Flu Shots Delayed in RSU 19

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Hundreds of students from Etna to Newport to Hartland will have to wait a little longer to get their flu shots at school.Administrators in RSU 19 are postponing the vaccination clinics for about a month. A delay in the shipment of shots to Maine is to blame, but health experts say there’s no shortage of the vaccine. School officials are reminding parents to sign up their students for the shot, which is free. For more information, contact the school health coordinator at 278-4263.

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Autumn Gold Celebration in Ellsworth

Updated 5 years ago

The gold flags are up, and they’re preparing for a celebration.Thursday marks the beginning of the annual Autumn Gold weekend in the Ellsworth area. It’s four days of free and low-cost community events.New this year: organizers have added a classic car cruise around downtown, right after the car show on Saturday.They’ve also added more boats for free rides along on the Union River.And this year’s chowderfest will be judged by nine special judges.Folks say it’s a nice time of year to bring everyone together. “People here are so excited and they’re all together as a community,” Said Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce member Micki Sumpter. “And we have so many tourists that come in just for this. So people just chat, enjoy each other, have fun.”Organizers are expecting a big year. Friday’s golf tournament is already sold out.They say if there’s rain some of the events will be moved inside.For a full schedule, you can log on to

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Major Retailer Gives Books to Local School

Updated 5 years ago

The Stockton Springs Elementary School got a new look on Wednesday thanks to retail giant Target.Wednesday morning folks from Target presented students with their new books, as well as a new book-nook.Students were given a chance to say thank you at a ceremony. “But when you sit here with these kids and how excited they get, to see that it really makes a difference in their lives, at their age that’s what makes it work, that’s why volunteering is so good,” Said Target representative Dave Scott.Target has donated books to more than sixteen hundred schools nationally.

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Red Tide Research Funding

Updated 5 years ago

Researchers hoping to better predict and manage outbreaks of red tide in New England have received more than $450,000 in federal grants.The money comes from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.It will fund the start of three, multi-year projects.The University of Maine has received one of the grants.They plan to explore how non-harmful algae in the Gulf of Maine could slow the growth of red tide. People who eat shellfish infected with red tide algae can get very sick and possibly die.This summer, an outbreak of red tide shutdown shellfishing in nearly all of Maine.

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The Way We Get By Screened in D.C.

Updated 5 years ago

A film about Maine’s troop greeters, who have welcomed thousands of soldiers back home at Bangor International Airport, is getting attention in the nation’s capitol.Representative Mike Michaud spoke on the floor of the house of representatives on Wednesday about the capitol hill premiere of the award winning documentary “The Way We Get By.”Michaud says the film captures the spirit of many in the Bangor area who make sure the troops see a friendly face upon their deployment or return home.Wednesday evening, the Maine congressional delegation hosted a screening of the film in the capitol visitor center.Senator Susan Collins and Jill Biden, wife of vice president Joe Biden, introduced the film.

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CMP Proposes New Line to Double Capacity

Updated 5 years ago

A plan by Central Maine Power to upgrade its electrical transmission system brought a number of folks to Augusta Wednesday.CMP wants to build a new transmission line from central Maine to New Hampshire, doubling the capacity of the grid’s backbone.There are a total of 155 opposing parties to the $1,400,000,000 upgrade, according to the associated press.Among them is Gridsolar LLC.They want to build solar generation facilities in communities throughout CMP’s service territory. The public utilities commission plans formal hearings on CMP’s proposal in February.

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Cathy’s Citrus Herb Roasted Chicken Recipe

Updated 5 years ago

Citrus Herb Roasted ChickenRecipe courtesy Cathy SperonisRecipe Summary:Difficulty: MediumActive Prep Time: 15 min.Cook Time: 1 hour 20 minutesOne 3 – 5 lb. Grade A whole young chicken1 Tbsp. Olive Oil1 small onion½ lemonKosher SaltPepperHerbes de Provence or herbs of choice (rosemary, sage, tarragon)1 cup waterBrine Solution:¾ cup Morton Kosher Salt2 cups boiling water5 cups cold water1 cup iceTo make brine solution: in a large stockpot dissolve the kosher salt in boiling water. Add cold water and ice. Stir until mixture is chilled. Prepare and wash chicken. Place chicken into the brine solution and submerge. Place pot into the refrigerator and time for 30 minutes. Remove pot, turn chicken over and place back in refrigerator for an additional 30 minutes. Remove chicken from solution, wash under cold running water and dry thoroughly. Place chicken on a parchment lined plate and refrigerate uncovered for 30 minutes. Preheat oven to 400*.Remove chicken from plate, dry again. Place onion and lemon inside of cavity. Tuck wings under and tie legs with kitchen twine. Rub olive oil all over chicken and place on a rack in roasting pan. Season the chicken with salt, pepper and herbs. Pour water into bottom of pan. Place pan in lower 3rd of oven and roast for 30 minutes. Reduce heat to 350* and roast until breast meat reaches 160* and thigh meat reaches 180*. If breast are done first, cover with aluminum foil and continue roasting until thighs are done. Remove chicken from oven and allow it to rest for 10 minutes before carving.

