The Arts Come Alive At A Guilford School

Updated 5 years ago

”Arts Alive is a day devoted to hands on art activities for kids. So it’s a day all about the kids.”Students at Guilford Primary School had plenty of activities to choose from.From building bat houses to pounding away on the drums.It’s an event that’s been taking place for more than twenty years, and one that is popular with the children.”It’s their favorite day of the year.”Third grader Alexandra Huff danced away in one of the rooms, but she says it’s not as easy as it looks.”But it is hard when you get in the fast mode.”While Alexandra enjoyed dancing, she says her favorite activity is sculpture beads.”It’s really really fun and you get to do it really quickly so it goes on and on and you get to make a lot of beads in an hour.”Third grader Nathan Easland didn’t want to dance, but he sure did hula hoop.”I just practice and practice. And so if you practice you’ll get much better.”The sculpture class was a hit for third grader Bryce Gilbert.He made a wizard and says it was a challenge.”Pretty difficult because you have to mold all the clay and work it and it’s hard to squoosh it.”Coordinator Margaret Templet-Drummond says the day is always a success.”It’s just a super day for everyone.”

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Local 1837 Demonstrates in Fairfield

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Central Maine Power and its largest union continue to discuss what’s fair compensation for workers.Today, members of the IBEW Local 1837 demonstrated in Fairfield.Last month, CMP proposed what they say is a fair offer. Union members say they voted down the plan for two reasons: a reduction in retiree health care benefits, and the elimination of a defined benefit pension for future employees.Dale Blethen, chief steward of the Local 1837 says they are thinking of going on strike.”We do this every morning and every night,” Blethen says, of demonstrating. “It’s important because every one of us planned to retire when we hired on with CMP. We thought we were going to get a good medical retirement plan, it’s something they look forward to getting.”He says CMP’s most recent contract offer reflects corporate greed.Central Maine Power released a statement today, saying the company’s challenge is to balance what it can offer employees, with what customers can afford.

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Clinton Man Sentenced in Sexual Assault Case

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A man who admitted to raping a 65-year old woman in her home in Liberty is going to prison for 10 years. Bruce Paul of Clinton pleaded guilty in January.Police say he visited the victim’s house in November 2007 with some friends, then left. They say he returned later that night, kicked in the basement door, and attacked the woman. Waldo County Deputy District Attorney Eric Walker says the victim submitted a powerful letter to the judge, which is likely the reason why Paul got such a lengthy sentence.

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Boy Fires BB Gun on School Bus in Norridgework, Injuries Four

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

An eight-year-old boy accused of shooting a BB gun on a school bus and injuring three students and a bus driver is being evaluated tonight.The Somerset County Sheriff’s Department says the student brought the pistol on the bus this morning on his way to Mill Stream School in Norridgewock.We’re told the boy fired several shots, which hit three students in the head and legs. The bus driver was also hit in the head. Deputies say an 11-year-old student finally wrestled the gun away from the boy. No one was seriously hurt.The boy was taken into custody at the Department of Health and Human Services in Skowhegan.

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No Charges in Wreck that Killed Two MMA Students

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

A man involved in a car crash in Stockton Springs that killed two Maine Maritime Academy students last fall will not be charged. Police say one of the students, who was driving, had been drinking and that played a part in the wreck.The Waldo County District Attorney’s Office decided not to prosecute 53-year-old Andrew Bradford of Kennebunk.20-year-old Richard Coakley of Mount Vernon and 21-year-old Matthew Felton of Merrimack, New Hampshire were killed on Route One, near the Muskrat Farm Road intersection.Police say Coakley drove over the center line and headed toward Bradford’s truck. Bradford swerved to the other side of the road but Coakley’s car moved back over and slammed into Bradford’s truck. Bradford is an MMA alum and was driving home after a homecoming event.

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Rededication of Saxl Park in Bangor

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

A park in Bangor is celebrating a quarter-century as a place to play and bring better understanding to mental health issues. Saxl Park is on the grounds of the Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center. It’s named after Joe Saxl who was the Superintendent of the center when it was the Bangor Mental Health Institute. Saxl believed in bringing the community and the hospital together to help destigmatize the issue of mental health. Tomorrow the park will be rededicated in honor of Saxl. The celebration starts at 11 o’clock, near the John Bapst playing fields. Everyone is welcome.

