Driver Falls Asleep and Crashes in Milford

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

State Police say a man involved in a car crash in Milford fell asleep at the wheel. 60-year-old Stan Neptune was on Route 2, near Grove Street, around noon today. He was heading toward Passadumkeag, where he lives. Police say Neptune’s pick up ran off the road and into a tree. He was the only one inside.Police say Neptune was taken to a hospital in Bangor where he’s recovering from minor injuries. He told police he was tired and fell asleep, just before the wreck.

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Fatal Accident in Augusta

Updated 5 years ago

Police in Augusta are investigating a deadly crash this noon. The accident happened around 7:30 Tuesday morning on Route 3 near Weeks Mills Road.A man was killed when the car he was driving crossed the center line and hit another vehicle head-on.The driver of the second car was seriously injured, and was taken by LifeFlight to Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston.Police have not released the names of the accident victims.Part of Route 3 was shut down for awhile this morning as police investigated.

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Home Raid Leads to Drug Bust

Updated 5 years ago

Officials raided a home in Veazie Tuesday night, after suspicions that drug dealing was going on inside.Police say they found marijuana and prescription drugs in the house on State Street.No word yet how much.Police say four people live in the residence.Mark Leonard is chief of police in Veazie. He tells TV5 that an incident at the home last week is what brought the potential drug problem to the attention of police. “We had initially taken a report Friday evening of an attempted armed robbery that had occurred here,” Said Chief Leonard. “Through our investigation we learned that there was potentially drug trafficking occuring from this residence which lead us to execute a search warrant today.”The search was handled by the Veazie police department along with the Penobscot County sheriff’s special response team with assistance from the Old Town and Orono police.The incident is still under investigation.

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Coffee Shop Meeting

Updated 5 years ago

The owner of what used to be a topless coffee shop in Vassalboro before it burned down, plans to go before a planning board Tuesday night with plans for a new building.Donald Crabtree owns the Grand View topless coffee shop.It was destroyed in an arson fire last month.Crabtree plans to go before the Vassalboro planning board to apply to build a new structure.Last time Crabtree appeared before the board was June 2nd, when he asked about extending the shop’s hours and offering music for waitresses to dance to.Later that night, the shop burned down.

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Restaurant Owner Dies Following Crash

Updated 5 years ago

A western Maine restaurant owner has died.Peter Benoit owned Peter’s Seafood & Steak” in Jay.He was pronounced dead at his home Sunday night following a car crash on Route 133.His wife, Barbara was reportedly driving at the time.She told police she managed to drive the vehicle back to the couple’s home.There has been no word yet on what caused the accident.

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Milo Arsonist Pleads Guilty

Updated 5 years ago

The man accused of setting a fire in downtown Milo last September that destroyed several businesses, took responsibilty for the crime in a Dover-Foxcroft courtroom Monday.32 year old Christopher Miliano plead guilty to arson, burglary and theft.He broke into the Hobnobber’s Pub on Main street, then set a fire to cover up the burglary.The fire spread to other buildings, destroying six businesses in all.District Attorney Chris Almy says the judge sentenced him to spend eight years behind bars, followed by four years of probation. “After he’s placed on probation, he’s gonna have to pay restitution and involve himself in alcohol counseling and abstain from using alcohol or drugs.”Miliano also plead guilty to an aggravated assault last November.

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Former Milo Police Chief Pleads Guilty

Updated 5 years ago

The former police chief of Milo, plead guilty to charges in court Monday.Michael Poulin was arrested last March, accused of assaulting his wife at a restaurant. Two members of the Milo Police department witnessed the incident.Monday in Piscataquis County Superior Court in Dover-Foxcroft, Poulin pleaded guilty to charges of stalking and improper influence.District Attorney Chris Almy says these convictions include more than just one occasion. “He plead guilty today to improper influence and stalking in connection with some incidents that involved his wife and these incidents took place over a period of time between October and March of 2009.”Poulin was sentenced to 10 days in jail, and ordered to pay a $1000 fine.He resigned as Police Chief in April.

