinna.The red, white and blue pancake breakfast was the kick-off event for the Corinna days.The breakfast was by donation and all the money will go toward their military operations support.Which sends care packages to local members of the armed forces when they are overseas.Organizer of the event Ron Richards says it’s important to show their support.He says Corinna days is a great way to unite as a community. “Oh I think it’s great to keep the community together and share the spirit we have. I can hear the ladies in there laughing now having such a good time. And seeing old friends and relatives and meeting new ones it’s really been fun.”All sorts of other events were taking place all throughout the day.

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Soldiers Escorted Out Of Dexter

Updated 6 years ago

It was a day full of emotions for family members and friends of the 619th Transportation Company.They gathered in Dexter, Corinna and Auburn to say their good-byes and show support.Family and friends gathered at the Dexter Army Reserve Center to send off the 619th Transportation Company and show their support.”It is wonderful last time when we left in ’03 we had no support. It was short notice so there was no support. But this is a crowd and wait till you see the road.”Sergeant Thomas Keuspert says everyone’s support means a lot to him and his fellow soldiers.”Very much important. It shows we are at least appreciated for what we’re doing.”The unit is heading to Fort Dix in New Jersey for training and will then head to Iraq.While in Iraq the unit will conduct route clearance and provide security for coalition forces.Besides his family, what will Sergeant Keuspert miss the most?”Me myself will miss the most is the colors. It’s very dreary over there. You notice it a lot when you come home.”RYAN CAHILL AND MATT GUIOD DON’T ACTUALLY HAVE FAMILY MEMBERS LEAVING BUT THEY ARE FRIENDS WITH THE MCALPINE FAMILY…SHAWN MCALPINE IS AMONG THE SOLDIERS DEPLOYING TO IRAQ.”I’m proud to know the soldiers but it’s upsetting to know they may not come back.””Just to show how special our troops are and what they do for our country.”Maranda McAlpine stayed closed beside her dad up to the last minute she had with him.She says she is proud of her dad.”It’s really exciting but it’s scary when he leaves.”And what was it like for Specialist Shawn McAlpine to have all these people there to support him.”It’s a good feeling.”And all those supporters lined the streets to join the police and fire escort out of Dexter as they waved on members of the 619th Transportation Company.

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Northport Accident

Updated 6 years ago

An accident this evening in Northport has left two people injured.It happened around 5:30 at the intersection of Saturday Cove Road and Route One.The accident involved a minivan and a car. Both vehicles were traveling north on Route One at the time of the crash.The minivan flipped over. Officials aren’t sure how the accident happened.There were two people in the van and one in the car.Two of the passengers were transported to Waldo County General Hospital with minor injuries. Officials are not releasing the names at this time.

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Wardens Spend the Weekend on Maine’s Waters

Updated 6 years ago

Maine Wardens will be on the water in full force this weekend as part of a nation wide effort called ‘Operation Dry Water’.Maine is home to more than six thousand lakes — Wardens will be patrolling those waters this weekend to send a safety message to boaters.A major part of that message involves the dangers of boating under the influence.Alan Gillis, a Game Warden says, “The OUI laws that apply to a vehicle also apply to a boat. In a boat, your blood alcohol content cannot exceed .08 or greater. If you’re under 21 there’s a zero tolerance.” Gillis says heat, wind, and the motion of the boat, can increase the effect alcohol can have.”It could be that a little bit of alcohol, that ordinarily wouldn’t bother you on dry land now affects you more when in a boat.”Gillis says the wet weather we’ve had has made the waters colder than normal for this time of year.”I would plan this weekend just as you would a weekend early in the spring. If you go out, dress for the weather and make sure your wearing a life jacket, so if something does happen it will already be on.”Children under 10 *must* wear life jackets — and Gillis says everyone aboard a boat should have one with them.Other tips:Make sure you tell someone your plan — where you’re going and when you’ll be back…Keep the boat stable by placing equipment in the middle of the craft…and don’t overload your boat …If your boat does flip over — Gillis says your should stay by it.. This gives you something to hang on to.”It also may give you the opportunity to climb up out of the water on to your overturned boat…. it gives people coming to your rescue a nice large target to search for.”He says the key to staying safe on the water — is being prepared….

