Missing Man Found

Updated 5 years ago

Captain Jason Moffitt says Fred Roeske left his residence on Starlight Drive around 6:30 Sunday night. Roeske said he was going for a walk in the neighborhood but didn’t return home. Brewer police and the Maine Warden Service started a search just before noon Monday. Roeske was spotted walking along state street in Brewer around 1 Monday afternoon. Moffitt says Roeske did not need medical attention.

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Brownville General Store Re-Opens

Joy Hollowell

Updated 5 years ago

Back by popular demand.That’s what two brothers and their wives from Brownville, are crediting for keeping their general store and restaurant open for business.Joy Hollowell has the story.+++++++++++++++”C’mon folks, let’s all have fun this summer, no more doom and gloom.”John and Don Belvin are ready to rock. In July, the brothers will begin their 6th season of hosting tribute concerts at their outdoor amphitheater and campground in Brownville. In just a few weeks, they’ll rev up their Route 11 general store and restaurant, an opening that almost didn’t happen.”we decided last fall to call it quits, put it up for sale, go back to our original corporate jobs,” says Don Belvin.The Belvin brothers say rising gas prices coupled with a failing economy were just too much competition. After a five year run, they had decided to sell the store. But, there were no buyers. The home grown boys took it as a sign.”We decided, you know, it’s meant for us to keep going. so, by the skin of our chinny chin chin, here we go (laughs),” says John Belvin.That means both men had to find part time jobs. Their wives work full time. But all four owners say they’re committed to making this work. “We all decided six years ago that this was a dream that we wanted to do. And we packed up on our hope and faith and a nickel and a dime, and we ended up in Maine,” says Coleen Belvin.”What really inspired up to re-open this year. was the amount of people that we meet between here and Bangor, saying, ‘Hey, we really miss that place. We want to come back, why don’t you guys do it one more time.,” says Don Belvin.The Belvins believe in community and good old fashioned fun. Now, they’re hoping those two things will be enough of a draw, to keep their dream, in business.”We believe that it’s something that it truly a great thing for Pistcataquis county,” says John Belvin.============For more information on the Junction General store and restaurant, as well as the schedule of upcoming concerts and movies this summer, you can log onto

