Peter Rabbit Comes to Glenburn

Updated 6 years ago

After weeks of practice and lots of preparations, Kindergarteners at Glenburn Elementary School are ready to put on their tails and take the stage for Peter Rabbit.The performance is tonight, but Kristen LaVerghetta got a preview at the kids’ dress rehearsal.It all started with story time.”Like a long time ago, Lucus had a book about Peter Rabbit and we read it and I think that’s why she picked us to be like all different kinds of characters for the Peter Rabbit play.””She just picked me first to be Mr. McGregor.””Mrs. Reese picked me to be Mrs. Rabbit.”It took a lot of practice.”I think we practiced for, ummmm six weeks!”And learning the lines was tough.”Some of them are pretty good that I know, but some of them are not pretty good.””My mom put them on little notes to I could flip the pages so I can know which ones I could do.”But they’re finally ready to put on their ears.”We got the costumes and she had to duck tape them to our heads.”Paint on some whiskers.”I think the costumes look like fantastic!!!” And take the stage.Peter, Mr. McGregor, and the whole gang hippidy hopped through their frist performance without a hitch.They can’t wait to preform for real in front of a packed house!”I’m really excited!”

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Sargent to Begin Manufacturing for Austrian Company

Updated 6 years ago

A local company has signed a contract to start manufacturing parts for a firm in Austria.The Sargent Corporation will make heavy equipment attachments for the Wimmer company.Company officials had been looking to start production in the U-S, and after meeting with Herb Sargent, decided to go with the Maine corporation.Sargent says his company has used Wimmer attachments for years on their excavators.They’re now building a seven thousand square foot addition to their welding facility in Stillwater to produce the Wimmer parts.Governor John Baldacci toured the plant Wednesday. Sargent officials expect that when the new facility is complete, they’ll add about 10-20 new workers to help produce the Wimmer parts.

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New way to register at Sebasticook Valley Hospital

Updated 6 years ago

Patients at Sebasticook Valley Hospital in Pittsfield now have an option when it comes to how they register for their visits.Cori Skall has the story.”To my knowledge, in a hospital in the state of Maine, we are the first to implement the self check-in kiosk.””It’s about communicating with our customers, and making it convenient for them.”Checking in to the hospital just got a lot easier for patients at the Sebasticook valley hospital.The administration recently unveiled two new self check-in kiosks for patients in the hosptial’s entrance.”Our kiosks, which allow people to come in and actually register themselves, rather than to sit in a chair, waiting to be called in and get registered. So it’s all automated.””Couple of things about the kiosks is that this is a free standing unit. This is all antimicrobial, chemicals built it, so, to the screen. It’s all touch screen. The patient just walks up and presses start. The other thing to notice is, if you’re even standing slightly to the side, you won’t be able to see what’s on the screen. Privacy screen that’s built in to this is really quite superior.”Information officer, peggy romano, says the kiosk check in process is easy.You simply answer a couple of questions, touch a button, swipe a card and sign your name.”And that’s pretty much it. It’s as easy as that.”You need a healthpass card to use the new system, which you can get at the hospital.”Every patient that walks through the door is asked do you have a health pass card, and if they don’t, they’re given one.”Romano says the kiosks are not meant to replace personnel, and patients can still check in with the registration desk.”We give people the option, although I will tell you our first patient that checked in here was well in to her 80’s and did very well.”Romano says the hospital hopes to eventually have kiosks at every check in point on the campus, including physician’s offices, and rehab centers.Cori Skall, WABI TV 5 News.

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Maine Premiere of “The Way We Get By”