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Fans in Maine Mourn the King of Pop

Updated 6 years ago

It was shocking news that came out of Los Angeles Thursday. The death of Michael Jackson at age 50.Today fans across the globe are mourning his loss, including here in Maine.”Mike and Mike Kiss 94.5 paying tribute to Michael Jackson this morning.”D.J.’s Mike and Mike dedicated their show this morning to the King of Pop, and heard from a lot listeners who were in shock at his passing.”There’s a great sense of loss that people felt, like in a way a part of themselves was gone when Michael Jackson died.”Jackson put out great music through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, it was just in recent years that his life took a slide, with several scandels and tabloid talk.But today, it seemed like everyone wanted to remember the old Michael.”I think people want to remember him for all the great accomplishments that he achieved over a lifetime and not so much the controversy over the past few years.”Jackson sold hundreds of millions of albums over his career, and it looks like that number will take a jump. is reporting that they sold out of all CD’s by Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 within minutes after his death.Mark McCrillis, Manager at Bull Moose Music in Bangor also noticed a jump in sales. “We’ll probably beef up the stock a little and have a big selection for people to choose from.”He says the big request is for Thriller, the album that probably earned Jackson the title of King of Pop.Whatever you think of Jackson’s legacy or music, there’s no doubt that the world has lost a music icon.”You know he had it all and I think a lot of people even today look up to him because he’s a showman he was it.””Everybody remembers where they were when they heard the news that Elvis had died, and everybody remembers where they were when John Lennon passed away. This is another day like that.”

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Landslide Threatens Camps in Stockton Springs

Catherine Pegram

Updated 6 years ago

A coastal landslide in Stockton Springs is threatening to wash out the ground beneath at least two camps on Fort Point Cove.A marine geologist with the Maine Geological Survey says about 2-hundred feet of shore line on Schooner Drive slid down into the water late last night. We’re told the top of the bluff has receded about 30 feet. Officials say the recent heavy rains have saturated muddy coastal bluffs and areas prone to landslides could be in danger of more washouts this weekend. In Stockton Springs, a railroad track near Fort Point Cove is also at risk because of eroding land. Emergency management teams from the state and Knox county have been notified of the problem. One of the homeowners has a private engineering consultant on site, too.

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Well-known Corinna Man Receives A Special Gift

Updated 6 years ago

Earlier this week, we told you the story of a Corinna man with Cerebral Palsy who had his bike stolen.Ebbie Rockwell has touched the lives of many people in town, and not surprisingly, this story touched our viewers as well.Today, Ebbie received a special gift.”That just shows us how good he is and caring and sharing. He’s just so wonderful he really is.”Everett Rockwell, known as “Ebbie” to his friends, has Cerebral Palsy and can’t speak or hear.Ebbie likes to ride his bike into town every day. One of his favorite stops is the AE Robinson Mobil in Corinna.Last Sunday, he made that stop as usual but when he went to leave, his bike was gone.Friday, Ebbie’s luck changed, thanks in part to the Commander of the American Legion Post in Camden. Giving him his bike”I always watch Channel Five News and when I saw this, I was so touched we had to do something.”As soon as news spread that Ebbie’s bike had been stolen, the whole town rallied together. Giving the money”We were actually surprised of the feedback we got from the whole town of Corinna and from people beyond us. We didn’t expect to have the bicycle donated. We had a cart donated yesterday from an anonymous person and all the people of Corinna put into our collection and we were able to raise the 570 dollars and 55 cents for them to use however they see fit.”Ebbie’s sister Betty Floyd says she and her brother can’t begin to show how much they appreciate everyone’s kindness.”Amazing. I just can’t even put it into words what it means. I didn’t realize that he touched so many lives.”There’s no doubt Ebbie has left an impression on many.”Everybody is crying, everybody’s so excited. He really deserves it, such a special guy.””I think its nice because that’s his only way of transportation.”And, Ebbie wanted to make sure one message was passed along. Him expressing thanks We love you Ebbie.

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Brewer Federal Credit Union Helps Stop Hunger

Updated 6 years ago

Folks at the Brewer Federal Credit Union are doing what they can to feed folks who can use some help.They held their annual yard sale to benefit their Ending Hunger in Maine Campaign.Staff members donated the items.All proceeds from the yard sale will be given to local food pantries.Branch Manager David Stanhope says they’re happy to help out.”Well we’re just trying to give back to our neighbors as everyone knows we are in some tough times and we’re just trying to help keep food on the tables.” All the items not sold at the yard sale will be donation to local organizations.

