Founding Brother of Cianbro Company Laid to Rest

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Family and friends said goodbye today to one of the founding brothers of Maine’s largest construction company.Mourners gathered at the First Baptist Church in Pittsfield to pay their respects to Bud Cianchette. Among them, Maine senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe. Ciancette died of cancer at his home in Cumberland last week at the age of 83.He and his brothers started the Cianbro company, based in Pittsfield, 60 years ago. The company is now known around the world.Cianchette was also active in politics.He was a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 2004, alongside his son Peter, who ran for governor in 2002.

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Grand View Given the Okay to Reopen

Updated 5 years ago

The Vassalboro area may have its topless coffee shop back, in a slightly altered fashion, as soon as Wednesday.On Tuesday Donald Crabtree asked the Vassalboro planning board to allow him to reopen the business in a trailer and save money until he can get a new building built.The board has since approved his request.The three-member planning board told Crabtree he can operate in a temporary structure, but he must move the debris from the burned building off the property within one year, and must also have his new building constructed within the same timeframe.

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Forest Fire in Franklin

Updated 5 years ago

Fire fighters from several towns as well as the Maine Forest Service, battled a forest fire in Franklin Tuesday night.Someone driving on Maccomber Mill Road saw the flames and called it in around 5pm.The fire spread to a few acres.The Maine Forest Service is now investigating.

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Veterans Day Lunch in Milo

Updated 5 years ago

Veterans and their families are invited to share a meal in Milo Wednesday.Three Rivers Kiwanis of Milo-Brownville is hosting a free Veterans Day dinner at noon at the Milo town hall.At 11:45 American Legion post #41 will hold a P.O.W. M.I.A. ceremony.The Milo Elementary School singers will also perform.Anyone who has served, or is currently serving, as well as their immediate family is welcome, along with widows and widowers.Also, if you know of a veteran who is homebound, you can call Eben Dewitt at 943-2486.

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Jones Suit Dismissed

Updated 5 years ago

A lawsuit filed against the town of Milo by a former town manager has been dismissed in federal court.Jane Jones served as town manager for 17 years.She claimed the town violated her rights when they fired her in November of 2007.Jones asked for $17,000 she says was owed to her for breach of contract, and she wanted punitive damages and her attorney fees paid.The lawsuit was dismissed on Monday, without costs or fees to any party.Jones is now the town manager of Howland.

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Swartz Enters Guilty Plea

Updated 5 years ago

A Sebec man accused of stealing money from a blind man who summers in Maine has pled guilty.77-year-old Herbert Swartz could face up to ten years in prison and a $10,000 fine.Authorities say Swartz stole more than $11,000 from an 82-year-old man who lives in New York state and summers in Sebec.That man relied on Swartz to help him with banking and grocery errands.Piscataquis County District Attorney Chris Almy says he’ll recommend Swartz serve 45 days in jail followed by probation until he’s paid back the victim.Charges against 59-year-old Elizabeth Cutler of Sebec were dropped after #3,000 was paid toward restitution.

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FairPoint Hearing Postponed

Updated 5 years ago

A meeting between FairPoint Communications and leading lawmakers from Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont has been postponed.They were scheduled to meet to discuss FairPoint’s bankruptcy plans.Consumer advocates and union leaders were supposed to be part of the meeting too.But it’s been put on hold until after a judge rules on FairPoint’s reorganization plan.

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Winthrop Schools Closed

Updated 5 years ago

Classes at Winthrop schools are cancelled for the rest of this week because of a swine flu outbreak.School superintendent Stephen Cottrell says more than 25% of the student body, and 17 staff members were out sick on Tuesday.There’s no school on Wednesday in honor of Veterans Day.Cottrell says he’s cancelling classes on Thursday and Friday so everyone can have time to get better.School was canceled in Jonesport and Beals on Monday and Tuesday, following the confirmation of a case of H1N1 there.More than 40 schools in Maine have reported high absenteeism, with 15% to almost 50% of students out sick at those schools on Monday.

