Flags to Fly at Half Staff to Honor Maine Soldier

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Flags will fly at half staff Tuesday in Palmyra.It’s by order of the Governor and it’s to honor a Maine soldier who died in a car crash last week.19-year-old Private Dustin Small was driving on Route 23 in Saint Albans Tuesday night, when he missed a curve and rolled the car several times.He died at the scene.Small’s parents live in Palmyra.Funeral services for Private Small will take place Tuesday in Newport.

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Antique Car and Airplane Show Attracts a Crowd

Rob Poindexter

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On a day when most people were just happy to see the sun, folks who journeyed to owls head were treated to much more. The Fabulous 50’s and Sensational 60’s car and antique airplane was in full swing at the Owl’s Head Transportation Museum.For those who brought their cars to the show it was a chance to talk about their prized possesions. “It’s a ’65 corvette, small block v-8, pretty much original except for the wheels and tires, it’s only got fifty thousand miles on it,” said Dave Currie standing next to his mint condition Corvette.Just about every car on display had a story but a 1956 Chevy Bel Air had possibly the most interesting tale. Norma Turner of Waldoboro says she and her husband previously owned the blue and white antique. After selling the car they would repeatedly see it at car shows all over New England. Then Turner says she awoke on her annversary to a big surprise. “My husband had been saving money up and unexpectedly and surprisingly he bought me this for my anniversary…I didn’t think we would ever have it back again, it brings back memories.Some of the car owners even knew the history of their vehicles dating all the way back to the original owners. Dan Francis of Cape Elizabeth knew all about his antique automobile. “The woman that bought it originally ordered it from the factory with a 352 engine in it, she bought power steering and a clock that was basically all the options she got.”For the many spectators who were treated to an afternoon of beautifully restored cars, they shared one similar thought…they don’t make them like they used to.”You know it’s not like the new cars,” said Robert Campagna of Madawaska, standing alongside his wife Cheryl. “The technology isn’t there but the old cars have their place, you know what I’m saying, they’ll always have their place.”

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Paranormal/Psychic Faire at Fort Knox

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There was a spooky feel to Fort Knox in Prospect this weekend.Huge crowds turned out at the historic site for the annual Paranormal and Psychic Faire.For two days, the Fort was packed with folks who believe in the unusual.There were psychics, ghost hunters, dowsers, even UFO-ologists.Friends of Fort Knox Executive Director Leon Seymour says the Faire is usually the most popular event of the season.Especially since the Fort has a reputation for being haunted.

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Dreary Weather Has Numbers Down at Observatory

Updated 5 years ago

Sunday’s sunny weather was a welcome change for the folks at the Penobscot Narrows Observatory in Prospect.Up until now, the numbers have been down for the season…Park Manager Michael Wilusz says the rainy, cloudy weather has kept folks away from the observatory.Plus, the wet weather caused some problems for the tower’s elevator…the moisture caused some damage to the components, and it had to be closed down on a few separate occasions.It was back up and running Sunday, and being monitored by technicians.Wilusz says he’s hoping the sun sticks around so visitors keep on coming.The observatory tower is open to the public from 9 am to 6 pm, 7 days a week during July and August.

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State Office/Agency Shutdown Scheduled for Monday

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No walk-in service at motor vehicle offices. No tours of the State House. The nearby state library andmuseum won’t be open, either. Maine state offices and agencies that closed Friday to mark theFourth of July holiday will remain closed Monday for the first of20 shutdown days scheduled over the next two years. Maine employees not required to work because their departments,agencies and offices are closed must take the days off without pay,saving the state about $14 million. The $5.8 billion general fund budget that went into effect July1 also freezes state employee merit and longevity pay foradditional savings of close to $12 million. And it requires stateworkers to begin making contributions toward their healthinsurance.

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Fire Officials Concerned About Fireworks Use in Coming Days

Updated 5 years ago

Bangor Fire officials say although the July Fourth holiday is over, the fireworks danger isn’t.Assistant Chief Vance Tripp says he’s concerned that because of the heavy rains Saturday, many folks didn’t get to set off the fireworks they’d planned to.Tripp says there’s a good chance people could try and set off illegal fireworks this week, now that the weather’s better.Tripp’s main concern is children getting too close to fireworks.He says some of the biggest culprits are sparklers.They can burn at temperatures up to 1200 degrees, and ignite clothing quickly.Tripp reminds parents that the National Council on Fireworks Safety recommends that no children under the age of 12 handle sparklers.

