Stockton Springs Fire

Updated 5 years ago

Firefighters are now mopping up at the scene of a fire in Stockton Springs Monday morning.A passer-by saw smoke pouring from a home on the Harris Road, off of Route One, and called it in around 9:30 Monday morning.Stockton Springs Assistant Fire Chief Vern Thompson says when firefighters arrived, the roof had collapsed and the home was fully engulfed in flames.Nobody was home at the time.The Fire Marshal has been called in to investigate.

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Maine Agricultural Trades Show About To Gear Up

Updated 5 years ago

The Maine Agricultural Trades Show will be in Augusta this week, and thousands of people are expected to attend. This year marks the 69th year of the annual event, hosted by the State Department of Agriculture. The show will include more then 100 exhibits with new equipment and services, new agricultural products, as well as lectures, demonstrations and meetings.The main focus on this years event will be about online ordering systems that can connect farmers with consumers. The event will take place at the Augusta Civic Center Tuesday thru Thursday.

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Old Maine Horse-drawn Sled Riding in Bradley

Updated 5 years ago

The snow was perfect for sled rides Sunday.It was put on by the Maine Forest and Logging Museum.Photojournalist Kenn Thompkins was there.”We have sled rides that kind of give the people a chance to come and ride a horse drawn sled and get a feel of what it was like.””It gives people a chance to see our history feel our history a little bit. It’s an enjoyable experience for them.””We’ve been doing the sled rides we did them last year we’ve done them in years past but this year, 2010, is the 50th anniversary of the Maine Logging Museum,” Said Mike Lane, the president of the board of directors of the Maine Forest and Logging Museum.”People just like seeing the horses seeing what they can do you can ride the sled through the woods and that’s pretty impressive just to sit on that sled and have the horses take you silently through the woods.””The ride was on a rugged trail that wasn’t plowed and there was lots of woods and trees we went over a bridge and just some different things and we took lots of pictures we had fun watching the horses,” Said Barbara Doody, a sled rider from Alton.”I grew up on a farm my grandchildren live in town so they don’t have the opportunity so that’s why I brought here here today.””We come often even when their not open we walk on the trails we bring the kids it’s a good outing for them I think their awesome I think that they have come a really long way since they started.”

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Fire at a Skowhegan Home Sunday

Updated 5 years ago

Fire fighters battled flames and bitter cold temperatures as they worked a house fire in Skowhegan Sunday night.Crews from at least five departments were called to a three story house on Mechanic Street around 6:30 Sunday night.We’re told the fire started on the second floor and made its way to the attic.No one was hurt in the blaze.Fire fighters cleared the scene just before 10 pm.There has been no word yet on a cause.

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Two Injured in Sidney Fire

Updated 5 years ago

On Saturday, two people were taken to the hospital with burn injuries, after a house fire in Sidney.The fire broke out early Saturday morning on the West River Road.Fire fighters say it began in the basement of the single story home.The fire marshal’s office has been called in to determine a cause.No word yet on the condition of the two people taken to the hospital, but we’re told their injuries are not life threatening.

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Moosehead Furniture to be Auctioned

Updated 5 years ago

A Maine furniture manufacturer’s plant and equipment are being auctioned off after the company shut its doors.Moosehead Furniture Co. was the largest employer in Monson when it stopped production in October.The owners blame the shutdown on the down economy.An auction for the business is scheduled for January 21st.Moosehead Furniture was formerly known as Moosehead Manufacturing.It was founded in 1947 and had plants in Dover-Foxcroft and Monson. After Moosehead Manufacturing went under in 2007, a business group formed and reopened the Monson plant later that year.

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Family Home Condemned Due to Paint

Updated 5 years ago

Lead paint can be a problem in older homes, especially ones built before 1978.The parents of a 2-year-old girl believe lead may have effected their child. The Gitschier family began renting their home in 2008 with the intention to renovate. In the process of paint removal one of their 4 children, Jayden, began acting strangely. “They thought it was something wrong with her legs, then something wrong with her eyes, now that we’ve checked everything we found out its not her legs, eyes, ears, then they said there’s something else wrong,” Said Gerald Gitschier.After a series of medical tests and still no firm diagnosis Gitschier believes his daughter has lead poising. “Home renovations cause over half the childhood lead poisonings in Maine,” According to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. And “Children are at the most risk for lead rosining…and very small amounts of led cause behavioral problems.” Since then Gitschier had his home inspected by a licensed risk assessor for the state of Maine. The inspector deemed the house a hazard and unlivable. “He said the whole house is full, he said the kids rooms were the worst, he said the whole house is nothing but lead.”When Jayden was last tested for lead her level was 12. Blood lead levels above 15 require specific action be taken by the health department in most states according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.But Jayden’s father says if the lead had anything to do with it he wishes he would have known the possible risks before beginning the renovation.

