Walk the Weekend to Benefit the Children

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There’s a fundraiser coming up in Bangor this weekend, in memory of children who never got to grow up.It’s a walk, called Remembering Our Babies.It’s put on by a non-profit group that supports families grieving the loss of infants.Proceeds will help fund a monument and reflection area at Mount Hope Cemetery.Organizers with the group Empty Arms say it will be a place for parents who’ve lost babies to go to for quiet reflection.They envision building a statue with a granite bench, and bricks inscribed with the names of babies who left this world. “Those parents don’t have anything. They don’t have a stone to come visit so to have a place where they can see their babies name on a brick, and know all these parents and this whole community really welcomes you is important,” Said group organizer Aimee Gerbi. “We’re happy to have everybody come out and other donations are accepted and greatly appreciated.”The Remembering Our Babies walk is Saturday morning at Mount Hope Cemetery.Registration is at 8:30. It’s $7 to walk, you’re encouraged to bring your children: those under 12 walk for free.

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State Okays Investigation Into Gay Marriage Opponents

Updated 5 years ago

The Maine Ethics Commission has overruled a staff recommendation, and okayed an investigation into fundraising groups that oppose Maine’s gay marriage law.By a three-to-two vote the panel ruled there’s sufficient evidence to warrant a close look at fundraising by the National Organization for Marriage, or NOM, which is a major contributor to the group Stand for Marriage Maine.Supporters of the same sex marriage law claim NOM is ignoring a Maine law that requires it to name its donors.But NOM says it asks for donations nationally without designating them for specific campaigns so it doesn’t have to report donor names.

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Social Worker Attacked in Augusta

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A 47-year-old transient has been charged with gross sexual assault in an attack on a social worker in Augusta.The female social worker told authorities she was giving a ride to Bradley Howe when he asked her to pull behind a church in Whitefield so he could retrieve some items from where he had stashed them.Once there, the woman said, Howe pulled a knife, forced her out of the car and began sexually assaulting her. She managed to get away when another vehicle arrived on the scene.Police say Howe took off in her vehicle and later called the woman to tell her where her car was. Police located the car and spotted Howe a short distance away.Howe was being held at the Two Bridges regional jail in Wiscasset on $100,000 bail.

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Grant Money Aimed at Recreation in Northern Washington County

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One hundred thousand dollars changed hands today, to support outdoor recreation in a part of Washington county. The money comes from energy company First Wind.In Bangor Thursday, folks were talking about the new grant program aimed at the woods and waters in the Baskahegan Stream watershed.”The watershed of the Baskahegan region is about 250 square miles. Hundreds of miles of rivers and streams, and about a dozen lakes and ponds, are all included in where this money is going to go to good work,” says Alan Hutchinson. Hutchinson is the director of the Forest Society of Maine, which will oversee the Stetson Mountain Fund. He says it will help private landowners maintain their lands for public recreation, by helping with the upkeep of boat launches, canoe and fishing access points, and picnic areas.”We have this incredible tradition of people being allowed to use private lands. And at times there’s a burden placed on landowners in that regard. A fund like this can help that tradition be supported,” Hutchinson says.First Wind is donating the 100 thousand dollars. The company operates Stetson Wind in the area, which is the largest operational wind farm in New England. Folks there say since much of the area’s economy is based on recreation, they’re hoping it provides an economic boost.”With timber, outdoor recreation and now wind power, it’s a more diverse ecomony that can hire a lot of Mainers – and none of those uses interfere with each other,” says Matt Kearns, First Wind vice president.Local folks, like Elbridge Cleaves of the Danforth area, will help with the process. His family has been in the area for four generations.”It’s really important not only for personal reasons but for economic and quality of life reasons in our area,” Cleaves says.They say grants will be awarded to local groups and communities each year, starting this spring, and anticipate that typical grants will be for 1,000 to 3,000 dollars. They hope to break ground on the first project by summer.

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First Shipment of H1N1 Vaccine Arriving Late Next Week

Updated 5 years ago

The Maine CDC expects the first shipment of the H1N1 vaccine to get here late next week.About 13,000 doses of the vaccine is expected in initial shipments.The vaccine is a nasal spray which is for use in healthy people ages 2 thorugh 49.This version is not for women who are pregnant.The initial doses will be distributed primarily to child health care providers, children between 2 and 4 and healthy adults who live in homes with infants under 6-months old.

