Shopping for a Cause

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

People were out shopping and helping a good cause all at the same time Saturday.The doors to the Center for Family Business at Husson opened up at nine o’clock as shoppers made their two dollar donation and then looked over the items on hand.The event was put on by Designing Women, and is one of their nine shows planned for this year.In each area they do a show the proceeds go to benefit a non profit organization.This one was to benefit Women Work And Community, which helps women with business plans, entrepreneurial skills and how to manage their own finances, said Designing Women Board Member Michelle Henning.” Everyone who’s at this show is a professional in her own right, in her own trade in her own craft, but she’s also a woman who is very dedicated to helping non profits and is also happy to be part of the organization this is a group of women that works well together, we cooperate completely and it’s a pleasure to be part of it.” Designing Women was started in 1991, and is done to raise awareness and funds for non profit organizations to help women and families.The artisans are primarily from Maine, and is branching some into New Hampshire.

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Winterport’s Tax Free Addition

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

In this tough ecomony many towns are making do with what they have already.Services and programs are being cut to make the ends meet in the budget.But Saturday morning the town of Winterport showed off their new ambulance.And the beauty of it was not how new it is, but the fact that it didn’t cost a cent to the taxpayers to purchase.The Ambulance service in Winterport is volunteer and they raised all of the funds.Last spring they started talking with other Ambulance services to get an idea of what they wanted and what was out there.Then they decided to go with Sugarloaf Ambulance and Rescue for the new rig.Six months after they put in the request the new Ambulance arrived, which should benefit the service and those towns that it covers, according to Tom Skratt who is a member of the Winterport Volunteer Ambulance Service. “Any time you have an ambulance that runs like that, sits for a while and then runs back and forth, things start to go on it things start to wear out on it, this is a more improved model, it’s better sound proofed, it rides a bit better than the old one did and it and you just need to upgrade these types of vehicles every six or seven years and that’s how old the one we have now is I believe.”The Ambulance service did turn over ownership of the new Ambulance to the town this morning and the town will pay the insurance on it, but all of the upkeep of it and the equipment is paid for by the service.

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Health Care Protest

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

As Congress debated on the current health care bill in Washington DC,Saturday Mainers gathered outside of the offices of Representative Mike Michaud.In Bangor members of the group Maine Healthcare Reform were on hand.They would like an extension of medicare to everyone in the country, which would give coverage to everyone from birth until death.They had wanted Representative Michaud to consider three options which would make it acceptable to the group.But they heard from Representative Michaud earlier in the day and his assistant said he is opposed to those them.So that made the group decide where they should stand on the bill as it is currently written, even though they know if it’s passed it likely won’t go into effect for another four years. ” Do we support it and say well ok, we’ll just go ahead and allow it to go through and still hope we can get a better bill between now and 2013″ said Jerry Call the co-founder of Maine Healthcare Reform. ” And our conclusion is that we’re really better off to oppose it because it really sets the stage for getting something else.”Maine Healthcare Reform was founded two years ago to promote the national Single Payer Healthcare system.

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Updated 5 years ago

It was a celebration of countries and cultures at the University of Maine Saturday.The annual Culturefest took place.The event goes along with International Week which runs from the first of the month until the fourteenth.Everyone was welcome at the festival.Those in attendance could dance to traditional songs, taste international food and see the different clothing and styles from around the world.Karen Boucias is the Director of International Programs at UMaine.She says it’s important to offer such a great educational tool on culture to the university and community.” We’ve seen increases in our students studying abroad and every year as we go out and recruit students for the university we know that more and more high school students have traveled. And we know that more people from other countries have settled in Maine.”To find out about other events taking place during International Week you can call the office of International Programs at 581-2905

