Construction Begins at Former Lake Mall in Lincoln

Updated 5 years ago

Construction at the former Lake Mall in Lincoln is expected to begin in September.The 3.5 million dollar senior housing complex will be filling a void left by the last of eight Main Street properties destroyed by arson in 2002.The development has received a $250,000 development block grant, which will be used if construction costs exceed the expected amount.Lincoln Town Manager Lisa Goodwin says the complex is a great opportunity for the town.”I think it’s a very important thing because as our population grows older we need to provide for them and this is a perfect opportunity a 24 unity unit. It’s something every community needs.”The complex will be called Lakeview Senior Housing.

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Lincoln Police Educate on Drunk Driving

Updated 5 years ago

The Lincoln Police Department offered a look through the eyes of a drunk driver today.They invited anyone who wanted to try on their fatal vision goggles.It lets you see the dangers of driving drunk, impairing your vision, reflexes and reaction time.Lincoln Police Chief Bill Flagg says it really gets you thinking.”When we make them part of the exercise, give them hands on experience so they can clearly see and feel the affects of it I think it has a higher success rate.”Chief Flagg says they try to slant the exercise toward teenagers, but says it’s a real eye-opener for grown-ups too.

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Dixmont Woman Selling All-Natural Bug Repellent

Updated 5 years ago

A woman from Dixmont is selling her own, all-natural bug repellent.She says her Native American heritage inspired her to get back to nature and create a product that was good for people…and the earth.Amy Erickson has the story.”There’s lavender, lemongrass, citronella, thyme, a little basil, sage…”Carolyn Dodge says her homemade bug repellent is about as natural as you can get.She started mixing it up in her kitchen to try and fight off some of the pests that live near her woodsy home in Dixmont. “I knew how to do those things myself and why buy it if you can make it?””We’re in the middle of the woods, so it really needed to work quite well.”Dodge started giving the spray away, and people raved about it…so she started a company called “Conscious Possibilities” and now sells her products to the public.She also makes shower oil, pain salve, a dermatitis remedy…but so far, the bug repellent is the most popular.”The bug shield is a combination of herbs, oils, essential oils that are very effective against bugs.””I mix it up every year to keep confusing them so they can never adjust to it.”And it’s not just for humans…Dodge says it’s just as effective on dogs, cats…even horses.”A lot of people are amazed that they can use this on their pets. You just take 3 or 4 squirts of it, rub it on your hands and rub your pet down and he’s not gonna get bothered by the bugs.”Dodge says the products are catching on…she credits the recent interest in homeopathic healing and natural remedies.She says more Mainers are looking to be as all-natural as possible.”I think that’s what’s happening. They say these higher rates of disease like cancer and such.””A lot of people are starting to think ‘maybe it’s what I’m using, what I’m eating.’ They’re looking at the labels and saying ‘hmm, does that have chemicals in it, deet?’ They’re becoming more conscious of it.”Dodge’s products can also be used on pets.For more information, or to find out what stores carry the products, log on to

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Broadcasters Remember 1969 Moon Landing

Updated 5 years ago

Monday marks the 40-th anniversary of man’s first lunar landing.On July 20th, 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made history.On that day, the entire staff here at WABI TV was gathered around a television set, watching along with the rest of the world.Veteran broadcaster George Hale and former WABI General Manager George Gonyar remember it well.Amy Erickson has the story. “Oh, my God. This was huge.””It was 1969 and it seems like yesterday to me.”George Hale still has vivid memories of seeing Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin make their historic trip to the moon some four decades ago.That’s Hale in the hat…”I remember that day. I’d been playing golf and I think they brought me back in for this.””The whole world came to a standstill but in our building here, it came to an absolute standstill.””To stand there and watch it live from the moon was surreal.”Hale and former TV5 General Manager George Gonyar shared their memories of the day that made history around the world.”Television was just getting out of its infancy just them. That was a big thing. And then to add this walk on the moon to that…to get to be able to see it? The combination of the two was something Americans just didn’t understand.”Gonyar says he watched with baited breath, worried for the astronauts’ safety.”You wondered whether those two guys would get back. That was a concern. It was to me. I wondered if they’d get stuck up there.””Walking on the moon, at that time, would be comparable to building a house on Mars today, wouldn’t it?”For those in the TV business, like Gonyar, it was a momentous occasion…one he’ll never forget.”To have a television set with sound, with color and the opportunity to see these guys do something most of us didn’t think was possible…was an event of all time.”Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Bangor.

