Mobilize Maine Looks To Capitalize On Maine’s Existing Assets

Rob Poindexter

Updated 5 years ago

In the first of 5 foundation meetings an initiative known as Mobilize Maine is spreading their own message of economic change. Mike Aube is the President of the Eastern Maine Development Corporation who formed the coalition. “It’s a very different process than the last 35-40 years in Maine,” Aube says, “where we’ve gotten together, written a strategy, sent it to Washington, sent it to Augusta, and it sits there and no one does anything.”Mobilize Maine’s strategy is simple, capitalize on existing advantages right here in Bangor, as well as other cities and counties here in Maine. “You can look at assets from infrastructure, in terms of the airport and what does that mean in terms of opportunity, the river what does that mean in terms of opportunity,” Aube says, “those are just physical activities, but I think workforce development.”Miles Theeman is the President & CEO of Affiliated Health Care System and he says he has faith in Mainers to help themselves. “I absolutely believe in this region,” Theeman says, “and I think Mobilize Maine provides a great opportunity for us to really capture the assets that we have in this region and begin to move forward for a variety of economic development opportunities.” The meeting today focused on getting community feedbackand also letting folks know the foundation of this project is built on assets, not a wish list. “We’re not gonna say I wish we had this but rather here’s what we got, how do we take what we have, and build upon that and go forward.”The folks here say their emphasis is on empowerment. “I think more importantly it says we can do it ourselves, yeah we’ll partner and collaborate with federal and state players but we can’t wait for those solutions to be handed down,” Aube says, “we have pride in what we have as a community and as a region and we’re gonna move forward and take advantage of that situation.”

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Public Meeting on Offshore Wind Power Technology

Updated 5 years ago

Two of the five public information meetings take place this week about possible sites off the Maine coast that might be suitable for testing new offshore wind power technology.State officials have identified seven possible sites stretching from southern waters off York County to far Eastern Maine.Officials have until December 15 to select between one and five of the spots to be used as demonstration sites to test components for deep-water wind farms. Those would operate on floating platforms in waters hundreds of feet deep.A meeting is scheduled for tonight at the Wiscasset Community Center from 6:30 to 9:00.Another one will be held tomorrow night in Machias at the UMaine Machias Performing Arts Center.

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Increased Reward in Smith Murder Case

Updated 5 years ago

Maine State Police have announced an increase in the reward being offered for information related to the murder of Darrel Smith.The initial $30,000 reward has been increased to $40,000.The 56-year-old was shot to death in woodland in February 2008.His body was found in the shop at his home on the Thomas Road.Police have recovered the murder weapon and a safe taken from the Smith residence on the day of the murder, along with other evidence.

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Bangor Mall Cinema Extends the Run Time of “The Way We Get By”

Updated 5 years ago

The documentary The Way We Get By was the number two top grossing movie at the Bangor Mall Cinema this weekend.And because of the film’s success, the cinema has decided to extend it’s run through Sunday September twentieth.The film grossed close to $4,000, coming in behind the movie “Nine.”The film shadows the lives of three senior citizens serving as troop greeters at Bangor International Airport, the main departure and arrival point for troops since the start of the first Iraq war. It will have daily show times at 1:00, 4:00, 7:00 and 9:25.

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New Program Aimed at Increasing Production of Renewable Energy

Updated 5 years ago

A new program aimed at increasing production of renewable energy is taking off in Maine.That’s good news for a Lincoln business.And, as Meghan Hayward tells us, it’s expected to become even bigger.The Lincoln Paper and Tissue Mill is the first facility in Maine to qualify for the Biomass Crop Assistance Program, under the Farm Service Agency.”It allows people or owners of biomass material a way to financially gain by improving or assisting the development and future expansion of biomass production and fuels.”The Lincoln Mill expects good things from the BCAP program.”For us, it may just allow us access to a little more biomass material that would be competitively priced.”In May, President Obama ordered more investment and production of biofuels.A month later, the program was approved. “It’s going to be a huge investment in the State of Maine. We anticipate this program is going to be huge for the U.S. We’re being told the money is pretty open as far as availability for funding this.”Eligible material owners can receive matching payments for delivery to the Lincoln Mill, and eventually other qualified facilities.The payments can last up to two years.”So it should be huge for the local suppliers. It’s a direct money infusion that goes directly to them and it will greatly help the biomass production, refuel the state and hopefully the country.”The Maine Farm Service Agency has about ten other facilities in their system right now, expecting to approve five or six of those in the next week.Maine is the first state to get involved in the program on such a large scale and the Lincoln Mill is happy to be the pioneer facility.”This does make good business sense we think. And there’s little downsize risk so it’s good to be a leader in this thing.For more information on the BCAP program go to their website