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New Facility for Johnson Outdoors in Old Town

Updated 5 years ago

Old Town canoes are now being made in a new state of the art facility in Old Town.In fact, its parent company, Johnson Outdoors decided to consolidate all of its watercraft production to Old Town.They credit state and local leaders for helping to make it happen.Folks gathered to celebrate Tuesday and the Governor declared it Old Town Canoe day in Maine.The ribbon was cut on a new 136-thousand foot facility on Gilman Falls Avenue in Old Town, where all watercraft produced by Johnson outdoors will be made, including Old Town Canoes and kayaks.The company could have moved production out of state, but decided to stay here, and expand.”We wouldn’t be standing in this new facility and looking at such exciting future if it were not for the support from the wonderful city of Old Town and the great State of Maine.”The city and state provided loans and grants to help make it happen.But the folks here say there’s another important factor, the city offers skilled workers. After all, Old Town canoes have been made here since 1898.”I really want to thank you for the opportunity to make Old Town the center of the Johnson operations because it’s really on your shoulders that this foundation is being built.”The expansion will lead to the addition of 48 new jobs bringing the workforce here to 182, and they’re increasing production by 20 percent. City Administrator Peggy Daigle says this story proves that contrary to popular belief, Maine is a good state to do business in.And as for the old historic site of Old Town Canoe, the city will take over ownership. They hope to create a museum there, to highlight the city’s important manufacturing past and present.”We think it could be a nice anchor for the downtown businesses. It could give them a little boost to capitalize on the fact that Old Town canoe is here in Old Town.”The new facility is also energy efficient. They’ve converted from oil to natural gas and reduced energy use by nearly half.

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Major Eva M. Price is Honored

Updated 5 years ago

A ceremony was held today to honor Major Eva M. Price. At 100 years old, she is believed to be the eldest living US Army nurse of World War II.Major Price was born in South Brewer in 1909. She attended Brewer High School and then went on to Nursing school in Massachusetts.She entered the Nurses Army Corps in 1945. During her tenure she served in several different places, including Japan, Germany, and Korea.There were many prominent speakers at today’s event, they all thanked her for her service.”You have represented the leadership and skill that has made a difference in countless lives and have supported this great nation.” says Governor Baldacci. General John Libby added, “We’re proud of you, and than you for your contribution to the defense and freedom.”Many woman who now serve in the military look at Major Price and others from her generation as role models — saying Major Price helped to pave the way for those who serve today.

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“American Logger” Talks with Bangor Rotary

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

A local logger who’s getting a lot of national attention shared his story with business and community leaders in Bangor today. Rudy Pelletier of Millinocket is now better known as one of the stars of the Discovery Channel show, American Loggers. He and his six brothers run Gerald Pelletier Logging – a business started by their father more than fifty years ago.Pelletier spoke before the Bangor Rotary, along with Greg Smith, one of the show’s producers.They say the success of the show is drawing more tourists to the Millinocket area. Pelletier says it’s also helping people appreciate what it takes to work the Maine woods.”I think people realize when they got to a Home Depot or a Lowe’s hardware store and buy a 2×4, they know exactly where it comes from now. So I think before the show happened, a lot of people just buy lumber and say, you know, this is it. But now they realize what we have to got through to get that product to the mill.”The Pelletier family is also opening a restaurant soon, which they hope will become an attraction for American Logger fans.Right now, the show is in it’s second season of production. Ten new episodes will air on the Discovery Channel, starting in mid-January.

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Phony $20 Bills Turn Up in Midcoast Area

Updated 5 years ago

There’s counterfeit money floating around the Midcoast.Over the weekend, cashiers in several towns called police after people passed them phony twenty dollar bills. Police say they have suspects, but the investigation is not over.Officials say so far, people in Union, Rockport and Rockland have reported these counterfeit twenties to police. At first glance, they look a lot like the real thing.The easy way to tell they they’re not real– the wording. On the front, instead of “Federal Reserve Note,” these bills say “Theatrical Use Only”.And on the back, instead of “In God We Trust,” these read, “In Props We Trust.” The paper is also slightly thicker, and has a different texture.But, Knox County Sheriff Donna Dennison says if you weren’t looking for those differences, it would be easy to miss them.”They look pretty close, so anybody who didn’t know or take notice if they were in a hurry, they’d probably take these bills at face value, cash,” Dennison says.In small letters, the bills even say they’re phony.Officials have recovered about 25 of them so far, but think there are more out there. Several law enforcement agencies are involved as well as the Secret Service.They do have suspects, but of course, they are asking everyone to be on the lookout for the bad bills. If you spot any, they say to call your local law enforcement agency.