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Former UMaine Coach Enters Plea

Updated 5 years ago

A former UMaine Basketball coach has pleaded not guilty to assault and sex crimes against two female college students. Michael Burden, who’s from New Jersey, was the associate head coach of the men’s team.His lawyer entered not guilty pleas for him in court in Bangor Thursday to two counts of assault and one count of unlawful sexual touching.Burden resigned after he was charged following an incident in may involving two students, a 21-year-old soccer player and a 20-year-old woman. The incident allegedly took place outside an Orono night club.Burden’s lawyer says he’ll request a trial for his client.

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Drug Bust Down East

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A man from Columbia Falls is in jail, charged with drug trafficking.Washington County Sheriff Donnie Smith says his deputies initially went to 72-year-old Vance Merritt’s residence to interview Merritt in regards to a stolen boat motor in Jonesport.When they arrived, though, they ended up doing a drug investigation.DEA agents were called in to perform a search of the property on Tibbettstown Road.Sheriff Smith says they found Canadian Oxycontin, 16 guns and 16-thousand dollars in cash.Merritt was arrested for drug trafficking and is being held at the Washington County Jail on $50,000 bail.

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Keith’s Korner: Improved Technology in Cross Bow Hunting

Updated 5 years ago

Maurice Cyr is constantly trying to improve technology in the field of cross bow hunting.It’s been five years in the making and now Cyr is ready to make a pitch to big companies for the Tail Biter-Lighter and the Talon Tracker.Keith Erickson tracks that down in Keith’s Korner.Maurice Cyr of Bangor has invented the Tail Biter-Lighter and the Talon Tracker. Both devices detach from a cross bow bolt and stick into the game animal. A radio transmitter emits a signal picked up by the hunter to help retrieve the animal.

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Loon Plates Get Free Park Weekend

Updated 5 years ago

One of Maine’s most popular birds is giving drivers a chance to enjoy some of the state’s most treasured sites this weekend. All for free.This Saturday and Sunday is loon plate weekend.Drivers with loon license plates get two days of free admission to any Maine state park or historical site.Since it first was introduced in 1995, the loon plate program has raised more than 13-million dollars for the department of conservation and inland fisheries and wildlife.Speaking of loons, more than a thousand citizen-scientist volunteers will head out on Maine lakes and ponds from this Saturday morning, rain or shine, to conduct the annual loon count.It takes place from 7 to 7:30 a.m.

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Schooner Gets Caught on Rock Ledge

Updated 5 years ago

As the mid coast gears up for the Windjammer festival this weekend, it was a less fun event in Boothbay Harbor Thursday.The American Eagle, a 92-foot schooner out of Rockland ran aground on some rocks in Boothbay Harbor.24 people were on board at the time.The boat somehow got stuck on a rocky ledge.The ship was not taking on water.The coast guard did arrive to help and says all of the passengers were wearing life jackets.The vessel was lifted from the rocks by the high tide a little after 6 last night.We’re told no one was injured.

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Walking Trails

Updated 5 years ago

There are miles of walking trails winding through Orono and Veazie, but for too long, they’ve been hidden secrets.That’s what folks with the Orono Land Trust say. So they’ve been working for the past year on detailed trail maps.The maps highlight points of interest on land preserved by the land trust like scenic lookouts, glacial boulders and birds in the area.President David Clement says he hopes the maps help more people appreciate the nurture in their own backyards.They’ve created maps and trail descriptions for three properties in Veazie and nine in Orono.You can find the maps at town offices and public libraries in those towns and online at