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Gay Marriage Debate Part I

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(AP) – The Maine House is preparing to take up a same-sex marriage bill, and its prospects are good given the number of co-sponsors and momentum from last week’s Senate vote. The bill, which won a 21-14 vote of approval in the Senate last week, goes to the House on Tuesday. The bill has more than 60 co-sponsors, most of them House members. Shenna Bellows of the Maine Civil Liberties Union, a leading supporter of the bill, said she’s “cautiously optimistic” about Tuesday’s outcome because of the strong sponsorship. Marc Mutty of the Catholic Diocese of Portland said he and other opponents haven’t lobbied the House very aggressively, so Tuesday’s vote is a “wild card.” At least one amendment has been prepared for possible consideration Tuesday.*Below you’ll find the WABI TV5 Script on Adrienne Bennett’s coverage on the topic of same sex marriage. In Part I of her series of reports Adrienne takes a closer look into the lives of one couple and their son. WABI TV5 SCRIPT ON TUESDAY MAINE LAWMAKERS ARE POISED TO VOTE ON A BILL THAT COULD MAKE THE STATE THE FIFTH IN THE NATION TO LEGALIZE SAME SEX MARRIAGE.THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES IS EXPECTED TO VOTE TUESDAY.LAST WEEK THE SENATE SUPPORTED THE BILL 21 TO FOURTEEN. TONIGHT, WE TAKE AN IN DEPTH LOOK AT THIS ISSUE THAT HAS DIVIDED LAWMAKERS AND MANY OTHERS IN MAINE..FOR YEARS…CENTRAL MAINE BUREAU CHIEF ADRIENNE BENNETT IS ON THE STORY..ADRIENNE..IT’S THE BATTLE OF SEXES…SAME SEX COUPLES VERSUS ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN UNITED IN MARRIAGE…IT’S NOT THE FIRST TIME MAINE HAS HAD THIS DEBATE…IN 19-98 AND 20-01 GAY RIGHTS INITIATIVES WERE OVERTURNED BY VOTERS…4 YEAR OLD ELI IS HAPPY, SMART AND ARTICULATE. HE’S A YOUNG BOY WHO WANTS TO BE A BASEBALL PLAYER WHEN HE GROWS UP…AND HIS FAMILY IS BACKING UP THAT DREAM…FOR ELI’S PARENTS THOUGH, THEIR DREAM IS A BIT MORE COMPLICATED…MOMMY (VICTORIA) AND MOMMA (CARLA) ARE ELI’S PARENTS. THEY’VE BEEN TOGETHER FOR NINE YEARSCARLA HOPKINS CARRIED ELI AND AFTER GIVING BIRTH VICTORIA ELEFTHERIOU ADOPTED HIM…”there’s things in it. You want me to show you it?” BUT MARRIAGE IS THE ONE MILESTONE THEY HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO REACH…”It’s hard knowing that you can’t have what other people have, other families have.”CARLA HOPKINS WAS THE FIRST TO TESTIFY DURING A LEGISLATIVE PUBLIC HEARING THAT DREW THOUSANDS TO THE AUGUSTA CIVIC CENTER LAST MONTH…”This isn’t about special rights. This is about equal rights for all Maine families.” “the energy in that room was amazing and I feel a little emotional talking about it now.”THE BILL CARLA AND HUNDREDS OF OTHERS SPOKE IN SUPPORT OF WOULD MAKE SEVERAL CHANGES TO MAINE LAW INCLUDING:CHANGING THE DEFINITION OF MARRIAGE TO THE UNION OF TWO PEOPLE – NOT JUST ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN. IT ALSO ALLOWS ANY TWO PEOPLE OF APPROPRIATE AGE TO GET A MARRIAGE LICENSEAND IT AFFIRMS RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, ACKNOWLEDGING RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS CONTINUE TO HAVE CONTROL OVER THEIR RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE AND TEACHINGS.”this is not about religion. It’s not about politics. It’s about love. A commitment, a life-long commitment. It’s about protecting our son and protecting each other.” BOTH CARLA AND VICTORIA WORK FOR THE STATE AND HAD TO FIGHT WITH THEIR EMPLOYER FOR MORE THAN A YEAR TO GET HEALTH COVERAGE FOR THEIR SON…”we were told no because we weren’t married though we were raising our son together that didn’t matter.”WHEN THE COUPLE TRIED TO SET UP THEIR STATE RETIREMENT ACCOUNT TO ENSURE FUTURE SECURITY FOR ELI, THE SAME REASONING DENIED THEM ACCESS TO MAXIMUM BENEFITS…”we were told, oh you can designate each other but if one dies the surviving partner would not be eligible for the survivor’s benefit, which is a higher rate because we’re not married.”WHILE THE SENATE AND HOUSE COULD PASS THE BILL THAT REDEFINES MARRIAGE CARLA AND VICTORIA KNOW THE OPPONENTS ARE SET TO STRIKE BACK WITH A PEOPLE’S VETO WHICH WOULD PUT THE ISSUE BEFORE VOTERS IN NOVEMBER.”we strongly believe that the civil rights of a few, of a minority shouldn’t be voted on by the majority.”BUT HOPE IS STILL ALIVE AND THIS FAMILY IS CERTAIN TIMES ARE CHANGING…”it’s always the right time to give people civil rights.” UNDER MAINE LAW, VOTERS CAN CHALLENGE A BILL WITH A PEOPLE’S VETO. TO PLACE A MEASURE ON THE BALLOT THIS NOVEMBER REQUIRES OPPONENTS TURN IN 55-THOUSAND VALID SIGNATURES BY SEPTEMBER 3. OPPONENTS OF THE BILL CANNOT BEGIN COLLECTING NAMES UNTIL AFTER THE LEGISLATURE HAS ADJOURNED WHICH WILL BE IN MID-JULY.COMING UP TUESDAY NIGHT WE’LL HEAR FROM THOSE WHO WILL BE TAKING UP THAT TASK IF NEED BE.WE’LL ALSO HAVE WORD FROM THE GOVERNOR AND WHAT HE PLANS TO DO WHEN AND IF THE BILL HITS HIS DESK.

