Two Families Homeless in Skowhegan

Updated 6 years ago

Crews from six towns were called to an apartment complex in Skowhegan around 12:40 Thursday morning.We’re told everyone made it safely out of both apartments at 83 Lawton Street.The Red Cross says that it is helping out the two families that lived there, both of whom have children.The two families are currently being put up in an hotel for now, and the Red Cross will be by to provide them with clothes to wear and food to eat.Meanwhile, we’re told the crews have cleared the scene as of 7 o’clock Thursday morning. The apartment building was destroyed.

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2008 Homicide Statistics

Updated 6 years ago

(AP) That’s the highest number since 1989, when 40 people were killed in the deadliest year in Maine history.

Of last year’s homicides, 19 were domestic related, or roughly two-thirds of the killings. State Public Safety Department spokesman Stephen McCausland says that normally, about half of Maine’s homicides are domestic.

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Fire Safe Cigarettes

Updated 6 years ago

Laws went into effect on New Year’s Day in Delaware, Iowa, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and 14 other states allow sales of fire-safe cigarettes only. Fifteen other states have laws that will take effect this year or next, according to the Coalition for Fire-Safe Cigarettes.

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Army Guard Unit Returns Home

Updated 6 years ago

It is a very early, but very happy start to the new year for some area military families.

The 130 members of Charlie Company, 126th aviation regiment of the Maine Army National Guard, arrived home around 3:30 Thursday morning.

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Fortune in Court

Updated 6 years ago

Daniel Fortune’s attorney has admitted to a judge that his client was at William Guerette’s home the night of a brutal attack on the Pittston family with a machete.

The 21-year-old Augusta man was in court this week, asking that his bail be reduced from $1,000,000 to $50,000.

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Cooking with Ann Marie

Updated 6 years ago

Negative Calorie Soup

Sweet Onion-chopped

1Tbs butter

2Tbs olive oil

A pinch of Sea salt and pepper

8 large tomatoes-diced or 2 cans of chopped tomatoes

3 stalks of celery-chopped

head of cabbage-chopped

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Laura Fox Rolfe’s 100th Birthday

Updated 6 years ago

&quot:She was born in 1908, in the town of East Lowell, in the family farm house.&quot:Laura Fox Rolfe has lived through 18 American presidents, and has seen the invention of the automobile, the television and the internet.Most of her years, she spent as a teacher in her hometown of Lowell, Maine.&quot:Tell me, how old are you today I am 100 years old today! And how do you feel at 100 years old I don’t feel it! No Course I don’t! Do I look it Not at all! I wouldn’t of had you over 60 myself! Alright! Well, now! That sounds good! Thank you!&quot:Rolfe, who hardly looks one hundred, says she enjoys a very health and active life.&quot:I like to read, I like to play the piano a lot. And if there’s a dance I won’t miss it!&quot:&quot:That’s one of my hobbies, it is! Fishing, yes! What do you like about fishing Well, its just fun!&quot:When you ask Rolfe what her favorite memories of the last one hundred years are, its a question she can’t answer.&quot:Oh, my lands! I couldn’t…there’s so much, Honey, I couldn’t begin to name them for you!&quot:But ask her family what they like best about &quot:Aunt Laura&quot:—That’s easy.&quot:Its just so nice to have her around.&quot:&quot:She spreads a lot of smiles around.&quot:&quot:I think that’s the great thing about her, its that she looks at everything as being such a joy, if everybody could be that way, it’d be kind of nice.&quot:&quot:She just thoroughly enjoys life. She doesn’t believe that she’d one hundred…she may be 100 but to her, she’s as old as you think you are as old as you feel, and that’s the way she lives her life.&quot:

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New Laws to Take Effect

Updated 6 years ago

(AP) – Beginning Thursday, adult adoptees who were born in Maine can obtain their original birth certificates. That is among a scattering of new state laws that take effect on Jan. 1, 2009.

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Rockland Man in Jail

Updated 6 years ago

Preston Williams is charged with eight counts of gross sexual assault, and one count of incest.

He’s accused of abusing a female relative for at least the last two years.

Williams recently appeared in court, where his bail is set at $25,000 cash or $150,000 in property.

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Autopsy Tells Different Story

Updated 6 years ago

That’s what an autopsy concluded in the death of 1-year-old Matteo Hansen.

Hansondied late last month at his mother’s apartment in Wilton whilebeing babysat by David Cook, his mother’s boyfriend.

Cook claimed the boy died from falling down the stairs, but Cook was charged with manslaughter when, state police say, the child’s injuries were found to be consistent with being severely kicked or punched.

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Kids celebrate

Updated 6 years ago

The New Year’s Eve celebrations started a little early, in bangor today…

As about a hundred kids gathered at the bangor mall for a &quot:Noon&quot: Year’s Eve party….

Our own Cori Skall was there for all the fun…..

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Lincoln Fatal Accident

Updated 6 years ago

The logging truck hit the pedestrian on Rt. 2 in Lincoln near the G.E. Goding Concrete Company.

Police say 90-year-old Beulah Ireland was crossing the road near her home to check her mail.

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Hermon Fire Ruled Accidental

Updated 6 years ago

They say the blaze was the result of an electrical malfunction.

Fire crews were called to Overhead Door on Liberty Drive around 4 o’clock Sunday afternoon. Heavy smoke was pouring from the building when they arrived.

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Harney Remembered

Updated 6 years ago

Jim Harney of Bangor traveled the world, capturing the life of people in third-world countries: learning about their cultures and their struggles.

He visited Baghdad in 2003 to put a face to the war in Iraq.

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Digging out from the storm

Updated 6 years ago

Now imagine having say 75 or 100 cars to clean off. Photojournalist Tom Round was there when the folks at Linnehans cleaned up in Bangor.

&quot:If we’ve got forewarning, now on a Sunday it doesn’t usually happen like this but we usually try to get them all in a bunch, get’em corralled so that we can have as much plow space as possible.&quot:

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Wardens Warn Fishermen of Thin Ice

Updated 6 years ago

While Sunday’s warm weather was good news for most folks looking to get outside, the warmer temperatures aren’t helping ice fishing conditions.

Game Wardens are cautioning folks thinking about heading out onto the ice this week to think twice.

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Skowhegan Woman Back in Court

Updated 6 years ago

Vella Gogan of Skowhegan was summonsed Sunday for the theft of two pairs of shoes and two water bottles from a sporting goods store in Waterville. She was later jailed without bail for violating probation on her manslaughter conviction.

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Snowmobile Death

Updated 6 years ago

Maine game wardens say a 15-year-old from Windham died from his injuries after crashing his snowmobile into a tree west of the town of Portage.

Lt. Doug Tibbetts says there was freezing rain and poor visibility at the time of the crash late Saturday afternoon.

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Hermon Business Fire

Updated 6 years ago

Emergency crews were notified when a fire alarm went off at Overhead Door on Liberty Drive just after 4 pm.

By the time they arrived, heavy smoke was pouring out of the building.

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Downtown Bangor

Updated 6 years ago

This year, there will be ten venues hosting events for the Downtown Countdown.

These include the Maine Discovery Museum, the Union Street Church and the Hammond Street Senior Center.

This is a celebration for all ages with dancing, food, and special refreshments that even the kids can enjoy.

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