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Event for Locks of Love

Updated 5 years ago

The Veazie Town Office turned into a hair salon Saturday.And plenty of folks turned out to donate their hair to a great cause.As Meghan Hayward tells us, they couldn’t be happier to help.A hair cut went a long way in Veazie.Folks were coming out and donating their hair to Locks of Love.An organization that takes human hair and makes wigs for those with cancer that have lost their own hair.” They need human hair so people need to do this in order for this to happen. It takes awhile for the average person to grow out their own hair.”So what are the requirements?” It has to be 10 inches or more. Clean and dry and they’ll take any kind of hair except bleached.”Ten-year-old Sara Foster has spent the last two years growing out her hair so she could donate it.” Because you know how people when they get cancer all their hair falls out. I think people should make wigs for them so that they do have hair.”Sara says she was happy to help.” I feel like I can do something really powerful, something like that.”Volunteer hairdressers were on hand to cut and style those who donated.Wendy King has been a hair stylist for 17 years.She says being able to help out such a great cause is an amazing feeling.” I was actually at a place where I saw two young girls receive their wigs. It was amazing. It’s just such a heart warming, touching thing just to see.”And for those thinking about donating their hair.” The people that are considering donating, oh please do. You have no idea what it does for these kids.”If you missed the event in Veazie but would still like to donate your hair.You can go to their website to find out how,

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Follow-Up on Lincoln News Fire

Updated 5 years ago

Lincoln News, a weekly newspaper and also a news print service, just recently celebrated it’s fiftieth anniversary.Print Shop Manager Reginald Hustus has been with the company for fifteen years.”Couldn’t be any better. You couldn’t ask for anything better. I’ve worked at many large companies and this one was a home company, a family.”Now, they’re trying to figure out how they’ll stay in business.”I just heard Kevin saying he’s going to rebuild. I feel a lot better now.”Kevin Tenggren has owned the business since 2005. It’s been in his family since 1981.They’ve temporarily taken up shop at the former historical society building, which is right next door to Lincoln News.”I think we’re shooting, still trying to do a newspaper for next Thursday. Even though it may be printed somewhere else, we’re still going to try and get one out.”Hustus says the Lincoln paper means a lot to the community and they’re determined to not let their readers down.”Very, very important I do believe. And on a Wednesday afternoon you see it’s important when you stop and see all the cars parked out here waiting for that first issue to come off the press.”Investigators from the fire marshal’s office are in the beginning stages of the investigation.”The extent of the damage is making it difficult. We have heavy equipment coming in this afternoon to try and get the metal roofing off to try and help us out.”

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Waldo County Grand Jury

Updated 5 years ago

A man from Freedom accused in a couple of burglaries is on the list of people indicted by the Waldo County Grand Jury Friday. 27 year old Derek Creasy was arrested earlier this month.Police say when they caught him, they discovered several items that had been stolen from a Waldo County home earlier that day. They say they also found chain saws and pulp hooks that had been reported stolen from a home in Unity in September.Creasy is charged with two counts each of Burglary and Theft.33 year old John Howard of Augusta has also been indicted by the grand jury charged with four counts of burglary and theft. Police say he confessed to the crimes.Prosecutors say Howard was caught on surveillance video last summer during a burglary in Wiscasset. That’s when police say they tied him to the other crimes.Howard is also charged with breaking into four businesses in Belfast, Searsport and Stockton Springs. Also on the grand jury list, 23 year old Kyle Goehringer of Monroe.He’s facing a list of charges including Criminal O.U.I., Escape, and Criminal Speed. Authorities in Waldo County say Goehringer was stopped earlier this month. They say he failed a field sobriety test then ran off to his car.That’s when they say he led him on a high speed chase. He eventually turned himself in.

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Bangor City Manager Up for Job in Lewiston

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

The city manager in Bangor is a finalist for a similar position in Lewiston.The news comes a week after Ed Barrett announced he was stepping down from the job in Bangor, by April.City councilors decided they want to move the city in a new direction. Barrett’s held the job for 22 years. He tells TV5 he’s one of four or five candidates for the city administrator position in Lewiston. Officials there approached him and he interviewed for the job this week. Barrett says he expects to hear more about where he stands by the middle of the month.

