Car Enthusiasts Arrive in Orrington

Updated 6 years ago

more than two-dozen people from across the us, canada and puerto rico, with a fascination for older autos, are cruising together in maine.barnstorming maine is the name of the group.they tour in automobiles that are mostly pre-1972 the group traveled to orrington for a tour of the living history farm and museum.barnstorming member duncan tilly says he looks forward to the trips every year.”oh it’s been great. especially if you live in the north country like we do. cars are stored for 7 months of the year. it’s nice to see spring come and get them out and exercise.”tilly says the cars are fun but it’s the people that really make the trip worthwhile.

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Winterport Farm Has a New Member

Updated 6 years ago

A farm in Winterport received a four-legged foal blessing.The Spirit of Hope farm has a new member and rightfully called “bold blessing.”The mother of the foal, “shy-shy”, was rescued by Michele Clark.The horse had been abused and neglected.She is paralyzed and deaf on one side of her head and was underweight by almost 400 pounds when she first came to clark.Clark says with all her medical issues it was unsure if “shy-shy” would survive the labor.But Clark says they did all they could to help her along.” Her nutrition was on board, the vets been out here checking her. Making sure she is ok. She’s had the best fighting chance that she was going to have no matter where she was.”Clark says “bold blessing” is having no problem eating or walking around,but she hasn’t quite figured out how to lay down yet.

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DTV Information Sessions

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F.C.C. Representative Sue McNeil will be in the area this week to hold information sessions and answer questions about the DTV transition.June 10, 20091:00-5:00 p.m.Bangor Public Library145 Harlow StreetBangor, ME 04401(207) 947-8336Contact: Barbara McDadeJune 11, 200910:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.Dave’s World 16 Summer Street Dover Foxcroft, ME 04426(207) 564-27845:00-8:00 p.m.Cool Sounds and Outdoor MarketWest Market SquareBangor, MEJune 12, 2009Noon-3:00 p.m.Bucksport Electronics38 Main StreetBucksport, ME 04416(207) 469-68864:30-7:00 p.m.Sears38 Starrett DriveBelfast, ME 04915(207) 338-2288June 13, 20099:00 a.m. – NoonKmart688 Hogan RoadBangor, ME2:00-5:00 p.m.Radio Shack – StillwaterBangor Mall663 Stillwater AveBangor, ME 04401(207) 947-6375

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Central Maine Institute Senior’s Art Work To Be Displayed Throughout Pittsfield

Updated 6 years ago

Some artwork from a high school student in Pittsfield will be displayed throughout the town.As Meghan Hayward tells us, its all a part of a huge project taking place there.”Old windmill and it has the sun and the sky. It just says a better community, save the world. A better world, a better community.”Maine Central Institute senior Joanna Lira went through three drafts before submitting the final and winning logo.”It engaged all the items that we rated the projects on. The energy behind the drawing, how it related to the wind turbine project, the amount of effort that was put into it and it spoke to us of community.”Lira’s logo was one of twenty-seven entries the town had to choose from.Town Manager Kathryn Ruth says the children and teenagers of Pittfield have an important role in the turbine project.”We felt that having involvement of the students is key to the success of all our projects.”The town received a $50,000 renewable resource fund grant from Efficiency Maine.One of the major reasons they received the grant was because they incorporated the green initiative into education programs.”The children are as we know the success of the future and their involvement in recycling we found they’re the best in the town, in the state.”Lira’s logo will be displayed on all publicity and publications about the turbine project.It will also be on a sign at the location of the windmill.Lira says she’s thrilled to be able to contribute something that will stay in the town of Pittsfield for years to come.”It’s pretty exciting because I’m leaving Pittsfield so that’s staying behind.”

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Voters Restrict Adult Business in Vassalboro

Catherine Pegram

Updated 6 years ago

Less than a week after someone set fire to the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop in Vassalboro, residents passed an ordinance that puts new restrictions on adult businesses in town.By a show of cards in the crowd, only five of the more than 400 people in at a town meeting last night voted against the new restrictions.They set guidelines on how close an adult business can be to schools, homes, churches and parks. There are also restrictions on signs, and what’s on the exterior of the building.Supporters of the ordinance were pleased with the outcome, but opponents argue these new rules could limit valuable tax revenue.Donald Crabtree, the owner of the topless coffee shop says right now he’s planning to rebuild. If he does, the coffee shop would be grandfathered in, as long as it built exactly as the planning board approved earlier this year.Any expansion would fall under the new ordinance guidelines. Before the fire, Crabtree talked about possibly opening a strip club.