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State Budget Reviewed by Appropriations Committee Monday

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

A 570 million dollar gap in the state budget is trying to be bridged by the Appropriations Committee in the Capital.The session began at the State House in Augusta at nine o’clock Monday morning.Lawmakers heard strong objections to Governor Baldacci’s proposed budget.Nearly two dozen people testified about the cuts in the Department of Health and Human Services to cut state reimbursements to Private and Non Medical Insitutions ( PNMI ).Those testifying said the cuts will diminish the number of high risk and needy children they will be able serve.And those cuts will not only effect the families that they aim to serve but also will impact the state.” What will be lost if you standardize rates is our multi disciplinary approach to treatment.”” Many of these children will require some sort of severe intervention and if closures happen the state will find themselves with a need to rescue many of these other municipal organizations because they will not be able to handle them.”The Appropriations Committee had meetings planned all day and will cover cuts to Education, State and Local Government and the state’s Rainy Day Fund.Once the budget is reviewed and reworked it will go to the House and Senate for approval.

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From the Tank to the River

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

Atlantic Salmon find their way back to their home rivers by what’s called imprinting.The water that they live in, creates a memory that pulls them back when it’s time to spawn no matter where they go in the ocean.Monday morning fish that were raised at the Bangor Wastewater Treatment Plant with were released into Penobscot to fend for themselves.”They’re coming up on a couple of years old so in about that time frame and when they reach about a half a pound they get themselves ready to go out to sea,” said Bangor Wastewater Treatment Plant Labratory Director Thomas Hambrock.For the last nine months ten salmon have lived in a holding tank at the Bangor Wastewater Treatment Plant, now Hambrock says the conditions are right for them to return to the river.”They’ll acclimate themselves to the Penobscot and go down towards the salt water, acclimate themselves to the salt water and then grow and then get big enough to make that trip to Greenland.”All of them have been tagged and had their fins clipped so they can be recognized if they return. Now it’s a waiting game for Hambrock and the rest that of the people involved in this project.”They do some trapping every year and trap every thing and if our ten come back and any one of these ten that have the tag on and have that fin clipped and come back within two years they’ll let us know it could be two to three years depending on how they do out in the ocean.”And for those that have fed these salmon and watched them grow and mature for the last nine months, like Hambrock it is tough to release them back into the water.”Well it’s like the empty nest syndrome you know, you hate to see ‘em all leave but they need to go they were getting to the point where they were outliving our tank down there, (laughter).”

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3 Arrested, 10 Summonsed in Washington County

Updated 5 years ago

A late night party in Washington County ends with three people under arrest, and 10 minors summonsed.Authorities received a tip last week that a large amount of underage drinking would be going on at the Rocky Lake campsite in East Machias Saturday.The function was linked back to an event known as Greek Weekend through the University of Maine at Machias, according to Washington County Sheriff Donnie Smith.The party didn’t happen at the campsite.Instead, authorities say it was moved to Love Lake in Crawford.Police say the owner of that property is Jay Beaudoin of Pembroke.The 45-year old was arrested for furnishing a place for minors to possess or consume liquor.Two other men, 23-year old Michael Hinerman of Machiasport and 21-year old Royce Bedbury were also charged with furnishing liquor to minors.Sheriff Smith says 10 of the 13 minors at the party were summonsed for possession of liquor.

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Calais Mourns Loss of Local Fire Fighter

Updated 5 years ago

A Calais firefighter has lost his battle with leukemia.27-year old Billy Townsend passed away Friday at a hospital in Boston.He was diagnosed with the disease two years ago.A year ago, the community of Calais held a bone marrow drive, to try and find a match for Townsend. A celebration of Billy Townsend’s life will be held at 11 AM Wednesday, at the Calais United Methodist Church.After the burial ceremony, the procession will be led to the Calais fire department, where Townsend will receive the fire fighter’s last call.