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Maine Made Wine

Updated 5 years ago

Growing grapes in Maine can be done.Clem Blakney, owner of Unity Winery is proving that.Blakney started his business two years ago, and now grows five varieties of grapes.Because the grapes won’t be ready for making wine for another year or so, Blakney is working with Maine cranberries and other fruits.Unity Winery isn’t ready to start selling their wine quite yet. Blakney expects to be up and running by Thanksgiving.If you’d like to learn more about the winery, you can log onto

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Bar Harbor Welcomes the Queen Victoria

Updated 5 years ago

Cruise ships aren’t a new sight in Bar Harbor, but the arrival of a particular, elegant vessel created quite a stir Wednesday. A big crowd was on hand to welcome the Queen Victoria.”Certainly it’s bigger than I anticipated, and the closer you get, the bigger it looks,” says Raymond Anderson, of Jefferson.She weighs in at 90-thousand tons and carries nearly 3-thousand passengers and crew. It’s Queen Victoria’s first visit to Bar Harbor.”It’s just amazing. Overwhelming, really, so beautiful and a beautiful spot to see it in, too,” Anderson says.Some folks got an up-close view on a trip with the Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company.”The elegance of the ships, they’re just intriguing, and the size…I think it just captures people’s imaginations,” says Zack Klyver, with the Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co.With luxury accommodations, the Queen Victoria is quite the dream for those on board. Many made their way into town Wednesday.”This town is absolutely beautiful and the people are so welcoming,” says Gabrielle Frank, of Yorkshire, England. “This is the nicest stop we’ve made up to here.””I’m just wandering around, having a look around, really. It’s lovely,” says Alan Belton. The town itself had a party-like atmosphere, with a full schedule of events and the sounds of the MDI High School Band to welcome both passengers and the ship’s many admirers.”I came out just for the fun of it. It’s a beautiful, beautiful day and a great opportunity to see Bar Harbor, the ship, everything that’s here,” says Bert Brewster, of Oakland.For local shops and services, the brief stop offered a bit of a boost for business.”During the day when the ships are here there’s just so many people, it’s so lively,” Klyver says. “Economically, we know it makes a big difference.”The next stop for the Queen Victoria is Canada.”It’d be nice to take a cruise on it!” Brewster says.

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Bangor Landscaper Gets Honored Nationally

Rob Poindexter

Updated 5 years ago

Bob Bangs has been at it a long time, landscaping thatis. “Personally I started when I was 12 or 13, then went to high school, and went to the University of Maine, and right after I got out of the service, I started doing it.”Bangs is the owner of Windswept Gardens in Bangor. He does a segment here on TV-5 every Friday during the growing season. His company has been in business since 1972, now his landscaping is being recognized nationally by the magazine Total Landscape Care. “Well there was a contest and you had to write an essay,” Bangs says, “after they reviewed the essays, they picked a group of sub finalists.”Bangs says he wasn’t expecting the phone call telling him he was one of the 12 best landscapers in the country. “I was really quite shocked and astounded because number one, my son entered,” Bangs says, “I didn’t even know he entered. it was quite a shock when we were told we’re listed as one of the finalists.”He says he’s one of the lucky few who enjoys going to work every day. “I still enjoy getting up every morning and going to work it’s a great job. it’s like being an artist but you have much bigger canvas to work with and it usually gets better with age.”He found out he didn’t win the competition, but he was taken on a cruise in November with the other finalists. He says it’s just an honor to be considered. “It feels great after all these years to be recognized for some of the work we do, and be recognized by our peers, nationally.”

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Fallen Hartland Firefighter To Be Honored at National Memorial Service in Maryland

Updated 5 years ago

A fallen firefighter from Hartland will be honored this weekend at a national memorial service in Maryland.As Meghan Hayward tells us, family and friends of Michael Snowman couldn’t be prouder.”Michael loved life. He did everything big. He liked to be the center of attention. He’d like to make everyone happy. He’d always want everyone having fun.”Michael Snowman served on the Hartland Fire Department for twenty-five years.Snowman was helping crews at a house fire in Detroit last November, when he had an apparent heart attack.Now, he’s being honored at the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Memorial Service, which is held on the campus of the National Fire Academy in Maryland.Something his wife Laureen says he would be pleased with.”I know he’s looking down from heaven saying yeah this is cool.”Laureen says the fire department meant everything to Michael.”Oh I think he lived and breathed here. He was a busy mean. He put a lot of time into the church, but this was his second home.”Snowman was well-liked among his fellow firefighters.Hartland Fire Chief Donald Neal says he was quite a comedian, always showing up to their annual hunter’s breakfast with a silly hat on.”One goofier than the one before. Just cracked you up seeing him so happy and go-lucky.”But the most important thing Neal says he brought to the fire department.”He showed us respect and friendship.”All of his fellow firefighters are happy he’s being honored at the ceremony.”I think it’s a great tribute to him and his family for being honored that much.”Laureen says the ceremony means a lot to their family too.”I think for my family it helps us know that his sacrifice was important to people and it also encourages us that all the time my husband put into the fire department is being rewarded.”