Updated 6 years ago

A new documentary directed by an Old Town native will have its Maine premiere tomorrow night in Orono.”The Way We Get By” documents the work of the Maine Troop Greeters.It also looks at their personal struggles as they strive to keep the promise they made to the soldiers.Amy Erickson has the story.***Video Clips Courtesy of The Way We Get By Productions, Inc.***< "welcome home, heroes! Welcome home."When director Aron Gaudet and producer Gita Pulapilly set out to make a documentary about the Maine Troop Greeters, they had no idea what they'd end up with.Gaudet, who grew up in Old Town, became interested in the greeters after his mother, Joan, became involved.In 2004, he took a trip to the airport to see what it was all about...and he was hooked. But the story grew from there. "once we went home with all of them and saw all the struggles in their lives, we were like, hey, this could be something that's more than just about the troop greeters...but about growing old in America, all the struggles you go through."More than four years later, the end result is the 80 minute film "the Way we Get by." "my life don't mean a hell of a lot to me, but if I can make it mean something to someone else...that's my endeavor." "in the end, I think it's pretty inspiring, because they have this purpose they've found in their life and it gets them through everything."The movie's winning critical acclaim and film festival prizes across the country. "it's been amazing, the response because we didn't know what we had...even when we finished. You're so close to it, you know, you kind of forget the emotion that's there. So to see an audience watching it and they're laughing and crying. It's just been overwhelming." "it's the largest project we've ever committed to in the history of the company."Yellow Light Breen is a senior vice president at Bangor Savings Bank.He saw the movie trailer and convinced his boss to get involved...The company ended up as a corporate sponsor, donating more than 100-thousand dollars towards production and distribution of the film.Breen says it's worth every penny. "this movie had to be made and it has to be seen. The trailer, it just spoke to what Bangor is about, what Maine is about, and I guess what being a human being is about."Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Bangor.>The film premieres this week at the Collins Center for the Arts in Orono.Thursday night’s showing is invitation-only.The Friday and Saturday showings are open to the public.To purchase tickets, call the Box Office at 581-1755.Tickets are $7 apiece.All service personnel and veterans will be admitted free.For information on future Maine screenings of the film, log on to

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Waterville Drug Bust

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After a two-month investigation by the Kennebec County Drug Task Force, officials in Waterville say they’ve completed a significant drug bust.More than 80 grams of Cocaine were found hidden in a Waterville home.With a street value of $8,000, or as much as $16,000 if cut and redistributed.Officials have charged 41-year-old Kathleen Lynn Kennedy and 42-year-old Frederick Herman in the case.Both have June court dates in Augusta Superior Court.

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Milo Chief Steps Down

Updated 6 years ago

Milo police chief Michael Poulin, has resigned.Poulin was charged in March with assault, for allegedly attacking his wife.Town officials unanimously accepted Poulin’s resignation. Before he resigned, Poulin was suspended with pay until an investigation into the allegations was completed.Poulin is expected to make his first court appearance on April 27.

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Gustin in Court

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A man charged in two armed robberies made his first court appearance in Bangor Tuesday.29-year-old Travis Gustin is facing two charges of robbery in connection with hold ups at convenience stores in Bangor and Kenduskeag last month.Bail is set at $50,000 cash.Penobscot County District Attorney Chris Almy says Gustin is likely to face more charges.Gustin is also charged with burglary in connection with another incident at The Curtain Shop in Bangor last month.He faces up to ten years in prison on each robbery charge.

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Health Care for Soldiers

Updated 6 years ago

(AP) The Commission to Protect the Lives and Health of Members of the Maine National Guard issued a report to the Legislature on Tuesday as lawmakers gave final approval to a joint resolution calling on Congress and President Obama to address health care reforms for service personnel. The commission is led by Barbara Damon-Day of Newcastle, the mother of a Maine National Guard member who died suddenly while serving in Afghanistan. Captain Patrick Damon had been a longtime legislative staffer. Recommendations for federal action include increasing efforts to diagnose and treat illnesses and making anthrax vaccine safety data available to independent researchers.

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Brewing up Business in Bar Harbor

Updated 6 years ago

The folks at Atlantic Brewing are excited to bring Bar Harbor Brewing back into the hands of Mainers. Doug Maffucci, President of Atlantic Brewing says, “It had been sold a year ago to an out of state group, and I think they really didn’t understand how to run a Maine business.” Atlantic Brewing already runs a brewery and winery in the area – and now Bar Harbor Brewing.Even though they’re expanding, they say they plan to keep the company focus local and maintain the unique styles of both brands. “They’re both good. The Atlantic Brewing beers are well respected, and the Bar Harbor beers are well respected and we want to keep that difference there for the consumer.” says Maffucci.The Bar Harbor beers will be sold out of the Downtown Bar Harbor Brewery and the Town Hill location will still feature Atlantic’s beers. They say the only major change will be the label. “Even though the recipes are the same, the look and the feel is gonna be a lot more in keeping with the methodology that we employ at our brewery.”Atlantic’s expansion will even ‘brew-up’ a few new jobs.Maffucci says, “We are picking-up and employing people to really make this transition. In fact, we’re bringing the former brewer aboard. We’re gonna bring on some marketing people, some sales people, and in that regard, we’re excited in this sort of tough time to create a few jobs anyways.”They say, despite the tough times, they haven’t seen a drop in sales. “They still want to have a nice beer at the end of the day. So the result of that is we’re seeing beer sales doing pretty well.”