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Religious Leaders Support “No On One”

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Religious leaders gathered today at the Hammond Street Congregational Church in Bangor to urge folks to vote no one one. Several people spoke about the issue.They say the right to marry should be extended to gay and lesbian couples, and that it’s a civil rights issue, as well as a moral and ethical one.Rabbi Darah Lerner, of the Congregation Beth El, says, “Discrimination against one group, leads to discrimination against all. Here in Maine the legislature and the governor recognized that extending the rights and responsibilities of marriage to same gender couples was a question of fairness and of equal protection under that law. We support this fully.”‘The religious leaders that spoke stressed the importance of extending parental rights to gay and lesbian couples. They also discussed the economic benefits marriage provides.

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Augusta Woman Dies After Car Crash in Sidney

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

A woman from Augusta who crashed her car into a utility pole Sunday night in Sidney has died.The Kennebec County Sheriff’s Department says 29-year-old Sandra Tracy died in a hospital in Bangor, one day after the wreck.Tracy was heading south on the West River Road, when her car ran off the road and into the pole.It was raining at the time.Firefighters had to cut the roof off the car to get to Tracy.Police are still trying to determine what lead up to the crash.

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Writing Contest Offers $2500 Award For High School Juniors

Updated 5 years ago

Maine high school juniors will have a chance to show off their writing skills and win some money. The Maine Community College system is putting on their Journey Into Writing Contest.High school juniors are encouraged to submit a poem, essay, or short story of up to 1500 words. Judges will pick up to three winners. Winners will receive a $2500 cash award and will also be named 2010 Young Writer of the Year.You can email your entry to The contest rules and entry forms are available online at

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Pancake Breakfast at Applebees in Bangor to Help Anah Temple Shriners

Updated 5 years ago

If you like pancakes, even if you just want to help a group of folks who have been helping injured children for many years, here’s a breakfast invitation for you.Sunday morning there will be a pancake breakfast at Applebees in Bangor to benefit Anah Temple Shriners.It costs just five dollars. The Shriner’s breakfast is from eight to ten.Applebees Manager Scott Wade says the event really hits home.”It’s personal to a few of our staff members. They’ve had some family members helped over the years with some operations down there so it means a lot to them.””The staff of Applebees have been very generous to be hosting this for the past three years. We completely depend on people like them here to keep our operations going.”If you can’t make it to the pancake breakfast but would still like to help out go to the Shriner’s website

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Fairfield Fire

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There was a mobile home fire in fairfield this afternoon.The Fairfield Fire Department responded to the trailer on Flood Avenue around 2:15.Crews were able to put out the blaze in about 40 mins. There was minor damage underneath the trailer and some smoke damage inside.Two people were home at the time of the fire, a father and son, along with a dog and cat. Everyone made it out safely. The son, who is in his twenties, was treated for smoke inhalation at the scene. The owner of the mobile home was not there at the time. Officials say she is insured.There’s no word yet on what caused the fire.

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Giacomo’s Looks To Cash In On Bangor Nightlife

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People enjoying the Bangor nightlife will now have a place to go to satisfy their late night munchies. Giacomo’s on Central Street in Bangor is now opening from Midnight-to 3:00 am, Tuesday thru Saturday nights.The restaurant is under new ownership and they want to try and take advantage of the late night crowds in the downtown area. “I remember if I go out last call comes and you get a cab, you have to head to Hermon, you head out to Denny’s something like that,” says Owner Brett Settle, “we’d like to keep them downtown and give another reason to finish off the night down here.”Giacamo’s will serve their full menu during the late night hours. Owners say the first few weeks have been hit or miss but they’re hopeful when word gets out late night business will be booming.