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College Fair

Updated 5 years ago

A lot of high school students attended the University of Maine today.They showed up at the field house on the Orono campus to learn about colleges.It was the thirty-fourth annual New England Association College Fair.More than one hundred colleges were represented, trying to recruit students.There were booths set up to explain financial aid and other processes associated with going to college.Representatives from the military branches were there too.UMaine Associate Director for Admissions Bill Munsey says they have less vendors this year.He says they expected a lower turn-out because of budget cuts.Still, he says, the fair is a great resource for high school students.”They have a chance to talk to someone directly connected with the college and they can also inquire about the possibilities of financial aid and what’s available. And if they find out it’s going to be much too expensive or it’s not reality for them at least it’s good to find out now so they can be looking at alternative plans they may have.”Munsey says UMaine hopes to host the college fair for many more years.

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Clean Enery Jobs

Updated 5 years ago

Project Director for the Natural Resources Council of Maine, Dylan Voorhees, says Maine is the most dependent state on heating oil in the United States.But he says the state is taking huge steps in decreasing that dependency. The legislature has just adopted a goal to weatherize all Maine homes and half of Maine businesses by 2030.Voorhees says the clean energy economy in maine has potential for huge growth.”So we’re really well poised to capitalize on the resources and skills we have and the workforce we have to make this clean energy economy even larger than it is today.”Voorhees says current clean energy businesses are involved in a variety of projects.From performing energy audits to installing wood pellet stoves and solar panels.

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Oil Prices Drop For The Second Straight Week

Updated 5 years ago

For the second striaght week, prices on heating oil in Maine has fallen by one penny per gallon.The price of oil had fallen to $2.35 a gallon in its weeklysurvey. Kerosene was also down 1 cent in the past week, to $2.76 agallon.Prices were lowest in southern Maine and highest in northernMaine.

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Growing Jobs, Growing Tomatoes

Updated 5 years ago

Growing jobs in a not too top notch ecomony is great news for Mainers. New England’s newest and largest greenhouse is growing opportunity. Maine Gov. John Baldacci picked several tomatoes off the vine onTuesday at a celebration of the first harvest.Over the summer, Backyard Farms completed construction on an 18-acre glass-covered greenhouse. With its completion there are now two greenhouses totaling 42 acres, with 450,000 tomato plants. For the new greenhouse, 75 workers were hired during the summer, expanding the work force to 200 employees.Backyard Farms harvested its first tomatoes in 2007 and has nowsold about 40 million pounds to stores across the Northeast.

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Elm Tree Diner Fire Ruled Accidental

Updated 5 years ago

State Fire Investigators say a fire at a popular restaurant in Houlton was caused by an electrical problem in the kitchen. The Houlton Fire Department responded to the call at the Elm Tree Diner about 11 p.m. Sunday.A person checking an alarm at a business across the street heard breaking glass and noticed the fire in the kitchen window.Crews were able to get the fire under control in about 45 minutes, but not before it did some substantial damage to the roof.The restaurant is insured.

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Verona Island Fire Cause Undetermined

Updated 5 years ago

Firefighters say they cannot determine what started a fire that heavily damaged a home on Verona Island.A passerby spotted smoke coming from the eaves of the house on Verona Park just before 10 Tuesday morning.By the time Bucksport firefighters arrived a few minutes later, the smoke had turned into flames.Crews from Orland, Orrington, and Penobscot were also called to help.Crews were on the scene for about four hours.

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More Security Possible At Courthouses

Updated 5 years ago

The head of Maine’s judicial Marshals and a county courthouse are reviewing an outburst ouside a courtroom and see whether more security is needed.The event occured last month outside the Cumberland County Courthouse. Upset about a sentence in a manslaughter, family members got into a physical and veral match with judicial marshals.Police were called and the situation was soon under control.

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Bangor Councilors to Vote on Extending Parking Time Limits

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Drivers who park in downtown Bangor could soon be able to linger in their space a bit longer. The city council is scheduled to vote tonight on a plan to change the time limits on nearly 100 parking spaces, from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. The plan would affect spaces mostly on Main Street, State Street, Central and Hammond streets. The hope is to attract more visitors and keep them downtown longer.It would also help out people who live and work there, who move their cars every hour.

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Lobsterman Granted Limited Access to Matinicus

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

A lobsterman from Matinicus Island accused of shooting another lobsterman in a turf war can now return to the island, but only on a limited basis. 68-year-old Vance Bunker was ordered off the island after a shooting in July. Today a judge ruled he can go back again, only to retrieve lobster gear and only when accompanied by a Maine Marine Patrol officer or other law enforcement officer. Bunker also pleaded not guilty today to four charges. He faces two counts of elevated aggravated assault against lobsterman Chris Young – the man who was shot in the turf tussle. Bunker’s also charged with criminal threatening and reckless conduct against another man, Weston Ames.

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