Last Chance Benefit

Updated 5 years ago

Some local horsemen are doing their part to help out the Last Chance horse ranch in Detroit.It’s a facility that takes in abused and neglected horses and works to get them adopted to good homes.The group has organized a spaghetti supper and silent auction on Saturday, Nov. 14th, at the Carmel snowmobile club.It begins at five and runs until they’re out of food.Old Town Canoe and Varney GMC have donated a kayak that will be auctioned off to help the horses.

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Tactical Team Makes Arrest in Embden

Updated 5 years ago

A man from Embden is free on bail tonight, accused of domestic terrorizing among other charges.Somerset County Sheriff’s deputies received the call just after midnight.Police say the female caller told them her husband, 31-year-old Mark Walls, was drunk and armed with a firearm. He claimed he wanted to commit suicide and hoped police might help him do so.She also told police her husband would not let her and their three children leave their Waugh Road home.Somerset County authorities along with State Police tactical team arrived shortly afterwards.At 4 am, Walls was taken into custody outside his residence.He was unarmed.

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Manna Thanksgiving

Updated 5 years ago

For the 12th straight year Manna Ministries will be giving out Thanksgiving meals to families.They’d like your help.You can donate turkeys, money, or a gift card to Manna Ministries at 629 Main Street, Bangor.For more information call 990-2870.You’ll also have a chance to donate turkeys during our turkey telethon, from five-to-six-thirty pm, Friday, Nov. 20th.

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Auditorium May Require Additional Funding

Updated 5 years ago

Possible changes for the Bangor Auditorium.A final market report on the idea is out, and the city says a panel would review it Thursday night.The report says money from Hollywood Slots won’t be enough to pay for both a new arena and improvements to what’s there already.It puts the new arena at a cost of $57,000,000, and upgrades to the existing space around $16,000,000.And says that without extra funding, the project would put the city in debt by more than $20,000,000 over 20 years.Councilors have said they don’t want the new arena to put any debt on residents.Any decisions the city panel decide to make will have to be approved by city council.

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Police Seek Driver Who Struck Howland Overpass

Updated 5 years ago

Police are looking for the person who hit an overpass in Howland this week.Crews discovered on Thursday morning that several hundred thousand dollars worth of damage had been done to the I-95 bridge on the North Howland Road.They say it looks like someone crashed into it with a large piece of equipment sometime between Tuesday night and Thursday morning.Support beams were twisted, and structural repairs are needed.Police say the vehicle must have been stopped under the bridge for a while.If you saw anything that could help find who did it, you’re asked to call Trooper Barry Meserve at 866-2121.

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Barclay Remembered

Updated 5 years ago

Folks in the Old Town area are honoring the memory of Sonya Barcley: with tea.The mother of four lost her battle with breast cancer just over a year ago, but not before uniting an entire state to come together and build her family a new home.A scholarship fund in Sonya’s name has been set up, and this Sunday, you can add to it by attending a tea party.It will take place at two in the afternoon at the Old Town Knights of Columbus hall.There will also be a silent auction table with homemade tea cakes up for bid.Last year, a $600 scholarship was awarded to a graduating senior from Old Town High School.

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Cub Scouts Food Drive

Updated 5 years ago

The Cub Scouts in Lincoln are organizing a food drive to benefit the Lincoln Food Group.It will be held at Steaks ‘n’ Stuff on Mechanic Street in Lincoln.The food drive is Friday from 4pm to 8pm, and Saturday from 8am to 5pm.For more information call Holly Farrington at 794-5197, or Pam Jordan at 290-5319

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The Center of the Galaxy Like You’ve Never Seen It, at UMaine

Updated 5 years ago

If you turn a telescope up to the night sky, you’ll see a lot of stars. But it’s what you can’t see that’s been driving NASA researchers.Now, they’ve made the invisible, visible– and an image of what they’ve found is on display at the University of Maine.”The neat thing is, that if you were to look at the sky with just a regular telescope at night, you would see nothing. It would be cloudy. It would be dark and there’s so much gas and dust,” says astronomy professor Dr. Neil Comins.The image they displayed Thursday is of the center of our galaxy. And it’s one that has never been seen before.Comins says NASA researchers were able to create the photo by overlaying images from three different telescopes, exploring three different parts of the spectrum.”Two parts are the infrared, which we can’t see, but we feel as heat, and the other part is X-ray, like the kind of X-rays you have in a doctors office,” he says. “Since the X-rays and infrared can see through the clouds, we can see these features absolutely invisible to us otherwise.”NASA selected UMaine’s planetarium as the only site in the state to show off these images to the public.”They’re a beautiful image to enjoy, just for the composition. It’s like a very modernistic, impressionistic interpretation of our galaxy,” says Planetarium Director Alan Davenport.They say the images present researchers with scientific information they couldn’t access before, and could hold clues to hazards far off in our planet’s future.”Our planet is part of a much bigger system. And the better we can understand the galaxy, the better we can understand the stars, the better we can anticipate what the future of our own planet is going to be,” Davenport says.The murals will hang at Jordan Planetarium at least all year.For more information on the telescopes used to make the images, you can visit them online:Hubble Space Telescope Spitzer Space TelescopeChandra X-ray Observatory