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Farmington Fire

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Fire fighters from 13 towns battled a blaze in Farmington Monday afternoon.The fast moving flames destroyed several structures on the Knowlton Corner Road. Joy Warren owns the house which was not insured.The fire was reported around 1:30 Monday afternoon.Two people and a cat, escaped the burning house with minor injuries. Several cats and two dogs did die in the fire.Fire fighters say it began in the kitchen-entry area of the residence.It damaged the home, as well as an attached barn, and an unattached mobile home. Flames also destroyed one vehicle and damaged another.Crews cleared the scene late Monday night, although one person did stay on scene overnight to monitor hot spots.The state Fire Marshal’s Office could not determine a cause because of the extent of the damage.A fire fund has been set up for those who would like to help the Warren family. If you would like to contribute please do so by contacting TD BankNorth in Farmington. THE WARREN FIRE FUND TD BANK NORTH 670 WILTON ROAD FARMINGTON MAINE 04938

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Maine Court to Hear Appeals

Updated 5 years ago

Maine’s highest court is preparing to hear arguments on the appeals of two Maine men who are serving life terms in separate murders.The Maine Supreme Judicial Court is scheduled to hear an appeal from 61-year-old Ashton Moores of Bangor Wednesday.Moores was convicted last November of the 2007 murder and sexual assault of Christina Simonin in his Bangor apartment. He is appealing his conviction.The court will also hear the appeal of 46-year-old Richard Dwyer of Canton. Dwyer was convicted of robbing, raping, and murdering a pregnant co-worker and burying her body in a shallow grave in Lewiston in 2007.

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Car Crash in Waldoboro Claims Life of Driver

Updated 5 years ago

A Waldoboro man died Sunday night after he lost control of the Jeep he was driving and struck a utility pole and several trees.Police say 44-year-old Wayne Burnham was traveling on the Friendship Road when his car left the road.According to authorities alcohol and speed may have been factors in that crash.

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Wyeth Legacy at Farnsworth

Updated 5 years ago

The Farnsworth Art Museum has announced a $12,000,000 endowment campaign to sustain the artistic legacy of Andrew Wyeth.The Rockland museum says funds for the Andrew Wyeth Memorial Endowment Campaign will be raised in an auction of museum-quality art works.The art will be donated by Wyeth family members, artists, collectors, and others interested in honoring Wyeth and supporting the museum’s mission of celebrating Maine’s role in American art.The auction will be in New York City in October 2010.Wyeth, whose work focused on coastal Maine and Pennsylvania’s Brandywine Valley, died at his Pennsylvania home in January at the age of 91.

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Bangor Beats The Brady Gang

Updated 5 years ago

The Brady Gang was caught on Bangor’s streets more than 70 years ago. The shootout that ensued captured headline and captivated the city. For the second time, folks will be able to see the shootout that took place on Central Street in Bangor.It’s part of Bangor’s 175th Birthday Celebration.The Brady Gang was at the top of the FBI’s most wanted list in 1937. Gerry Palmer, Mayor of Bangor, says that it’s an important part of Bangor’s history.The festivities kick off Friday, October 9th, with a question and answer session with the Brady Gang. On Saturday there’s an Auto Rest Park Extravaganza and a swing orchestra Dance Party. The shootout re-enactment takes place on Sunday October 11th. For more information you can visit the website

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Milo Restaurant Set To Open Thursday One Year After Fire

