Recovery Summit Held in Bangor

Updated 5 years ago

Supporting recovery as a community responsibility was the message being delivered at a summit in Bangor today.As Meghan Hayward tells us, the information provided will help those in recovery feel safe in their communities.September is national recovery month.Some folks in Bangor came together to discuss what the community can do do to help those on the path to recovery.”I think that the take home message that we have is supporting recovery is a community responsibility and through our corporate sponsors and other partners in this event, we’ve already succeeded before we’ve started.”Bruce Campbell of the Recovering Community Coalition says their hope is to raise visibility of recovery in the community.”The typical tendency is to say, oh that’s someone else’s problem. Let the sheriff, or the welfare and treatment folks deal with that. But the truth of matter is once someone has entered into a path of recovery, they’re live in the community. So if they go to the grocery for ice cream and turn around and see a bottle of Coffee Brandy, that’s not a helpful thing.”Emily Lenney has been in recovery for eight years.”When we’re successful in recovery, we sort of just disappear back into the community. Because we’re successful at it. And so being here and sharing that and being a voice to recovery is going to help the community be more supportive of people in recovery.”Lenney says the 12 step program and peer support recovery helped her.”Having a summit like this bring education and awareness to the community might have provided more options for peer support recovery. Statistics are showing us that is really what works best.”Lenney says a summit like this one also benefits her.”That’s the magic. That is the wonderful part of it. That’s really what will keep me sober in the future, today, tomorrow and the next day. Because if I have the opportunity to reach out to someone else and give them the message that was given so freely to me.”

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Flags at Half Staff For Fallen Soldier

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Governor John Baldacci has directed that the United States flag and the State of Maine flag be flown at half-staff from sunrise to sunset Thursday in remembrance and honor of Private First Class Jordan M. Brochu.The 20-year-old from Oakland died August 31st after enemies attacked his unit with explosives.Brochu’s family moved to Maine his senior year and he attended Lake Region High School where he played football, qualified for the state track meet as a discus thrower, and was involved in culinary arts.Brochu joined the military last August and was sent to Afghanistan in July.It was his first deployment.The funeral service is planned for 9 o’clock Thursday morning at the Faith Evangelical Free Church study, in Waterville.

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Offshore Wind Power Discussed

Updated 5 years ago

The first of five public information meetings to discuss possible sites for testing new offshore wind power technology took place Wednesday night in Ellsworth.State officials have identified seven possible sites stretching from southern waters off York County to far eastern Maine.The demostration sites would be about three miles off the coast, and they would be used to test things like turbines, blades, and anchoring systems.Organizers say this is an emerging technology that hasn’t been tested in the U.S. yet. “The point of demonstration sites is more to learn about the performance of equipment and to monitor effects on marine mammals, birds, and other natural resources near the sites,” Said The Director of the Maine Coastal Program Kathleen Leyden.Organizers say they have been involved in open dialog with folks about the possible sites.Officials have until December 15th to select between one and five of the spots to be used as demonstration sites to test components for deep-water wind farms.

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Triple E Outbreak

Updated 5 years ago

(AP) With nine confirmed cases of eastern equine encephalitis affecting horses in Maine, the state health chief is warning Mainers to avoid mosquito bites that could give them the disease. So far this year, nine horses have died from triple e. In a briefing Thursday, Dr. Dora Anne Mills of Maine’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention said people who live near bogs, swamps and coastal marshes should be especially careful to avoid bites by mosquitoes, which carry the disease. There are no confirmed cases of humans being affected by the potentially fatal disease this year. Mills said she’s asked schools to reschedule sports events and practices so they won’t coincide with evening hours when mosquitoes are out. Mills says the state hasn’t sprayed against mosquitoes carrying EEE because the area where they live is so widespread. EEE mainly affects horses, llamas, alpacas and humans.

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Early Morning Fire in Lowell

Updated 5 years ago

Fire crews spent several hours on the scene of a home that caught fire early Thursday morning in Lowell.The call came in just after 1am, that flames were in the home on West Main Street.Shortly after crews from Burlington and Passadumkeag arrived, the flames spread to the whole building.There were no injuries reported.No word yet on damages to the home.The fire marshal’s office is now investigating.

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Missing Man in Madawaska

Updated 5 years ago

The search continues Thursday morning for a man who authorities now believe probably drowned, after trying to retrieve a child’s float toy from the waters of Long Lake in St. Agatha-Madawaska.The victim, described as in his 20’s, dove into the water before 4:30 Wednesday afternoon. He never came back up.The incident occurred off Birch Point on the northeast shore of Long Lake. The land is Madawaska and the water is St. Agatha.Members of the Maine Warden Service and its dive team will be on the scene Thursday morning to resume the search.

