L.L. Bean to Close Waterville Call Center

Updated 5 years ago

L.L. Bean says it is closing its call center in Waterville next spring. Spokeswoman Carolyn Beem says that the Freeport-based clothing and outdoor-goods retailer will consolidate its Waterville call center operations with its other call centers in Portland, Bangor and Lewiston. The Waterville center opened 12 years ago. It employs about 200 people year-round and about 500 more during the Christmas season. It is slated to close at the end of April. Beem said the year-round employees will be offered jobs at L.L. Bean’s other call centers, and about 100 may be able to work out of their homes as part of a test program.

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EMS Save ATV Rider’s Life

Updated 5 years ago

Team work by Fire and EMS workers in Warren helped save a man’s life early Wednesday morning.Knox County dispatchers got a 911 call just before midnight of an ATV that had rolled over somewhere in the woods.Two people were on the machine at the time, and one of them was hurt.Dispatchers were able to track the location through the caller’s cellphone.Fire fighters and emergency medical service workers had to carry the victim about a mile out of the woods on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance.There has been no word yet on the condition of the rider. Their name has not yet been released.

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Early Morning Fire in Bucksport

Updated 5 years ago

Crews from Bucksport and neighboring towns were out battling a house fire on Coleman Lane Wednesday morning.The call came in just before 7 am.The home was fully engulfed in flames when crews arrived on the scene, reports say that the building collapsed soon afterwards.No one was reportedly inside the residence at the time.We have a crew on the scene and will bring you more information during our TV5 news at noon.

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Credit Classes Offered For Free

Updated 5 years ago

The Maine Centers for Women and Community are offering folks a chance to fix their credit, and possibly win a $250 grant in the process.They are offering free classes designed to help people get their credit in order.If you successfully complete the class, and make a financial plan, you will be eligible to apply for a $250 grant.Ten grants will be awarded statewide.For all the information you can call Jane Searles at 262-7843. Or send her an email at

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Missing Boater from Freeport

Updated 5 years ago

Coast Guard crews are searching by land and by air at this hour, for a missing boater in the Bar Harbor region of Frenchman’s Bay and Eastern Bay.Dr. Jon Myers of Freeport was last seen leaving Hancock Point in a 12-foot motorized skiff around 3 yesterday afternoon.He was heading back to Salsbury Cove after dropping off a sailboat.Earlier this morning, officials discovered Myer’s boat…A friend of Myers tells TV5 they were suppose to have dinner together last night and Myers never made it.Several of Myers friends are searching the waters off Lamoine Beach.Myers has a vacation home along the beach.The Marine Patrol, several area fire departments, and local fisherman are also aiding in the search.And right now the coast guard has a helicopter from Cape Cod out and a 47 foot boat from Southwest Harbor.Lamoine Harbor Master David Herrick says the weather and wind conditions make the search even more difficult.He says they are having to cover quite a large area of water too.” But later on we found he went to Hancock to the marina and started from Hancock back to Salsbury Cove and that’s quite a strip of water. Between Lamoine Beach to Salsbury Cove wouldn’t have been a bad shot but when he broke down around Hancock Point and the way the wind was yesterday, westerly it was quite rough out there all day.”Myers is described as six feet tall with brown hair.He was last reported wearing a green fleece and blue jeans.Anyone with any information regarding his whereabouts is urged to call the Coast Guard 767-0302.

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Winslow Crash

Updated 5 years ago

Fire and rescue crews from Waterville and Winslow had a busy afternoon Tuesday.Both departments received reports of an accident around 11:30 Tuesday morning.One happened at the intersection of Carter Memorial Drive and the China Road in Winslow.Officials say 93-year-old Kenneth Clark of Winslow was driving his Jeep when he went through a stop sign.Witnesses say the vehicle was going around 50 miles-per-hour when it went off the road and down a steep embankment, into a brook.Naomi Clark was also in the Jeep.Authorities tell us both suffered rib injuries and were taken to a hospital.First responders on the scene say the two were wearing their seatbelts.