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Father and Son Escape Icy Waters

Updated 5 years ago

Maine officials are advising outdoors enthusiasts to check for thin ice after a truck carrying a Norridgewock man and his son went through the ice into a pond in central Maine.The Maine Warden Service says a truck operated by Linwood Ledger crashed through the ice on North Pond in Smithfield on Friday afternoon. Ledger and his son, Michael, were able to get out of the truck and the water without injury.Officials say the truck is submerged except for the plow on the front that got caught on the ice. Wardens say Ledger told them he assumed the ice was thick enough for his vehicle, and that he had hauled a trailer with an ice shack onto the pond the day before the accident.

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Race Fans Pack Augusta Civic Center

Updated 5 years ago

As bitter cold temperatures remind us what January in New England is all about, thousands of stock car racing fans jammed into the Augusta Civic Center to get a glimpse of what the summer months will bring. Steve Perry is the owner os SPR Promotions, who is in charge of the 22nd Northeast Motorsports Expo. “Every track in the state of Maine is represented with their oval track race cars,” says Perry, “you got drag cars, you got pulling tractors, you got everything that any motorsports enthusiast is looking to see has been here at the augusta civic center.” Racetracks from Eastern Maine were well represented including folks from Winterport Dragway and Unity Raceway which opens their season May 15th. George Fernald works at Unity Raceway and says he expects a great turnout this season. “I’m seeing a whole different attitude this year,” says Fernald, “the economy has been real tough everywhere but I think people are tired of the economy and they’re gonna come out this year and we’re gonna have some great racing.”Some stock car drivers were on hand to meet fans, sign autographs, and let people get an up close and personal look at the stock cars they race as well as ask the drivers questions. Eddie Macdonald is one of those drivers. He’s off to California after this event to race the same car he has on display for Maine’s racing fans. Macdonald has been busy this weekend mingling with fans and answering their questions. “Just different things, what our schedules are like, what different races we’re gonna run in the area, and just different divisions that we’re gonna run in,” he says.The event attracted race fans of all ages which is exactly what Perry was hoping for. “We’ve got them from all ages,” he says, “we got people that are in their 70’s and 80’s walking around bringing their grandchildren and getting interested in all this stuff. It’s not just stock car racing, obviously Maine is a big stock car racing area, but there’s a lot going on here, there’s vendors, there’s exhibits, there’s collectibles.”Throw in a tractor pull for kids as well as a special booth devoted to the history of stock car racing in Maine and there was very little to be desired if you’re a racing fan in Maine, except maybe the wait for the upcoming race season.

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Bangor Indoor Sports Arena Allows Kids to be Active During Winter Months

Updated 5 years ago

An indoor sports facility in bangor is letting kids be active during the winter months.As Meghan Hayward tells us, parents couldn’t be happier with what the facility is giving their children.It’s Winter in Maine, but these kids are playing an outdoor sport, inside.It’s called the Fields-4-Kids Indoor Sports Facility.”We have leagues. Soccer leagues, lacrosse leagues, field hockey, pick-ups and rentals. It’s basically an inexpensive way to stay active during the winter months.”And with folks so concerned with the amount of time kids are spending playing on the computer or video games.This gives them another option.”Maine has one of the highest obesity rates for children and just running around for an hour will help combat that.”Parents are happy to have a place to bring their children during the Winter.”One of the really important things for our family to have an active family and ways for our children to always be active. In the winter it’s a little difficult so we were trying to find an indoor arena for him to play and so we found this place.”Another aspect of the sports facility parents like, is the confidence it gives their children.”My son he needed some confidence especially being new to the area he didn’t know anybody. And this has given him confidence and made friends for him and he’s met people and he’s just become more sure of himself.”The indoor sports facility has only been open for a year.It’s a volunteer based non-profit organization that has been made possible by several generous donors.John Pyne is one of those donors.And he’s happy he could help.”I think this facility provides a much needed area for the kids to help stay active in the area during the cold winter months.”And while it’s a hit with the parents, the kids love it too.”I like coming here to play soccer and have fun.””Playing soccer with my friends.”For more information you can go to the facilities Website

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Cumulus Broadcasting Pasta Drive

Updated 5 years ago

Folks came out in Brewer and Bangor Saturday to help Cumulus Broadcasting get a ” ton” of pasta.It was their annual Ton of Pasta Drive at three local Hannaford stores.Each year they camp out in front of the stores and get folks to pick up an extra box of pasta to donate to folks in need.Last year they raised over three tons.And they say even one box of pasta can make a difference.” A box of pasta will feed a family of four and when you loot at gas prices. Now gas is $2.81 and rising. Oil prices are rising too. People are really making tough decisions, food or heart and nobody should have to make those decisions.”The folks of Cumulus Broadcasting are hoping to top last year’s amount.