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Names Released in Eddington Crash

Updated 5 years ago

A three-car crash in Eddington sent five people to the hospital Sunday.It happened just before 11 a.m. in front of the Tradewinds Market, near the intersection of routes 9 and 46.Officers say a car driven by 33-year-old Torey Howard was trying to turn into the market’s parking lot and cut off an SUV driven by David Lainsbury of Eddington.The SUV grazed the Honda, and then swerved into the other lane, colliding with a pickup truck driven by 33-year old Jeremy Mutton of Canada.The crash backed up traffic for nearly two hours.No word yet on the severity of the injuries.No word yet on whether any charges will be filed.

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Brewer-Bangor Fourth of July Parade

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Thousands of folks lined the streets in Brewer and Bangor to watch the annual Kiwanis parade.Several bands, organizations and businesses took part in this year’s parade.Even Elmo made a cameo, along with a few clowns.And plenty of candy was being grabbed by children.Parade director Doug Damon says they started preparing for the parade back in January.Damon says all the hard work is worth it when he sees all the people that turn out to watch the parade.” The mood is good, everybody is happy even with the weather the way it is. Everyone is having fun. There are probably going to be 30,000 people viewing it.”Bangor’s fireworks display is scheduled for 9:15 tonight, but it looks like the weather may not cooperate.The folks from the July 4th celebration committee tell us they won’t make a decision until the last minute.

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The Memory of a Lee Soldier Lives on

Updated 5 years ago

Family and friends gathered in Lee today to keep the memory of Sergeant Joel House alive.House was killed in 2007 while serving in Iraq.And as Meghan Hayward tells us his sacrifice is still helping others.” Very quiet but when he did say something it was usually funny and everyone listened because he rarely said anything.”” One of those guys that let his actions speak for him rather than his words.”Two years after Joel House was killed in Iraq his quiet and caring personality is still remembered by his family.And now thanks to a scholarship in his name, his memory will live on forever.”What we do is ask them to send in an application with an essay. And the essay topic this year was called why freedom isn’t free.”Scholarship recipients receive money toward any summer camp of their choice.Family members say it helps them remember the outdoorsy person Joel was.” We would spend every summer almost every day at the lake so I would probably say when I come to the lake it definitely reminds me of joel.”The super raffle being held at Saturday’s event is the primary fundraiser for the scholarships.And the number of people that turn out at every event still surprises Joel’s mother Deanna House.” It always overwhelms me. It is just so amazing to see the support this community has pulled together and supported us with.”Joel’s father Paul House says Joel would not have understood what all the fuss was about.” He wouldn’t like the attention. He’d say what are you doing? That would be his remark.”A fun loving, guitar-playing man who is still helping others.” We just appreciate his sacrifice. It’s really hard to go on living without him. It makes it so much better knowing that in some small way Joel’s sacrifices that he made for all of us he’s continuing to make that sacrifice.”

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Ashes of “Molly Kool” to be Spread at Sea

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The ashes of the first woman in North America to become a licensed ship captain will be scattered at sea Sunday in the waters off New Brunswick.Molly Carney, known as “Molly Kool,” died in February at the age of 93.At the time, she was living in a Bangor retirement community, where residents called her “Captain Molly.”Molly grew up in the village of Alma, New Brunswick, where she learned a love of sailing from her father, a Dutch ship captain.She sailed her father’s 70-foot boat between New Brunswick and Boston for several years before following her future husband to Maine.Molly’s ashes will be spread in the Bay of Fundy, near the town where she was born.

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Maine Beaches Threatened

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Rising Sea levels could jeopardize the money Maine’s sand beaches bring into the state each year.About 500 million dollars of money that comes into Maine each year…and about 8-thousand jobs..are directly tied to beaches…But scientists say as the oceans continue to rise, coastal storms will become more prevalent…and more violent.That can mean beaches are wiped away…leaving businesses in trouble and people out of work.The topic will be on the agenda at the 2009 Maine Beaches Conference, which kicks off Friday in South Portland.The conference comes just after the July Fourth weekend, the unofficialstart of Maine’s beach-going season

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Two Men Safe After Small Plane Crash

Updated 5 years ago

Two men managed to escape after their plane crashed on a pond in Eddington.It happened on Chemo pond Friday afternoon.The plane landed partly in the trees, partly in the water.Maine State Police say it appears the crash was caused by some sort of mechanical defect.Officials from the Federal Aviation Administration have been called in to investigate.