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Middle Schoolers Attend Career Day

Updated 5 years ago

Middle school students from half a dozen schools spent the day at Bangor’s United Technology Center…thinking about their future careers.UTC held the sixth annual eighth grade Career Day.Students chose six careers they’re interested in from a list of more than fifty.Once at the fair, they 20 minute sessions with representatives from each specific career…to learn more about what the job entails.Organizers say it’s a good way to get the kids thinking about the future.< "they get a real good opportunity to talk to people actually doing the work and in many cases see the it helps them make decisions...also, about the classes they'll want to take in high school and perhaps college.">UTC students were also on hand to give the eighth graders a look into the programs their school offers, including plumbing and automotive technology.

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Transportation Needed for Bangor Man’s Dream Trip

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A Bangor man with muscular dystrophy will get to live out his lifelong dream this summer…to see the Yankees play a game at home in New York.Volunteers have worked for more than a year to arrange Jeff McIntyre’s trip…but now, they need help with one crucial aspect of it…transportation.Amy Erickson has more.<41-year-old Jeff McInytre is a serious Yankees fan.”i’ve liked them my entire life.”McIntyre could hardly believe his ears when he got the call that he’d been given tickets to a Red Sox-Yankees game at Yankees Stadium in August.Burke Soileau of Sebec made it happen after hearing about McIntyre’s lifelong dream of attending a game.Soileau got the official word from a Yankees official this week.”he said ‘on behalf of George Steinbrenner and the yankees, 7 complimentary tickets for Jeff’s family, Jeff and his two attendants.”Kelley McTague of Alpha One has known McIntyre for years…she and Soileau have spent more than a year putting the trip together.”jeff has outlived any doctor’s expectations with his diagnosis, so this is a big treat for him to be able to do this. He is a die-hard fan and we’re really excited for him.””i’m really happy.””Why do you want to see a red sox yankees matchup? Because of the rivalry.”Since McIntyre’s story went public, the donations for the trip have poured in from around Maine…and the country.”it’s amazing the generosity of the people. I’ve received donations from Florida, Virginia…it’s amazing the support we’ve gotten.”But one thing’s still missing.”we cannot find transportation for Jeff’s needs. Most of the transportation we’ve been able to find that’s accessible for him and his family, the insurances won’t allow us to go out of state.”A small bus with a lift would be ideal.”jeff’s wheelchair is very big. He’s ventilator-dependent, so his ventilator’s very long…he also needs to have two attendants with him.”McTague is crossing her fingers that someone can help with this last piece of the puzzle in making McIntyre’s baseball dreams come true.Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Bangor.>If you think you can help with transportation, call Kelley McTague at Alpha One in Bangor.That number is(800)300-6016.

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Fatal Crash in Waldoboro

Updated 5 years ago

A car crash in Waldoboro has claimed the life of a local man, and left two other men in critical condition.Police say 63-year-old Harold Benner was killed after another car crossed the center line of Route 235 and hit his Jeep at around 4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.Benner was pronounced dead at the scene.The driver of the other car was 43-year-old Steven Kaler of Warren. He and his passenger, 33-year-old Robert Colpritt of Rockland were both critically injured.They were taken by medical helicopter to Maine Medical Center in Portland.Police say speed was a factor in the crash, it’s now under investigation.

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Verizon Court News

Updated 5 years ago

A disappointing court decision for folks concerned about uncle sam listening in on their phone conversations.The ruling stems from a complaint by Maine telephone customers.They asked the state public utilities commission to investigate whether their privacy rights were violated by Verizon under the federal government’s warrantless surveillance program.This week, a U.S. district judge in California granted summary judgment to the government, that prevents the Maine investigation from going forward.