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Economy Forces Closings at Good Will-Hinkley

Catherine Pegram

Updated 6 years ago

The economy has hit the Good Will-Hinckley Homes for Boys and Girls in Fairfield. It’s shutting down on-campus housing and suspending classes at its high school.Good Will-Hinckley was founded in 1889. It provides housing, schooling and counseling for troubled youths from Maine and other states. The chief executive officer says 110 employees will be laid off and 46 students who reside on campus will have to leave when the changes take place September 1st.Neil Colan says the organization has struggled with the economicdownturn. It’s also been hurt by policy changes by state and federal agencies to cut reimbursement rates for residential care programs.

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DTV Help: Part 2

Updated 6 years ago

The switch to digital television is June 12th. Here we bring you information that should make the transition a little easier. Now we’ll show you how to get a digital television.Next time we’ll show you how to hook up a converter box.For more information about DTV, you can log onto

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Former Attorney General Makes Move for Governor’s Job

Catherine Pegram

Updated 6 years ago

Maine’s former Attorney General is making the first move in a run for Governor. Steve Rowe officially filed paperwork as a Democratic nominee with the commission that oversees elections in Maine. Rowe plans to hold a formal campaign kick-off later. Today he launched a website, though, served as Maine’s Attorney General from 2001 through 2008. Prior to taking office, he served four terms in the Maine House of Representatives.

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Squeaky Wheel Adventures

Joy Hollowell

Updated 6 years ago

In just a few weeks, foster and adopted kids from around Maine will have the opportunity to go camping, and go green, all at the same time.Joy Hollowell tells us about Squeaky Wheel Adventures.++++++++++++++++++”Had this old bus outside and thought, what can we do with kids and this bus. Pretty quickly we realized that the bus is for taking trips,” says Bryan Wolf, who runs Squeaky Wheel Adventures with his wife, Alyssa.Squeaky Wheel Adventures will take off later this month, for the first of five multi-day trips. “We incorporate some pretty commercial venues like Six Flags amusement park, the Cog Railroad up Mount Washington, with just exploring, some natural parks, some waterfalls,” says Wolf, who lives in Surry.The campers are all in foster care or some type of other out of home care such as kinship care or that have been adopted.”We felt like children in foster care were perhaps missing certain opportunities, were missing at times a feeling that someone out there is wanting to do something for them, or caring for them,” says Wolf.And then, there’s the bus.”The bus is an adventure all in itself,” says Wolf.That’s because it’s powered by used vegetable oil. “Usually, it’s a bit of a surprise, some big eyes. I don’t think they really believe what we’re saying until a few hundred miles down the road, when they’re involved in helping to fill the tank back up with the vegetable oil that we pull off the roof,” says Wolf.Solar panels on top run the appliances. the campers sleep in bunk beds in the back.There are six kids and three counselors on every trip. “Once in awhile you get one of those golden moments where they’re completely themselves and completely relaxed and I think that’s one of those moments that spurs this whole project on,” says Gerry Brache who is one of the counselors.==============For those in state care, Maine pays for about 40-percent of the trip.Adopted kids also receive some sort of state stipend.But the rest comes from grants and fund raising.There are still some spots left for this season, and the Wolfs are still looking for donations to help fund the trips.For more information, you can log onto

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Waterman Trial

Updated 6 years ago

On day one of Duane Waterman’s trial, jurors got a tour of the crime scene where two men from Western Maine were killed.The 33-year-old man from Sumner is accused of killing the two victims in a dispute involving unpaid debts and illegal drugs.Waterman has pleaded not guilty in the shooting deaths of 50-year-old Timothy Mayberry of West Paris and 43-year-old Todd Smith of Paris.Their bodies were found on Mayberry’s property last July.