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Albion Pot Operation Busted

Updated 5 years ago

Eight hundred Marijuana plants were found Wednesday at a house in Albion, according to officials.Police searched the Clark Road home of 53-year-old Elaine Rodgers.Officers say the pot plants were spread out in eight growing rooms. The rooms were reportedly equipped with grow lights, timers, fertilizer, and ventilation systems.The equipment was run by a generator that was housed in a separate shed.Officers took $7,500 worth of processed pot from the scene.The sherrif said this was the most sophisticated growing operation he’s seen in 27 years.

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TABOR Two Gathering

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Folks gathered Wednesday along the Bangor Waterfront to talk about TABOR two, also known as the taxpayers bill of rights.TABOR two is question 4 on the ballot this November. On Wednesday afternoon people from area businesses, the healthcare community, and education expressed concerns regarding the issue.Folks say the bill could effect the education system in Maine by cutting funding, causing tuition at state schools to rise to the level of private institutions.Some at the event say TABOR two would also effect services provided by the state… “Everything from disaster preparedness to public safety, like fire departments and police departments, emergency medical services like ambulances,” Dr. Charles Pattavina, the chief of emergency medicine at St. Joeseph’s in Bangor said on Wednesday. “We do talk a lot about Colorado, where this was tried and failed, but in Seattle for example there were people who led an effort to get fairly small tax cuts, and yet they had no idea they were dismantling their entire trauma system.”In late July, the Bangor city council voted to reject TABOR two. Folks at Wednesday’s gathering say they hope other town councils and school boards do the same.

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Rabies Found in Kitten, Family

Updated 5 years ago

Three family members in Oxford County will receive rabies treatments over the next 28 days after being bitten by a rabid kitten.The Maine Center for Disease Control says the kitten tested positive for rabies this month after being taken into the family’s home in August.The kitten also attacked the family dog, which was up to date on its vaccination. The dog received a booster and is under quarantine.Maine C.D.C. director Doctor Dora Mills says it’s especially important for people to have pets vaccinated, and to report stray animals to proper authorities.So far in 2009 a total of 42 rabid animals have been identified in Maine.

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Hampden School Groundbreaking

Updated 5 years ago

The excitement was building in Hampden Wednesday for the groundbreaking of their new high school.The new 180,000 square-foot facility will cost around $60,000,000 to build.It was designed with lots of input from the Hampden community.The high school will feature much larger classrooms, and a wellness and fitness center that will be open to members of the community as well as students.The old high school is considered out dated, and they hope the new high school will last a while.They expect to have the high school finished by 2012.

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Troop Greeters Appreciation Night

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Some folks who spend countless hours welcoming and sending off military service members were recognized for their efforts today.It was Troop Greeters Appreciation night at the Bangor International Airport.And a big surprise was unveiled at the event.Come Spring 2010 there will be a pavilion and garden area dedicated to the military service members who travel through BIA.Chairman of the Troop Greeters Tom Kohl says their efforts don’t need to be recognized.” But it’s not about us, it’s about the troops. And the troops do appreciate us and tell us that constantly. Families send notes back to us constantly. But it really is about the troops.”The documentary “The Way We Get By” which is about the troop greeters is coming to the Bangor Mall Cinemas Ten.It will run September 11 through the 17 and have show times at 1:00, 4:00, 7:00 and 9:30 pm.

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Danforth Man Sentenced to Six Years for Car Crash

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

A man from Danforth found guilty of a car crash that left his pregnant girlfriend in a wheelchair is going to prison for six years. A judge sentenced 31-year-old Jayson Caron today on charges of aggravated assault, O-U-I and aggravated O-U-I. He was convicted in June.The two were leaving the Springfield Fair in 2007 when Caron’s truck ran off the road and rolled over.Caron’s former girlfriend, 19-year-old Bobbi Jo Norris, was pregnant at the time and was paralyzed – the baby survived.Caron’s lawyer tried to argue that Norris was actually behind the wheel when the truck crashed.Caron was also ordered to pay more than 4-thousand dollars in fines.

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‘Lucky’ Baby Born to Addison Mom on 9-9-09

Updated 5 years ago

Some people say a baby who was born this morning in Ellsworth is very lucky. And, everyone will always remember his birth date.”To see her holding her baby, you can just see the love. It’s amazing.”Jace Michael was born to Natasha Bouchard of Addison early Wednesday morning. He only kept her waiting a little more than nine months.”Actually I was due a week ago, so yeah. He’s my miracle baby,” Bouchard says.A miracle born on the ninth day, of the ninth month of two-thousand nine…a joy to the nurses at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital as well.”I didn’t think about it until we started to do some of the paperwork. Because we had talked about it last week, how cool it would be to have a baby on 9-9-09. And then we thought, oh my, we really did!” says RN Deborah Malone.The number nine is considered by some cultures to be lucky. Some faiths say it symbolizes completeness.”I still just can’t believe it. It’s just such a shock that he’s here.”Bouchard says the labor was long and complicated, but lucky little Jace came in at six pounds, and healthy.”I got a little worried when I heard what was happening but I knew she was going to be OK and Jace was going to be fine,” says Bouchard’s friend, Rebecca Carver.Carver says Jace already has a promising future, because he already has a special mom.”To see her pregnant was great because I know she’ll be an amazing mother. I think that he’s going to have a very special life and I think he’s going to have a lot of good luck.”

