Is Wind Developing Too Fast?

Updated 5 years ago

Maine is moving too fast developing wind power…at least, that’s what some Mainers say.The newly formed citizens’ task force on wind power held a news conference in Augusta Monday.Members say they want to work with state officials to reconsider statewide goals involving wind energy.The task force drew the support of the Forest Ecology Network, led by Jonathan Carter. “Now, many environmentalist have been sucked into believing that if you’re not for covering the mountains of Maine with turbines than you’re acting against the unfolding disaster of global change. This is an absolute false dichotomy,” Carter told TV5 on Monday. “Global warming is catastrophic but the solution is not to destroy the pristine character of the Maine mountains you don’t destroy something ecologically in the name of some other ecological improvement.”Spokesperson for the Governor David Farmer says there is no plan for Governor Baldacci to meet with the group.Farmer says the issues that are being brought up have already been addressed.

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Oxford Casino

Updated 5 years ago

A group that wants to build a resort and casino in western Maine says it has collected 99,000 signatures for a statewide vote.Black Bear Entertainment spokesperson Peter Martin says the signatures were gathered in just 20 days. He claims residents have expressed support for an Oxford County casino because it would create jobs and boost state revenues.If more than 55,000 signatures are certified, Mainers could vote on the matter in November of next year.Opponents of the casino have criticized organizers for paying a California firm $170,000 to collect the signatures. Martin says most petition drives in recent years have used paid signature collectors.

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Amber Alert: Southern Maine Girl Found With Father

Updated 5 years ago

Police say a missing 2-year-old girl who was allegedly taken by her father has been recovered and is okay.Sanford police say Hailey Traynham was found in a residence in Milton, New Hampshire. The girl was found with her father, 38-year-old Gary Traynham, who has also been arrested. State police say he’s being held in New Hampshire on a fugitive charge from Maine. Hailey disappeared after Traynham allegedly assaulted the girl’s mother at her Sanford apartment around 11 a.m. Monday. Traynham faces a gross sexual assault charge in connection with that attack. Hoping to find Hailey, police on Monday issued Maine’s first Amber Alert since the system went into effect in December of 2008.Sanford Police Chief Thomas Connolly says the FBI helped to find the girl through cell-phone technology.

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Applebees Honors Veterans

Updated 5 years ago

In honor of Veterans Day, the folks at Applebees want to give those who served a free meal.They’re inviting all active duty military members and veterans to come in Wednesday for a free entrée.You’ll have six to choose from.Restaurant manager Scott Wade says it’s their way of saying thanks to those who gave so much to our country, and they’ll be ready to serve you. “We’re staffed out, we’re gonna be ready for everybody to come in and we just want to make it a great day for the veterans and active duty personnel that day.”For more information on what they’re planning, you can log on to’ll have to show proof of military service. They’ll be serving the meals from eleven in the morning until closing time.

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Lincoln Fire Update

Updated 5 years ago

Investigators say they won’t be able to pinpoint a cause of the fire last Thursday night that destroyed the building that houses the Lincoln News.There’s just too much damage.Owner Kevin Tenggren says they plan to rebuild.For now, the paper has set up shop next door in the former historical society building. Tenggren says they’ll try to publish an issue this week.

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Fire at Carmel Electric

Updated 5 years ago

Crews responded to a huge fire in Hermon this evening.The call came in around 6:15 pm. Carmel Electric on Lexington Drive in Hermon was on fire.Crews from several departments, including Hermon, Bangor, Carmel, and Glenburn, responded quickly to the scene.Officials say flames were already shooting out of the building when they arrived. “The roof had partially caved in so we weren’t abel to get inside, we tried an internal attack initially but the tresses were starting to collapse so we backed out and surround and drown – defensive attack.” says Larry Willis, Fire Chief for Hermon. No one was in the building at the time of the fire. There is no known cause at this time. The Fire Marshal will be investigating.