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Founding Brother of Cianbro Construction Company Dies

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

One of the founding brothers of Maine’s largest construction companies has died. Bud Cianchette died at his home in Cumberland last night at the age of 83. He had cancer. Cianchette and his brothers started the Cianbro company, which is based in Pittsfield, 60 years ago. The company is now known around the world. Cianchette was also active in politics. He was a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 2004, alongside his son Peter, who ran for governor in 2002.Peter Vigue, the chairman and CEO of Cianbro, say Cianchette will be remembered for his unique and engaging leadership. “You wanted, in military terms, to take the hill for Bud Cianchette because of the expectations that were set. And at the same time, he humbled himself in such a way that he didn’t raise himself above those around him.A”Governor John Baldacci and members of Maine’s congressional delegation issued statements mourning Cianchette’s death. It comes the same day workers at the Eastern Manufacturing Facility in Brewer – owned by Cianbro – celebrated the company’s 60th birthday.

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Local Mom of Fort Hood Soldier Reacts to Shootings

Updated 5 years ago

Shootings at the Army base in Fort Hood, Texas Thursday left 13 people dead and dozens wounded.As the news was broadcast, many family members of soldiers on the base watched, and worried.That includes a Hampden woman, whose son was a few buildings away from where the shootings took place.”I just can’t fathom the idea of something like this happening in the United States,” says Cindy Boudreau.The Hampden mom had been out hunting Thursday when she got a text message from her son. Army Specialist Travis Boudreau is a mechanic, 63 Bravo, based in Fort Hood, Texas.”And he said in the text message, ‘Killer on the loose at Ft. Hood. 7 killed, 12 wounded,’” Cindy says,Travis was close to the shootings, but told his mom he was O.K. She raced home to turn on the TV, and watched as the numbers of people killed and wounded grew. While the base was on lockdown, Cindy paced the floor. “In his own words, ‘Mom, I’m ok, he says…the rest is just waiting,’ and so, that’s what we did.”She says she couldn’t believe what she saw on TV until Travis sent a text message about his next assignment.”Then reality set in, that he is on funeral detail and it’s a sad situation. As he explained, now it’s one of our own.”Cindy says it’s a different kind of worry than when her son was in Afghanistan.”When he was in Afghanistan, I understood we were at war and the chances of him being killed at war were real. But to have this happen, and to lose a soldier, or my son, because of a personal conflict, it’s just unfathomable. It’s not real.”Cindy later got a text from her son with just one word. “Love,” from Travis. She says her heart goes out to the other families. “With my son being there, it made reality set in. Now it can happen anywhere. And it’s not to say it would never happen again. So yeah, it’s scary.”

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Maine Chinese Language Conference Held in Orono

Updated 5 years ago

Educators, parents and students were at the University of Maine Friday to learn the importance of chinese language and culture in our state.Folks attended the 2nd Maine Chinese Language Conference to work toward building a stronger partnership with China through education. It’s a follow-up to a Chinese Language Conference held in 2007.Jing Zhang is the President of the Bangor Chinese School and organized the event. Zhang says this partnership is important for our education system because children are the future.Zhang, Organizer and Pres., Bangor Chinese School: “They are all actual teachers to our kids and it’s through them what they learn from this conference they can spread the news, the good news, to all our kids no matter where they are.”Reutershan, Maine Dept. of Education: “Participants will get a better understanding of the need for chinese language, the need for chinese culture, the need to educate our students beyond our boundaries.” Don Reutershan says about 20 Maine schools currently offer chinese language courses, which is double the amount since the first conference in 2007.

