Turkey Toss

Updated 5 years ago

It was a turkey collection with a twist: the 5th annual turkey toss. Participants donate a turkey and receive a rubber chicken, that they toss at a target. The hope is to win prizes, including CD’s, DVD’s and t-shirts. Everyone walks away a winner. Solution FM and their sister station are assisting Manna Ministries in the collection. The goal was to collect 5800 turkeys. In the first hour about 107 were collected and event organizers say the donations will be a big help.”I think it’s really important to help those in need, it’s been a really tough economic year. A lot of people are having trouble putting turkeys on the table at all let alone a big thanksgiving spread, and you don’t want anyone to try to figure out how you’re going to feed your family a thanksgiving dinner.”The turkeys collected will be distributed to families in need in the Bangor area.

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Zonta Marketplace

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Folks heading over to the Brewer Auditorium got a chance to find some unique Holiday gifts Sunday. The Zonta Club held their biggest fundraiser of the year, the Zonta Marketplace.They had more than 70 vendors selling all kinds of items, including crafts, antiques, and collectibles. Plus they had a silent auction and raffles.All the money raised will support Zonta’s charities. Sharon Leavitt, President of Zonta, says one of their focuses right now, eliminating human trafficking. “We are a group of ladies that support the betterment of women and children and one of our biggest things is we advocate for women, and human trafficking is big for us right now. It’s big everywhere but people don’t seem to understand how bad it is. So we’re working towards that with our fundraising. We also give to women’s care, rape response, the shelter and we have seven scholarships that we give away.”To help raise even more money, Zonta club members spent weeks cooking and baking for Sunday’s events. They even offered homemade frozen meals.

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Owls Visit Discovery Museum

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It wasn’t the best day to be in nature, so nature went indoors Sunday at the Maine Discovery Museum.Kids and their parents got to learn all about owls, thanks to a presentation from Doug Soholt, an environmental educator at the Chewonki Foundation in Wiscasset.He showed the crowd in Bangor a slide presentation, but the highlights were the owls themselves.He brought along with him the great horned, barred, and saw-whet owls, all native to Maine.Soholt knows a lot of the kids won’t remember many of the facts that he shared with them, he just hopes they take away a general appreciation for owls and a desire to learn more. “There’s just something really different about seeing an actual live owl, as opposed to reading about it in a book, and our goal at the Chewonki foundation is conservation. So, we feel that when people get that personal connection with an animal, they’re much more likely to understand and have a desire to conserve that or learn more about it.”The Chewonki Foundation was started back in 1918, and they offer camps at their campus. Now they’ve started outreach programs like the one they presented Sunday at the Discovery Museum.

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Harness Racing Ends Season

Updated 5 years ago

It’s been a good year at Bangor Raceway. That’s what Corey Smith, Director of Raceway Operations is saying.Sunday was the last day of racing at Bass Park. They were hoping to start the season in April, but mother nature didn’t cooperate. So they ended up starting to race in May.Despite a bad economy, attendance was about equal to past years early in the season, although it did go down a bit in the fall.Still Smith says, people realize they can get a good deal at the race track. “It’s an inexpensive night out on the town, so instead of spending 40-50 dollars they can come spend a couple of dollars on a race. 20 dollars they’ve had a night of entertainment. So it’s a value.”They plan to start racing next year on May 11th. This past year they had some weeks when they had four days of racing, but that didn’t work out too well. So next year they plan to cut down to three days a week.

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Bangor Parks & Rec Offers Kids Open Gym On Sundays

Updated 5 years ago

The folks at Bangor Parks and Recreation are doing their part to help kids stay active when the cold weather arrives. Every Sunday at the Parks and Recreation building on Main Street in Bangor they’re offering an open gym.Kids will be able to play basketball or take part in a variety of other activities. Kids in grades K-5 can come from noon-2:00 and grades 6 and Up are welcome from 2:30-4:00 every Sunday.