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Nan’s Corner

Updated 5 years ago

Going to bed on time, helping around the house, doing homework. They’re all common routines for kids- yet they can present some of the biggest struggles for families.The producer of a local children’s video visited our studios with some tips she belives can help– all you have to do is step into Nan’s Corner.About Nan’s Corner-The Nan’s Corner DVD introduces a method designed to encourage children and support parents as all work cooperatively in the home environment.  Our primary goal is to give parents a learning tool, which will provide them with assistance to manage and assure a peace-filled home. From this, we believe children will thrive as the parents and child utilize the skills learned to maintain consistency in a calm home. The Nan’s Corner DVD helps establish a pleasant, easily implemented routine around the three most important times of the day:  Morning, Homework and Bedtime by incorporating storytelling, music and role playing.  The program will help families establish a routine that brings greater joy into the home and creates a more nurturing, loving environment for the entire family.  There are also 2 bonus music videos at the end of the program, Clap your Hands and Rock Star that promote friendship and cooperation.  Nan’s Corner will help kids focus on what is expected of them by providing tools which will keep the home and family happy and intact. Co-Creators Karen True & Krystyne Cheever each had an entertainment background and love of children. They shared a common goal to help families through performance. Interestingly, when they first met, Karen had already written a storyline about parents communicating with their children while Krystyne had a musical piece written for kids. Their separate projects morphed naturally, bringing Nan’s Corner to life.  For more information call 1-866-299-8015 or visit

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Two Men Face Charges For Smuggling Pills In Truck Bumper

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Two men face charges after agents say they found a large stash of pills hidden in the bumper of a pick-up at the border. 37-year-old Anthony Black of New Brunswick, and 50-year-old Wade Butler of Fort Fairfield appeared in court in Bangor Wednesday.Customs officials say they found over 2100 methamphetamine pills and 82 oxycodone pills concealed in water bottles hidden behind the bumper of Black’s truck Tuesday. The pills were found when Butler tried to enter the United States at the Fort Fairfield crossing. His vehicle was detained and authorites were alerted to the drugs by a narcotics detection dog. According to court documents, Black allegedly told agents he was delivering the drugs to Butler. Authorities say a search of Butler’s home uncovered another 1000 methamphetamine pills.Butler has been released on $5000 bail after being charged with possesion with intent to distribute. Black is charged with importation of a controlled substance and is being held pending a detention hearing. If convicted both men face up to 20 years in prison and fines up to $250,000.

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Downtown Bangor Extends Parking To 90 Minutes

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Starting November 15th folks shopping in downtown Bangor will have more time to browse the shops and dine in the restaurants. The city council voted 6-3 last night to change parking policy for some parts of downtown. Time limits on more than 100 parking spaces in downtown Bangor will be increased from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. This represents 27% of the one hour spaces that are in the downtown area. “These spaces are really in the area that have the most number of shops where patrons and customers visit a lot,” says Bangor Chief of Police Ron Gastia, “where there are a lot of restaurants, lot of retail stores, that being Main St., Hammond St., Union St areas.” Business owners downtown hope the extra half hour will will help give their shops a boost in sales. Nancy Peers is the manager of The Grasshopper Shop is optimistic. “People sometimes choose between lunch and shopping and this will give them an opportunity to do both we hope,” says Peers, “we’d like to see more but we’ll take 90 minutes.” “I hope it helps because it will give people time to have lunch and then maybe visit a few shops with one trip downtown,” says Heather Vanfrankenhuyzen, owner of Bella Luna, “instead of having to go to their cars, an hour is not that long.”Some of the shopkeepers, like Jean Stoneton Assistant Manager at Antique Market Place and Cafe, told me parking situation is something that is always lingering on the minds of shoppers. “They were always asking how strict are they on parking should I go move my car,” says Stoneton, “what do I have to do.” Meanwhile Terri Anderson, a shopper from Ellsworth was excited about the news. “I just found out about it today,” Anderson says, “I actually was just rushing out of the store that I was in because I was afraid I was gonna get ticketed which I’ve gotten on a couple of occasions.”There is one part of the new time limit that could pose a problem according to Chief Gastia. “When we change to 90 minutes, we will allow current violators, people who violate intentionally, to have a longer stay in those parking spaces,” says Gastia, “in other words they can violate for longer periods of time.”Some folks down here are willing to take that chance. “I think that was a very small percentage of people who would go move their car around and around and around to avoid a ticket,” says Stoneton, “as compared to the 100% of the shoppers who would benefit from this.”