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H1N1 Death

Updated 5 years ago

A Penobscot County young adult is the second death linked to H1N1 influenza in Maine, and the first since August, the Maine CDC in the Department of Health and Human Services said Friday.The person was a young male adult between the age of 18 – 25. Dr. Dora Mills, Director of the Maine CDC says “The young person had serious underlying medical conditions. And While most people with H1N1 in Maine and the nation have had a relatively mild infection, this news demonstrates how severe influenza can be, especially in those with underlying conditions, pregnant women and children.” The young man died earlier this week at home and was not attending a local college or university. His name and the date of his death are not being released to help protect the privacy of the family. Upon learning of the death and of the possibility that the man had influenza symptoms, the Maine CDC called the Medical Examiner. An autopsy was performed and tests conducted by the Maine CDC’s Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory confirmed the diagnosis of the pandemic strain of H1N1 influenza. Over the past two weeks, H1N1 has become widespread in Maine. This past week, 25 schools have experienced high absentee rates, 10 people have been hospitalized, including four children. “People should assume they will be exposed to the H1N1 influenza at some point, and with very limited vaccine supplies in Maine right now, we should all take precautions to prevent serious illness”, said Dr. Mills. These precautions include: When vaccine is available, consider getting both seasonal and H1N1 flu vaccines.Contact your health care provider if there are flu-like symptoms in a household in which anyone is younger than 2 years old, 65 years or older, pregnant, and/or has an underlying medical condition. There are prescription medicines (antivirals such as Tamiflu®) that may help reduce the severity and duration of the illness. Although most people can stay home without seeing a health care provider, anyone with the flu should seek medical attention for: Dehydration Trouble breathing Getting better, then suddenly getting a lot worse Any major change in one’s conditionStay home if you are sick, until you are fever-free for a full 24 hours without taking fever-reducing medicine.Cough and sneeze into your elbow, or into a tissue. Throw this tissue away.Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, but especially after coughing and sneezing. Alcohol-based hand gels can also be used.Avoid touching your nose, mouth, and eyes. Germs can be spread by touching contaminated surfaces and then touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.Avoid contact with sick people. If you are at very high risk for complication, you may want to avoid large crowds. “We know that any type of influenza can cause serious illness, so it is important that we all redouble our prevention efforts to limit the spread of this illness and to prepare for continued expansion of H1N1,” said Dr. Mills. For more information,

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Dr. Krishna Bhatta Interview

Updated 5 years ago

Dr. Bhatta discusses history of the defibulator, and it’s ties to Maine. Here’s his interview, which originally aired on Friday, November 6th.

Old Town Fire

Updated 5 years ago

Fire fighters battled a house fire in Old Town Friday morning.The call from a two-story apartment building on Main Street came in just before 6 o’clock.It started as a car fire, but the vehicle was parked next to the porch of the home, so flames quickly spread.Crews from Milford and Orono helped Old Town fire fighters.University of Maine students were living in the rented home at the time. “The tenant of the first floor was just coming back from work and was on his phone and somebody noticed a vehicle fire underneath his. And by the time he got out and moved away from the vehicle, it had extended to the porch, it happened that quickly,” Said Old Town F.D. Lt. Mark Graffam. Lieutenant Graffam says all of the tenants were already outside the building when fire crews arrived.Most of the damage is to the front exterior of the building.We’re told the owner is in Tennessee.The manager is expected on the scene during the day to help out the tenants.

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Lincoln News Fire Reactions

Updated 5 years ago

Flames ripped through a business in Lincoln Thursday night. TV5 photojournalist Suzanne Laidman was there, and brings us reactions to the burning of the Lincoln News building. “Well I pulled up about 7 o’clock and I saw flames coming out of the side of the roof,” Said Lincoln Resident Clinton McGraw. “I was pretty shocked. I was standing at Family Dollar’s parking lot and could feel the heat. It was pretty bad: pretty big. I get my papers every Wednesday.” “We had initial reports of the back of the building being involved with heavy fire,” Said Lincoln Fire Chief Philip Dawson. “Several reports came in rapid succession to the Penobscot Dispatch Center. They paged us out. Upon arrival there was heavy fire throughout the building, and rolling around the interior of the building. I came up after the initial trucks were here, but there was heavy fire bursting through the roof. Nobody was home at the time.” “I’m the print shop manager, and I only live about 4 miles away, so…hurried up and..when you got here, you knew..heart went to your feet, you didn’t know what was gonna happen next,” Said Reginald Hustis, standing in the street next to the burned building. Chief Dawson: “We gained control of it within about half hour to 45 minutes, I lost track of time. We had a lot of fire here.” Hustis: “I just knew at a glance it’s just…it’s totally gone.” Chief Dawson: “Kevin Tenggren is the owner of the building, he’s here somewhere right now, with his wife. It’s a local news column.” Hustis: “Regular newspaper, but also commercial printing. Just a family…family business. You looked forward to getting up in the morning, going to work.” Chief Dawson: “We’re just chasing hot spots around. Right now we’re trying to help the owners by salvaging as many computers as possible.” Hustis: “They’re just in awe of what’s happening and now what’s next.” McGraw: “I drive by all the time, and it’s gonna be pretty shocking to drive by and see that it’s burned down.” Chief Dawson: “The Fire Marshals will be arriving in the morning to investigate it. See if they can determine a causation factor.” WHAT ARE YOU KIND OF HOPING MIGHT HAPPEN? Hustis: “Rebuild, let’s hope.”