Rob Poindexter

Updated 5 years ago

One year after a fire devastated downtown Milo, one local business is set to reopen its doors. Hobknobbers owner Valerie Robertson says it has been a lot of hard work since that terrible day one year ago. “I guess the next step was shock for a few days afterwards,” she says, “just unbelievable the amount of devastation that can happen in the blink of an eye.””The fire destroyed a large part of downtown Milo, but it didn’t destroy the Robertson’s resolve. She made the decision to move the restaurant to the old hospital in Milo. “I thought wait a minute,” she recalls, “this building has some sentimental value, and the second we walked in here and looked around, even despite the shape it was in, when we first looked at it in march or april i knew it was gonna make a good fit for all of us.”So with a limited budget Robertson got to work, with a little help from her friends. “We had to do a lot of the work ourselves,” Robertson says, “we had to use friends who could do what they could do when they weren’t working.” Patty Estes and Tammy Vail are two of those friends. “Inside and out,” says Estes, “the outside needed repairs the inside obviously needed repair.” “Basically what I helped do was paint,” recalls Vail, “and I painted every wall in this building.”Robertson says there is one good thing that has come from all of this. “We have a bigger staff, yesterday we had a meeting of the crew I’m hiring and there were 14 people here so we’re gonna make some jobs for milo which is always a good thing in this area.”This restaurant is a shining example that if you put your mind to it you might be surprised at what you can accomplish. “That camaraderie and that feeling of family abound in Milo,” says Robertson, “every time someone needs something, so after that fire everyone was supportive, this is because of the town this happened, because the town is what it is.”

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New Plan for University of Maine System’s Budget Woes

Updated 5 years ago

The University of Maine system is facing a 43-million dollar shortfall over the next four years.The Board of Trustees met in Bangor today where a new plan to close the gap was proposed.Chelsey Anderson has the details.————Even with an expected 43 million dollar shortfall, there were words of hope and appreciation at the Board of Trustees meeting in Bangor.”We’ve had good conversations. I look forward to moving ahead at a stead pace.”University of Maine System Chancellor Richard Pattenaude presented a multi-year plan to close the financial gap. Chancellor Pattenaude: “This is a bold but not radical plan. It’s going to take several years. There are some short term and long term things, but this is about lifting up the system and really aiming it in a good positive direction for the future.”The Chancellor says they have worked to accomplish a balanced budget, and provide quality and affordable education while still creating new programs and research efforts.Board Chair Joe Wishcamper says budget cuts will impact students and academic affairs last. But one proposal is to cut classes that have 12 or fewer students, saving two million dollars.Wishcamper: “We are going to need to cut some areas and we’re going to need to grow some areas, be it. We really need to be thoughtful about doing it.”Chancellor Pattenaude: “We’re going to try to take care of those priorities that strengthen areas that are needed, like healthcare and nursing, and tighten down areas where student interest is flagging.”Each campus is undergoing reviews on what those changes will be. One thing is certain. The campuses will not be consolidating: a possibility mentioned once before.The Chancellor hopes people realize this proposal is about the strength of the system and the strength of the state.Chancellor Pattenaude: “The future of Maine depends upon an educated workforce. We have to continue to contribute and evolve so that we do that.”The University of Maine System wants to hear from you. You can read a draft copy of the proposed plan at and leave your feedback. It will be reviewed at the next Trustees meeting in November.

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Postal Worker Accused of Pepper Spraying Child and Chihuahua Puppy

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

For most of us, mail delivery is something we rarely think of. It shows up every day at about the same time in our mail box.But as Wayne Harvey tells us, on Saturday morning at one home in Dexter, mail delivery was anything but routine.=========It began when Caitlin Wintle, her seven year old daughter Kelsey and their ten month old chihuahua, Ali went to take out the trash a little before ten Saturday morning.At the same time, the mail carrier was coming up the driveway.”Ali went to the edge of the lawn and she stopped there, she was wagging her tail but she was barking at her because she doesn’t know her, but she was kind of excited and at that point she took something out. I didn’t know what it was at that point and was spraying her in the face continuously with it,” says Caitlin.The second grader was the closest to the dog.”It was a white bottle with a red cap,” says Kelsey. “She sprayed it a lot at Ali and then she put, Ali put her face in the ground and scratched at her eyes and that’s when I went to get her.””And the only time she stopped was when Kelsey got up and turned around and she had Ali in her arms and got up on the deck and the woman put the mail in the mailbox and she was leaving the driveway and she was swearing and mouthing not everything I heard, and got into her truck and took off. She never said anything, she never said what she just sprayed on my daughter and dog she didn’t say anything she just took off,” says Caitlin.Once Caitlin got inside with Kelsey and Ali and got a chance to look at both of them, she called 9-1-1.”The whole top of her body and her face were drenched and it eventually hardened and Kelsey’s hair the whole top of her hair was hardened and the whole side of her face was all red and it was starting to swell up, and the EMT told us that she definitely took a direct hit in the eye, with whatever that woman had,” says Caitlin.A spokesperson for the Northern New England District of the US Postal Service says that some of the details as reported are in dispute, and when the carrier sprayed the dog, it appeared the child may not have been in the immediate vicinity. But the Postal Service will wait until the investigation is complete before drawing any conclusions.The spokesperson says in 2008, the same letter carrier was bitten by a dog while delivering mail on her regular route in Dexter, and she received stitches for that injury.He says the carrier was back at work Monday, not carrying mail on her regular route but performing alternative duties.The Postal Service did not release the carrier’s name, but called her a longtime, respected employee.Caitlin Wintle disagrees.”She was not professional, Kelsey was right there and she kept spraying so she needs to, she was out of control.”Wayne Harvey, WABI TV5 News, Dexter.