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Roads from Hampden to Camden damaged by floods.

Updated 6 years ago

Maine’s DOT and Public Works crews will have their hands full for the next month, as they repair the mess Mother Nature left in her path.From swollen river banks, to washed out roadways and culverts, the recent rain has wreaked havoc along many of Maine’s coastal roads, especially in the Camden area.Cori Skall has the story.”We’ve had some good ones out here, at times.”While a lot of rain can be fun for some, for others, it means a whole lot of work!”As you can see, it’s coming off the hillside, and when it gets down to where our drainage is, it usually brings leaves and things with it…leaves, trees, debris.”When drains and culverts fill up, that water’s got to go somewhere…usually, the road.”As it goes downhill further, it erodes and erodes and gets to the next culvert and plugs that one. By the time you get a half a mile away, in this case here it’s almost a mile away, it tears the ground up.””You can see, in some places, where the water has come through and washout out even the under parts of some of the roads.””Most of the damage has been to our shoulders, and some of it, they have to be grated…but when you get water flow like it is, all you can do is just stand there and look at it go.”Maine DOT Supervisor, Harry Fitzgerald, says fixing this damage could take some time.Crews first have to redirect the water and rebuild to shoulders before they tackle the roads.”I’m sure it will at least be a couple of weeks, anyways. You know, we’ll try and get it so the traffic can get through, earliest as possible. But as far as fully, the way it should be, it’s gonna be a couple of three weeks.”We’re told one motorist in the Appleton area had to be rescued after driving into water.Fitzgerald urges motorist to obey road closed signs, and avoid flooded areas.But most of all, have patience.”This piece of the road is just a small piece of the pie. When you got a couple of three hundred miles of road, you still have to maintain them, too. We don’t want any of those see them like this here.”Cori Skall, WABI TV 5 News.

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Storm Damage Costs in Knox, Lincoln, and Waldo Counties

Updated 6 years ago

Knox County Emergency Management Director Ray Sisk estimates the cost of road repairs due to flooding will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range. Sisk adds that the number is conservative at this point since damage assessments are in the initial stages. Waldo County Officials are reporting road repairs could cost at least 150-thousand dollars in Northport. Damages in lincolnville are expected to exceed that. Searsport is up to 60-thousand dollars. Maine Emergency Management Spokesperson, Lynette Miller urges citizens to report any problem to local officials. When those damages are reported to MEMA it can be determined whether or not towns can apply for federal aid to pay for repairs. For more information on flood safety please visit this site.

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Life Jacket Bill Withdrawn

Updated 6 years ago

A bill that would have required all boaters in Maine to wear life jackets has been withdrawn. The bill was pulled by its sponsor before a hearing before the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee that had been scheduled for Tuesday. Bath Democratic Rep. Thomas Watson says he withdrew the bill because it was too broad. Coast Guard figures show 12 boating deaths in Maine in 2006. Between 2002 and 2006, there were 51 deaths on Maine waters reported to the Coast Guard. The national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 68 percent of the fatalities in non-motorized boating accidents between 2000 and 2007 involved people who were not wearing PFDs.

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Turner Farm Dropped

Updated 6 years ago

Eggland’s Best says it is no longer doing business with Radlo Foods following allegations of animal cruelty at an egg farm in Turner.Radlo, in turn, is severing its ties to Quality Egg of New England, and is pledging to become “cage-free.”The fallout comes amid a state investigation into conditions at the farm.Undercover video allegedly shows hens being forced to live in cages so small, they couldn’t walk.