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Independence Day Celebrated at Old Fort Western

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American history came to life at Old Fort Western on Saturday, during the “Fourth at the Fort” celebration.The folks at the National Historic Landmark invited the public to enjoy an old-time Independence Day celebration.The festivities began with a reading of a copy of the actual Declaration of Independence that was sent to the Fort in 1776, shortly after Congress decreed that the new states states were free.The reading was followed by patriotic speeches, toasts and songs.Organizers then gave participants a fun lesson in the origins of the Independence Day holiday, and how it’s been celebrated through the years.Fort Director Jay Adams says being in such a historic place on the fourth helps Mainers appreciate the contributions of our forefathers.

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Maine’s Largest July 4th Parade in Winslow

Updated 5 years ago

Maine’s largest Independence Day parade stepped off in Winslow Saturday.It took more than two hours for the floats and bands to make their way down the parade route.Some of the highlights of this year’s parade included a pair of F-16 fighter jets from the Vermont Air National Guard and a Maine Air National Guard KC-135 refueler.There were also performances by the 319-th Army Marching Band from New York…and the Fly By Night Renegade Circus.Several non-profits entered their floats in the competition and were eligible for cash prizes.But the participants who got the most cheers along the route were those veterans who’ve served our country.After the parade, the festivities continued at Fort Halifax park with live, music, a petting zoo and a 4th of July barbecue.

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Community Supports Fishing Co-op

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Starting this Sunday, Blue Hill will be the latest community able to buy fresh fish from the Community Supported Fishery.The CSF is a co-op that operates out of Port Clyde, and it’s gaining the support of many Mainers.Fishermen in Port Clyde who are part of the Community Supported Fishery, or CSF, are trying to save their floundering industry and make the most of Maine’s Coast.”We’ve got a wonderful resource here in the gulf of Maine, and the other thing that we’re in danger of losing is access to that resource. Access comes through our fishermen.” says Glen Libby, President of the Mid-Coast Co-op.The number of fishermen who call the ports of Maine home has dwindled in recent years.Libby says, “There’s only one boat between Port Clyde and the Canadian Border, off Mt. Desert Island. One ground fish boat left that actively fishing and very few permits left.”The Fish Co-Op helps the fishermen maintain a viable business. Folks can buy shares of fish, and the group delivers to sites through out the state on a weekly basis.”We pack the shares in bags, and put them on ice, and go to the towns. You get a tray with half shares, tray with full shares, tray with whole fish, like that.” explains Libby.The fish are freshly caught, and they’ll even fillet them for customers.Libby adds, “There’s a real desire to have your local fisherman and of course the local foods movement is big now.”A half share is fifteen dollars a week, and a full share is 30. More of the money goes to those who made the catch.”We get more price for our product. When we bring it in, we bring in really nice fresh product, we like to get paid for it.” says Gary Libby, Capt. of the Leslie and Jessica, a fishing boat in Port Clyde.He says fisherman say they also like the co-op because of the community connections they create.”I’ve done some deliveries, I’ve been on the truck, and dropped off at some of our locations. You do get people who look forward to seeing you every week.”