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Veazie Gives Away Fire Truck

Catherine Pegram

Updated 6 years ago

Some folks Downeast are a bit safer tonight, thanks to firefighters from Veazie. This spring they got a new truck, so today they turned over the keys to another one of their engines to firefighters in Beddington. It was part of a giveaway that got a lot of takers.Deciding to let go of Engine 193 was easy. But choosing which community would get the well-maintained hand-me-down certainly wasn’t.”The town council at the time was hoping that you know we’d get 5 to 6 applying for it and by the time it was said and done, we had about 50 applicants.”Veazie Fire Chief Gerry Martin says he was surprised by the response – and overwhelmed by the needs of his collegues.”We in the area take it for granted that if we don’t get something, then we moan and gripe about it that we don’t have it. But after reading all of the applicants we had, it’s amazing how some of these departments survive. They have literally nothing.”Martin turned to the town council to help make the final decision on the giveaway.”It was really close by 1 vote for 3 departments and even the council said it was one of the hardest decisions to make that they ever had done.”In the end Beddington won the 1980 pumper truck. Chief Michael Loughlin says it’ll replace the one in his department that’s more than 40 years old. “This allows us to move a lot more water and water is the name of the game in firefighting. The more water you can put on a fire at once, the better you are.”The department shares mutual aid response with Deblois and Cherryfield, which means help is at least 15 minutes away when there’s a fire in Beddington. Loughlin says this gift, though, will save property, maybe even lives.”This is a tremendous windfall for our town to get this truck. This is a piece of equipment that is a really big help for us. It’s going to give us the capability that we just plain do not have.” Chief Martin says he hopes other departments who have equipment to spare will considering giving it away, too.

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Rain Delays Tate’s Opening

Updated 6 years ago

Mother Nature is keeping our state soggy and that’s not making strawberry growers very happy.Tate’s Strawberry Farm in Corinth was supposed to open for the season Friday, but owner Albert Tate says the rain is keeping some of the fruit from ripening on time.Tate put 60,000 to 65,000 strawberry plants in the ground. But 10 inches of rain last week, and even more this week is keeping things green, including some of the fruit.Despite the delay in the ripening process, workers at Tate’s are still picking 1,500 to 2,000-quarts a day.Instead of opening for the season Friday, Tate’s will open for picking Saturday, starting at 5 a.m.But both Saturday and Sunday will only be half days, with the farm closing to the public at noon.On Monday, the farm will go to full picking days, until July 15th.

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Training Ship due to Return

Updated 6 years ago

Maine Martime Academy’s training ship is scheduled to arrive back home in Castine Saturday.The State of Maine has been on it’s annual 60-day training cruise.The more than 200 students and 50 crew members on board visited ports along the Atlantic coast, Puerto Rico, and Canada.The ship is due to arrive in Castine Harbor around 3:30 Saturday afternoon.This year’s trip was shorted a bit after the State of Maine developed engine trouble and was docked in Searport for almost two weeks while the problem was fixed.

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Millinocket Industry

Updated 6 years ago

New industry may be coming to Millinocket.A company named Re-Gen is is looking to build a factory in town that would produce biomass gasification furnaces.The furnaces use green wood chips.They would mainly be installed in schools and housing projects.Re-Gen plans to put one in Sterns Assisted Living, a housing project in Millinocket, that would act as a prototype for the company.Using Sterns as an example was part of the appeal of building in Millinocket.The project will cost Re-Gen 12-to-13 million dollars.The company says it will create 80 to 100 jobs in the factory, as well as an additional 30 positions outside.The project is not a definite yet, but if all goes according to plan, Re-Gen would like to start construction this winter and open the factory before next summer.

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Bangor Accident on I-95

Updated 6 years ago

An accident in Bangor sends a New Brunswick woman to the hospital.66-year-old Leger Alderice was driving a sedan southbound on I-95 when he got distracted and lost control of his vehicle.His wife 63-year-old Raymonde Alderice was taken to St. Joseph’s hospital in Bangor with complaints of neck pain.The vehicle was totaled in the accident.

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Medicare Programs at Downeast Community Hospital Faces Possible Termination

Updated 6 years ago

Participation in Medicare programs at Downeast Community Hospital in Machias is facing possible termination.The proposed termination is a result of the Maine Department of Health and Human services citing the hospital has not followed their plan of correcting issues they had found the hospital to be out of compliance with previously.A statement released by the hospital says.”Efforts are ongoing to assure DECH’s continued participation in the Medicare program. The hospital has been working closely with CMS and DHHS to ensure continuity of care for its patients and the community.”If the participation in the medicare program is terminated it will go into affect on July tenth of this year.

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Bangor Street Lights Being Switched to LEDs

Updated 6 years ago

Bangor’s getting a lot of new street lights.Money from the federal stimulus program will help the city switch hundreds of street lights to energy efficient lighting.City Manager Ed Barrett says the new lights will use only half as much energy as the current lights, saving tens of thousands of dollars a year on bangor’s power bill.”We think it’s environmentally appropriate. The city has a strong effort to improve our environment and this gives us the opportunity to reduce our electricity uses and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.”More than three-hundred street lights will be switched over.Barrett says he hopes it’s all done by the end of summer.

