Benefit Spaghetti Supper for Stockton Springs Family

Updated 5 years ago

A benefit spaghetti supper is being held for a Stockton Springs family who lost everything in a recent fire.The supper will take place Friday January 22nd.From 5 to 7 at the Searsport Middle School and High School cafeteria.The dinner is 5 dollars per person.And there will be a 50/50 raffle.Donations for the family can be made by calling Misty at 567-3862.

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Back Door Dance Studio Burn-a-Thon

Updated 5 years ago

Folks were dancing away the pounds in Eddington Saturday.And raising money for an after school dance program at the same time.Meghan Hayward explains.Feet were moving and calories were being burnt at the Back Door Dance Studio in Eddington.” It’s a burn-a-thon to raise money for the After School Dance Program’s tuition assistance fund.”The program runs on a six week dance session where kids can learn a variety of different types of dances.The fundraiser helps keep kids active and save their parents some money.” We have found in the two years that we’ve been doing this that a lot of children in this area can’t even afford the 25 dollars a week. So this helps them to be able to come and dance.”The kids say it’s fun place to come.” To mostly dance. To do some aerials and learn some new moves.”” My brother and cousin come and I have a lot of friends here.”There were six 50 minute dance segments folks could take part in.Everyone was asked to raise a penny for each calorie they burned.And halfway through, they had already raised over 1-thousand dollars.” It’s great. I was speechless.”Some folks took part in a little swing.And others tried zumba.But no matter what dance they were doing everyone was happy to be helping raise money for a good cause.If you missed the fundraiser but would still like to help donate or just want more information on the classes they offer you can call the dance studio at 843-5638.

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Fire at Lincoln Paper and Tissue

Updated 5 years ago

An electrical problem on a piece of machinery is believed to be the cause of a fire at the Lincoln Paper and Tissue Building.The Lincoln Fire Department responded to the call a little after 4 am Saturday morning.When crews arrived on scene, flames were visible from the third story window.There were no injuries reported.The total cost of damage is unknown at this time.Crews from Howland, Lee and Mattawamkeag also assisted.

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Special Reading at Bangor Public Library

Updated 5 years ago

There’s a special reading time set aside for tomorrow at the Bangor Public Library members of the Penobscot Theatre will be reading aloud stories by Zora Neale Hurston.The reading is in collaboration with the theatre’s upcoming production of “spunk”, which is based on the stories of Hurston.The play is in February, the reading is Saturday afternoon at 2 at the library.And copies of Hurston’s complete short story collection will be given away during the event.

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Washington County Chief Deputy Receives Honor

Updated 5 years ago

Washington County’s Chief Deputy Sheriff has picked up an award from his colleagues.Michael St. Louis has been named Manager of the Year by the Maine Sheriff’s Association.He’ll be presented the award at the association’s conference in South Portland February fifth.

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Diversity Workshop for Teachers

Updated 5 years ago

Teaching diversity in a state that isn’t very diverse.That’s the challenge facing a lot of teachers in Maine, but today some of them heard from folks who reminded them about the importance of the topic.”It’s amazing to me now that everything we were told not to do, we are now allowed to do.”More than 130 teachers and administrators gathered at the University of Maine to hear from a diverse group, about language, culture and education.The keynote speaker was Sonia Nieto. She retired from teaching at the University of Massachusetts a few years ago, and has been speaking about diversity for more than three decades.She points out that even though Maine’s population is made up of mostly caucasions, that’s not the case in other parts of the country.In fact, there are estimates that within 35 years, the majority of citizens in the U.S. will be people of color.”I think we do a disservice to our students to our young people by not preparing them for that diversity, and so that means we need to prepare our teachers for diversity.”One future teacher at the workshop says she was inspired by Sonia’s message, and understands the importance of teaching young people about different cultures.”Because in the future they are gonna be going out of the state and out of the country and I think what’s what really hit home with me about teaching them even though it’s not their everyday surroundings.”Johanna Bridges is a Spanish teacher and says she got ideas about bringing her Columbian background into the classroom.”Sonia like opened my mind about a lot of thinks that are happening in other schools.”Sonia also says these kinds of lessons can have far reaching effects on our country.”I think it’s important that we think of language and culture as enriching rather than as a threat to national unity. I think our national unity comes from respect for our differences.”

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Newburgh Man Awaiting News from Family in Haiti

Updated 5 years ago

A Newburgh man who grew up in Haiti is still waiting to hear news about several of his family members.As Meghan Hayward tells us, he’s trying to stay busy to keep from thinking the worst.” I had my laptop open on my bed. I have the TV open and I had a shock wave radio open.”Carrel D’Haiti of Newburgh is describing what he’s been doing since news broke of the earthquake in Haiti.D’Haiti has one brother that had four children living in Port-Au-Prince at the time of the earthquake.”They were reported missing at first. Then we found out two of them died and two other ones were buried under the debris.”The two under the debris have since been rescued and are alive, but injured.”But I’m very happy so far I know two of my nephews are alive and that’s a good feeling. I for one thing didn’t think they would be alive right now so injuries big deal, we can handle that.”But several of D’Haiti’s family members are still unaccounted for.To help ease his mind, D’Haiti says he’s trying to stay busy.”You feel like everything is too tough. So you want to be active to deal with it. And that’s what work is to me and that’s what it’s going to be in the next weeks until I get a proper closure on that.”D’Haiti has received word that one of his brothers is trying to get a hold of him.And he says he is patiently waiting for that phone call.”At the mercy of good fortune to have a phone call from them. And when that happens I will be very excited because I would like an update on my aunts and uncles, cousins and nephews and nieces.”