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Wednesday Road Closures

Updated 6 years ago

Here are the latest road closures as of Wednesday, April 8th at 5AM:Route 52 in Lincolnville and CamdenSlabcity Road in LincolnvilleCamden: Barns Town Road Gilette Road Snowbowl Road Boat Ramp to Youngstown Route 105 by box 625 (reports of 10 inches of water) Rollins Road Hope: Gilette Road Barnstown Road Pierce RoadWarren: Carroll RoadWashburn: Route 164Abbott: Back Abbot Road*These roads were closed as of Tuesday afternoon, we were unable to confirm whether they have been re-opened this morning.*Northport: Prescot Hills Rd Beach Hill Rd (Down one lane) Lower Congress Rd, closed Little River Dr. to Perkins Rt.1 Frankfort: lots of water over Rd.Searsport: Black Rd N. Searsport Rd Bragdon LaneBelfast: Poors Mills Rd Tide Rd Edgecombe RdWe will have more information as it comes in.

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Underwater Art – The Coral Business

Updated 6 years ago

A native Mainer has made quite a name for herself in the world of coral.Penny Harkins uses her aquatic green thumb to grow soft corals, and her web designing background to grow her global business.”Mother Nature really takes over, ya know” Says Harkins. Harkins started her coral reef business in her basement. When corals in her tank got too big, she decided it was time to trim them.”When I did that the first time I couldn’t throw away the pieces I knew they were live, so I said, ok – I tried to bind them to rock and they started to grow, and I got really good at making baby corals, so I had a tank full of babies, and big ones still going and nowhere to go with them.”Harkins decided to start selling her baby corals – she created a website, and her business took off. She says for many, filling their tanks is more than just a hobby – it’s a passion.”There’s something for everyone. If your favorite color is purple we got a lot of those for you, that kinda things” she say. From mushrooms and toad stools – to sea horses and shrimp… She has hundreds of species and a rainbow of colors in this underwater world… In addition to looking like art – growing coral helps the environment. Harkins says, “Every one that we grow here on location, or my customers grow, is one less that has to be harvested out of the ocean floor for the hobby… down the road I see us actually being called to help with replacing corals that became extinct in areas due to global warming and other environmental factors.”Harkins isn’t just in it for the sale. “In here I’m all about helping people keep everything that they have in their tanks alive.”She says a healthy system equals healthy animals, long term pets, and very happy customers!For more information or to order the coral, you can visit the web site,at

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Public Health Week in Maine

Wayne Harvey

Updated 6 years ago

Improving the health and quality of life of all Mainers.And officials in the state want to make sure they start a lifetime change this week.It is public health week in the state of Maine. It runs from Monday the 6th until the 12th.Bangor Mayor Gerry Palmer issued a proclimation from the city today to encourge Bangor residents and all Mainers to eat healthy, manage their weight and promote and active lifestyle.In the proclimation from the city it said that 75% of all healthcare costs are related to largely preventable chronic diseases.The Public Health Director Patricia Hamilton was also on hand, and she says that spring is the perfect time to encourage people to get active.”We have a lot of prevention activities we have a new website called what you do matters and we’re trying to get the public to look to that and go to it for info on chronic disease, healthy living, nutrition, and physical activity.”Both bangor’s and Maine’s Public Health Week is part of the observance of the national event. House Speaker Hannah Pingree will also hold an event this Thursday at One o’clock at the State House Building in Augusta.

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Red Sox Fans Ring in the 2009 Season

Wayne Harvey

Updated 6 years ago

Typically Peanuts and Cracker Jacks are sung about by baseball fans.Red Sox fans welcomed the start of the 2009 season with free hot dogs, chips, and drinks courtesy of Bangor radio station WZON.No matter the weather, Sox fans were ready to welcome the Boys of Summer, according to WZON Program Director Dale Duff. “We’ve done it in the rain, we’ve done it in the snow, we’ve done it in the sun and today we’re kind of doing it overcast.”If you hold it, they will come, and WZON had hundreds of baseball fans show up for their season opening barbeque at TBA in Bangor. It’s the 12th time the station has done this for their listeners.Some have made it to all of them, some are stopping in for the first time. “Exciting, first time I’ve ever been here, but had a good time a good showing.” said Brewers Mike Hartin. ” Usually I’m working, I work for the postal service, and I don’t get the chance to get the time off but I was able to get out today.”Irv Marsters of Glenburn has been to a number of these season opening cookouts “Like old home days a lot of people here, a lot of good hot dogs, some fun with the Tampa Bay cowbells.” “We have so many people that want to get out and talk Red Sox, think Red Sox, wear Red Sox, and grab a free hot dog” said Duff,”and that’s kind of what this day is all about just to get the Red Sox season started.”It was also about taking a shot at division rivals the Tampa Bay Rays and the New York Yankees.Especially the cowbell that Rays fans were clanging when they beat the Sox to get to the World Series last year.The folks at WZON had a special treat for those cowbells.And it came in the form of a Red Truck that crushed one.Despite the game being rained out, the fans were happy and ready to do it again, at least Marsters was. “It just means we’re going to have to do it all over again tomorrow.”