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Information Error

Updated 5 years ago

A technical error last week at a state office meant hundreds of people’s Social Security numbers were mistakenly sent out in the mail.600 people received letters containing the name and Social Security number of someone else.The letters were sent to advise people about unemployment compensation benefits. Dick Thompson, the state’s information chief, says the security breach happened after a malfunction when the letters were being printed.When they restarted the printers after a glitch, they were one page off — and no one caught the mistake.People then received letters with half of their information, and half with someone else’s.Thompson says there’s no excuse for their mistake. They’ve sent letters to those affected, and have spoken to their print operators about the problem.”We’re also looking at and have changed some of our quality assurance and what happens when a print run is interrupted,” Thompson says. “And, we want to take the Social Security number off the document in the first place and end that problem.”The printing office where the error occurred runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, printing 9 million images a month.So far, no one has reported any foul play with the Social Security numbers. Thompson says since they know who received what information, they don’t expect any issues, but they have advised folks about credit monitoring services.

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Belfast Salon Puts Split Ends to Good Use

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The average hair salon produces about a pound of hair clippings every day. Normally, it’s just thrown away. But there is someone out there who wants to put those wasted ends to work.”It’s becoming quite the topic of conversation around town, and I’m glad to be a part of it,” says Carole Young. She was getting her hair cut at the Lisa Nichols Salon in Belfast Thursday.In doing so, Young was also donating her hair, which — believe it or not — will be used to help clean up oil spills.”Who knew!” says salon owner Lisa Nichols. “It was a hairdresser who found this out. They were watching the Exxon Valdez oil spill and he thought, ‘Hey, you know, hair is very absorbent, it’s like a magnet to oil.’”A non-profit in California, called Matter of Trust, recycles the hair into mats, which are then used to soak up the oil from spills.”I thought it was a great idea,” says stylist Kelsey Payson. They’ve been sweeping up and saving their clean hair clippings for the past month and a half.”So now we have two big garbage bags filled, and in the next week or so, we’ll send out our first shipment,” Nichols says.In an industry known for its harsh chemicals, Nichols says her salon was already trying to be more environmentally-friendly when her distributor told her about the hair mat project.”So the hair clippings goes right along with making the changes we want to make to grow forward,” she says. “I have children and I care about the environment and their future so I thought, anything we can do to help make sure there’s clean water and a safe world for them.”Nichols says customers are surprised at first, but pleased. “They love it,” she says.”I think of those pictures of the seagulls and things with the oil all over them, and it’s pretty sad. If there’s anything we can do to save those animals – it’d be pretty terrific,” Young says.Any salon can donate to the hair mat project. You can find more on the website

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Man Dies After his Motorcycle Collides with Moose

Updated 5 years ago

A 59-year-old man has died after his motorcycle struck a moose on Route 2 in Enfield. Officials say Peter Dauphinee of Enfield was killed almost instantly in the Wednesday night accident in a 55-mph zone about three miles north of the Route 155 intersection. Chief Deputy Troy Morton of the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office says that it was dark at the time and it doesn’t appear that there was anything Dauphinee could have done to avoid the crash. Morton said Dauphinee, who was thrown from his bike, was not wearing a helmet, but it probably would not have made much difference if he had been. The moose was severely injured and was put down.

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Mount View Grads Mark the End of an Era

Updated 5 years ago

The class of 2009 at Mount View High School in Thorndike will be the last group of seniors to be handed diplomas in the old school. The new 40-million dollar K through 12 building will open this fall. To mark the occasion this weekend’s graduation ceremony will bring a piece of the past back. Graduates from 1965, Mount View’s first class, will march along side seniors. Principal Lynda Letteney says the day is about the current graduates, but she says the community and school also thought a brief tribute to the classmates of 65′ would be appropriate. Letteney says invitations were sent out to the class of 65′. About twenty former graduates have responded and will be recognized at Sunday’s ceremony. Senior class president Jami Childress says she’s proud to be part of the last class to graduate from the old school. She adds that it will be a memory that will hold forever.