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Land Acquired In Northern Maine By Conservationalists

Updated 5 years ago

Conservationalists and Gov. John Baldacci are announcing a land acquisition in western and northern Maine. According to Baldacci is calling this acquisition “a landmark achievement.”Within the “100-Mile Wilderness” region, the Appalachian Mountain Club with be acquiring the 29,500 acre Roach Ponds tract. The current stretch of land is a 63-mile-long corridor of conservation land that is made up of 600,000 acres from Moosehead Lake to Baxter State Park. Furthermore, The Nature Conservancy is acquiring 15,000 acres in the Moose River Reserve.

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Oil Prices Unchanged, But Could Change Soon

Updated 5 years ago

Last weeks oil prices went up by a penny, but this week, Maine energy officials say that the average price of $2.56 per gallon, has not changed.With what was Hurricane Ida who slammed into the Gulf Coast this week, expect crude oil prices to increase soon.The energy office survey shows heating oil prices ranged from a low of $2.22 per gallon in the western Maine to a high of $2.85 per gallon in the eastern part of the state.

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Surviving Maine’s Great Outdoors Part 2

Updated 5 years ago

It’s hunting season and snowmobile season is right on our heels. Many folks will be heading out into the open woods. Hopefully, you’ll take a survival pack, like the one Chelsey Anderson packed on her trip.Last night, a Maine Guide and Chelsey made their way into the woods and got lost. Chelsey showed you the basics of navigation, and how to build a shelter and a fire.In part two of this series a different kind of shelter, some beaver pond water, and how to get out of the woods.”I think that will make a good little base for one right there.””Now with this saw we’re going to run this one between these two trees. So what I want you to do is take the saw, come right around to this side and saw that off right about there.” “Wow it’s really easy.” “Yeah.” “Now this will become part of our shelter.””Now again this is all to keep your mind occupied and off the fact that you are lost.””So we’re going to dig out our twine.””Put any kind of knot you can think of in that.””So I just tie this off where ever?” “Sure.””Look at that it’s holding itself up!” “Look at you go.”Now it’s time to look for dead wood.”So we’re just going to lean them like this.” “Yep. Just going to lean them like that for now.””This is just a small 8×10 tarp. Nothing fancy. They fold up small and if your survival pack is something of the size of a backpack then this is a great addition.””Alls we’ll do is just make a little knot and just tie it right around here.”Now we’ll make a pine bough bed to keep us dry and warm.”This is Cadillac right here. I’m telling you what. This is the way survival shelters should be.”Now to get out of here.”We just basically need to know what direction the truck is in at this point.””So we need to go that way. East right.”But a guess could only get us more lost, so we pull out our map.”So let’s dial north into this thing.” “Okay.” “Now turn your body and face north.” “East.” “We need to go east.” “Yes!” Now we’ll verify with our GPS.”So I’m going to go to 178, which is what we marked in for the car.” “Yep.” “Look at that.” “East!” On our trek, we come across a beaver pond. We’re out of water, so Randy show’s me how to filter water.”Well normally, you want to filter your water from a moving stream. It’s much cleaner. You also have the risk of giardia from the beaver dam.”Giardia is a nasty bacteria that multiplies in your intestines.”So basically this filter will make it water like you drink out of the faucet?” “Water like you drink out of a faucet.” “So it won’t have a smell or a discoloration?” “Nope.”I let Randy try it first.”(smack) Got kind of a beavery kind of taste to it.” (laughter) “No it’s just as clear. It’s like bottled water.”My turn.”You’ll taste it’s so clean.” (cough, cough) (laughter) “No. I’m just joking!” “Nice!” “It tastes just like regular water.” “It does.” We head on our way.”What happens if your GPS is broken.” “Well that’s where prior preparation comes in. Like we did back up at the vehicle. We figured out which way we were going into the woods and which way we needed to go to get out of the woods. That’s going to be our lifesaver. But on the other side of that coin. Everybody always talks about their compass.” “Yeah, you could always use your compass, right? “Yep. But there is the potential for the compass to break.”Just then, my GPS signal goes out. Searching for satellites.”Right there.That’s what killed your signal.””So as soon as we move into the open you’ll see those jump back up and you’ll see.” “So basically don’t freak out.” “Don’t freak out. Just keep moving.””Almost back!”It’s nice to spend some time outdoors, but a relief to see the truck.It takes a week for giardia to set in. Thankfully the filter worked for Chelsey.For more information on navigation and survival, contact Randy at You can also read some of his articles in the “Northern Woods Sporting Journal.”