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Clammers Want to Keep Non Locals Off Their Flats

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

In most communities along the Maine coast, those working in the ocean or along the shore stick to their own area to fish or to dig.But that’s not the case in one section of the Maine coast right now.People from all over the state are showing up to work those clam flats.The local clammers are planning to do something about it.Bucksport’s Steve Kane makes his way to the scales with 5 gallon buckets full of clams after digging on the flats in the Trenton area. Right now, it’s one of the few areas along the Maine coast that doesn’t have laws limiting the harvest to locals only. “They’re putting us right out of work, their putting ordinances everywhere,” said Kane. “Down on Mount Desert Island, a place where it used to support 200 diggers, the whole place is shutdown. There’s no digging down there: just ’cause they don’t want people on their beach.”If Charles Brown of Trenton and others that work the clam flats in this area get their wish, the majority of the digging would be done by those that live in Hancock, Sullivan, Sorrento, Franklin, Lamoine and Trenton. “We got guys coming all the way from Freeport, Brunswick. We got guys coming from Calais on the other end. They’re gonna kill our clamming here so nobody’s going to be able to make a living here.”There is a meeting planned for Tuesday afternoon ( July 14th, 2009) at 2pm in Hancock to discuss a town ordinance. If it were to pass, diggers like Kane would have to apply to get an out of town license, or find other flats. “Then we have to go to the few towns that are open and there are few. They’re closing every day.” “They’re destroying our flats right now,” said Brown. “Every time 15 or 20 of them come, they take 30 or 40 bushels more of our clams or more that we could have had. They’re ruining it. We don’t have many flats as it is. They got way more area down there and they wanted their town law so stay in your own town.”Terry Watson, a clam buyer, goes where the clams are being dug. He says this has been going on forever. “I’ve been doing this since ’75, as the red tide pushed up the coast, the diggers move up the coast. The guys in town they’re always here, these guys are taking their clams and you know when you come in from away, you’re just trying to feed your family too. I see both sides yeah.”

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UMS Task Force Presents Findings to Board of Trustees

Joy Hollowell

Updated 5 years ago

42.8 million dollars. That’s how much the University of Maine system must shore up over the next four years in order to make budget.Back in February, Chancellor Richard Pattenaude formed a task force made up of faculty and members of the public, to figure out how to do that.Monday, members of that group as well as two others, presented their findings to the UMS Board of Trustees.”How do you take a good university, during a time of challenge, meeting the challenge, but make it better?”That’s the question University of Maine System Chancellor Richard Pattenaude presented to the task force.The group includes faculty members as well as those who do not work for the school system. “We’ve pushed tuition real hard in the last few years because of rising costs, we’re going to slow that down. We’ve got to make sure it’s affordable,” says Pattenaude.Welcome news to any student, but begs the question, how?David Flanagan chaired the task force and is also the retired CEO of Central Maine Power. He and other members all agree that working together as one system, rather than seven separate schools, would be most beneficial as well as economical.”We’ve found that there’s too much competition between different branches of the University of Maine System. That we’re working sub-optimately, that we should have fewer classes spread out around the system or more distance education” says Flanagan.In addition to the task force, reports were also presented by two other committees, made up of school system staff.The groups are proposing to eliminate up to 25 percent of classes with small enrollment, as well as more than 100 faculty positions, some of which have never been filled. The members also recommend re-examining tuition waivers to make sure financial aid is truly going to students who need it, and creating common school calendars.”It’s probably felt that for each university to be on their own to go out and increase enrollment probably is not doable. And so we have to work collectively and collaboratively as a system and engage the entire state to work on that,” says Jim Breece, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at the University who also chaired the committee studying academic programs.The Board of Trustees will continue taking public comment on the findings until August first. A draft plan will be presented at the September meeting, followed by more public comment. Chancellor Pattenaude hopes to have a final plan in place by November.Anyone wishing to review and or comment on the three reports, can do so by sending an email to or mail to New Challenges, New Directions: c/o Office of the Chancellor, University of Maine System, 16 Central Street, Bangor, ME 04401.

