Hermon Fire Ruled Accidental

Updated 6 years ago

They say the blaze was the result of an electrical malfunction.

Fire crews were called to Overhead Door on Liberty Drive around 4 o’clock Sunday afternoon. Heavy smoke was pouring from the building when they arrived.

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Harney Remembered

Updated 6 years ago

Jim Harney of Bangor traveled the world, capturing the life of people in third-world countries: learning about their cultures and their struggles.

He visited Baghdad in 2003 to put a face to the war in Iraq.

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Digging out from the storm

Updated 6 years ago

Now imagine having say 75 or 100 cars to clean off. Photojournalist Tom Round was there when the folks at Linnehans cleaned up in Bangor.

&quot:If we’ve got forewarning, now on a Sunday it doesn’t usually happen like this but we usually try to get them all in a bunch, get’em corralled so that we can have as much plow space as possible.&quot:

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Wardens Warn Fishermen of Thin Ice

Updated 6 years ago

While Sunday’s warm weather was good news for most folks looking to get outside, the warmer temperatures aren’t helping ice fishing conditions.

Game Wardens are cautioning folks thinking about heading out onto the ice this week to think twice.

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Skowhegan Woman Back in Court

Updated 6 years ago

Vella Gogan of Skowhegan was summonsed Sunday for the theft of two pairs of shoes and two water bottles from a sporting goods store in Waterville. She was later jailed without bail for violating probation on her manslaughter conviction.

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Snowmobile Death

Updated 6 years ago

Maine game wardens say a 15-year-old from Windham died from his injuries after crashing his snowmobile into a tree west of the town of Portage.

Lt. Doug Tibbetts says there was freezing rain and poor visibility at the time of the crash late Saturday afternoon.

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Hermon Business Fire

Updated 6 years ago

Emergency crews were notified when a fire alarm went off at Overhead Door on Liberty Drive just after 4 pm.

By the time they arrived, heavy smoke was pouring out of the building.

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Downtown Bangor

Updated 6 years ago

This year, there will be ten venues hosting events for the Downtown Countdown.

These include the Maine Discovery Museum, the Union Street Church and the Hammond Street Senior Center.

This is a celebration for all ages with dancing, food, and special refreshments that even the kids can enjoy.

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Spinger Pleads Not Guilty

Updated 6 years ago

Derwin Springer Jr. pleaded not guilty Monday in Penobscot County Superior Court to gross sexual assault and burglary. He is charged with breaking into the home as the woman slept and putting a pillow case over her head before assaulting her.

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Springer Plea

Updated 6 years ago

AP- Derwin Springer Jr. pleaded not guilty Monday in Penobscot County Superior Court to gross sexual assault and burglary.

He is charged with breaking into the home as the woman slept and putting a pillow case over her head before assaulting her.

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Child Dies of Accidental Strangulation

Updated 6 years ago

Investigators say a 2-year-old

Massachusetts boy died from strangulation when he became entangled

in a portable crib’s mesh netting in Maine.

Steve McCausland from the Maine Department of Public Safety says

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Bangor Police to Crack Down on Parking Violations

Updated 6 years ago

With all the shopping going on in the past few weeks…it was hard sometimes to even find a place to park in Bangor, especially for folks with disabilities.

But a new plan in might make it a little easier.

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Troops Stop in Bangor

Updated 6 years ago

Friends and family of Maine Army National

Guard members returning from Iraq gathered this morning at

Bangor International Airport for a chance to spend a few hours with

their loved ones.

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Wilton Man Charged With Manslaughter

Updated 6 years ago

A Wilton man is scheduled to appear in

Lewiston District Court on Monday to answer a manslaughter charge

in last month’s death of his girlfriend’s 17-month-old toddler.

State police say 25-year-old David Cook was arrested yesterday

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Coast Guard Warns Kayakers

Updated 6 years ago

With warm temperatures forecast for this weekend,the Coast Guard is warning winter kayakers of the dangers of coldocean waters. Coast Guard officials issued a statement expressing concern thatnovice kayakers may hit the ocean waters this weekend withtemperatures expected to rise into the 50s on the Maine coastSunday. They say winter is not the time for people who receivedkayaks for Christmas to test their paddling skills for the firsttime. Coast Guard recreational boating specialist Al Johnson sayspaddlers who do venture out should wear a dry suit or a full wetsuit. He says they should be prepared for the painful shock thatcan come with a sudden plunge into the water.

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Man Charged in Hit-and-Run

Updated 6 years ago

A man from Bangor has been charged in connection with a hit-and-run crash that injured a pedestrian.

31-year-old Brian Rice was arrested on an unrelated incident early Saturday morning.

Police say they later determined Rice had been driving the car that struck 20-year-old Amanda Guay Friday afternoon at the corner of Cedar and Third streets in Bangor.

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Maine Roads Safe in 2008

Updated 6 years ago

State Police spokesman Steve McCausland says 150 people died on Maine highways in 2008, as compared to 183 deaths in 2007.

Highway safety and state police records show that the safest year on record was in 1959 with just 136 highway deaths.

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Republicans Select Farmington Replacement

Updated 6 years ago

Lance Harvell was chosen this week as the party’s nominee for the house district 89 seat that includes Farmington and Industry.

The seat had been held by three-term Democrat Janet Mills, who is giving it up to become attorney general.

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Brewer Tree Cleanup

Updated 6 years ago

Until January 22nd, you can drop trees off at the Brewer landfill on Elm Street during regular business hours.

Another alternative, the trees can be dropped off inside the lower gate at the Brewer Auditorium.

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Manna Ministries Christmas Dinner

Updated 6 years ago

This year, they’re serving up a free holiday meal at the Parks and Recreation Center on Main Street.

Director Bill Rae says at least one-thousand people are expected to show up.

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