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Homeless Veterans

Updated 5 years ago

Wednesday is Veteran’s day – a day to celebrate and honor those who have served. However, thousands of veterans are homeless in our country. It’s a problem that some have set their sights on ending.In five years, state representative Alexander Cornell du Houx would like to see the issue of homelessness among veterans a thing of the past.Rep. Alexander Cornell du Houx: “Veteran homelessness is a very serious issue in Maine. About 11-percent of our homeless population are veterans.Recently, the Obama Administration vowed to end the problem in every state by 2014. Adrienne Bennett: “Do you think that’s an attainable goal?” Rep. Alexander Cornell du Houx: “It is an attainable goal.”du Houx, a marine corps veteran and house democrat, heads up a state committee aimed at helping veterans get back on their feet.Rep. Cornell du Houx: “One of the aspects our task force is looking at is Maine does not have a solid program to deal with substance abuse and mental health issues among veterans. That’s something we need to be investing our resources into.”Steve Berg is with the National Alliance to End Homelessness.Steve Berg: “The problems we’ve had for 20 years have not been solved.” Berg says the data doesn’t show a huge number of younger veterans being homeless, but…Steve Berg: “What we learned with Vietnam era veterans was that the effects of things like PTSD would show up years later – people would be out of service for a long time and all of a sudden wouldn’t be able to cope effectively and end up homeless. I think we have a lot of work to do if we’re not going to repeat the same problems we had with that generation of veterans.” Rep. du Houx: “If we don’t act now to implement a solid plan to deal with it – it will become a bigger issue as we have more veterans coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan.” Adrienne Bennett, WABI TV5 News.

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Drugs In Maine Part One

Updated 5 years ago

In the past few months we’ve seen police sieze a pound and a half of cocaine in Augusta, and nearly 3000 marijuana plants in Washington County.Drug related arrests have risen steadily in Maine the past 10 years. In 1998 there were less than 4000 drug arrests, compared to nearly 6000 in 2008.Glenn Ross is the Seriff in Penobscot County and he says a big reason for the increase in drug crimes is the explosion of opiates into the state. “When oxycodone first started entering the scene, we sounded an alarm,” says Sheriff Ross, “and said this is a drug that’s ripe for abuse and unfortunately, that medication is still on the shelves and still in the medicine cabinets of many homes and has completely changed the way law enforcement has to deal with the drug problem.”Law enforcement has more resources in urban areas, like Portland and Bangor, but officials at the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency say the drug problem is everywhere. “Drug abuse and drug trafficking reaches into the smallest, most rural of communities in Maine,” says Roy Mckinney the Director of the MDEA, “we’re seeing that most prolifically with opiates, heroin, and prescription drugs. It doesn’t matter what town that you are in maine, there is probably diversion of prescription drugs and the sale and use of marijuana.”Authorities say senior citizens with extra prescription medications in their house have become the prey of drug traffickers. “What happens is people seem to collect their medications because they may need them later and they spent a lot of money on them,” says Sheriff Ross, “and don’t want to destroy them even though they can’t use them anymore, but the value of the oxycodone pill is around $100 a pill on the open market so it makes a senior ripe for a robbery.”Mckinney is says the opiates are in high demand. “It’s getting the streets merely by availability,” he says, “law enforcement attacks the drug problem through it’s efforts to disrupt and dismantle the supply side of drugs. The more drugs you have available, the more likelihood there is going to be a diversion in the use of those drugs.” The Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department has several ways to get these medications out of people’s homes before they become victims. “We have a number of events where we collect unused pharmaceuticals,” says Sheriff Ross, “the most recent at the bangor mall back in october. we collected half a van full of unused medicines that people came in and then we safely destroy them.”Sheriff Ross also says they’re seeing the effects of the drug problem in the penobscot county jail. “20% of our inmates are addicted to opiates, a very high number, such things as oxycodone and heroin.”He says it’s a very expensive problem. “At the jail, it’s a real common event to have people coming in on 10 or 12 different medications and many of them, they’ve used up their 90 day prescription months in advance so they’re abusing these drugs before they get to our door and then we’re faced with a situation of trying to regulate their medications, and regulate mental health. It’s a huge problem for criminal justice.”Those trying to battle the problem say the solution is not harsher sentences. “Well I think the overall picture, we cannot jail our way out of that,” says Mckinney, “if you will, or arrest our way out of it. It takes a coordinated effort, and I think you’ll hear this from every law enforcement official. It takes a combined effort of not only enforcement to deal with the supply side, but also with the prevention, treatment, and recovery side. those are so important.”