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More Training for Laid-Off Workers

Updated 6 years ago

Governor Baldacci signed a bill Monday that will make it easier for laid-off workers in Maine to get retrained.The bill got unanimous approval from the Labor Committee and passed the House and Senate last week. It extends the state worker retraining program.In the past, the program was available to someone once in their life, and only if their entire company shut down. This bill relaxes those rules, so anyone who loses their job as a result of a reduction in operations will qualify.Speaker of the House, Hannah Pingree, was a major supporter of the legislations. “There are people across the spectrum who are losing their jobs who are unlikely to return to the same kind of employer and we think that retraining and education is really the key to helping us get out of this incredibly worrisome recession.”The program will be funded by the federal stimulus money the state received for unemployment benefits.

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Help for Area Food Pantries

Updated 6 years ago

Demand for services at food pantries goes up during summer months, when children are out of school.Today, two food pantries in each county of the state received 500 dollars, thanks to grassroots campaigns at local credit unions. There was applause as the Maine Credit Union League handed out the checks. “With the economy the way it is, you hear about fundraising challenges, but I tell you, people are more generous than ever,” says Jon Paradise of the Maine Credit Union League.The folks at Bucksport Community Concerns say it’s the generosity of local people that help keep them open.”Somebody will just walk in and give us 100 dollars. They won’t tell us their names – they’ll say ‘We don’t need any acknowledgement, just take it, and use it,’” say volunteers, Linda Hayward and Marsha Mushrall.The need at their pantry remains steady this year.”We have a turnover, different families who didn’t come before find they have to come now,” Mushrall says.The Good Shepherd Food Bank says, as a whole, the need from their member pantries is still growing.”Ours is growing by about 40 families a month. We’ve had a lot of layoffs in our town,” says Ted Ivey, president of the Town of Ludlow Food Pantry, which serves 18 communities.The pantries will use the money to stock up at Good Shepherd, where every dollar buys $12.50 worth of food.”For like 67 dollars you can get a truck of food. They provide a lot of food for us – it really stretches the dollars we have,” say Hayward and Mushrall.”It gives us more money to buy with,” Ivey says.Monday, the thanks went back to food pantry volunteers and the ability of others to help when needed.”They feel fortunate in their own lives,” says Mushrall, “and they want to help somebody else.”

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Topless Coffee Shop Serving Again

Wayne Harvey

Updated 6 years ago

Route three in Vassalboro was lit by flames last week after someone set fire to the Grandview Topless Coffee Shop.It was a much different scene Monday morning.”We’re under a tent, but we’re still here, everybody’s safe so, it’s just material so we’ll rebuild again and get going”coffee, doughnuts and donations were on the menu monday. Owner donald crabtree had his employees standing near the road next to the rubble that once was the coffee shop. The coffee and donuts were free. They just want a donation to help with the rebuilding process. Krista macintyre/waitress “this is kind of the beginning yes, just showing that we’re not quitting” crabtree says he’s gotten support from around the country since the june third fire, and less than a week later, he’s at that same site continuing on. That impresses some of the folks who stopped by.”It’s great that he can have such a good attitude. I hope people support him and help him” “we’re going to do whatever we can to keep going. The customers have asked us to keep going that’s what we decided to do.”Even some of those who opposed crabtree and his topless coffee shop and plans for a strip club, seem to be changing their attitudes since flames brought the building down.”They didn’t agree with the business, but they didn’t like what happened. We just want to get rebuilt and keep going”

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DTV Help: Part 1

Updated 6 years ago

The switch to digital television is now just four days away.All this week, we’ll bring you information that should make the transition a little easier.We start with the basics: just what is digital tv?Next time we’ll show you the different ways to receive digital television.For more information about DTV, you can log onto

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Cancer Survivor Day in Bangor

Updated 6 years ago

Cancer survivors celebrated life on the Bangor waterfront Sunday.Cancer Care of Maine hosted its annual “Cancer Survivor Day” along the banks of the Penobscot.It’s a free event that honors survivors and co-survivors.Besides a ceremony, there was plenty of live entertainment, including jazz and standup comedy…and lots of goodies, too.The event was held in conjunction with National Cancer Survivors Day.Local attorney and survivor Julio DeSanctis was one of the featured speakers at the event.He says it’s a day to celebrate what he and other survivors have accomplished.< "we've got a marvelous facility here at eastern maine...cancer care of maine...and they're building a new facility...getting the word out, raising can be treated...and don't survive forever, but none of us do!">There are 12 million cancer survivors in the United States.Many of them took part in National Cancer Survivors Day, to demonstrate that cancer is not an automatic life sentence.

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Good News For State Economy?