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Days of Caring

Updated 5 years ago

Some local organizations teamed up to help the Bangor Homeless Shelter.The United Way of Eastern Maine recently began a new program called Days of Caring. The program pairs area businesses with social service agencies that are in need of help.Merrill Bank teamed up with the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter Visiting Nurse program and the United way to collect personal care items for the folks at the shelter.Debbie Calderwood, the visiting nurse for the shelter, says donations like this are very important. “The shelter runs with a very meager budget, and things like this really benefit the folks that they serve, so much. People just don’t realize what a toothbrush and toothpaste mean to someone, or shampoo, or deodorant, until you don’t have it.” adds Calderwood.All of the branches of Merrill Bank participated in this effort.For two weeks they had bins at their locations, so employees and customers could contribute.For more information on the United Way’s Days of Caring, you can visit their website at

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H1N1 Flu Claims Another Mainers Life

Updated 5 years ago

The state of Maine has seen its third swine flu death, and the disease is continuing to wreak havoc in schools with 65 outbreaks. Dr. Dora Anne Mills from the Maine Center for Disease Control said Thursday that the latest death was of an adult in Penobscot County who had a serious underlying medical condition. Mills also says some schools are reporting absenteeism of nearly 50 percent, and schools were closed altogether in Jonesboro and Winthrop. She says the good news is that 95 percent of Maine’s public schools have completed their vaccination clinics, and more swine flu vaccine is making its way into the state. As of Tuesday, Maine had received 180,400 doses, up by 42,000 last week.

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Team Effort Helps Lincoln Newspaper

Updated 5 years ago

Folks in Lincoln can usually expect their weekly newspaper every thursday morning like clock work. This week, it took some help from another paper to make that happen, because last week, fire gutted the building that houses the Lincoln News, the weekly newspaper in Lincoln. Reginald Hustus is the Print Manager there and he says the fire was devastating. “From the time that I heard there was a fire and the time I got there, there was just humongous flames coming out of the whole building,” says Hustus, “so any hope of salvaging anything was just lost.”The biggest thing lost in the blaze was the printing press. Terry Carlisle, the Genral Manager at The Ellsworth American newspaper knows that printing presses are invaluable. “Not too many newspapers own their own press,” she says,” “the press is an extraordinarily complicated and expensive piece of machinery and the thought of losing your press, that’s just heartbreaking.”The folks at the Ellsworth American wasted little time. They held a meeting and decided to offer the Lincoln News two weeks of free printing to help get them back on their feet. “It was a tragedy that all of us felt acutely,” says Carlisle, “and we all stayed in contact with one another to see what we could do to help and we we’re all happy to help.”The hard worling people at the Lincoln News are certainly appreciative. Kevin Tenggren is the Editor and Publisher of the Lincoln News and he says he’s extremely grateful for the generosity. “It means a lot to us,” he says, “We’ve put a lot of work into it. Non-stop working from last Thursday to this Thursday. we worked all weekend, we worked countless hours, a lot of thanks to my staff, they’ve done a great job.”Reggie Hustus says they haven’t missed a printing in the fifteen years he’s been with the paper and it took a team effort to keep that streak alive. “Just thank everyone who was involved in making this happen and now I have a truck full of papers and now we’re gonna go give them to the folks of Lincoln.”

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Students Give Back

Updated 5 years ago

Students at the Opal Myrick Elementary School in East Millinocket learned a lesson in giving, they took a walk to fill the local food pantry’s shelves. A line of about 160 students from the elementary school marched to the Tri-Town Baptist Food Pantry, carrying bags filled with cans and other food items. The children collected about 15 hundred food items as part of the yearly service projects they perform in the community, but this year, there was extra incentive, the top two collecting classes will receive a pizza party sponsored by the local credit union. Students today also delivered food to the Congregational Church near the school.

