Fatal Police Shooting

Updated 6 years ago

The attorney general’s office is investigating the shooting of a motorist by police during a traffic stop in Portland.

Deputy Police Chief William Ridge says shots were fired as two officers tried to stop a motorist with a revoked driver’s license from fleeing Saturday night.

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Group Aims to Repeal New Taxes

Updated 6 years ago

Several small business owners are seeking to initiate a referendum aimed at repealing new taxes on sodas, beer and wine.

The Fed Up With Taxes coalition says the tax increases were adopted without any public hearing in the final hours of the legislative session. Director Newell Augur says it’s time to say &quot:enough’s enough&quot: when it comes to taxes.

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Late Derby Horse Had Tie to Maine

Updated 6 years ago

The name of the filly that had to be euthanized after finishing second in the Kentucky Derby may have a familiar ring to people in Maine.

Eight Bells, the only filly in the field Saturday, got her name from the summer home Eight Bells, where the Wyeth family lived in Port Clyde. N.C. Wyeth named the old captain’s home after the painting &quot:Eight Bells&quot: by Winslow Homer.

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Fatal Crash in Milbridge

Updated 6 years ago

An elderly man from Litchfield is dead after a car crash in Milbridge. It happened at 10:30 am on Saturday.

Milbridge police say 80-year old Robert Williams was heading east on Route One when he lost control of his car and hit a light pole near the High Street intersection.

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Flooding Update

Updated 6 years ago

Some roads remain impassible and bridges closed while damage assessments continue along the St. John River in northern Maine following a devastating spring flood earlier this week.

But with the river remaining below flood stage, Maine Emergency Management Agency spokeswoman Lynette Miller says, &quot:The focus has been shifted to recovery and getting people back into their homes.&quot:

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Mitchell Named to

Updated 6 years ago

TIME Magazine is calling Maine’s George Mitchell one of the world’s 100 most influential people.

The annual TIME 100 list profiles men and women whose power, talent or moral example makes a significant difference in the world.

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Flooding Begins to Recede

Updated 6 years ago

People in the Milford area were the latest to cope with the rising water.

The Penobscot River over-flowed its banks late Wednesday night, and flooded homes and businesses along Route 2.

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Flooding Damage

Updated 6 years ago

Some work has already begun on roads that were damaged by the rushing water.

The Department of Transportation says that the Tucker Bridge on Route 11 in the Patten area.

The flooded Mattawamkeag River damaged the bridge supports, causing it to drop seven inches.

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Pantry Needs New Driveway

Updated 6 years ago

Gerry Raymond runs the good samaritan food pantry at his house, just off Route 23.

The pantry is open every other Wednesday.

But Raymond says he’s going to have to close up the pantry, because nobody can get passed a wash out in his driveway.

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Referendum Challenge

Updated 6 years ago

&quot:I don’t think there’s any question they’re going to do it,&quot: said Maine State Chamber of Commerce President Dana Connors.

To meet Dirigo’s roughly $50 million annual operating budget, the pending law replaces an indeterminate savings offset payment targeting insurers with a 1.8 percent surcharge on paid claims. It also imposes new taxes on beer, wine and soda at the distributor level and taps surplus funds from the Fund for a Healthy Maine, the state’s repository for tobacco settlement money.

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Bog Walk Opens

Updated 6 years ago

The Orono bog boardwalk welcomed its first visitors of the year.

The boardwalk, in Bangor’s city forest, is jointly run by the city, the Orono land trust and UMaine.

The mile-long walk runs through a forested wetland as well as an open peat bog. Colorful signs along the way describe the plant and animal life you can see.

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Ft. Kent Flooding

Updated 6 years ago

Rain and melting snow raised the St. John to more than 30 feet– about 5 feet above flood stage — causing widespread flooding.

But a spokesman for the Maine Emergency Management Agency says the community dodged a bullet because the water never topped a levee that protects downtown.

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Blueberry Broadcasting

Updated 6 years ago

Bruce Biette of Blueberry Broadcasting said the company hassigned a contract to buy the stations for $11 million. Biette saidhe expects the deal to close in September, pending approval fromthe Federal Communications Commission.The stations are in the Augusta, Bangor and Rockland areas andhave formats that include talk, country, oldies and adultcontemporary.Blueberry Broadcasting is headed by Louis Vitali, who previouslyran the WBACH network of classical music stations in Maine.A call to Clear Channel headquarters in San Antonio was notimmediately returned.

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Cianchette Confirmed

Updated 6 years ago

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate confirmed President Bush’s nomination of Peter Cianchette.

Senator Olympia Snowe says it’s a proud moment for Maine.

She says Cianchette’s tenure in the legislature, and his extensive business background, gives him a wealth of experience that he brings to his new post.

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Spring Flooding

Updated 6 years ago

Water has been covering some roadways, and filling lots of basements.

That was the case on Squire Street in Waterville Tuesday night, where water started to fill basements in four homes.

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Real ID Veto

Updated 6 years ago

Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap says he has received a peoples veto application that could launch a referendum to overturn the legislation.

Signed by the Governor in Early April, the new law requires proof of U.S. citizenship in order to get a drivers licence.

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Fort Kent Flooding

Updated 6 years ago

Rain swollen rivers are forcing the evacuations of some folks in northern Maine tonight, especially those along the St. John and Fish rivers in Fort Kent. Repsonders are dealing with a record water highs of almost 32 feet near a dike, which is almost overflowing.

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Auburn Man Sentenced

Updated 6 years ago

A 24-year-old Auburn man has been sentenced to 14 years in prison on a manslaughter charge for the death of his girlfriends eight month old daughter. Todd Gamache had been charged with murder but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge in February as part of an agreement with prosecutors that would cap his sentence at 20 years.

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Fire On Matinicus Island

Updated 6 years ago

Residents of Matinicus Island have lost a central hub of their community. Fire flattened the island’s Post Office Monday, which also housed an apartment upstairs. The blaze was discovered around 1PM. Mantinicus does have a volunteer fire department, but additional firefighters were flown in from Vinalhaven.

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Flooding Safety Tips

Updated 6 years ago

Flash floods can happen whenever we get too much rain in too short a time, at any time of year. Warnings are issued, but may be only shortly in advance of the flooding, or flooding may already be occurring.

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