The Show Goes on For Folk Festival Artists Who Rode Out the Storm 

It’s a summertime tradition that spans three days in August, but this year strong winds and rain cut it short.”We already knew early in the day obviously that we were going to have to make some adjustments, we were just hoping it would be Sunday and not Saturday, obviously we made the decision early in the game Friday,” said John Rohman with the American Folk Festival.Organizers went with their gameplan and canceled the American Folk Festival on Sunday.As Hurricane Irene arrived, she shut down the airport, leaving musical acts and crafters stranded in Bangor, extending their welcome.”We were supposed to leave yesterday so we’ll be here a little while longer,” said singer Carl Jones with the Bluegrass group, Rich in Tradition.”People of Bangor have just been really warm to us, awesome it’s been beautiful,” said Stacey Darden with the acapella group The Brotherhood Singers.Their distance isn’t too far, Rich in Tradition is from North Carolina and The Brotherhood Singers are from Kentucky.But their musical styles: bluegrass and acapella are as opposite as they come.Their love of music has united them for a special concert that will restore the Folk Festival to its original three day schedule.”We actually shared a song during breakfast yesterday and had a couple of sing a longs and that went real well,” Jones said.A sing-a-long that will continue for festival goers who were left wanting more.The concert will feature both bands separately before coming together for the final act.Even if you caught their solo shows over the weekend, this show is expected to leave a greater impression on Bangor than Irene’s winds.”They’re phenomenal groups by themselves.