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Troop Greeters Welcome Soliders Home

Updated 5 years ago

Some more troops returned to America by way of Bangor Friday, after spending the past year in Iraq.More than 150 members of the 287th Military Police Company were welcomed home by troop greeters at Bangor’s airport.Their mission in Iraq was to train and guide Iraqi police.They are just the latest in the long line of troops being met by local troop greeters on their way home.The greeters are closing in on the one million troop milestone. A feat some thought they’d never see.”Well you feel proud of the fact that you were able to make them feel comfortable and some of them have been here several times since 2003 and they have a place here that makes them feel more comfortable.”From Bangor the soldiers are heading to their home post, Fort Riley, Kansas.

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Glenburn Couple Head to Haiti

Updated 5 years ago

Earlier this week we told you about Pam and Luke Brochu of Glenburn.The Brochus have been going to Haiti since 1998, where they’ve helped build schools, medical clinics and churches.They are now directors of the Maine Haitian Ministries.Today they left Maine and headed to Florida where they will meet up with some doctors. The plan is to then head to Haiti.”Well at this point everything is still on hold. We’re going to go and see. We’re hearing that we need to start collecting a lot of supplies because they’re going to be depleted with all the injuries down there.”The Brochus say any medical supplies such as bandages and gauze, as well as medicines like Tylenol and Advil are greatly needed.If you are interested in sending any such items to Haiti log on to

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Flu Shot Clinics

Updated 5 years ago

Penobscot Community Health Care will be holding clinics for the seasonal flu shot and the H1N1 vaccine.Clinics will be held at Extended Care Services in Bangor every week day from 8am – 4pm during the month of January. For more information you can call 992-2601.Clinics are also being held through January in Old Town at the Helen Hunt Health Center. They are open week days from 8am – 4pm. They can be reached at 827-6128.The clinics are open to the public. If you are uninsured or your insurance doesn’t cover the cost, the vaccine will be free. They accept walk-ins, but recommend making an appointment.

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Maine Credit Unions Help Earthquake Victims

Updated 5 years ago

Maine Credit Unions have announced a statewide fundraising effort to help those affected by the devastating earthquake in Haiti.The credit unions have acitvated their online disaster relief system to collect contributions.All donations will be forwarded to credit union organizations in areas affected by the earthquake.If you’d like to make a donation you can go to, and click on the donate now link.

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Efficiency Maine Trust

Updated 5 years ago

The Maine Legislature passed a law last session to form the Efficiency Maine Trust. It will help organize the state’s energy related programs, and work to find ways to make better use of Maine’s energy resources.Today the first of three public meetings was held to discuss and develop a three year plan to make the state more energy efficient.The meeting was held in Orono at the University of Maine.Judy Berk of the Natural Resources Council of Maine says, the purpose was to get input from folks about how the state can best use it’s renewable energy resources. “Let their feelings be known about what kind of energy efficiency priorities the state should have, retrofits we should be doing to buildings, businesses, etc., and how the state should proceed in this really important area.” Two more meetings will be held to discuss the issue.PortlandFriday, January 22, 9:30am to 12:30pmUniversity of Southern MaineAbromson Community Education CenterRooms 109 and 110AugustaFriday, January 29, 9:30am to 12:30pmState House ComplexCross Office Building, Room 211

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Trenton Students Honor Martin Luther King, Jr.

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Bonday is the national holiday that celebrates the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Junior. But today marks King’s birthday – he would have been 81. And some students in Trenton didn’t want the day to go by without paying respect to the civil rights leader. “I’m the Reverend Martin Luther King, Junior. It’s 1955 and I’m sorry to say but there are some big problems here in Montgomery, Alabama.”Students at Trenton Middle School retold history to honor the man who made history by breaking racial barriers. “Black and white children can’t go to the same school together. They can’t drink from the same water fountain. And black people have to sit on the back of buses.”The school’s civil rights team highlighted the Montgomery Bus Boycott, as part of their tribute to Martin Luther King, Junior.They also shared the story of teacher Jo Ann Robinson, who encouraged her students to support the boycott.7th grader Edward VanZura says “I think she’s not very known and I think that’s why we’re really doing this. Because we want her to be known as a hero, too, not just Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks as heroes.”Nancy Eddy – co-advisor of the civil rights team – says Robinson’s efforts to encourage people to join the King movement can still be put into practice today. “I’d like to liken that to a civil rights team at our middle school at middle schools across Maine and the U.S. helping students learn at an early age how they need to stand up for their rights and the rights of others. To be kind to others.”A message these students will hopefully take into the future, as they look back at the people who paved the way for them. 7th grader Paige Bennett says “It makes me feel proud of them because it took a lot of power to do that – to stay off the bus and they had to walk home probably. I think it’s important that they did that.”