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Bangor Kindergartener Gets Quite the Ride to School

Updated 5 years ago

It was a big morning for a kindergarten student at the Fruit Street School. “Congratulations Faith, you’re Lieutenant for the day!” says Jason Johnson, with the Bangor Fire Department.Faith Ashton’s first order of duty…”I rode on a fire truck,” she says.The fire fighters from Station Five say, at first, Faith seemed like the quiet type.”We picked her up at her house and put her in the front seat, so she was in charge. And we took the long way to school,” says Lt. Fournier.It wasn’t long before they say she took right to it.”I honked the horn.””You honked the horn?””Once they got rolling down the road, she was just jabbering a mile a minute. They said it was great,” Johnson says.”She talked the whole time. We know she has a loose tooth, which we hope she doesn’t lose,” Fournier says.Faith won this ride after entering a contest at the Bangor Fire Department’s open house last week.”We were also giving away a couple bikes, and a Nintendo Wii, but this was the prize that student after student would line up and really wanted to win,” Johnson says.These firefighters say it’s fun to see their job through a kindergartener’s eyes.”Just to see the look in their eyes when the truck rolls in and to see them get in. It’s a big prize for them.””Because I like to honk the horn,” Faith says.And if Faith’s ride inspires a future in the field, all the better.”It’s a great career to get into,” says Bangor firefighter Tim Witham, “So maybe in a few years, she’ll be inspired to be a fireman.”

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A “Ludicrous” Law Concerning Alcohol

Updated 5 years ago

A law that was designed to help boutique beer and liquor stores is trying to be fixed by Maine legislators.The main reason for this fix up is for an effort to keep children from having to witness adults drinking alcoholic beverages, which has made it difficult for stores to hold taste testings.The amendment said the events “must be conducted in a manner that precludes the possibility of observation by children.” The new law took effect on the twelth of September.Leslie Thistle, of Bangor Wine and Cheese said that during a monthly testing she had to use sheets to drape across storefront windows. Additionally, she calls the law ludicrous.

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Students At Lewis Libby Celebrate Veterans Day Early

Updated 5 years ago

Students at the Lewis Libby School in Milford celebrated Veterans Day a few days early. After two weeks of planning, they held their 2nd annual Veterans Day celebration. Warren Kidder teaches 8th grade and he says the students have worked hard over the past two weeks to put this event on. “I think it’s really important that they understand the sacrifices that our men and women went through to make this the country we have today so we can live in freedom,” says Kidder.A group of veterans was on hand to talk to the children about what life is like in the military. “I think the young children today have to understand that the military has changed from back in the 60’s and 70’s,” says Major Sergeant Randal Bickford of the Maine Air National guard, “and that it’s open to any male and female who wants to come serve their country.”Some of the veterans want to make sure the younger generation carries on the tradition of Veterans Day. Sharon Tothill was an Army Nurse during the Vietnam War and says she’s proud to be here to help these kids understand the importance of Veterans Day. “I think that it’s just the most important thing,” says Tothill, “even the children, the people in the public, you know everyone has some kind of veteran in their family and hopefully people understand that we’re still here, we still want the recognition, we still want to be proud.””I guess the biggest message they need to understand is that thousands and thousands of people have died for their right to be here,” says Major Sergeant Bickford, “and to to say what they want to say and to do whatever they want from now until they’re an adult and beyond.”The kids got the message loud and clear. “Thank you for protecting us and giving us our rights,” says Colby Michaud and 8th grader here. Maddie Mahan is also in 8th grade here and she agrees. “They risk their lives every day to save ours. we should be proud of them.”

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Surviving Maine’s Great Outdoors Part 1

