Hylton Request New Lawyer

Updated 5 years ago

One of the people charged in the home invasion and machete attack in Pittston has had a request granted for a new lawyer.19-year-old Leo Hylton is charged in the attack on the former lawmaker William Guerrette and his family last year.The Kennebec Journal reports that justice Nancy Mills told Hylton that given the serious charges he is facing, he should be comfortable with his court appointed lawyer.Hylton is charged along with his one-time foster brother, Daniel L. Fortune.Hylton already has pleaded guilty to three counts of attempted murder and one count each of robbery and burglary. The 21-year-old Fortune has pleaded not guilty to the charges he is facing.

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Alpaca Day

Updated 5 years ago

Just across the street from the Common Ground fair in Unity Sunday, some alpaca farmers were celebrating, it was national alpaca farm day.Alpaca farms across the state opened their doors and welcomed visitors, to explain exactly what the alpaca lifestyle is all about, and the benefits of having the animals.The owners of Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm in Unity participated in the event.They say while rain did put a little bit of a damper on the day’s festivities. They were happy to talk to folks who are thinking of opening an alpaca farm since they say making the decision can be a big one. “I would say do your research, don’t just hear from one farm and think you know what you need to know, there is an incredible information online, do your research, do your reading, we actually researched for 3 years, volunteer on a farm if you can and go to as many farms as you can possibly visit,” Said Corry Pratt, co-owner of Northern Solstice.Pratt says her farm had around one-thousand visitors on Saturday alone. She attributes much of the crowd to the Common Ground fair across the street.

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First Triathlon Held at U-Maine

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More than 150 young athletes showed up for the first-ever Cub Tracks Triathlon at U-Maine Sunday.The triathlon is hosted by Eastern Maine Medical Center for kids ages seven to thirteen.Organizers hope it becomes an annual event.They started the triathlon with a swim in the university pool, then took to bike trails behind the school, and finished up with a run and walk.A special attendee was gold medal winning olympic swimmer Ian Crocker.He says he loves to meet young athletes in his home state and get them excited about sports.Organizers say the triathlon is the first one for kids in this area, and they look forward to it becoming a yearly tradition. “I think this is extremely important because with all of our health care issues here in the united states that we’re trying to resolve, right now I think one of the most important things to teach is getting kids active at a young age,” Said Crocker, Sunday. “We had a lofty goal of 100 and at one point I didn’t think we were quite going to get to one hundred, but this past week we far exceeded our goal, with over 150 athletes,” Said Lisa Trimper, from EMMC.Ian Crocker says he saw some very promising young swimmers out there Sunday.Organizers say the triathlon is the first one for kids in this area, and they look forward to it becoming a yearly tradition.

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Milford Dog Show

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There was a prize for the biggest dog and the waggiest tail.It was a dog show, put on by the Old Town-Orono animal orphanage.Folks entered their dogs into 15 different categories, from shortest dog, to longest tail.They asked the pups to show off their best tricks, and there also was a game of musical chairs.Each category cost a dollar to enter.Organizers say it’s not a serious type of dog show, but the proceeds do go to help a good cause. “We just wanted people to come out and have a good time, and show their dogs off is what we wanted to do,” Said Roberta Fowler of the Old Town Animal Orphanage. “And all the proceeds go to the orphanage to help take care of the animals that don’t have homes.”The Animal Orphanage is a no-kill shelter that takes in strays and houses them until they can find them “forever” homes.President Roberta Fowler says they’re currently housing 88 cats who are looking for homes.The dog show is now in its 16th year, and Fowler says it just gets better every year.

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WABI Off the Air Due to Transmitter Malfunction

Updated 5 years ago

To those of our viewers wishing to watch their morning news over the airwaves, we are sorry, but technical difficulties have disrupted our off air signal. Crews are currently working on the problem, and hope to have it fixed soon. Cable customers are still able to receive WABI TV 5, but viewers that rely on antennas will be in the dark for a little while this Monday morning.Again we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and will have the problem rectified shortly.