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UMaine Awarded $12.4 Million for Wind Facility

Updated 5 years ago

More than 12 million dollars in federal stimulus funds are coming to the the University of Maine, to help advance their work to develop offshore wind power.The grant money from the U.S. Department of Commerce will help build a new 30 thousand square foot lab. In the new space, they’ll be able to build and test offshore wind technologies before putting them into deep water.They will also develop composite materials that can be used to build turbines durable enough to withstand harsh offshore conditions, and which capitalize on Maine’s natural abundance of wood. “The real opportunity here is job creation for the state of Maine. The state of Maine has the equivalent of 149 gigawatts, 149 nuclear power plants worth, of wind in the gulf of Maine. The idea here is to take that energy and create jobs in the state,” says Habib Dagher, director of UMaine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center.Sen. Susan Collins says 25 million federal dollars have been secured for UMaine’s offshore wind research program since October. “That’s going to give us a leap ahead, to position Maine as a world leader in developing offshore wind,” she says.The new lab will be built as an addition to the composites center. They’ve already broken ground and hope to open in a year.The funding is part of 120 million dollars in stimulus money announced Friday, to build scientific research facilities at 11 universities across the country.

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Chili Cook-Off

Updated 5 years ago

It’s going to be cold this week-end, and a bowl full of chili could warm you up.If you’d like to try some of the best around, you might want to head to Trenton where they’re holding a chili cook-off Saturday.Local restaurants and individuals are making batches of their best to be tasted by celebrity judges, including TV 5’s Todd Simcox.It’s being held at the Faith Community Fellowship on the Bar Harbor Road , right across from Stanley Subaru, from 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM.Admission is $4. Proceeds will benefit Habitat for Humanity.

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Tax Credit for New Millinocket Plant

Updated 5 years ago

A Rockland company is getting a tax credit of more than $900,000 to build a factory in Millinocket.RE-Gen LLC wants to manufacture biomass furnaces at their new facility. They hope to build 250 systems a year.The credit is part of the Stimulus Money.Congressman Mike Michaud praised the announcement, saying this will provide a significant economic boost to the Millinocket area.

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Grubbs in Court

Updated 5 years ago

A Bangor man charged in connection with a stabbing was in court Friday.Bangor police arrested 47-year-old Clinton Grubbs Wednesday.Police had been called to Oak Street near Maliseet Gardens around nine that morning to find a 57-year-old man who said he’d been stabbed at his boarding home on Essex Street.Police say they found a knife at the scene.Bail for grubbs was set at 5-thousand dollars.He’s due back in court in March.

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Father in Search for Daughter

Updated 5 years ago

The search for a missing New Hampshire woman has investigators asking for help here in Maine.Sarah Rogers, 29, has not been seen since Dec. 13.Police think she left her home in Barrington, N.H., and traveled up the Maine Turnpike.Her car was found abandoned, with the keys in the ignition, on Interstate 95 near the town of Clinton — which is just north of Waterville.Rogers’ family members are now in Maine trying to help police figure out what may have happened to her.”It’s very frustrating, helpless feeling here. I’m hopeful but it’s like getting your guts ripped out. You just want to get her home,” said her father Bob Rogers.Police do not think foul play is involved in her disappearance.A vigil for Rogers is planned for Sunday at 4:30 p.m. in Portland’s Monument Square.

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St. Albans Fire

Updated 5 years ago

The Fire Marshal’s office is investigating a fire in St. Albans.Fire Chief Brian Crocker says a home on Todd’s Corner Road caught fire around two Friday morning.He says the fire was contained to the downstairs and is believed to have started in the entry way, but they’re not sure what caused it.A person living in that home got out unharmed.But a pet dog died in the fire.Crews from Corinna and Hartland helped out.

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Glenburn Fire Update

Updated 5 years ago

A wood stove played a role in a fire that destroyed a home in Glenburn.Crews from six fire departments responded to the Hudson Road around 3:30 Thursday afternoon.They say when they arrived, the house was already filled with flames.Firefighters say the homeowner was out getting the mail when the fire started.The Fire Marshal’s office says the homeowner left the door of the wood stove open and the flames shot out to combustibles.We’re told the house was not insured.

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Updated 5 years ago

The Coast Guard is getting rid of something that makes it more important for every mariner to have a GPS navigation system.In a month the Coast Guard is terminating the Loran-C signal.Mariners rely on Loran-C stations including ones in Caribou and in Nantucket, Massachusetts for navigation, but on february 8th those stations are going away.

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Lubec Man Pled Guilty to Federal Drug Charges

Updated 5 years ago

A man from Lubec has pled guilty to federal drug charges.Court records state that 39-year-old James Mills was arrested after he tried to smuggle more than one hundred oxycontin pills into the US.Mills could be sentenced to twenty years in prison and fined a million dollars.

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