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Carmel Public Library Holding Book Amnesty

Updated 5 years ago

The Carmel Public Library says you can help out needy neighbors while returning overdue books.From now until Christmas folks with overdue books at the Simpson Memorial Library can bring in dry goods for the local food pantry instead of money for their fines.The library is open Tuesday and Thursday from 11 am to 7 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm.For more information you can call librarian Becky Ames at 848-7145, if she’s not there, leave a message.

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Second Meeting over Bangor I-95 Corridor

Updated 5 years ago

A second meeting over the Bangor I-95 corridor will be held Thursday night.The meeting will be at 7 at the Bangor Banquet and Conference Facility at 701 Gogan Road in Bangor.The purpose of the meeting is to get feedback from the public about the study.Problems along the corridor and possible changes will be discussed.And there will be yet another meeting held down the road we’re told.

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Future Brewer School Marks Milestone

Updated 5 years ago

A milestone and construction tradition was marked Thursday at the future Brewer Pre-K through eighth grade school.Meghan Hayward was there.”Whenever we put the last and highest steel beam into a building, we like to commemorate that milestone by a thing called topping off, and basically what that means is we take some personal ownership of what we do here.”” And I need you to put your name right there ok.”Some future students of the school got to sign their name on the final beam before it was lifted.” Manny, well done Manny, clapping.”Those building the school say it was important to include the kids.”Who better to bring into the process and have them create memories and have this be remembered forever and also learn a little bit about the process. This is just the beginning for these kids.”The kids were pretty impressed.”It’s really big and it’s cool right now and when it’s built it might be even better.””It was awesome. I’ll remember this forever.”Brewer Superintendent Daniel Lee says he’ll remember the day too.”I really think it marks a very important occasion. We’re done with the structural work. We’re going to begin now with the interior and finishing up the masonry work. We’re very close to closing up two sections of the building so it’s very exciting. This is a momentous occasion.”The nearly 32 million dollar project will be the largest Pre-K through eighth grade school in the state.”It is designed to hold 1,500 students if needed. There’s going to be a 500 seat auditorium for shows and plays. There’s also going to be a full regulation size gymnasium, a cafeteria that can seat 500 people at a time.”Construction is due to be completed in June of 2011.

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Winterport Water District Breaks Ground on Project

Updated 5 years ago

Winterport Water district is breaking ground on a project to help protect the Penobscot River.It will replace more than a mile of sewer line to ensure that partially-treated sewage no longer reaches the river.Right now Winterport rate payers have the fourth highest sewer rates in the state.The project will cost 2-million dollars but the town will only have to come up with 250-thousand dollars.The rest will come from the American Recovery and Reinvestment act and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.Winterport resident Teddy Weston says the town is extremely grateful for the federal and state help.”We all know that this needed to be done by where the money would possibly come from made this whole idea of doing it almost impossible. So all the help we’ve had has been great and it’s good for the community.”Local water rates are actually expected to go down because of all the grant money the town is getting for the project.

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Empty Arms – How Family and Friends Can Support Parents Living with Loss

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Nine months of pregnancy all comes down to one day – the birth of a baby. For some women, though, the joy of pregnancy is overshadowed by grief when their child dies from a miscarriage, is still born, or only lives to see a few precious hours. A group in Bangor is reaching out to mothers living with that loss – and trying to show others how to help them, too. The Empty Arms Support Group offers parents a place to turn when the baby they longed for doesn’t survive. “I had a baby, I birthed a baby – a little girl – and her name is Sophie and it’s really, really important that she remain a part of our family.”Aimee Gerbi is a mother of four, but one of her children didn’t survive. Sophie died when Gerbi was six months pregnant.Sophie’s death spurred Gerbi to start a support group for others like her. She says the first step toward healing is recognizing the space left by a loss can’t be ignored. “I talk about her because she’s a part of our family – she’s the big gaping hole that nobody else can see and that nobody else can understand and I think that’s why I get together with these women as many times a month as we possibly can, because me saying the name Sophie doesn’t stop the room.” “We try to emphasis to every mother that’s here, even if they don’t have a living child, they are a mother. She’s a mother, but unfortunately, she has empty arms – she doesn’t have that baby to hold. “Pam Houston is a perinatal educator at Eastern Maine Medical Center and helps with the Empty Arms support group.She says it gives women a safe, comfortable place to open up about their baby’s death. “It’s something that happened. It’s something horrible that happened. It’s part of them. They’re not like pushing it aside. “Laura Leighton is a member of the group. Her 8-and-a-half month-old daughter, Winn, is her second child. Her son Willows died minutes after he was born. She says family and friends can help by acknowledging the lost baby.”In your daily life, it’s always there, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. But it’s always there, so if someone invites you to talk about it, it’s a really nice thing that you can share that part of your life with them.” Gerbi says recognizing important dates – like a due date – with even a simple card can mean so much. “Because the alternative is that you think, I don’t want to remind her and you don’t send a card and now that mom has walked down to her mailbox, opened the mail and there’s nothing there. Nobody has remembered. Not only does nobody remember, they all think I’ve forgotten. “Some families have pictures or locks of hair to remember their children. Others, like Gerbi – who nearly died during her pregnancy – never get to see them. That’s why the support group is working to build a memorial at Mount Hope Cemetery in Bangor to make sure no baby is ever forgotten.”This is part of who I am. I had a son who died so I don’t need to hide that. I don’t need to try to get over it or forget it because it’s just part of my story now.”As for the memorial, Mount Hope Cemetery has already donated the land for it.Folks with Empty Arms say they envision a tranquil spot for families to visit with a statue and a granite bench.They say they’ll continue working to raise money until they can start building.Empty Arms meets the fourth Wednesday of every month.For more information, log on to