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Keith’s Korner: Baton Twirling

Updated 5 years ago

Need something for your kid to do to get through the winter months? How about six weeks of baton twirling?The course is being offered by the Park and Rec Departments of Bangor and Augusta.”As soon as you catch it ….do a neck wrap… from the neck wrap to the allusions to the ice cream scoop, the terminology is the only thing easy about this sport.””Oh it definitely is a sport, it’s a combination of dance gymnastics coordination…I have broken more bones twirling than I have playing soccer, I played varsity soccer in high school. Never was I more hurt than in twirling, it takes a lot of dedication practice and self motivation.”And it’s the goal of Andrea Fletcher, the coach of the Central Maine Twirling Core to get you involved.”Start very very young 4, 5, 6-years-old, and right up through and it takes a lot of dedication and practice.The Twirling Core is backed by the Bangor and Augusta Rec Departments, and the Mainiacs are the travel component of this program.”Well the competitions are so much fun you make so many friends and you get to travel everywhere…and show off the sport to everyone..””Get to travel last year we were in the national cherry blossom festival parade in Florida… and those are the kids that we travel around with and they eventually put in a lot of practice time and they are very dedicated to the sport.”A lot of people think it’s easy just like twirling a stick around but it’s not.And you have to perform, which can be hard…if you think your child is interested contact the Bangor or Augusta Parks and Rec Departments.

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Children Learn About Domestic Violence

Updated 5 years ago

It may sound unusual to hear preschoolers learning about domestic violence awareness, but that’s exactly what was going on at the Building Blocks Preschool in Augusta on Tuesday.October is domestic violence awareness month.Hillary Wing is a youth educator with the Family Violence Project, which serves Kennebec and Somerset Counties.She’s visiting all kinds of schools with a message for young kids: “When you think about preventing domestic violence sometimes people assume we only visit the high schools but we do want to start as early as possibly so you don’t go and talk to 3 and 4-year-old about domestic violence however you do talk about them about sharing and it’s ok to share ideas and feelings and toys. We also share with them that it’s ok not to share some things like toothbrushes, hats and what not.”The class lasted about an hour.This group of 3 to 5-year-olds all received teddy bears afterwards.

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Maine Soldier Killed

Updated 5 years ago

A soldier from South Portland was among eight service members killed in an attack in Afghanistan Saturday, in what’s being called the deadliest assault against U.S. forces in more than a year.Taliban militants attacked American and Afghan troops in Nuristan Province Saturday, opening fire on the outpost from multiple locations with rockets, mortars and heavy caliber machine guns.Army Sgt. Joshua Kirk, of South Portland was among those who died.His flag draped coffin arrived at Dover Air Force base in Delaware Tuesday, with the bodies of several other soldiers.

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Christian Action Network Sues Maine

Updated 5 years ago

The Christian Action Network is suing the state, saying they were denied the group a charitable license for a fundraising letter that talked about privileges it says were given to Muslims in America.They claim the state violated their right to free speech under the First and Fourteenth Amendments.Maine Assistant Attorney General Thomas Knowlton says he hasn’t seen the complaint, but he doesn’t believe the state violated the group’s rights.The network is asking a federal court to find the Maine Charitable Solicitation Act unconstitutional.The group says its letter was “an informational and educationalpacket alerting citizens to the remarkable privileges afforded thereligion of Islam in American public schools and universities.”

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Moores Conviction Upheld

Updated 5 years ago

A Bangor man serving a life sentence for rape and murder has lost his appeal to Maine’s highest court.61-year-old Ashton Moores was convicted in November of raping and murdering a woman in his apartment in 2007.Moores appealed the conviction, claiming the evidence was mostly circumstantial and didn’t support a conviction.The Maine Supreme Judicial Court reviewed the findings, and ruled that the evidence was sufficient to support a guilty verdict for Moores.