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Golden Nest Egg Event Held at Hammond Street Senior Center

Updated 6 years ago

All sorts of crafts created by members at the Hammond Street Senior Center were on display tonight.The center hosted the golden nest egg event.Paintings, baskets, pottery and quilts created by the members were not only being showed-off but up for sale too.Twenty percent of sales from the art is all going back to the center.Development and Communication Director for the center Deanna Partridge says events like these are a big help to the center.” We we’re charged with raising our own budget. We are a nonprofit and the other piece that is important I think is for the community to be able to see and appreciate the creativity of our older artists in the community.”If you missed tonight’s event you can still stop in at the center and purchase some of the crafts.

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Authorities Investigating Two Restaurant Burglaries in Waldo County

Updated 6 years ago

Authorities in Waldo county are investigating break-ins at two restaurants early Thursday morning, and they’re trying to figure out if they’re related.The first happened sometime between 12:00 AM and 3:30 AM at Angler’s Restaurant in Searsport.Searsport Police Chief Richard Lahaye tells us the burglar broke into a back door. “They went in and rifled through items throughout the restaurant and there was cash that was taken.”Shortly after, someone broke into Just Barb’s Restaurant in Stockton Springs. There, they removed a screen and forced open a window in the kitchen. We’re told cash from the register and some lobster meat was taken.Searsport Police have released surveillance video from the break in at Anglers.They captured pictures of the suspect. They’re asking for the public’s help in identifying this person.If you have any information, call Searsport Police Department at 548-2304 or the Waldo County Dispatch at 338-2040.

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Skowhegan Couple Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Updated 6 years ago

Friday, June 26th is a milestone for Cecil and Bea Jones of Skowhegan. They are celebrating their 70th anniversary.Cecil Jones tells says it was 1937, when he was standing outside the Strand Theater in Skowhegan, and he spotted a young lady in line.”I said ‘I’m gonna take that girl home tonight’, and I’ve been taking her home ever since.”It was Bea, the woman he would marry two years later.”So was it love at first sight? It was love at first sight. Was it for you too. I wasn’t ready.”But soon she was ready to start a life with Cecil. They lived in Norridgewock and had three sons, and a daughter. Bea stayed home to care for them, and also babysat hundreds of children over the years. Cecil became a pastor at a church in Norridgewock in the 1960’s.They say their marriage wasn’t always perfect, but they stuck together for 70 years. According to Cecil, he had a couple very important words in his vocabulary.”Yes dear.””I don’t quite agree with that.””I agree with dad, that it’s ‘Yes Dear’, but it’s Mom that said ‘Yes Dear’”The truth is, they say it was just a matter of sticking by one another.”To do things for each other, keep that up.””It’s inspiring and we need to take a look around and realize no matter how hard the times, if you want to give a little it’s gonna be successful.””It’s caring for each other and watching out for each other.”Decades later that’s what Cecil and Bea continue to do, and you’ll notice over the years, pictures of them holding hands. They still do that today.”One of the greatest things that made us stay together is one little word. L-O-V-E, love. And there aren’t many days that go by and what we say to one another, “I love you”

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Dream Wedding, Inspired by True Story

Updated 6 years ago

To promote Maine’s upscale wedding industry, a local organization is giving a couple a high-class wedding – for free.Thursday the bride and groom saw their wedding venue, the Retreat at French’s Point, for the first time.”This is a dream come true!” says Gita Pullapilly. She and Aron Gaudet will be married here this fall.”He’s amazing. I fell in love with him the first time I saw him,” Gita says, of what drew her to Aron. He laughs and says, “And I’m a great editor.” “And he’s a great editor,” Gita says.They’re the producer and director of “The Way We Get By,” a critically acclaimed film about Maine Troop Greeters.They spent all their money on the film and didn’t think they could ever pull off a wedding.”We’re so busy,” Aron says. “I mean, we work seven days a week, 15 hours a day trying to get the movie out there. That was the other thing, besides the money, how do we have time to plan this?””So when Amber said, ‘I will plan your wedding,’ I was like, “Take it!” Gita says.Enter Amber Small, of Sweetest Thing Weddings, and French’s Point CEO Jessika Brooks. They were looking for a deserving couple to give the wedding of their dreams.”It’s to showcase what Maine can do for high-class, upscale weddings,” Small says. “I went to the movie, cried, fell in love and called Jessie and said, “I found them.””They are so worthy of it, it’s rewarding on a whole different level,” Brooks says.They say the film means a lot to people here. Since then, 20 more vendors have come on board, forming a group called Real Weddings-Maine. Inspired by the story Gita and Aron are telling to the world, they’re happy to play a part.”So I think once I look out there and see all of our friends and family, and just to be able to have this kind of dream wedding,” Gita says, “It’s just going to be unbelievable.”

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