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Fatal Accident in Palmyra

Updated 5 years ago

There was a deadly car crash in Palmyra Thursday night.It happened on the Saint Albans Road just after 11 pm.State Police say 21-year-old Heidi Pasker of Etna was was driving too fast and lost control.Three passengers were ejected from the car.Pasker was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center, along with 19-year-old Kale Page of Palmyra.Page died at EMMC.Twenty-two-year old Justin Moore of Pittsfield and 23-year-old Rebecca Layman from Cushing were taken to Sebasticook Valley Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.Police say no one in the vehicle was wearing a seat belt.The accident is under investigation.

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State Parks Mark Anniversary

Updated 5 years ago

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Maine state parks.On Thursday state park officials unveiled a line-up of events to celebrate through all four seasons.There are 48 state parks and historic sites throughout Maine.Will Harris, the Director of the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands, says whether you come to one of the scheduled events or not, there’s never been a better time to spend some time enjoying what the state parks have to offer. “Float on an inner tube, look at the sky, have one of the best fishing days of your life, have a family picnic, ski through the woods, canoe on the Allagash, or roast marshmallows around a campfire and tell ghost stories.”The department of conservation says the parks contribute $100,000,000 to the state’s economy.And that every state dollar spent on a park, generates 25 dollars in return.For a full line-up of 75th anniversary state park events log on to The Department of Parks and Land website at

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Hannaford Announces Layoffs

Updated 5 years ago

Layoffs could be in store for some employees at Hannaford supermarkets.The company’s parent company, Delhaize Group, announced a restructuring plan Thursday that will affect the supermarket chain.It will take place over the next 12 to 18 months and most likely will include job cuts in the finance and accounting department.The C.E.O. of Delhaize Group says by streamlining their U.S. operations, the company will become stronger and more efficient.

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Tremont Youths Arrested

Updated 5 years ago

Two young men from Tremont are under arrest following an incident at a home on Woodland Drive.State Police say a man called 911 early Thursday morning.He claimed that 19-year-old Zachery Rand and 19-year-old Dakota Harkins were trying to break into his house and that they had a knife.Troopers arrived on scene to find only the caller, whom had sustained minor injuries.Police then located Rand and Harkins. They were both taken to the hospital for unknown injuries.Rand has been charged with burglary, criminal mischief, assault, and illegal possession of liquor by a minor.He was released from the hospital and taken to the Hancock County Jail.We’re told Harkins will be charged with similar crimes, following his release from a hospital.

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FairPoint Latest

Updated 5 years ago

Utility regulators in Maine are being asked by a Biddeford-based phone and internet company to review FairPoint communications’ business practices.In a petition to the Public Utilities Commission, Great Works Internet says FairPoint is overbilling for use of its lines and is threatening to disconnect some of its customers.Maine’s public advocate is expressing support for great works’ petition and has filed a motion to intervene. A FairPoint spokesman says the company is working on its response to the complaint.

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Employee Sick Time Bill Discussed

Updated 5 years ago

Maine business groups are lining up in opposition to a bill that would guarantee paid sick time to workers.The bill is sponsored by senate president Libby Mitchell.It went before the labor committee Thursday afternoon.If passed, it would provide earned sick leave of up to six paid days annually for workers in larger businesses and three paid days for workers in smaller companies.Supporters of the bill say it protects public health. Those opposed say it’s bad for business. “It’s quite a burden especially on small business owners,” Said John Hastings from the Flat Rock Bridge Family Resort. “I’m considered a small business even though in June and July I employ 40 or 50 people, and if they all cash in sick days in July I’m looking at another 10-15 thousand in my budget I can’t afford.I don’t know it’s a lot to ask of businesses in Maine.”It’s estimated that there are more than 200,000 Maine workers who do not have paid sick days.The labor committee will discuss the bill over the upcoming weeks before it’s sent to the full legislature to vote on.

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“Bangor, Brush with History”

Updated 5 years ago

Folks gathered tonight at Bangor City Hall for the premier of the art exhibit “Bangor, Brush with History”.The exhibit features 100 new, original pieces, created by 75 Maine artists.The exhibit is spread out over several locations. It will be on display at City Hall, The Gallery By Design, the Bangor Public Library, the Penobscot Theater, and Maine Discovery Museum.The exhibit is part of the closing celebration of the 175th anniversary of Bangor. Money raised through sales will benefit the Bangor area.Rod Rodrigues, the event organizer says, “By coming to look at the art, if you should be so moved to purchase the art, you are contributing to the arts, you are contributing to local artists, you are contributing to Bangor Museum and history center, which is receiving part of the proceeds.” The work will be on display until April 15.

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