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Hunger and Homlessness Awareness Week Kicks Off

Updated 5 years ago

This week is hunger and homelessness awareness week across the country and local food pantries say they’re already busy with Thanksgiving right around the corner. Brenda Davis is the Founder and Director of the Crossroads Ministries in Old Town and she says they’ve been swamped. “We’ve had over 215 families up for Thanksgiving dinners ahead of time,” says davis, “that doesn’t address the people who are going to come in at the last minute that are emergencies and trying to do the best they can hoping they’re going to be able to provide a Thanksgiving dinner for their families.”Davis says while they’re scrambling to get ready for Thanksgiving, hunger and homelessness week does make her stop and reflect. “It’s pretty much business as usual but we do ask people to take a minute to think about people being hungry.”She says the downturn in the economy has caused a rise in people who need a little help. “We have a lot of people dropping down to poverty because of the economy,” shge says, “we have working people with families, young families working 2 jobs that just need a little help.”The folks at the University College of Bangor have come up with a creative way to help their students better understand hunger and homelessness awareness week. “It’s called the Hunger Banquet,” says Rebecca Perkins, a staff associate with the Student Life Department at UCB. “Basically the point is we wanted to give students the opportunity to sit and have a meal together and have a discussion about the topic of hunger in our country and around the world.” Here on Monday students won’t know what they’re getting to eat until it’s served to them. “There’s going to be 3 classes that people are going to be randomly assigned to so they could get something as nice as a full spaghetti dinner with all the the fixings or they could get as little as rice and beans,” says Perkins.The hope is that the experience will give students a glimpse into the world of those less fortunate. “I think it will be important for them to think outside of their own communities and think about how other people live and the challenges of other people in the bangor area and around the world,” Perkins says.Meanwhile over at the food pantry in Old Town, with a little over a week to go until Thanksgiving, Brenda Davis is confident they’ll get the things they need. “Maine is a great place to live and when people know we have a need they’ll respond.”

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Convicts Caught

Updated 5 years ago

Two convicts who escaped from a minimum security prison last weekend have been caught.36-year-old Arden Shaw and 28-year-old Robert Fogg escaped from the Bolduc Correctional Facility in Warren last Saturday.The men were caught Friday night. Additional details are not available at this time.Both men were serving time for burglary and were due to be released in 2013.

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Holden Craft Fair

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In 2007 a fire destroyed the eastern maine snowmobile club’s club house. The club has since been rebuilt, and the club has been running fundraiser to pay for the new building. One such fundraiser held today was the 5th annual club craft fair. Local artists from all over maine came out to share their crafts. Event organizers say it’s also a way for the club to support maine artists. Its a good one it gives people the opportunity to come out and see the club, and meet some of the members, and learn about sledding, and give people the opportunity to get christmas gifts.” says Rita Griffin, a club member.The event was also a chance to invite new members. Officials say Eastern Maine has had a snowmobile club since about 1975.

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Presque Isle Fire

Updated 5 years ago

A warehouse fire in Presque Isle kept crews busy through the night. The Presque Isle Fire Department responded to the blaze on Rice Street just before ten Friday night. When they arrived on scene flames were coming through the roof.Crews from several other towns provided mutual aid. About 50 firefighters fought the blaze through the night and were on scene until this afternoon. There were no injuries. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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H1N1 Claims Two More Mainers

Updated 5 years ago

There have been two more deaths in Maine due to H1N1. Bringing the total to five since August.Names have not been released, but A Hancock County resident between 25 and 50, and a Kennebec County resident older than 65 passed away from the virus. Both are reported to have had an underlying medical condition.An outbreak of H1N1 has hit a Kennebec County long-term care facility, that’s according to the Maine Center for Disease Control. Residents and staff at the facility have been put on antiviral medicines, and it has been closed to visitors.

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Upward Bound at U-Maine

Updated 5 years ago

Upward Bound is a program for low income students who will be the first generation in their family to go to college.The program is holding their 10 annual Upward Bound State Rally.Students from across the state gathered at U-Maine. The rally started yesterday, and continued today.The goal is to give students a feel for what college is like.While on campus they attend events and got to talk with students from various majors and organizations.The students involved in Upward Bound say the program helps to give them direction.”For a lot of kids here if we didn’t have this program we wouldn’t be able to get into college we wouldn’t be able to figure out what to do, how to get into college, how to apply, how to pay for college.” says Denise Kosciusko, a student from Stetson.Many of the students involved in Upward Bound choose to go to U-Maine.