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Wind Energy Draws Attention in Augusta

Updated 5 years ago

A wind energy expert says an upgraded power transmission system is needed if Maine is to achieve its goals for generating that renewable energy source. Larry Flowers of the National Wind Technology Center also told the 350 people attending a conference Tuesday on wind energy in Maine that transmission infrastructure is a problem all over the country as wind power develops. Gov. John Baldacci, who opened the daylong conference, said he wants Maine to be the first state to develop offshore wind power. He also agreed that a transmission upgrade is critical to wind power development. The conference drew about a dozen demonstrators. A leader, Steve Thurston of Roxbury, who said erecting all the windmills needed to meet Maine’s goals will have a devastating impact on the state’s mountains.

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Springer Pleads No Contest To 2008 Sexual Assault

Updated 5 years ago

A Pasadumkeag man pleaded no contest today to raping a woman, after breaking into her home. 38-year-old Derwin Springer Jr. appeared in court in Bangor today to answer to those charges.Springer says he doesn’t remember breaking into the Passadumkeag home of a 60-year-old woman in October of last year. According to the District Attorney’s office, the victim awoke early that morning and was sexually assaulted by Springer.Police matched Springer’s DNA to evidence from the scene. He voluntarily submitted to the DNA test. The recommended sentence would have Springer serve 15 years in prison. Prosecutors say the victim is just relieved this is almost over. “She’s happy she’s going to be able to put this behind her it’s been almost a year that this things been pending,” says Deputy District Attorney Michael Roberts, “she’s obviously had to live with it throughout that time period and she’s gratified we’re get that we’re gonna get that done before we get into the holiday season and you want to concentrate on other things in your life.”Defense Attorney Jeff Silverstein says, while his client has no memory of that night, he accepts the court’s findings. “We’ve gone over the evidence the DNA evidence has been reviewed by independent consultants it appears to be reliable,” says Silverstein, “and Mr. Springer has come to terms with the status of the case and and the strength of the State’s case and his apparent role in this and has decided to spare everyone a trial.”The District Attorney says they hope to schedule sentencing for the first week in November.

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John Bapst Students Team Up to Clean Up

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Some John Bapst football players took time off the field today and hit the streets of Bangor.The players joined with school’s environmental group and other students to form a special cleanup team. Co-captain of the team Dan Keefe says, “We’re just trying to look around the the school, look around the neighborhood blocks and try to pick up some trash.”It’s an effort, organized by the school’s Student Environmental Action Committee, to keep Bangor beautiful. Shayne Andersen is the member of the group.”We just want to help our community by cleaning up the town. Just getting all of the trash picked up before the snow falls because we do this again for earth week during the spring and after the winter so we just want to get everything nice and clean.”The pickup project doesn’t go unnoticed, either. Student advisor and science teacher Chris Packard says students filled more than a dozen trash bags last spring. “We got dead squirrels, hub caps, coffee cups, we got all sorts of things – lots and lots of fast food trash.”Packard says it’s important for kids to see how easy it is to make a difference. “Taking pride in the environment and thinking about how they can pick up stuff instead of just throwing it on the ground. That’s one thing that just makes the neighborhood look at little better and it’s just one thing they can do for the environment.”The students and athletes, like Bill Stoddard, say even though it’s a dirty job, they’re glad they’re the ones to do it.”The community comes and cheers for us so I think we should do our part and help clean the community when we can.”

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Two Generations Came Together in Dexter, Walking for a Common Cause