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Bookworm Reading Program in Guilford

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Something new has wiggled its way into the Guilford Primary School.It’s called the Bookworm Reading Program.As Meghan Hayward tells us, it’s fun for both kids and adults.”It’s really an opportunity for some of us that are Grange members to have a lot of fun with the kids. And feel like we’re contributing to their development and our community.”Six volunteers from the Valley Grange in Guilford participate in the Bookworm Program, which lets children read a book of their choice to the adults.Program Coordinator Walter Boomsma says it’s a hit with the kids.”Because it makes reading natural and it makes reading fun and exciting.”Even though the program is fairly new, Boomsma says he’s already seeing changes in the children.”I personally just notice they get more comfortable reading. It’s a natural thing, something you just do. It’s not something you only do in school.”Guilford Primary School third grader Kailee Ward looks forward to her time with the bookworms.”I think it’s really interesting because I enjoy reading with them.”Kailee thinks a program like this helps kids her age.”I think it’s important because kids really need to know what they learn and they need to know how to read. And I think the Grange Bookworm Program helps with that.”Second grader Wayne Haley and third grader Zachary Page says they’re learning a lot.”It’s kind of helping me to read better.””I think it’s helping me read better because if there’s a word you don’t know they tell you what it is and then you learn the word.”But Boomsma says the children aren’t the only ones benefiting from the program.”I come in here and I leave feeling good. The kids make me happy. I feel like I have done something.”

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Weight Watchers: Microwave Magic

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Most kitchens have a work horse that gets overlooked as a weight loss tool. It’s your microwave! Jackie Conn, from Weight Watchers shares tipsand ideas for ways to use your microwave as an effective slimmingtool.The basics of Microwave cooking    * Always keep food covered when cooking in the microwave oven:this prevents splashing and keeps moisture in.    * Food cooks best on a carousel platform, as the rotation ensureseven heating.    * Be sure to place the cooking container in the middle of the oven.    * When foods are not uniform in shape, such as chicken breasts orfish fillets, arrange so that thin portions are toward the center ofthe dish.    * Only use cookware that is made for use in a microwave oven.Plastic storage containers, take-out containers and other one-time-usecontainers should not be used in a microwave oven.    * Do not cook large cuts of meat on high power (100%). They shouldbe cooked on medium power (50%) for longer time periods.    * Expect to hit the ‘pause’ button several times throughout thecooking time to stir contents. This ensures even cooking.    * Don’t skip the standing period because the food will continue tocook for several minutes once removed from the microwave. 

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Information Session for Cancer Patients and Caregivers

Updated 5 years ago

A cancer diagnosis is often scary and confusing.But some folks in Washington County are trying to help ease those feelings and trying to bring hope to cancer patients and their caregivers.The second annual Cancer: There is Hope Here in Washington County informative session will be held tomorrow at the the Pellon Center in Machias.The event is from 8:30 to 3:30.Lunch will be provided.Several cancer survivors will speak about their struggles and triumphs.To register you can call 733-1090 or send an email to

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Animal Welfare License Plates Available

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

A new license plate is now available to help animals in Maine. The Support Animal Welfare plate is the latest addition to the state’s specialty plates.Proceeds from it sales will help animal rescue programs and spay and neuter programs. The plate shows silhouettes of a cat, dog, horse and bird, with the slogan “respect, love, adopt.” Each plates cost 20-dollars for the first year and 15-dollars a year after that.

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Flu Shots Delayed in RSU 19

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Hundreds of students from Etna to Newport to Hartland will have to wait a little longer to get their flu shots at school.Administrators in RSU 19 are postponing the vaccination clinics for about a month. A delay in the shipment of shots to Maine is to blame, but health experts say there’s no shortage of the vaccine. School officials are reminding parents to sign up their students for the shot, which is free. For more information, contact the school health coordinator at 278-4263.

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Autumn Gold Celebration in Ellsworth

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The gold flags are up, and they’re preparing for a celebration.Thursday marks the beginning of the annual Autumn Gold weekend in the Ellsworth area. It’s four days of free and low-cost community events.New this year: organizers have added a classic car cruise around downtown, right after the car show on Saturday.They’ve also added more boats for free rides along on the Union River.And this year’s chowderfest will be judged by nine special judges.Folks say it’s a nice time of year to bring everyone together. “People here are so excited and they’re all together as a community,” Said Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce member Micki Sumpter. “And we have so many tourists that come in just for this. So people just chat, enjoy each other, have fun.”Organizers are expecting a big year. Friday’s golf tournament is already sold out.They say if there’s rain some of the events will be moved inside.For a full schedule, you can log on to

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