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Fund Set Up For Pittsfield Family After Fire

Rob Poindexter

Updated 5 years ago

A family of 5 from Pittsfield is homeless after fire gutted their house on Sunday. It happened at the Dodge residence on Hussey road. Wilford Dodge was mowing the lawn when he noticed flames inside the house and called for help.Crews were called in from Pittsfield, Newport, Detroit, Canaan, and Hartland,but by the time crews arrived on scene, the fire had a good head start.No one was hurt, but several pets were killed. No word yet on what caused the fire.Friends and neighbors are raising funds to help the family out. Donations can be sent to: Dodge Family Fund110 Honeywell Ave.Pittsfield, Maine 04967

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Paul Bunyan Makeover Needs Communities Help

Rob Poindexter

Updated 5 years ago

The Paul Bunyan statue was introduced here in Bangor back in 1959 to help celebrate Bangor’s 125th anniversary. As time and weather have taken their toll, it became clear some major work was needed to restore the iconic landmark to its original form. “Paul was not feeling very well,” says Karl Ward, Presidetn and CEO of Nickerson & OD’ay Inc., and member of The Paul Bunyan Preservation Committee. “First of all he needed a makeup job, and lastly some vandals had taken, well one of things they had taken was his peavey, and the structural foundation here was in very tough shape,” says Ward.The Paul Bunyan Preservation Committee is a group of local businesses who have donated their time and money to restoring the Bangor landmark.”We wanted to commemorate it this year, in it’s 175th anniversary,” says Ward, “we have some serious structural issues we want to repair, besides, the original architect is still with us today. He’s in his 80’s, and we thought what a great thing to do if he could still be with us to see it restored to it’s former glory.”With the restoration just about finished, the committee still sits about $3000 short. Ward also says there is no shortage of people to thank for the top to bottom restoration. “Lane Construction did all the paving, and S&S Masonry did a wonderful job restoring the base, Modern Decorators and Jeanne Savoy of DaVinci Signs who repainted Paul and shaved him up to get him looking good.” With all the help they have already recieved, the giant undertaking is causing the committee to call on some other local businesses, as well as members of the community to help out in any way they can to get them over the hump. “Well what we’re looking for here is, even though some businesses have stepped up, we’re hoping that others can, and we’re also hoping that the everyday citizen of Bangor can step up. It doesn’t matter, we’ve had someone as young as the age of 4 painting Paul’s socks, so any contribution, 10$, 25$, 100$ would be helpful.”Anyone wishing to make a donation can mail it or drop it off at the Bangor Parks and Recreation Office, 647 Main Street in Bangor. Make checks payable to the City of Bangor, and make sure to write “Paul Bunyan Restoration” in the memo line.

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Weinberger Passes Away

Updated 5 years ago

Publisher and author Jane Weinberger of Somes Sound, Mount Desert Island, has died.The Mount Desert Islander newspaper reports that she died Sunday night in Bar Harbor.She Founded Windswept House Publishers and wrote several books.She was married for 63 years to former U.S. Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, who served in that role in the Reagan Administration.He died in 2006.She was born in Milford and met Caspar on a troop ship while she was a nurse with the U.S. Army.Jane Weinberger was 91.

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Todd Curry Petitions for Visits Outside Facility

Updated 5 years ago

Todd Curry shot and killed his girlfriend’s son in Palmyra three years ago. He’s been at a state psychiatric hospital for the past couple of years. Now he’ll be allowed to leave the grounds for supervised visits.According to testimony given Monday, Curry has made extraordinary progress in the past six months at Riverview Psychiatric Facility compared to his earlier behavior.In 2006, Curry shot and killed 13-year old Anthony Tucker during a domestic dispute. Curry pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect, claiming he heard a voice in his head saying he needed to kill someone in the house in order to save the world. In 2007, a judge ruled Curry was legally insane when he committed the crime and so wasn’t criminally responsible. Since then, he has been at the facility in Augusta.Monday, the court heard Curry’s request for supervised off-premise outings, starting in 2-hour blocks. His psychologist and the state forensic service testified that such activities, under the close watch of a staff member, are the logical course of action for people in his circumstance. Assistant Attorney General Lisa Marchese says that’s the purpose of these hearings. “It’s important to remember that when people are committed under an NCR to Riverview that the idea is rehabilitation, and going back into society. So this was an appropriate first step for that.”During testimony, a psychologist called the shooting, quote, “A horrible crime, occasioned by serious mental illness and heavy substance abuse.”They say Curry’s progress means he would benefit from gradual release into the community, noting that his father is supportive of him.Family members of Anthony Tucker were also in the courtroom today to watch the hearing. After Curry’s request was granted, Tucker’s uncle said, “That’s the process…what else can you say.”