Updated 5 years ago

Maine’s great outdoors is often a safe haven and a place to relax.But what happens when the conditions turn potentially deadly? How do you survive?You’re headed out the door for a hike. You’ve got sturdy shoes on, you’ve dressed in layers, and you’ve let someone know your plans. But is that enough to make it through a couple nights if you had to?In part one of the series Chelsey Anderson shows you what to do as she gets stranded in Maine’s great outdoors.”Before we even head out, we consult our gazetteer.””North is always the top of the map, so this road is running east and west. So if we get in any trouble, and only have our GPS to get us out, we’re going to move North to the road.”Registered Maine Guide and navigation specialist, Randy McEwen, stresses the importance of working a compass.”The key is to hold it straight and turn your body.” “Oh.” “That way you’re facing the correct direction.””The most important part of this is the direction of travel arrow. That’s the direction that you need to be going. That you need to be moving.”Make sure you mark your start point.”We’ve made our way point. It’s number 178. We’ll lock that away in the back of our mind.” “Ok.” “And when it’s time to come back out, we’ll dig this back out, we’ll find 178 in there and we’ll say, ‘take me back to the camp.’ And you’ll follow the arrow back to the woods.” “Great!” “Bringing you right back to camp.”Now we’ll look over our survival pack.*An easy to carry bag*Noise maker for signaling*Maps of the area*Several compasses and GPS*Spare gloves and HotHands*Sharp knives*Flagging tape and a permanent marker*Survival blankets*A flashlight*Glow sticks*Fire starting material (magnesium and steel wool)*Duct tape*Folding saw*Twine *Multi-tool *Water/Water purification tool*”You Alone in the Maine Woods””And structure your pack accordingly. Everybody needs to carry with them what makes them feel comfortable.”Don’t use a kit in a can.”We really shouldn’t stake our life on it. I highly recommend that they build a kit from scratch.”We head out into the woods. Lost.”We’re not lost. We’re just turned around.” “That’s what my husband says.” (laughter)”So at this point you’ve got to gather your thoughts. You’ve got to stay calm. The old adage: STOP. Sit, think, observe, plan. Sit down. It’s imperative that you stay calm. Because that’s what kills people. Panic is what kills people. And you’ve got to stay calm. If you can do that, you’re going to survive.”First, we build a shelter. “Let’s make camp.””What we’ll be doing is gathering small dead wood. Small saplings and we’ll be putting them in this fashion to make sort of a roof on both sides. Then we will clear the leaves away and find some boughs or some branches with leaves and make ourselves a nice dry bed.”Be sure to check the ground.”You wouldn’t want to plop your butt down on a bunch of ants while you were trying to survive, because then it would get a little uncomfortable.” (laughter) “Looks pretty clean.”Now we’ll gather dead wood from the forest floor.”We’ll just fill in and we’re just going to try to get the sticks reasonable close together reflect most of the heat or keep in most of the heat.”We lay our survival blanket over the top to give us some protection from the elements.”Now we’re going to lay these in to give us a little bit of insulation and a little bit of material to lay on.””That’s actually quite a bit of room!” “And it smells really good.” “Smells like a Christmas tree.” “It’s got that natural air freshener.” (laughter)Next, we have to find dry materials for a fire.I searched underneath trees, grabbed some dead pine needles and some Old Man’s Beard. I also found standing dead wood that I was able to cut down and split.”Alright we have to start with tender. We’ve got a piece of steel wool.””This works in any weather. See how that throws a nice spark.”Easy for Randy to say.(strike, strike) “There you go!” (blow, blow) “Put some wind into it!” (blow, blow) (laughter) “I think it went out again.”(strike, strike) “Maybe I wouldn’t be a good survivor!” (laughter) “Oh!” (blow, blow) “Keep it going!”Third time’s a charm.(strike, strike, strike) (blow, blow)”Yeah, it’s a fire!”We’ll it took Chelsey a little while, but she was able to stay warm by the fire. If you have something in your survival kit you haven’t used before, go camping! Try it out!In part two of this series Chelsey will show you how to build another type of shelter, test out a water purification kit and actually drink the water from a beaver dam. And then navigate herself out of the woods.

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Jonesport Schools To Close After H1N1 Confirmed

Updated 5 years ago

School officials from Union 103 say they’re closing all schools in Jonesport Tuesday due to a flu outbreak. The Superintendents office says they have one confirmed case of the H1N1 virus. The school was due to have an H1N1 vaccine clinic back in September, but the clinic had to be postponed when the vaccine did not arrive.

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Escaped Inmates on the Loose

Updated 5 years ago

Authorities say two inmates have escaped from Bolduc Correctional Facility in Warren. Prison officials say 36-year-old Arden Shaw and 28-year-old Robert Fogg were last seen at the minimum-security facility at about 7 p.m. Saturday. Both were in prison for burglary and are due to be released in2013. Officials say Fogg has a tattoo on his neck that says “white trash.” Police and prison officials were looking for the men Saturday night.