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Blue Star Mothers Card Signing

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The Blue Star Mothers is an organization that supports our troops.The group is made up of folks with family members in the military.Today the Blue Star Mothers set up shop in Macy’s at the Bangor Mall.They held a card signing for the troops overseas.Hallmark and Macy’s each donated a dozen boxes of cards. Macy’s employees also donated some.Folks stopped as they passed the booth, signed a card, and wrote a message to someone overseas.The Blue Star Mothers say the gesture means a lot to those serving in the military.”It’s important to support our boys and girls who are far from home especially on the holiday season. Just the little things, little things that we take for granted, mean a whole lot to them.” says Lanta Hachey, President of Chapter 1 of the Blue Star Mothers.The Blue Star Mothers will send the cards out on Monday along with holiday packages they have put together.

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Ellsworth Fine Arts Show

Updated 5 years ago

Several folks headed to Ellsworth Saturday to get a jump start on their holiday shopping.The fourth annual Ellsworth Fine Arts Show took place at the Holiday Inn.Over 50 nationally and locally recognized Maine artisans were on hand..With jewelry, pottery, scarves and many more items.A portion of the admission from the crafts fair will go to Birdsacre Sanctuary.” There’s a different Ellsworth non-profit involved every year. So this year Birdsacre was chosen because they really contribute to the quality of life to the citizens of Ellsworth.”Event organizers say they had a much larger turn-out this year from last.And they hope it continues to grow over the years.

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Remembrance Ceremony for Lives Lost in War

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Folks gathered in Blue Hill Saturday, to remember the lives lost in war.As Meghan Hayward tells us, they have a special way to honor them.For the past five years members of the Peninsula Peace and Justice organization and others have placed a flag in a field in Blue Hill, for each life lost in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.And every November they hold a remembrance ceremony before they bring the flags in for the Winter.” Most important purpose of this field of flags we have is to illustrate the true cost, the human cost of war and also to remind people, everyone who sees the field that growing list of casualties both civilian and military.”Judy Robbins is a member of the organization.She says there are over 5,000 flags displayed throughout the field.Most of those flags are white, but some are blue.” Represent soldiers from Maine, those are the Dirigo flags. Maine soliders who have been killed. I believe the current number is 34 on the Maine Gold Star website.”Robbins says they’ve received great feedback over the years.Which has pushed them to continue doing it.” It gives people a sense that they’re actually able to do something about the war. Sometimes we can feel very powerless as individuals.”Dan Laurie wanted to take part in the ceremony.” We can honor the dead that have resulted from this war is to honor them in person. Read their names, put flags in the ground for people to see and keep track of the numbers.”Both Judy and Dan say they can’t wait for the Memorial Day to come when the war is over and they no longer have to put the flags back out in the field.

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Walmart Flu Clinics

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With H1N1 cases on the rise, emergency rooms and doctors offices are full.There are other options. Clinics are popping up in stores like Walmart.That has some shoppers concerned about the spread of disease, but folks at the clinic say there’s no reason to worry.Angela Dimillo has more.The buzzer goes off, that means it’s your turn. Beepers from the clinic at Walmart, run by Eastern Maine Medical Center, let patients know when to come back to the office: but while they wait, they could be shopping, leaving behind germs: something many shoppers are watching for.Alissa Downing, shopper: “I think it’s something i’m aware of and definitely take care of.” Patricia Preston, family nurse at the clinic, says they have procedures in place to prevent the spread of things like the flu. Patricia Preston, family nurse: “If there is someone that comes in and they are symptomatic, we ask them to put on a mask so that we’re protected as well.” Preston says many people have come in with flu symptoms in the week the clinic has been open, when they do, they’re asked to stay put until they’re checked. Patricia Preston: “Sometimes they’re not even symptomatic and they’re already out there walking. It’s the people walking around that i’m concerned with.” This is the first Walmart clinic in Maine, but Walmart representatives say there are already more then 100 centers nationally.The company hopes to triple that number, while keeping public safety in mind. Dale McMindes, store manager: “Obviously, Walmart will take every precaution to provide safety to our customers.” So, while sick people will come to the Walmart clinic for care, officials say they pose no greater threat than the general public. Angela Dimillo, WABI TV 5 News, Bangor.

