Powerball Winner

Updated 7 years ago

There is a winner.
Powerball lottery officials say one winning ticket was sold for
Saturday night’s 314-million-dollar jackpot.
It was purchased in Indiana.
The pot had grown so huge because there had not been a big
winner in any of the drawings since late June.
Saturday night’s six Powerball numbers are: two, eight, 23, 29
and 35, with a Powerball of 19.
The jackpot for the multi-state lottery starts over at 15
million dollars for Wednesday night’s drawing.

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Fatal Accident in Ellsworth

Updated 7 years ago

ELLSWORTH – According to police, two SUVs hit each other head on when one of the vehicles drifted into the opposite lane.

The two people killed in the crash, 30-year-old Corey Openshaw and 32-year-old Stacy Collins, were both from Sullivan. Their three children, ages 2, 7, and 10, were also in the SUV. They were taken to EMMC for treatment. Authorities have not released their conditions.

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Missing Guns an Internal Matter

Updated 7 years ago

MACHIAS Sheriff Donnie Smith, concerned as to whether it is ethical for him to conduct an internal investigation of his own department, is not happy about the decision.

Last spring it was discovered that 70 guns were missing from an evidence locker at the Washington County Sheriff’s Department. An investigation turned up 25 of the guns, leaving 45 still unaccounted for.

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Toy Recall

Updated 7 years ago

This comes after a massive toy recall by toy company Mattell.

The toy giant has recalled tens of thousands of Chinese-made toys that could be covered in lead paint.

Eastern Maine Medical Center’s Dr. Erik Steele says it’s hard to recognize the signs of lead poisoning in small doses.

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Skowhegan Vandalism

Updated 7 years ago

It happened once already this week: employees at the center arrived at work to find that someone had spray painted graffiti.

Police tell us that someone has been going up to the center after midnight, and spray painting obscenities and symbols on the doors of the garage, the skate park ramps, and on signs.

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Teen Drowning

Updated 7 years ago

Police say the body was recovered near Camp Cobbossee, which had been rented by two Massachusetts high schools for a weeklong football camp.

The victim, Aaron Ortiz, was entering his first year at Oliver Ames High School in North Easton, MA.

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Lobster Standoffs Continue

Updated 7 years ago

Maine lobstermen are protesting the price they’re receiving for their catch. It started downeast in the Corea-Cutler area on monday, August 20th, and on Wednesday grew to communities all along the coast.

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Thompson Sentenced

Updated 7 years ago

Kathleen Thompson will also have to pay 268-thousand dollars in restitution to the state.

She pled guilty in a case that left several oil customers without prepaid deliveries.

Thompson ran Petroleum Products Cooperative of Maine, which supplied fuel to retailers and other customers, including schools.

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Student Safety Top Priority at University of Maine

Updated 7 years ago

The massacre at Virginia Tech last April made a lot of universities and colleges take a close look at their own campuses, wondering if their emergency response plans are adequate.

That’s why school officials in Orono, as well as folks from neighboring towns, got together Wednesday to discuss ways to handle a number of situations: from chemical spills to shootings.

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Baxter Donation

Updated 7 years ago

AUGUSTA – The money, donated by Frank Trautmann, will go into a new trust that’s expected to grow to $10 million dollars. The money comes with no strings attached, and the three-member Baxter State Park Authority will decide how it’s allocated.

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Former Seminary to get Facelift

Updated 7 years ago

The 186-year-old campus on Hammond and Union Streets includes the home of former vice president Hannibal Hamlin.

The property was put on the market about two years ago, because the campus was so expensive to maintain.

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Power Hikes

Updated 7 years ago

In the last year, electric rates have jumped up by 6% because of a federal surcharge on Maine industries.

Workers, business leaders, and policy makers got together Tuesday at the Hutamaki paper plant to talk about that federal fee.

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Skowhegan Fire Update

Updated 7 years ago

The fire broke out in a vacant building on the Waterville Road sometime Sunday evening.

Dozens of firefighters from Skowhegan, Canaan, Cornville, and Norridgewock responded to the scene.

Skowhegan fire chief Daniel Adams says it appears that someone may have intentionally set the fire.

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Skowhegan Man Killed in Collision

Updated 7 years ago

Police say that 18-year-old James J. Paine was driving along Parkman Hill Road when he swerved to avoid an oncoming vehicle.

Paine reportedly overcorrected, and struck 87-year-old Bernard Currier, who was mowing his lawn at 170 Parkman Hill Road.

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Condos Burn in Bath

Updated 7 years ago

Most of the residents were still sleeping when flames erupted around 4:30am in a condominium and apartment building. Everyone was evacuated without injuries.

Bath firefighters say the blaze began on the back porch, and worked it’s way up the back of the building and into the attic.

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Man Drowns off Bristol

Updated 7 years ago

The 21-foot recreational boat had four people on board when it left Christmas Cove. The boat hit a swell at some point, and tipped over.

Two of the passengers were trapped in the hull.

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Lobstermen Protest in Corea

Updated 7 years ago

It was in protest of the price they’re getting for their catch.

Some of the fishermen who have been at this for 50 years told me have never seen anything like the outpouring of support that happened today.

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Hotel Crunch for American Folk Festival?

Updated 7 years ago

And this year, that increase in foot traffic is being felt even farther from the Bangor waterfront.

This summer, Bangor has about 180 fewer hotel rooms than it did last year.

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Canoe Blown out to Sea

Updated 7 years ago

A father and daughter were put into a dangerous situation when the canoe they were riding in was blown out to sea.

They were paddling near Portland when the heavy winds blew them two miles into Casco Bay.

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Bangor Troop Greeters Reach Milestone

Updated 7 years ago

They welcomed the 500,000th serviceman to pass through Bangor International Airport.

Some of the greeters have been welcoming troops since the first battle with Iraq, showing their support as the troops either head toward the warzone or return from battle.

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