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Fourth of July Traffic

Updated 5 years ago

The Maine Turnpike Authority is gearing up for a busy holiday weekend, but gas prices, recent weather trends and that fact that July 4th falls on a different day each year make it difficult for officials to predict traffic volumes with confidence.“Maine’s peak tourism season doesn’t really begin until the July 4th weekend,” said Turnpike Authority spokesman, Dan Paradee. “Until we get this long weekend under our belt, it’s impossible to know what impact gas prices and other factors will have on summer traffic. The weekend weather forecast is good, so we’re preparing for a big weekend,” he said.Paradee said that the Turnpike Authority was suspending all construction activity on the highway from noon on Thursday through Sunday night to accommodate the expected traffic. He said the Turnpike Authority is encouraging all travelers heading south from Augusta to Portland and beyond to use the Turnpike as an alternative route to I-295, which is closed along that stretch. The Turnpike will be the safest and quickest option, especially on busy weekends, he said. The last time July 4th fell on a Friday was in 2003. Based on the experience of that year, Turnpike officials expect the Thursday before the Fourth to be the busiest day with more than 225,000 vehicles on the Turnpike and more than 48,000 vehicles heading northbound through the York Toll Plaza. The heaviest volumes on Thursday will occur between 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Sunday will be the second busiest day of the weekend with more than 175,000 expected to travel the highway and more than 50,000 expected to head south through the York Toll Plaza. Traffic will begin building southbound on Sunday shortly before noon and heavy volumes will last until 6:00 p.m. The Turnpike Authority is expecting a total of more than 700,000 to travel the Turnpike, Thursday through Monday, with more than 270,000 passing through the York Toll Plaza.Gas prices and poor weather have dampened traffic numbers during the month of June. Overall Turnpike traffic volumes were down 4% for the month. Traffic at York Toll Plaza was down by 10%. Overall traffic on the Turnpike since January is down about 1.5%.“There’s no question that gas prices, rainy weather and a sluggish economy has had an impact on traffic, but the story of Maine’s tourism season really begins this weekend,” said Paradee. “There are simply too many variables at play to make a confident prediction,” he said. Expected Peak Traffic HoursThursday, July 3 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.Friday, July 4 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.Saturday, July 5 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.Sunday July 6 12 noon to 6:00 p.m.*The above information is from “Turnpike News” courtesy the Maine Turnpike Authority

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Brewer and Bangor Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast

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Pancakes will be served up early tomorrow in Brewer.Starting at 6 am, people can come to the annual Kiwanis pancake breakfast.And members of the club were already starting to set up today.The breakfast is the kick-off event for Brewer and Bangor’s Fourth of July festivities.Last year they served over 850 people and are expecting another big turnout this year.The breakfast costs $4.50 for adults and $3.50 for children 12 and under.All the money raised helps local children.” And we do things from camp scholarships to provide clothing for area children. All kinds of stuff.”Besides pancakes folks will be served sausage, fresh strawberries and coffee from Dunkin Donuts.There will also be a BBQ from 3 pm to 8 pm in the Main Street Shaw’s Supermarket parking lot in Bangor. All proceeds of that will also go to the Kiwanis Clubs.The Brewer-Bangor parade starts at 11 am and fireworks will be at 9 pm along the Penobscot River.

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Bangor Supercenter Walmart to Open Soon

Updated 5 years ago

The new Supercenter Walmart in Bangor will open its door soon.At 7 am on July Fifteenth the public can start shopping at the new Stillwater location.The store will be open until midnight.The former Walmart on Springer Drive in Bangor will close its doors on July Fourteenth.

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Brooks Train Reopens

Updated 5 years ago

It’s being called the little engine that could.Tomorrow, a train that’s part of the Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railway will take to the tracks in Brooks for the first time in years.As Meghan Hayward reports, it’s thanks to a lot of hard work. Finishing touches on the former Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad train were being made in Brooks Friday for its July Fourth ride on the tracks.What can those on board expect?”To see the scenery of Waldo County. See some of the back woods. There’s a beautiful bog and mountains down here. How beautiful does a bog get and just to experience ride a train it’s a rarity.”It’s been five years since the train has run through Brooks.A lot of work has gone into getting it running again, thanks to the Brooks Preservation Society and many volunteers.”Doing a lot of track work, working on the station. Did some re-roofing, carpenter work. Working on the cars fixing and repairing. And working on the locomotives to keep them up.”Hard work that’s bringing something important back to the community.”It’s significant because it’s a piece of the community’s history. Railroads are always integral parts of communities and that’s what we want to have happen here.”Something the community and volunteers are glad to have back.”Excited to hear the train’s horns in town. To see the station painted and restored. Just to see activity.”The train will travel from Brooks to Waldo on weekends until the beginning of October.There will also be special train events folks can take part in.A train that is part of something cemented in history.” I think it’s the sixth oldest continuously running railroads in the country.”For more information on those special events or ticket prices you can go to their Web site

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Plane Crash in Eddington

Updated 5 years ago

State Police are on the scene of a plane crash in Eddington. It happened Friday afternoon.The pilot and passenger managed to escape unharmed. The plane is partly in the trees and partly in the water.The Federal Avaiation Administration has been called in to investigate.

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