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Who Hit the North Howland Road Overpass?

Updated 5 years ago

Police are looking for the person who hit an overpass in Howland this week.On Thursday morning, crews discovered that several hundred thousand dollars worth of damage had been done to the I-95 bridge on the North Howland Road.They say it appears someone crashed into the overpass with a large piece of equipment, sometime between Tuesday night and Thursday morning. Support beams were twisted and structural damage will have to be repaired.Police say the vehicle must have been stopped under the bridge for awhile. If you saw anything you think could help find who caused the damage, you’re asked to call Trooper Barry Meserve at 866-2121.

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Lincoln News Puts out First Issue Since Fire

Updated 5 years ago

Folks waiting for their weekly issue of the Lincoln News can expect to have it in their hands by late afternoon or early evening Thursday.Publisher Kevin Tenggren says even though fire destroyed their building last week, there was never a doubt they wouldn’t put an issue out for this week.Tenggren says they have had a few problems with the computer system, but have been able to pull through.They have sent the paper digitally to the Ellsworth American, where the paper will continue to be published until a new Lincoln News building is up and running.” Oh it means a lot to us. We’ve put a lot of work into this. It’s been a nonstop working since last Thursday to this Thursday. We worked all weekend, countless hours. A lot of thanks to my staff. They’ve done a great job.”Tenggren says as soon as the insurance is settled, they’ll demolish the burned out building, and rebuild in the same spot.

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Weight Watchers

Updated 5 years ago

Easing Thanksgiving Stress!Thanksgiving is almost here and although you won’t be eating theholiday meal for a few more weeks, lots of us are already gettingindigestion from it. Just thinking about Thanksgiving can causeheartburn because of the stress. For some of us, it’s stress overwhat Thanksgiving is going to do to our weight loss progress and forothers, it’s the idea of cooking such a meal that may well be the mostimportant meal of the year! The expectations for perfection are high.Jackie Conn, from Weight Watchers, shares some tips, some tools and a recipe for rich, low-fat turkey gravy.Rich Rosemary Turkey Gravy * 4 3/4 cups homemade fat-free turkey stock, as needed * 1/4 cup all-purpose flour * 1 Tbsp cornstarch, dissolved in 2 Tbsp cold water (optional) * 1/2 tsp salt (optional) * 1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper * 1 Tbsp chopped fresh rosemaryInstructions1. To make the gravy, use a rubber spatula to scrape the pan juices from the roasting pan into a fat separator, leaving the browned bits in the pan. Let stand 5 minutes: then pour off the dark brown drippings into a 2-quart glass measuring cup: reserve the clear yellow fat in the separator. Add enough stock to the drippings to measure 5 cups.2. Place the roasting pan over two burners on high heat. Measure 1/4 cup of the reserved fat and add to the pan. Whisk in the flour (a flat “roux whisk” works best to reach into corners) and let bubble for 30 seconds. Since this is a reduced amount of flour and fat, it won’t coat the entire pan so try to concentrate the ingredient to one part of pan to prevent the flour from scorching. One cup at a time, whisk in the stock mixture and bring to a boil.3. Reduce the heat to medium and simmer, whisking often, scraping up the brown bits on the bottom of the pan, until reduced to about 4 cups, about 3 minutes. For a thicker gravy, whisk in the cornstarch, but keep in mind that as the gravy cools, it will also thicken, so it might not be necessary.4. Strain through a coarse wire sieve into a bowl. Taste: season with the salt and, if desired, pepper and rosemary. Transfer to a warmed sauceboat.Courtesy of

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