Updated 6 years ago

Maine’s economy could be headed for an upswing.Officials with the state’s Small Business Administration says they’ve seen loan activity increase since it started waiving fees to borrowers for its guaranteed loans.The Finance Authority of Maine also reports hearing from more folks looking to open or expand businesses.Even real estate seems to be picking up.Last month, pending sales of existing homes were the strongest of any month since August 2007. A new public opinion poll by Critical Insights found 70 percent of Maine voters believe the economy is worse now than it was a year ago…that’s down from more than 90 percent in the fall.

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Second Set of Cianbro Modules Ready to Leave Brewer

Updated 6 years ago

A second set of modules will be sent out from Cianbro’s Brewer Manufacturing Facility this week.The first set left Brewer about six weeks ago.They’re being shipped on a 354-foot barge to Port Arthur, Texas, where they’ll be part of a 7-billion-dollar oil refinery expansion.The second set of modules will be loaded Monday in Brewer.The facility’s general manager says it’s a reminder of what a success story the entire project has been for Cianbro, the city of Brewer and the state.< "certainly opening up the Penobscot to commerce again...after the paper mill closed...500 jobs here now..bring good jobs to the area.">This trip to Texas will be a little different, according to Cianbro officials.Instead of stopping overnight in Searsport to re-rig, as they did last time, the crews will power right through to Port Arthur.

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Raye Warns of Phone Scammer Soliciting Money

Updated 6 years ago

State Senator Kevin Raye of Perry is warning Mainers not to be fooled by a phone scammer using his name.Raye says he received a complaint from a woman in Calais this weekend.She says her elderly mother received a call from a man claiming to be Raye.The man said he was collecting money for veterans and asked for her credit card information.The woman didn’t have a credit card, so the man didn’t get her information.Raye says he isn’t making any such calls, and wants to remind folks to never give out their personal information over the phone.He’s notified the State Police about the call.

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Army Reserve Troop Holds Car Wash

Updated 6 years ago

The First and 391-st Army Reserve were out washing cars Saturday.The fundraiser will help with the costs of training equipment.The troop also took the opportunity to make it a family day, with some of the children helping wash cars.Family members were treated to a BBQ and games.Captain Matthew Underwood says the fundraiser will be a big help.” It’s important to do the little extra things. We’ve got the bare minimum to get the job done but we like to do a little extra. Here to support the families. So any chance we get to raise a few dollars to help that aspect especially in today’s economy we’ll take that chance.”The troop set a goal of raising 300-hundred dollars.

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Special Olympics Helps Make Healthy Athletes

Updated 6 years ago

Athletes at the University of Maine couldn’t have asked for better weather this weekend.The 41-st annual Maine Special Olympics are underway this weekend in Orono.And thanks to a new program at the Games, many of the athletes are now living healthier lives…Meghan Hayward has the story.” I can tell you that a good number of the athletes here today probably had their bags packed a month ago in preparation for summer games.”Close to 14-hundred athletes ranging in age from eight to eighty-eight came to compete in the forty-first annual Maine Special Olypmics.Most of them have a medal in their sights.But Special Olympics of Maine President and CEO Phil Geelhoed says it’s also a great way to get the athletes into a healthy routine.There’s now a particular program working to do that.” within special olympics we have a program called healthy athletes in which we take six or seven health distinctions and we do on field screenings during this event.”There are dental, hearing and eye checkups. Physical therapy, too.The program’s getting great feedback so far.” what we’d have to do to have that happen in the community would take weeks on end to happen. it happens in one day here.”Physical therapist Jen Corbeil helps make it happen. She volunteers her time at the healthy athlete event and helps the athletes with a variety of things.” perform range of motion which is flexibility screenings, balance screenings, and aerobic screening on the athletes. and once the athletes go through they get an exercise booklet and it allows them areas they might be having trouble with to work on when they go back home or back to their programs.”Corbeil says there is nothing more satisfying than working this event.” priceless, speechless. it’s just amazing. it’s so amazing to work with this population.”Husson University physical therapy student Kim Leadbetter thinks it’s a great program too. She says she has been able to learn a lot from it.” just like the people skills and stuff like that. it’s pretty nice to get to talk to people and get an idea of what works and what doesn’t and have to adapt to different people.”A program that helps the athletes go for their goals.” I wanna get the gold.”

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