Updated 5 years ago

Some third-graders teamed up with residents from Dexter Healthcare Tuesday.Getting some exercise, while helping in the fight against cancer.Meghan Hayward followed along on their walk.Two generations came together in Dexter, walking for a common cause.”Basically what we did was that we realized Maine has a high incidence of cancer so last year we started with our first cancer walk.”Third-graders from the Primary School in Dexter walked outside with residents at Dexter Healthcare.With many walking in memory of someone who lost their life to cancer.Dexter Healthcare Administrator Becky Greaves says the event has won over the residents.”The older people that reside here absolutely love it. They love having the children here.”It seems to be a hit with the kids too.”I liked pushing the wheelchairs.””Walking because it helps people.””My favorite part was getting to walk around with them.”Third-grader Grace Bennett says she learned a few things about the resident she was teamed up with.”Really nice and they like to just relax and walk.”As part of the event, the healthcare facility has a few raffles and staff members donate money, with all proceeds going toward the Maine Cancer Society.Greaves says last year they raised one-thousand dollars. They’re hoping to match that this year.Resident Zeph Landry is glad she can take part in the event.”It’s wonderful. I think to have this. Just the idea of doing something for cancer.”Organizers hope to continue the walk for many years to come.”When we first started it I was surprised just how involved the staff became and it’s kind of grown in it’s enthusiasm and hopefully it will continue to grow.”

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Metal – The Art of Force

Updated 5 years ago

TV5 Photojournalist David Dane previews an event called “Metal, the Art of Force”, featuring artwork from the New England School of Metalwork’s students and faculty.The artwork can be seen during the month of October at the Center for Maine Craft at the West Gardiner Service Plaza, 24 Service Plaza Drive, just off Route 126.

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Pedestrian struck in Lincolnville

Updated 5 years ago

A teenager walking with a friend on a roadside in Lincolnville Monday night was thrown 10 feet into a ditch after a hit and run.According to the Waldo County Sheriff’s Department, 17-year-old Andrew Widdecomb, was walking on Heal Road, when a car hit him from behind.Widdecomb was taken to Penobscot Bay Medical Center with injuries that were not life-threatening.Police are now trying to find the vehicle that hit him.

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Orono Takes Back the Night

Updated 5 years ago

An evening dedicated to raising awareness about sexual and domestic violence will take place at the University of Maine in Orono Tuesday night.The University of Maine Student Women’s Association, along with Safe Campus Project, will again be hosting “take back the night.”The evening starts at 5pm with a musical performance, followed by a rally featuring survivors of sexual and domestic violence.The night will end with a candlelight vigil and march throughout campus.Anyone is welcome to attend. It will take place behind Fogler library on the U Maine campus.

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Husson Serves Up Some Soup

Updated 5 years ago

”Dining should be providing a wide variety of foods to accommodate the needs of our guests. We have students that prefer to eat fast food types of things, but we also have students who made a real commitment to wellness, and we want to recognize and encourage that.” Says Michael San Antonio, Dir. of Diningn at Husson University.Monday, the folks at Husson University rolled out a new – healthier – addition to their menu, a soup bar.”I like that option! Cause some people don’t like what’s regularly being served, so you can go get something else.” Says Samantha Hall, a student.There are about 60 varieties in Kettle Cuisine’s line of Soups. The dining hall will feature four different options daily. “Kettle Cuisine Soups is an all natural soup company. All of our products are made from scratch. We make our own soup stock. We use fresh vegetables. No preservatives, no additives. We have a series of soups. We have vegan soups, dairy free soups, gluten free soups.” Says Denise Levesque, a representative for Kettle Cuisine.”This gives us some more variety. I think more people will take advantage of it. And I also think it will be a bit healthier, because I think there will be some fat free soups as well.” Says John Carll, a student.”It’s healthy because the college 15,the freshman 15. I’m worried about the junior 15!” says Hall.Monday was the first big test for the new addition – folks got to sample some of the soups. “I had some of the chili over on the new soup bar.” says Carll.”I got some pea soup and some shrimp corn chowder.” Rod Larson, Dean of Pharmacy adds.”Chicken noodle soup, and it’s wonderful! .. Better than Campbell’s!” says Rachel Reno, a student.The diners have spoken — looks like this will be a lunch line favorite! … The soup bar gets an ‘A’

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Windy Conference

Updated 5 years ago

Wind energy is the topic… and Tuesday, the first conference of its kind on that topic will be held at the Augusta Civic Center.The U.S. saw record growth in wind energy last year.Governor baldacci will kick off the day long meeting at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday.He’s just back from a trade mission tour of European wind companies.No everyone’s on board. Opponents of industrial wind plan to make their presence known too.

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