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Brewer Police Ask for Help in Locating Missing Man

Updated 5 years ago

Brewer Police are asking folks to be on the lookout for a 75 year old man who left his home on Sunday evening, and has not returned home.Cpt. Jason Moffitt says Fred Roeske left his residence on Starlight Drive around 6:30: Mr. Roeske said he was going for a walk in the neighborhood and never returned home.Mr. Roeske is approximately 5’7″, 150 lbs., is baldiing and has grey hair and hazel eyes. He was last seen wearing blue jeans, a while pullover shirt and a black baseball hat with a U.S. Army logo, possibly a U.S. Army Retired logo.Currently, the Maine Warden Service and the Brewer Police Department are looking for Mr. Roeske. Anyone with any information about Mr. Roeske is asked to call Brewer Police at 989-7000.

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Road Closures

Updated 5 years ago

UPDATE: Grinding on Somerset Avenue in Pittsfield has been postponed until tomorrow (Tuesday). We’re told the grinder is broken. Starting at 6AM Tuesday, parts of Somerset Avenue from Main Street to Hartland Avenue will be down to one lane. Drivers are being advised to expect delays and if possible, make alternate travel plans.In Waterville, the water district has ordered that Oak Street between Main and Taiconic Street be closed to traffic. They’re doing maintenance work on some valves in preparation for upcoming road re-construction in the area. Parts of that street could be closed for most of the day.

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Walk for Autism

Updated 5 years ago

Hundreds of families from the greater Bangor area hit the pavement Sunday to raise money…and awareness for Autism research and programs.The annual “Walk for Autism” is sponsored by the Autism Society of Maine.Proceeds from the event will go toward the Autism Society’s summer camp and austism information specialist programs.Besides raising money, the walk is also a way for parents of autistic children to network, share information and get support.Cathy Dionne is the Society’s Director of Programs and Administration.She says one of the highlights of the walk is seeing how far some of the children affected by autism have come in such a short time.< "seeing families come year and after year, you can see the progress that has been made. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing where a child was last year and where they are now because of services and because of early intervention.">For more information on the Autism Society of Maine’s programs…or to make a donation…you can log onto their website…at .

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Budget Hearing Set for Monday

Updated 5 years ago

A public hearing is scheduled for Monday on the Governor’s new budget proposals.It starts at 9 a-m at the State House.On Friday, the Governor unveiled his plan to cover a new 570-million dollar gap in his pending two-year general fund budget package.In all, Baldacci said his original 6.1 billion two-year general fund budget package would, with transfers, deferrals and other steps as well as cuts, shrink to $5.8 billion.The Governor’s original two-year budget package envisioned the elimination of more than 300 positions. Officials said Friday no additional layoffs were being proposed.

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Antiviral Drugs Arrive in Maine

Updated 5 years ago

Antiviral drugs and protective equipment have started arriving in Maine.They’ll hopefully help treat those with symptoms of the H1 N1 virus, or swine flu.Governor John Baldaccis says the shipments began arriving Saturday night from the U-S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.In addition to the antiviral drugs, state officials are also getting protective masks, gloves and other equipment.Six people in Maine have been identified with symptoms of the virus.More shipments of antiviral drugs are expected to begin arriving as soon as Tuesday.

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Orono Farmers’ Market Opens For Season

Updated 5 years ago

Folks looking to get their first taste of summer turned out in Orono Saturday for opening day of the Farmers’ Market.Now in its 15-th year, the market offers everything from locally produced cheeses to homemade bread and prepared foods.The Orono market is one of the biggest in Maine, with more than 25 vendors on hand.Joe McBrine of Vine and Branch Farm was there this weekend…he says now, more than ever, Mainers are looking to support local farmers and to get the freshest, healthiest foods for their money.< "we have met some tremendous customers, especially in this area, who recognize the value of locally grown, all naturally produced both meat and produce.">The market is located in the parking lot of the Orono steam plant.It’s open on Saturdays from 8 to 1.Starting in late June, it’ll also be open on Tuesdays from 2 to 5:30 p.m.

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Camp Bangor Citywide Cleanup A Success

Updated 5 years ago

Bangor’s city parks are looking a lot cleaner, thanks to the work of some dedicated kids.Saturday was the 10th annual Citywide Cleanup…it’s part of the Camp Bangor program.It offers a summer camp scholarship to Bangor Public School children enrolled in grades four through six. In order to receive the scholarship, each child must complete some form of volunteerism. Hundreds turned out with trash bags and gloves, to get the parks in good shape for the summer.< "i think it's a great park and if you have trash on the ground, it might hurt somebody. If some little kid comes along and sees it, he it...not so good. And it wouldn't be the best thing if you go running and step on some could hurt yourself.">The volunteers and their families were treated to a barbecue at Howard Street park after the cleanup was completed.