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Bail Set Again for Glenburn Man Accused of Swimming from Police

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Bail was set today, for the second time, for a man from Glenburn who tried to swim away from police in July.20-year-old Allan Burke-Sapiel is back behind bars, on $1,000 bail. He was re-arrested earlier this month for violating bail conditions in connection with a crime in July.Police say that’s when Burke-Sapiel stole a car in Bangor, but when officers caught up to him, he reportedly abandoned the car and ran away.He made it across the Brewer bridge, where Brewer police were waiting on the other side.Police say he then jumped into the Penobscot river and swam as far as the Penobscot Plaza before surrendering.Burke-Sapiel is charged with receiving stolen property and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

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Brownfield Committee Meets In Ellsworth

Rob Poindexter

Updated 5 years ago

A federally funded project is helping potential property owners in Hancock County identify any environmental risks before they invest. The Brownfield Project identifies potential sites for cleanup and reuse. The Steering Committee met Wednesday to identify there latest sites. Tom Martin is the Executive Director of the Hancock County Planning Commission and he says he’s pleased with the progress thus far. “Well I think we’ve developed a list of very promising sites,” says Martin, “and I’m very pleased with what we’ve done. I think one of the most important things is that sites have a viable reuse and I think we’ve identified several sites that did.” Some of the sites under consideration are in Gouldsboro, Franklin, and Winter Harbor.The latest site in Hancock County that has passed the test is Gordon’s Wharf in Sullivan, thanks to the Brownfield Project. Glen Daukas is from Cambell Environmental Group and is working very closely with the Brownfield Project. He says things went very smoothly at Gordon’s Wharf. “We determined that there really were not any recognized environmental conditions,” says Daukas, “we really didn’t need to continue any further investigation.”There are a number of factors the committee looks for when they investigate a potential Brownfield site. “We look at the history of the site,” says Daukas, “we look to see if there are any recognized environmental conditions, was there an underground storage tank, if so let’s make sure it wasn’t leaking.”The long term goal is to get these properties in Hancock County back in use, which will help to bolster the local economy. That has people around here interested. “I think awareness is increasing,” says Martin, “I think the Gordon’s Wharf property has really spurned interest and I think you could see by the discussion here today that there is an increased interest. It’s taken awhile for the project to move because it’s a new phenomenon, but it’s gradually taking off.”

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Central Maine Cars the Target of Burglaries

Updated 5 years ago

Waterville and Winslow Police have been receiving reports that cars have been burglarized following the Labor Day weekend. Waterville Police Chief Joseph Massey says at least six vehicles in Waterville were targetted, with another half dozen in Winslow being reported as well. Police reports show a variety of stolen items including loose change, cigarette lighters, and several hundred dollars worth of tools. Chief Massey says it’s unclear if the burglaries are related.

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High Tide Takes a Man’s Life

Updated 5 years ago

In southern New Brunswick, an American man died after being caught in the rising tide. Police indicate that a man and a woman crossed from Campobello Island to a lighthouse during low tide on Tuesday. The two people were unaware that the tide was on the rise. During the tidal rise, the man lost his footing and was swept away by the waters. A boater nearby was able to pick up the couple and brought them to shore. The man, who has not been identified, was taken to a Machias, hospital where he died.

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Cancer Survivors Day Planned in Augusta

Updated 5 years ago

MaineGeneral’s Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care will host the 11th annual “Cancer Survivor’s Day” Saturday, September 12. This year the event will called “Inspiration for Life 2009″. Numerous speakers will share stories and a variety of activities are scheduled. Parking for the event has changed. Organizers have arranged a shuttle to pick people up at Central Maine Commerce Drive as there may not be enough parking available onsite. For more information on “Inspiration for Life 2009″ please visit MaineGeneral’s website.

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Brewer Man Arrested for Stabbing at Bangor Apartment

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Police have arrested a man from Brewer in connection with a stabbing at an apartment in Bangor. 33-year-old Jamal Gibbons is charged with elevated aggravated assault. Bangor police say they got a call last month that a man had been beaten up in an apartment on Hammond Street. When they arrived, they found the 20-year-old victim from Hermon outside the building. He’d been stabbed a number of times, though we’re told his wounds were not life-threatening. Gibbons is being held at the Penobscot County Jail on $10,000 bail.

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Gorham Car Fire a Murder-Suicide

Updated 5 years ago

It was a murder-suicide.That’s what State Police have ruled in the deaths of a Windham woman and her 12-year-old son.Their burned bodies were found August 19th in an SUV parked at a gravel pit.Police say 41-year-old Karen Devine doused the vehicle with a flammable liquid then set it on fire with her and her son, Michael, inside. Detectives say the evidence includes letters Karen Devine sent to family and friends the day before the fire.Police say the letters contained money, household budget information and burial instructions for Michael.

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