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Maine’s Largest Turkey Farm Ready for Thanksgiving

Updated 5 years ago

It’s simply called, “The Turkey Farm” in New Sharon, the place you’ll find the most turkeys being raised in Maine, and yes – most of them will be gone by thanksgiving day. There are no pardens on “The Turkey Farm”. In 1986 Bob Neal and his wife started out with 100 birds, now the flocks at nearly 2000.Bob Neal can’t compete with the price of a supermarket bird, but he says the quality he offers surpasses any frozen turkey. Neal says, “First we’re selling taste. Our customers and we all think our turkeys taste better and part of it is what you see over my shoulder. They grow outdoors. They come along a lot slower. These guys started in May, June or July depending on the flock. The birds that will be in supermarkets freezers in a couple weeks were probably started in July and killed in October.”For more information: The Turkey Farm

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Bangor Hydro Electric Company Service Interruption

Updated 5 years ago

A little over 150 Bangor Hydro Electric customers can expect to have an interruption in their service on Sunday.Customers affected are in Amherst, Aurora and Great Pond.The outage is necessary for BHE to safely replace equipment.The interruption is expected to take place between 9 am and 11 am.A rain date is set for the following Sunday.

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Turkey Drive

Updated 5 years ago

Cub Scout Pack 111 will be holding its fifth annual turkey drive next Saturday.The Milo and Brownville pack will be joined this year by Girl Scout Troop 829.It’s set for Saturday, November 21st from 9 to 4.Anyone interested in helping, can drop off turkeys or money at the parking lot for “The Restaurant” in Milo or at the Milo Farmers Union.

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Flu Warning: If You’re Sick, Stay Home

Updated 5 years ago

A warning from health officials across the country, if you think you have the flu, stay home. Dr. Thomas Dancoes from St. Joseph Hospital says the H1N1 virus is widespread throughout the area right now. The symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills, fatigue, diarrhea, and vomiting. Unlike the cold, the symptoms will come on suddenly with H-1-N-1.If that’s what’s happening to you, you can assume you have the flu, and there’s no need to go to the emergency room, the best thing is to stay home.Dr. Dancoes says, “If you’re ill and you think you have H1N1, you come to the hospital you may, one, give it to other people, two, catch something more severe such as another viral illness or bacterial illness. And also it’s taking away from people who have true emergent conditions.”If you do have the flu, you should drink plenty of liquids, treat fever and body aches with over the counter medication, get plenty of rest, cover coughs and sneezes, keep surfaces clean with disinfectants, and stay home.You can spread the flu until 24 hours after your fever is controlled without medication. If you do have complications you should see a doctor, for example if you can’t control your fever, can’t stay hydrated, or you have trouble breathing.And there are several at risk groups who might want get checked out: very young children, people older than 65 and people with underlying diseases, like asthma.

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Stephen James Sentence

Updated 5 years ago

A homeless man was sentenced in Penobscot County Superior Court Friday to 20 years in prison for the killing of another homeless man.Fifty-eight-year-old Stephen James had pleaded guilty to manslaughter in connection with the death of 63-year-old Clyde Worcester in Bangor last year.Meghan Hayward reports.As part of a plea deal, Stephen James pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter.The original agreement was 14 years in prison, followed by probation.But the judge last week said given James’ past convictions of violent crimes and his lack of family ties to the area, she couldn’t accept the probation.The new deal was 20 years in prison, which James accepted.”We were disappointed with the result. This was a case I felt really should have gone to trial, but ultimately, it was Mr. James’ decision to accept the plea rather than take this case to trial. But we would have liked to go to trial with this case.””We felt it was the appropriate sentence. So we’re never surprised. We’re obviously pleased that Judge Murphy agreed with us and thought it was a case for a 20 year sentence.”Prosecutors say James beat Worcester to death in the woods along I-95 in Bangor.Many of Worcester’s family members were in the courtroom, wearing buttons of support.”Oh he was a very caring person. He’d give the shirt off his back. He had a family, he had children and he had grandchildren. He had loving parents and brothers and sisters. He was just an overall great guy.”His sister says the family is happy with the sentence.”Because my parents will never live another 20 years unfortunately, and they won’t have to see him on the streets again or hear that he did harm to another family or person.”James’ daughter was also in the courtroom. She says she lost touch with him many years ago, but recently came back into contact with him.”I wanted to show him that I still love him and what he did I can look past because I know alcohol took control of him that night and that wasn’t my dad.”Outside the courtroom several of Worcester’s family members talked to Stanley and gave her hugs.”They want me to tell him my dad that a couple of them forgive him and they don’t regret me for it which really meant a lot so they do forgive him and I think that will mean a lot to him.”

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