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State’s Only In-Vitro Clinic To Close

Updated 5 years ago

Couples seeking in-vitro fertilization services will soon have to travel out of state.Maine Medical Center is closing the Maine Center for Reproductive Health in South Portland…It’s the state’s only in vitro clinic.According to hospital officials, they just weren’t attracting enough patients…and that they were only performing half the number of procedures they’d expected to.No word yet on when they’ll actually close the doors.

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AIDS Walk in Bangor/Brewer

Updated 5 years ago

More than a hundred walkers turned out Saturday to raise awareness…and money…for the fight against HIV and AIDS.The annual AIDS walks were held around the state…including one in Bangor.Walkers started out at the Eastern Maine AIDS Network on Harlow Street and made their way across the Penobscot River to Brewer and back.They raised money for HIV and AIDS care and prevention efforts.Oraganizers are hoping the Maine walks bring in a total of more than a hundred thousand dollars…half of it from community support, the other half from a challenge grant with the National AIDS Fund.< "what we have found is that HIV/AIDS has really fallen off the radar screen and our hope today is to do a public awareness campaign to remind folks that HIV/AIDS is here in Maine and it is an important public health issue.">Murphy says she was surprised to find that online walk donations this year doubled last year’s amount.She says that’s something she never expected, given the current state of the economy.

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I-95 Rollover Crash

Updated 5 years ago

Traffic on the Interstate in Hampden was reduced to one lane Saturday afternoon after a rollover crash.It happened just after 1 p.m.The driver of a silver car was headed southbound, passing other vehicles when he lost control, spun out across both lanes and rolled the car onto its roof.It came to rest on the shoulder of the road.Rescue crews had to use the jaws of life to free the man from the wreckage.State Troopers were called in to investigate.They say it’s a miracle no one else was hurt, considering the amount of traffic on the road at the time of the crash.< "there was traffic around him, one of the drivers said he skidded on his roof right in front of her so that was some good defensive driving on her part...she was able to escape any contact.">No word yet on the extent of the driver’s injuries.He’s hospitalized at Eastern Maine Medical Center.

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Swine Flu Update: Maine

Updated 5 years ago

Three Maine counties are now reporting cases of Swine Flu.There are six confirmed cases altogether.That’s according to the state Centers for Disease Control.Two adults in Kennebec County have tested positive, along with two adults and a youth in York County and another youth in Penobscot county.C-D-C director Dr. Dora Anne Mills says her priority now is to slow the transmission of the virus and treat those who are currently ill.The flu caused the closure of the Kennebunk Elementary School for at least seven days.

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Confirmed Cases Rises to Six

Updated 5 years ago

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention has identified today three additional individuals as having the H1N1 flu, bringing the State total to six.The youth in York County is one of the two children who were identified as probably cases earlier in the week. The second youth did not test positive for H1N1.According to current guidance, Kennebunk Elementary School will remain closed for at least seven calendar days. The youth with H1N1 in York County is a student at the school.The Crayon Academy day care center is cleared to re-open for normal operations on Monday. The youth from the center has tested negative for H1N1. While the day care center can re-open, the child attendee will not return until cleared.Dr. Mills re-iterated the need for people to stay informed, be prepared, and most importantly practice proper respiratory hygiene.For facts about influenza, and more information about H1N1 flu, please visit the Maine CDC and U.S. CDC Web sites.

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Michaud Moves Bangor Office

Updated 5 years ago

Congressman Mike Michaud has moved his Bangor office to a new location at 6 State Street.Michaud decided to make the move because this location is more visible and accessible. The old location was on the second level of a building in downtown Bangor, and it was hard for some folks to find. This one is at street level.”Hopefully we’ll bring that extra foot traffic and that’s what we’re all about, is trying to make it more accessible to the citizens here in the second district.”, says Congressman Michaud.On Friday, Michaud and his staff held an open house to let folks look around his new home base in Bangor.

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