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U.S. Open on TV5 Today at 4p.m.

Updated 5 years ago

The Men’s U.S. Open final had to be pushed back to today. Number one Roger Federer will go for his 6th straight U.S. Open title against sixth-seed Juan Martin Del Potro. That match can be seen at 4pm today, right here on TV5.

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Greenville Fly-in

Updated 5 years ago

Seaplanes were landing in Greenville all weekend for the annual Seaplane Fly-in.The festivities kicked off Thursday night.On Saturday, a full slate of events were on tap, from take off and landing competitions, a bush pilot canoe race, and even a grapefruit bomb drop.This is the 36th year for the event.Folks from around the world travel to Greenville to take part. We’re told this is the largest and longest running event of it’s kind. “It’s grown from an event where just a few airplanes come in here on a Friday to a pretty big event where people start arriving on Wednesday and they have been as many as, in a good year with good weather, 420 airplanes at the airport at one time,” Said John Pepin, a member of the Flying Committee.The seaplane fly-in wrapped up Sunday afternoon with the final competitions.

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French Heritage Celebrated in Waterville

Updated 5 years ago

The city of Waterville celebrated the area’s Franco-American heritage on Sunday.The annual Franco-American Family Festival was held at the Head of Falls in the downtown area.The festivities were open to the public, and featured all kinds of events, from a car show, to kids activities, plus live music and dancing.There were also vendors selling all kinds of Franco-American delicacies.Organizers say it’s their way of teaching folks about the important role played by those French Canadians who came to Maine to work in the mills so many years ago. “We have the festival to remember our parents and grandparents…and the hard work they put in to make life a lot better for us,” Said event coordinator Pearley LaChance.One of the highlights of the day was the tourtiere pie contest. It’s a meat pie originating from Quebec and usually served around the holidays.

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Rumford Mill to Shut Down Machine

Updated 5 years ago

A hundred jobs could be in jeopardy when Rumford’s paper mill shuts down one of its production machines.The number ten machine at New Page Corporation is set to begin a temporary, indefinite shutdown on September 18th.Union president Matt Bean says 100 positions, but not necessarily 100 people, would be affected by the number ten shutdown.Company officials say the decisions are driven by the market.They say when the economy rebounds, the machine will be restarted.The number fifteen machine, though, which has been running five days a week, will resume its seven-day-a-week schedule.

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Carr in Court

Updated 5 years ago

A 30-year-old woman from Mars Hill has been indicted in an online child pornography case.Julie Carr was arrested in June after an investigation by British police.She’s charged with gross sexual assault and sexual exploitation of minors.Carr was taken into custody after police searched her home.Officers were acting on a tip from police in Britain about video that had been streamed online.Carr is being held in the Aroostook County Jail.

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Millinocket Robbery Arrest

Updated 5 years ago

A man from Southern Maine is under arrest, charged with robbing a Millinocket drug store.21-year-old Nicholas Wheaton was arrested at a camp on an island on North Twin Lake.Police say Wheaton is suspected of robbing the Rite Aid on Central Street Friday morning.No one was injured, and police haven’t said if a weapon was shown. They also won’t say what was stolen.Millinocket Police were assisted by officers from East Millinocket, the Maine Warden Service and the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department.Wheaton has been charged with robbery, but police say other charges could follow.

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Annual UBM Toy Run

Updated 5 years ago

Bikers from around New England descended on Augusta Sunday for an annual Maine tradition…The 28-th annual United Bikers of Maine Toy Run kicked off at the Augusta Civic Center.More than 14-thousand bikers turned out to take part in the charity event.Bikers bring toys to be distributed to needy families throughout Maine for Christmas.Governor John Baldacci suited up and joined the bikers on their run to the Windsor Fair Grounds.

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