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Fatal Accident Closes Interstate Exit

Updated 5 years ago

State Police say the Bowdoinham exit of Interstate 295 will be closed from 10 to 2 Monday as troopers investigate a fatal crash that took place late Sunday night. Troopers said a car went off the exit and struck several trees.  25 year old Rachel Mooney of Brunswick was killed in the crash.  She was a passenger in the vehicle driven by 27 year old Matthew Doucette of Portland. Doucette was taken to Mid-Coast Hospital in Brunswick with non-life threatening injuries.  Mooney was flown to Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston by the Lifeflight helicopter, where she died early Monday morning.Troopers said speed and alcohol are considered factors in the crash.  A team of troopers will be taking measurements and examine skid marks Monday, while the exit is closed,  attempting to determine how fast the car was going when it left the roadway.  

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Lyme Disease Cases on the Rise

Updated 5 years ago

Lyme disease has been on the rise in Maine.Maine health officials say cases of the disease were up by 72 percent last year.According to The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there were more than 900 cases of the tick-borne illness in humans in 2008.Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria that’s transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected deer tick, also known as a black-legged tick. Biting ticks are particularly prevalent this time of year as they search wooded areas for a host to bite.While the disease often causes symptoms such as joint pain and fatigue, it’s much more serious for some people who becomeinfected. It is often difficult to detect.

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Maine Man Awarded Millions in Priest Sex Abuse Suit

Updated 5 years ago

A federal judge has awarded more than four-point-four million dollars to a former altar boy who says he was molested by a priest 24 years ago.39-year-old Steven Boyden syas he was abused at age 15 by Reverend Ronald Michaud, his former pastor at St. Hyacinth’s Parish in Westbrook. The judge awarded Boyden 3-point-four-six million dollars in compensatory damages and another million in compensatory damages.Michaud was removed from the minstry in 1989.

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Topless Coffee Shop Owner Seeks Permission to Rebuild

Updated 5 years ago

The owner of a topless coffee shop that burned down wants permission to build a replacement shop.Donald Crabtree owns the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop in Vassalboro.It was destroyed in an arson fire last month.Crabtree plans to go before the Vassalboro Planning Board on Tuesday to apply to build a new structure.He’s also considering asking for some operating changes.Last time Crabtree appeared before the Board was June second, when he asked about extending the shop’s hours and offering music for waitresses to dance to.Later that night, the shop burned down.The shop first opened for business back in February.

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McGowan Safe After Making Emergency Landing

Updated 5 years ago

Maine’s Conservation Commissioner is safe after making an emergency landing on a golf course.It happened Saturday morning.Patrick McGowan of Hallowell and a passenger were flying in McGowan’s 1946 Aeronica Champ when engine started having problems.McGowan made an emergency landing on the fourth fairway of Fox Ridge Golf Course in Auburn.The plane ended up on its belly in a gully, with its landing gear sheared off.Neither McGowan nor his passenger was hurt, and there was only minor damage to the fairway.McGowan has been flying for 35 years…he says he’d been heading from Waterville to Hampton, New Hampshire.

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Machiasport Man Killed in MA Crash

Updated 5 years ago

A man from Machiasport was killed in a car crash in Massachusetts this weekend.Police say 67-year-old Robert Elmer was travelling on Route 90 West in Hopkinton Saturday afternoon when the crash happened.State Troopers say Elmer lost control of his pickup truck, which then rolled over.Elmer was taken to to the hospital with serious injuries…he died Saturday night.The crash is under investigation.

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Governor’s Race Seen as Wide Open

Updated 5 years ago

For the fourth time in a row Maine faces a broad scramble to succeed a two-term governor. Next year’s contest may become the most wide open since 1994.Both major party nominations could be hotly contested and a number of independent figures are under close watch as Maine’s third gubernatorial campaign under the Clean Elections system that offers a public financing option gets under way.Democrats, Republicans and Greens hold primary elections next June.Steven Rowe of Portland, a former state attorney general and House speaker, has a leg up among Democrats. Another declared Democrat is little-known state Rep. Dawn Hill of York, a lawyer and small business owner.Among Republicans, early activity was stirred by untested longshots: Matthew Jacobson, president and chief executive of Maine & Co. from Cumberland and developer Bruce Poliquin of Georgetown. Republican Les Otten of Greenwood, the former ski mogul, has formed an exploratory committee and others are waiting in the wings on both sides, so the field could grow.

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