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Vaccine Clinic for Pregnant Women

Updated 5 years ago

Eastern Maine Medical Center has received vaccine and will hold two H1N1 vaccine clinics for pregnant women only on Tuesday, November 10 and November 12 th. The clinics will be held at the Anticoagulation Clinic at the Healthcare Mall on Union Street. Tuesday’s clinic will be open from 2:30 pm until 4:30 pm. The vaccination clinic on Thursday will be open from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm.Because there is a limited supply of vaccine,  it is recommended that people call the clinic to be sure there is vaccine before coming to Union Street. The phone number is 973-9970.

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Pancake Breakfast in Brewer for Veterans, Community

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

More than 2,400 pancakes and 10 allons of syrup on are the menu tomorrow morning in Brewer. It’s all for the annual Veterans Day Pancake Breakfast, put on by the Bangor Breakfast Rotary Club. The pancakes will be hot off the griddle, starting at 7 o’clock, at the Brewer Auditorium. Veterans who bring their walking sticks from the Cole Land Transportation can enjoy the meal for free. Otherwise, tickets for adults are 7-dollar. Children 12 and under get in for 4-dollars. All of the money raised will support a Rotary Club program that helps buy winter clothes for elementary school students.

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Edward “Sandy” Ives’ Life Celebrated

Updated 5 years ago

The University of Maine community has come together to celebrate the life of a well-loved professor.Edward “Sandy” Ives died in August. He was 83.He was an international expert in folklore and taught at UMaine for more than 40-years.For many of those years, Ives served as the director for the Maine Folklife Center, which he founded.

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Winter Craft Show For the Birds

Updated 5 years ago

Every year, an annual winter craft show in Ellsworth partners with a different local nonprofit to help them raise money.This year, some of the proceeds will go to the birds.”The Gifted Hand” fine art and craft show is teaming up with Birdsacre.The 200-acre wildlife sanctuary in Ellsworth is celebrating its 50th anniversary.They will receive up to 50% of admission from the Gifted Hand show this year, as well as extra donations.The show will be on November 13th from 10am to 5pm, and on the 14th from 9am to 4pm, at the Holiday Inn in Ellsworth.The show will features the work of more than 50 artisans.Admission is $2 for adults.

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Is Wind Developing Too Fast?

Updated 5 years ago

Maine is moving too fast developing wind power…at least, that’s what some Mainers say.The newly formed citizens’ task force on wind power held a news conference in Augusta Monday.Members say they want to work with state officials to reconsider statewide goals involving wind energy.The task force drew the support of the Forest Ecology Network, led by Jonathan Carter. “Now, many environmentalist have been sucked into believing that if you’re not for covering the mountains of Maine with turbines than you’re acting against the unfolding disaster of global change. This is an absolute false dichotomy,” Carter told TV5 on Monday. “Global warming is catastrophic but the solution is not to destroy the pristine character of the Maine mountains you don’t destroy something ecologically in the name of some other ecological improvement.”Spokesperson for the Governor David Farmer says there is no plan for Governor Baldacci to meet with the group.Farmer says the issues that are being brought up have already been addressed.

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