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Dover-Foxcroft Resident Installs Windmill

Updated 5 years ago

You’ve either seen or heard about giant pieces of windmills coming through town for big projects in Maine.A home in Dover Foxcroft is getting in on the act with a large addition to its backyard.As Meghan Hayward reports.”Seeing some of them go up and the big ones go up, I said this is going to be the coming thing and I decided if I got a chance, I was going to try it.”When the opportunity to install a private windmill came about, Dover Foxcroft resident Greg Dyer jumped on board.Dyer paid 14-thousand dollars for the windmill, but after several federal reimbursements the project qualified for, he’ll only be paying about 6-thousand dollars out of his pocket.”I’m in hopes within five years that I’ll have this paid off and that thing stills running.”He points out his wife was a little skeptical, but he expects it to grow on her.Dyer thinks he’s setting an example for his community.”I think you’re going to have a lot of people stop in. I’ve heard a lot of people in town talking about it already.”Burdins Renewable Energy Sales Manager David Nguyen helped get this project started.”So what we did is we actually came out and did a free site evaluation took a look at the property made sure it met all the guidelines.”Nguyen says this particular windmill fits perfect in a home setting like the dyers.”It’s actually designed to be silent as the breeze in the trees, its designed to be very silent. It’s designed to be in every backyard in America.”A backyard that dyer says is ready for the windmill.

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Jackson Lab Awarded $883,000

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Jackson Lab in Bar Harbor will receive nearly $900,000 in economic stimulus money to help with biomedical research. The Department of Health and Human Services is giving the lab $883,000.It will support genetic, neurological and cancer research projects.Maine Medical Center in Portland has also been awarded $406,000. That money will go toward cardiovascular studies.

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Anonymous Donor Funds Brewer’s Police K9 Program

Updated 5 years ago

An anonymous donor has stepped forward to save Brewer’s K-9 program.Chief Perry Antone announced last week that because of budget cuts, the department would have to suspend the program.But the very next day, he got a call from someone in the greater Bangor area, offering to fund the program for the year, at a cost of about 35-hundred dollars.That money will help provide food and veterinary care for the two dogs who work with Brewer police officers.Their main function is doing drug searches.Chief Antone says the dogs, Sierra and Mace, play a big role in helping the city enforce its zero-tolerance policy on drug use.< "these dogs are tools to help us get that done. As everyone knows, their ability to detect odors are so much greater than humans...narcotics, their presence is extremely important to us.">Brewer often loans the dogs out to other departments who need them…they’ve gone as far as Ellsworth to assist in drug crime investigations.

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Penny Drive Collects Hundreds for Habitat for Humanity Project

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

More than $6,000 has been collected for a family in Eastbrook working to move into a new home built through Habitat for Humanity. Hundreds of dollars of that came in the form of pennies.Construction stopped on the Rumill family home when someone stole copper pipes from the project last month. But some students in Sullivan, Winter Harbor and Bar Harbor started a “Copper for Copper” penny drive to help out. The Jackson Laboratory hosted a benefit concert. And a number of area businesses donated copper piping, building materials, appliances, furniture and heating oil. In all, more than $3,300 in donations came in and a matching grant doubled that money. Construction is back on, too, and the goal is to get the Rumills moved into their new home by August.

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$4 Million to Maine for Affordable Housing

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

More than $4 million is on its way to Maine to provide housing for low-income families. The money is part of the national economic stimulus package. Folks with the Maine State Housing Authority say about half of the money will go to the Greentree Project in Augusta, updating an existing housing facilityThe rest will help build 54 senior housing units across from the federal building in downtown Bangor and 28 units in Houlton. All of the construction is expected to generate more than 300 jobs, too.Maine is one of five states to receive stimulus money for affordable housing.

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Orneville Fire

Updated 5 years ago

Several central Maine fire crews responded to a fire in Orneville early Thursday morning..The fire on Route 155 was called in by a passerby a little before 4 o’clock.The building, which is being called a camp, was completely engulfed in flames when crews arrived.Fire crews from Bradford, Lagrange and Milo all responded to the blaze.According to sgt. Tim York with the state fire marshal’s office, the location of the fire made fighting it the most difficult. “The issue is it’s in Orneville and it’s a distance for every fire department to get here.”The structure is being called a complete loss.There was no one inside the building at the time of the fire.Fire fighters had the flames extinguished and cleared the scene in a couple of hours time.

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