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Penobscot River Project

Updated 5 years ago

A cutting edge research project is going on on the banks of the Penobscot river that is attracting the attention of scientists around the world.A group from the nature conservancy is working on a project designed to ensure the long term health of the Penobscot River, as well as it’s inhabitants.”We’ll be removing some dams on the main stem of the Penobscot river and the PPL Corporation will be shifting hydro protection off the main stem of the river so we’ll be maintaining hydro production while restoring the river for fish and for fishing and for recreation for the Penobscot Indian Nation to regain it’s treaty reserve.”The Penobscot River Restoration Partnership is spear-heading the project that will show the condition of the Penobscot prior to the removal of three dams.Thursday afternoon a group of biologists used a technique called electro fishing.”Electro fishing is where you pass an electric current through the water from a unit that’s mounted on board temporarily stunning the fish, it’s a non-lethal method of fish sampling the fish can be put in a holding tank on board.”None of the fish are harmed during the process.After the three dams are successfully removed, the process will be done all over again to see how the removal of the dams effect the ecosystems.What the people here today are doing has attracted the eyes of scientists all over the world.”This is also gonna be a model for other river restoration projects around the world, there’s a group in China that is watching this project very closely we’re hoping this project we’re setting up in the Penobscot can be replicated around the planet.”

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Sergeant Cleared of Charges

Updated 5 years ago

A Maine State Police Sergeant has been cleared of a felony charge of aggravated domestic assault after his wife recanted a statement accusing him.Police say 43-year-old Mark Sawyer of Winthrop, who works in the commercial vehicle enforcement division, is working again.Sawyer was charged in connection with an incident on March 16th. Michelle sawyer suffered a fractured collar bone in the couple’s Oakland home.The Morning Sentinel reports she at first said Sawyer harmed her, then later said she lost her balance and slipped on the floor.

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Clinton Burglary

Updated 5 years ago

Two teenage boys were arrested by clinton police after the allegedly broke into a local store and took off with lottery tickets, alcohol and a safe.Police say the Clinton teens broke into Clinton Variety last week through a window and stole a safe that was bolted to the floor.This week, the safe was found in the woods, smashed open. Police say the $2,000 that was in the safe has not been recovered yet.Clinton Police Chief Charles Runnels says a break in the case came when the kids tried to cash in some of the stolen lottery tickets…at the same store they were stolen from.The two 16-year-olds are being charged with burglary and felony theft by unauthorized taking.Chief Runnels expects between three and five more arrests linked to the case.If you have any information about the case, you’re asked to call Clinton police at 426-9192.

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Full Throttle Toward Millinocket

Updated 5 years ago

About a thousand people are expected to gather in the Katahdin region over the next couple of days. It’s the state Harley Owners’ Group rally.A lot of riders headed out together from Hermon Thursday.”We’re going to take it slow and easy,” says Lt. Tim DeLuca from the Old Orchard Beach Police Department. He’s among those helping to corral the Harleys headed up to Millinocket.”Get out and enjoy the sport of motorcycling, that’s what it’s all about. Twisting the throttle, so I say,” DeLuca says.”Everybody gets together, from New Hampshire, Mass., everywhere really,” says Tony Lemire, of Bucksport.”A lot of fellowship with fellow bikers that enjoy the same things you do. And the rides are beautiful. We’re headed to a part of Maine that’s really gorgeous up around Mt. Katahdin,” says Lynn Coombs, of Orrington.The state HOG rally is drawing riders from all over and people of all ages.”I got a helmet!” says a three-year-old.But the real stars in Hermon Thursday are the motorcycles – the details on each making it as unique as its owner.”I like doing different things and making it different from everybody else,” says Mel Coombs. “Next to my wife, that might be the next in line, I guess. So I take a lot of pride in it.””I love it,” says Denise Neal of Naples. “I mean, I can put all sorts of stuff in here, carry all my gear so I don’t have to worry about anything. Now, of course, I’ve packed my rain gear.”Organizers are hoping the rally will give a nice boost to the local economy, and like every year, just be a lot of fun.”Just to see the gathering, to see people get together, have a good time,” Lemire says.”We’re friends and we’re out riding our, bikes, it’s awesome,” Neal says.From here, they were off to Millinocket.Opening ceremonies start there Thursday and events continue through Saturday. A full schedule of events is online at

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Upward Bound Students Educate on Lawn Chemicals

Updated 5 years ago

Reduce your use of lawn chemicals.That was the message being stenciled on pavement in Veazie today.Students from Upward Bound were out trying to educate residents about stormwater flow.District Office Coordinator for Penobscot County Soil and Water Conservation, Chris Brewer says stormwater gathers on land as a result of storms.It can include runoff from roads and roofs.Brewer says the students are stenciling with environmentally-friendly spray paint.They hope folks will hear their message and make changes in their lawn care.” So that people will start to think about what they do on their property because everything they do on their property does eventually affect water quality.”The students also passed out door hangers that include more eco-friendly information and advice.