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Silver Star Awarded to Korea Vet

Updated 5 years ago

Veterans Day is this Wednesday, and many towns and cities will have celebrations.On Sunday, the town of Sherman honored one of their own, but they had to do so by surprise.”Sunday’s veterans ceremony is the beginning of Veterans Day week. Sherman had their Veterans Day Ceremony and they had special recognition for an individual.””I want to tell you about one young soldier, as a young man he showed great courage and in doing so embodied the Spirit of the American Veteran.””In North Korea in 1952, this young Private First Class was awarded the purple heart and the bronze star, today after all these years we are happy to presented the Maine Silver Star honorable service medal that he so rightfully deserves.””At this time I’d like to turn the platform over to Brig. Gen. Brandy Boyle and Cmmdr Sgt Master Steve Curtis.””The Silver Star Honorable Service Medal is presented to Cpl Alberto F Libby in recognition of his honorable service in the armed forces of our country and his award of the purple heart for wounds received in the Korean War we the citizens of the State of Maine express our sincere appreciation for his courage and his willingness to serve our state and nation, we are proud of him and grateful to him for his commitment to the defense of freedom.””You see we just wanted it to be a surprise to him not only that but he probably is, as humble as a guy as he is, he’s probably would not agree to come if he knew they was honoring him.””I was surprised I didn’t know anything about it, I wouldn’t of come probably if I had of, I mean that’s my way.””Freddy’s kind of an example of how other veterans out there that have done a lot and sometimes we never knew how much until we look into their records so I’m humbled today to realize some of the tremendous sacrifices that a lot of veterans have so that we can live in a land which we do.”Sherman Area Memorial VFW #2299, Ladies Auxiliary and Jr. Girls Unit sponsored the program which was held at the Sherman Rec. Dept.

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Fatal Crash in Auburn Claims Two Lives

Updated 5 years ago

Police in Auburn are investigating a traffic accident that killed a 36-year-old woman and her 4-year-old daughter.Police say the accident happened on Minot Avenue shortly before 2 pm Saturday.A pickup truck hauling an enclosed trailer crossed the center line and struck the woman’s oncoming car.Officials say the auburn woman was killed instantly.Her daughter later died at Central Maine Medical Center. The driver of the pickup truck and a passenger were hospitalized in critical condition.Police have not released the names of the victims.

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Stetson Crash Takes Life of Plymouth Man

Updated 5 years ago

An accident on the East Newport Road in Stetson claimed the life of one man early Sunday morning.Authorities say Patrick Haining of Plymouth was travelling east around 3:45 am, when he lost control.His vehicle went off the road.Haining was not wearing a seatbelt.He was partially ejected from the vehicle as it rolled over.Police are now investigating.

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University of Maine Chemical Engineers Compete in Alt. Energy Race

Updated 5 years ago

The race to find alternative energy sources continues throughout the country.Some are looking into wind and solar to provide electricity, others are trying to make our homes and offices more energy efficient.And, there are groups looking into what might fuel the cars of the future.On Sunday, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers held its 11th annual Chem-E-Car competition in Nashville, Tennessee.Teams from 31 U.S. universities, including the University of Maine, took part in the competition.Past teams entered cars that ran on everything from hydrogen fuel cells to beef liver and hydrogen peroxide.The teams must build shoebox sized cars powered by controlled chemical reactions.

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FairPoint Bankruptcy Hearing Scheduled

Updated 5 years ago

A November 18th hearing has been scheduled on a motion to appoint an examiner to investigate factors leading to FairPort communication’s chapter 11 bankruptcy last month.A group of creditors who are owed more than $550 million wants to know if FairPoint’s top managers mis-represented the company’s prospects for recovery and are trying to profit from the reorganization. The creditors are also asking why the company paid a $23 million dividend just as the financial problems were mounting.FairPoint has denied the allegations in a statement to the Portland Press Herald.

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Pingree Votes for Healthcare Reform Bill

Updated 5 years ago

After months of intense debate, congress is moving forward with health care reform.Late Saturday night, democrats in the House of Representatives passed a plan to expand health benefits to millions of people who currently lack insurance.Maine Congresswoman Chellie Pingree voted in favor of the plan, and supporters of health care reform greeted her with cheers as she arrived at the Portland jetport Sunday morning.But not everyone is cheering for Pingree.Every republican in the house except one voted against the bill.Its critics say the plan is too expensive, and allows too much government influence over personal health decisions. “It wasn’t a perfect bill, all of us would have done something a little bit different, but just to get that bill passed and to allow people to move forward,” Pingree said on Sunday. “It felt like this was the vote my constituents sent me to cast.”All eyes will now be on Maine’s two republican senators, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe. Snowe has already said she will not support a health care plan that calls for a public option.

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