Lawmakers to Debate 4-Day School Week

Updated 6 years ago

A proposal to allow Maine schools to operate on a four-day week will be aired Monday in the Legislature.

The Education and Cultural Affairs Committee will hear testimony on the bill that would authorize school systems to adopt alternative calendars as long as equivalent instruction is provided.

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Small Business Owners Worried About New Law

Updated 6 years ago

Some small business owners in Maine say a new federal law designed to protect the health of children is forcing them to scale back their operations because the compliance costs are too high.

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Greenhouse Gases

Updated 6 years ago

An official familiar with Obama’s decision said the president will reveal the policy today. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the decision has not been publicly announced.

Maine and at least 13 other states want waivers from the federal Clean Air Act so that they can impose stiffer air pollution standards than the federal government requires.

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Search for Man Who Escaped Police Cruiser

Updated 6 years ago

Police in Ellsworth spent Saturday night on a 4-hour manhunt after a man in custody escaped from a police cruiser.

It all started around 4:30 p.m., when officers were called to an apartment house on Main Street for reports of a domestic situation.

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Scallop Season Back On

Updated 6 years ago

The Department of Marine Resources on Monday approved a 35-day season, beginning Feb. 25, limitedCobscook Bay and other select areas.

Deputy Commissioner David Etnier said the department sought a way to enable fishermen to have some income, but still provide protection for the resource.

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Lawmakers Discuss 4-Day Schoolweek

Updated 6 years ago

The current law requires 180 days of school, with 175 days of instruction.

If the requirements were changed from daysto hours, Millett says Maine could switch to a four day school week,which could help solve the budget problems.

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Clark Pleads Guilty

Updated 6 years ago

(AP) Raymond Leslie Clark entered the plea Monday in Kennebec County Superior Court. His lawyer said he and the prosecution agreed to recommend a 40-year sentence, with the defense reserving the right to argue for less.

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Lawmakers Look to Cut Sports

Updated 6 years ago

The M.P.A.’s interscholastic management committee is considering proposals that include shortening the regular season, reducing the number of teams that qualify for playoffs, and pulling Maine from the New England championships.

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Updated 6 years ago

A family from bangor got a boost of fuel for their bodies, and their home, all because they bought dairy…..

This winter, the Willett’s will be warmer….all thanks to chocolate milk…..


Local Troops Deploy

Updated 6 years ago

There, they’ll train for several weeks, before heading over to Afghanistan.

The troop got a fitting sendoff in bangor over the weekend.

Members of the 286th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion of the Maine Army National Guard will spend a year overseas, in support of operation Enduring Freedom.

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Old Town Zoning

Updated 6 years ago

&quot:We cannot sell our homes to families, this is not a family area here anymore.&quot:

When Gisela Rand moved to Stillwater Avenue more than 30 years ago, it was a quiet area. Now, the heavy traffic has made it dangerous for residents.

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Smaller Legislature?

Updated 6 years ago

(AP) Republican Rep. Patrick Flood’s resolution would amend the Maine Constitution to shrink the House of Representatives from 151 members to 115, and the Senate from 35 members to 31.

Flood says a smaller Legislature would save money and improve government efficiency.

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Updated 6 years ago

Seniors in the Knox County area, can rest a little easier…

Now that the U-S Postal Service is teaming up with the Penquis agency, on a pilot program called &quot:Carrier Alert&quot:.


Former Sen. Mitchell Headed to Mideast

Updated 6 years ago

Former Maine senator George Mitchell is wasting

little time in his new assignment to help bring peace to the Middle


An Israeli foreign office official says President Obama’s

special envoy to the Middle East is expected in Israel on Wednesday

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Paul Bunyan Statue to Celebrate 50th

Updated 6 years ago

Bangor’s 175th anniversary next month also

marks the 50th birthday of one of its most familiar landmarks – a

statue of legendary lumberjack Paul Bunyan.

The 31-foot-tall statue, made of painted fiberglass over wood

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Fire Destroys NE Harbor Restaurant

Updated 6 years ago

A fire has destroyed a seasonal

restaurant on Main Street in Northeast Harbor.

No one was injured in the Friday night blaze at the Tan Turtle

Restaurant, which was closed for the winter. It was the second

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Queen Victoria Ship to Visit Maine

Updated 6 years ago

It was September 2004 when Bar Harbor

last threw a welcoming bash for a visiting cruise ship, the Queen

Mary 2.

Now, Maine’s busiest cruise port wants to do the same thing when

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Committee Approves Budget Package

Updated 6 years ago

The Maine Legislature’s budget-reviewing

committee has approved a spending package for the current fiscal

year that closes a gap that’s grown to $166 million.

Legislative leaders say the Appropriations Committee voted

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Phone Transition Scam

Updated 6 years ago

The transition from Verizon to Fairpoint gains momentum beginning on Friday, and regulators are warning that some are trying to take advantage of the confusion.

The Public Utilities Commission says that during the complex transition taking place over the next couple of weeks, scammers may try to seek personal information from Maine residents and businesses.

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Augusta Store Robbed

Updated 6 years ago

At around 10:30pm police got a call from the clerk at the Big Apple store on State Street.

He said two robbers were wearing black hooded shirts and handed him a note saying they had a gun and wanted money.

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