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Hathaway Creative Center is an Economic Engine for Waterville

Updated 5 years ago

What was once a factory has been turned into an economic engine for the city of Waterville. Six months after its opening, the Hathaway Creative Center is looking for more businesses to settle in. HealthReach, a part of Maine General Medical Center, employs about two hundred people in the center. T.D. Insurance is also renting space with about twenty workers and, there are nearly seventy apartments, many for rent right now, along with plenty of retail space that’s available, too. In 2002, the C. F. Hathaway Company, one of the last remaining factories in the United States producing dress shirts, closed after over 160 years of operation in the city of Waterville. After a few years being abandoned a developer bought the property and the renovation project began in 2005. Future plans for the Hathaway Creative Center include the addition of a salon, restaurants and convenience store. The city of Waterville’s economic development director says the Creative Center has the potential to employ and house a thousand people. Hathaway Creative Center

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Girl From Corinth Makes Song for her Sister

Updated 5 years ago

A girl from Corinth decided to show her baby sister how much she loves her.As Meghan Hayward tells us, it’s what she chose to do that makes it so unique.Seven-year old Amy Holman has a special bond with her baby sister.Amy wrote a song for her, called sisters forever. ” Sisters forever and never to part. I love you forever with all of my heart.””I knew she would like it. I just wanted her to listen to something everyday so that she’d be happy and laugh and just like the song.”Amy started out with a poem and decided she wanted to make a song.So she brought the poem to her father, Paul Holman.”I was excited that she was taking an interest in music and stuff. I wasn’t quite sure how we were going to do it, but I figured I would help her along and she would throw in some input and what not and then we’d try to make a song from it.”Paul is in his own band, and once his band members heard the words, they started putting beats to it.”It’s like a rock and roll song but with really cute lyrics and with her singing, it just kind of melts your heart.”Paul says he thinks the lyrics will stay true to Amy and Lindsey’s relationship.”I can just see them encouraging and supporting each other for the rest of their lives.”Amy says it only took about a day to put the song together.She even sang the song at her school and received a standing ovation.How did amy feel about that performance?”I felt kind of excited and nervous.”Amy says she wrote the song to let Lindsey know how much she loves her.What does she love most?”I like the way she laughs and I like the way we play together.”Amy doesn’t plan on stopping at one song. She says she’d like to record a whole CD.Maybe even collaborate with her sister someday.

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Maine’s Blueberry Season Looks Promising

Updated 5 years ago

Despite weeks of rain, or maybe because of it, Maine growers are forecasting a good to above-average blueberry season. Last season was a banner year for Maines wild blueberry producers, with nearly 90 million pounds of berries harvested. Experts forecast Wednesday that this years crop for Maine could approach 100 million pounds.David Yarborough, University of Maine UM blueberry specialist, said this year had much better pollination than 2008, although the rains and cooler temperatures have affected the maturation of the crop and slowed the ripening. (AP)

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Obama meets with Snowe, Collins

Updated 5 years ago

Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins are getting more face time with President Barack Obama on the topic of health care reform. Obama met with Collins on Wednesday and Snowe on Thursday as he tries to win support for his health care proposal. Collins said afterward that she wants a slow, deliberative process to produce the best plan. She says that rushing the process would lead to a divisive outcome. Snowe is a key member of the Senate Finance Committee that’s working to overhaul the nation’s health care system. She has been promoting a standby government-run plan that would take effect only if private insurers fail to deliver affordable coverage. (AP)

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Gay Marriage Referendum Update

Updated 5 years ago

A referendum group seeking to block enacted legislation to legalize same-sex marriage in Maine has reported donations of more than $365,000 in the first phase of the campaign in advance of a statewide vote in November. Proponents of the pending law said Thursday they took in closeto $200,000 in cash and in-kind contributions during the openingweeks of fundraising. Six states allow gay marriage. Maine became the fifth state toallow gay marriage in May, and New Hampshire later followed suit.

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