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March of Dimes Auction a Success

Updated 5 years ago

Folks got together at the Elks Lodge in Bangor Thursday evening for the 8th annual March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction.Several area restaurants donated food for the event. There was also a live and silent auction.The March of Dimes raises money to help ensure all babies are born healthy.Susan Faloon, a member of the committee who put the event together, says that this cause is dear to her heart. “A lot of people don’t realize the March of Dimes has invested more than 6.5 million dollars in down syndrome research, and that’s important to me because I have a four year old son with down syndrome and so I’m hoping to learn more about down syndrome as well as hoping that other moms will have an opportunity to learn more about birth defects so they are better able to handle them with they do get that news.”Included as one of the prizes in the live auction was the chance to do the forecast live with Todd Simcox here on TV5.

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Bills Reconsidered

Updated 5 years ago

Maine lawmakers whose bills have been denied consideration during the upcoming session were asking to have their proposals reconsidered on Thursday.Leaders of the house and senate looked at more than 70 bills that were turned back last month for introduction next January.The 10 member legislative council said it wanted to restrict the workload in 2010 to the state’s most pressing issues.Bills to be reconsidered run the gamut from where sex offenders may live to rural transportation and noise restrictions.

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Early Morning Fire in Orrington

Updated 5 years ago

A home along the River Road in Orrington was engulfed in flames early Friday morning.Crews from Orrington received the call around 1:30 that flames and smoke were coming from the rear of the building, and that people were evacuating the structure.Crews from Bucksport, Holden, Dedham, Brewer, and Winterport joined Orrington in the effort.And when the crews arrived on the scene the flames were already showing. “We came into the scene. The rear of the house: there was fire shooting through the roof, could visibly be seen over a mile away. Very heavy involvement. The guys were very aggressive in their attack, and knockdown,” Said Orrington Fire Chief Mike Spencer. “From what I’m to understand, everybody did get out. There is some smoke inhalation, and they are at the hospital. I guess they went under their own power.”The Fire Marshal’s office has been called in to determine a cause.

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Cruiser Rollover in Charlotte

Updated 5 years ago

Rt. 214 in Charlotte was shut down for close to four hours Thursday evening after a sheriff’s deputy rolled a cruiser.Deputy Thomas Chambers was driving east on 214, when he swerved to avoid hitting a moose.The cruiser rolled over, trapping Thomas in the car for about an hour.State police and the Washington County Sheriff’s office responded to the scene.Thomas was taken to Calais Regional Hospital and was later transported to Eastern Maine Medical Center for tests and observation.Officials say his injuries were not life threatening.The car was a total loss.

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Lincoln News Fire

Updated 5 years ago

Fire ripped through a Lincoln business thurday evening.Around 6:30 passing motorists reported seeing flames coming from the back of Lincoln news on West Broadway in Lincoln.Fire crews from multiple departments responded to the call.When they arrived, officials say flames were shooting through the roof.”They paged us out, upon arrival there was heavy fire throughout the building and rolling around on the interior of the building.” says Lincoln Fire Chief Phillip Dawson.When the flames died down fire crews were helping to save equipment, like computers, from inside Lincoln News. Officials say the building is a total loss.There is no known cause yet. The fire marshall will be on scene friday morning to investigate.

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