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Robbery Suspect Captured

Updated 6 years ago

The man wanted for two armed robberies last weekend in the Bangor area has been captured.Police say 29-year-old Travis Gustin called a Maine State Trooper Monday morning and told him he would turn himself in at the corner of Garland and Elm Streets in Bangor.Just before 11:30 a.m., police from several agencies converged on that intersection and arrested Gustin without incident.No weapons were recovered.Gustin is charged with two counts of robbery, one each for the hold ups at convenience stories on Route 15 in Bangor and Kenduskeag.He’s also charged with burglary in connection with another incident at The Curtain Shop in Bangor last month.

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Prostitution Arrests in Brewer

Joy Hollowell

Updated 6 years ago

Brewer police say they’ve broken up one of the largest prostitution rings ever in our area.Seven women are charged with Promotion of Prostitution following an undercover sting in Brewer Thursday night. “We started about a month ago, looking into some of the girls we had heard of that were offering more than just dances or erotic massages. Most of them were listed on a website, one of them being Craigslist,” according to Detective Sergeant Jay Munson of the Brewer Police Department.TV 5 found ads on for at least two of the women charged with Promotion of Prostitution- 19-year old Aimee Bernard, who police say was featured on Craigslist as Mariah, and 25-year old Jolena Glidden, who allegedly goes by the stage name of Laylah.The ads say the Bangor women book exclusively through Cinnamon’s Sweets. Police say 26-year-old Coleen Singer also worked for that business.Sergeant Munson tells TV 5 appointments were set up with these three women, as well as 29-year-old Amanda Shaw of Bangor, 28-year old Kimberly Oakley of Brewer, and 23-year-old Alicia Gray of Kenduskeag, for last Thursday night, at a motel in Brewer. “As they showed up, there was money exchanged for them to appear. And then there was discussion as to up charges for sexual services,” says Sergeant Munson.Officers set up hidden audio and video cameras inside the motel room. “There wasn’t a single one of them that I would say was not surprised or shocked that we were actually the police. By looking at the reports that I’ve read, most of them are working three or four nights a week. And I say nights, I mean, some of these are two o’clock in the afternoon, noontime,” says Sergeant Munson.Last Friday, officers went to the Orland home of 42-year old Michelle Powers-Jenkins. She’s identified as the owner of Cinnamon’s Sweets. It’s believed she’s been in business for about a decade, and once operated out of Brewer. “Found at her home, there were business ledgers giving names of clients, contact information, credit card information from some of her clients,” says Sergeant Munson.Sergeant Munson says his department is now in the process of contacting those people. “Right now, we just want to talk to them, see what they have to say. And go from there.”Michelle Powers-Jenkins is also charged with Promotion of Prostitution.T-V 5 talked with Powers-Jenkins.She said at this point, she can not comment on the case.Sergeant Munson is asking anyone with information on the case or Cinnamon’s Sweets to call him at 989-7001.

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Water Main Break in Bangor

Updated 6 years ago

Traffic was reduced to two lanes on Main Street in Bangor Sunday as crews worked on a water main break.It happened at about 1pm Sunday.Drivers reported seeing water shooting up out of the ground.Bangor Water District crews arrived on scene and closed two lanes of traffic so they could start doing repairs.They say it’s not unusual to have breaks this time of year. “Usually, when the frost comes out of the ground, we’ll pick up a few more. We just had one on Parkview Ave…and this one…and we may still have a few more breaks.”Officials say that the work lasted for several hours, but was completed by Sunday night.

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