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Raising Awareness for Suicide Prevention

Updated 5 years ago

A group of 200 people took to the streets around the University of Maine Sunday, for an event called the Out of the Darkness Community Walk.The goal of the walk is to raise awareness and money for suicide prevention.Kylie Cole is a psychologist with the counseling center on the UMaine campus. She says suicide is an issue that doesn’t get discussed enough because it can seem so hard to talk about.But, both organizers of the event and those who’ve been touched by the issue personally say that talking about depression can help a lot. “Adolescents 15-24 are in the highest risk group for suicide. It’s the second leading cause of death for those students, so it’s really an important time to bring people’s awareness to it. It’s not something that people talk about,” Cole says.”If you open the lines of communication, you never know. You might be able to save someone you never even know you saved,” says Wanda Cunningham, of Orono.The Out of the Darkness Walk is an event taking place in more than 200-communities this fall.Proceeds benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, an organization that funds programs in research, education and awareness, while providing support to those affected by suicide.Cole says a good portion of the proceeds end up back in local communities.

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Common Ground Fair Has One Of The Best Years Ever

Rob Poindexter

Updated 5 years ago

According to jum Ahearn, the fair director at the Common Ground Fair, this may be the most unique event in Maine. “The Common Ground Fair is a traditional Maine fair in many respects,” he says, “it’s an agricultural fair, we’re here to celebrate the harvest of Maine.” On Sunday they brought the curtain down on the this year’s Common Ground Fair in Unity. This marks the 33rd year of this fall tradition here and the early numbers say it just may be the best. “This has been an amazing weekend,” Ahearne says, “it’s a little on the damp side today but yesterday was our biggest day ever, almost 26,000 people, and friday was the second biggest Friday ever.”This fair is known for bringing the people of maine a little closer together. “People making connections,” says Ahearne, “people getting to know who their farmer is, getting to know people where they can get advice and resources on, not just farming, we have artisans in a lot of different trades and crafts people here, furniture builders, fleece we have a tremendous fleece market, the whole gamut.”They also offer a food court serving primarily organic foods made from homegrown Maine products which means a big boost the food economy statewiede. “The food vendors here generate over $350,000 of direct buying from farmers and food processors right here in Maine, and that’s just on the wholesale level of what they’re doing to support Maine’s food economy.”Put it all together and the folks here have put on an event that has attracted the eyes of people from all over the country. “We’ve had guests that have come from Wisconsin,” Ahearne says, “we’ve had guests that have come from Georgia, from other organizations that have come here to figure out how can they do what MOFGA, Maine Organic Farmers Association, is doing here with the Common Ground Fair, it’s a truly unique event.”

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Bank Name Change

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

Do you use TD Banknorth for your banking business?Well on Monday that will be different.This weekend bank officials are changing out the 6,600 signs in the 426 branches across New England and upstate New York to represent their new name.They will be TD Bank.The name change is the final step as it becomes one company with New Jersey based commerce bank.TD Bank Financial Group which is the parent company of TD Banknorth acquired Commerce Bancorp for eight point five billion dollars earlier this year. The newly merged company will be headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and in Portland, Maine.

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Maine Ties to Amber Alert

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

An Amber Alert in Kentucky Saturday afternoon has authorities in Maine on the lookout.The Amber Alert was done because authorities say a 13 year old girl was taken and may be headed to Maine, New York, or Florida.Haley Willett was last seen in Owensboro, Kentucky at about 4:30 saturday morning. She is described as five feet five inches tall and 102 pounds, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing jean shorts and a white tank top.Authorities say haley received a text message from a man identified as 43 year old Archie Whalen.He is described as about six feet tall, 200 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes. He may have a mustache.It is not know if the two previously knew each other. They are thought to be traveling in a red Chevy Silverado pick up with Maine license plates 8071 RF.If you have any information authorities are asking you to call (270)-685-8544.

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Biking for Cancer Research

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

Their motto is one thousand miles, 10 days and one goal.And they finished up the third leg of their ride Saturday in Brewer.Their goal is to raise funds for cancer research.In 2001 37 year old Peter Thomas was diagnosed with GIST cancer, he was a professional cyclist, and after being diagnosed, he organized a ride in the United Kingdom in 2006 to raise money for research.Peter passed away in April of that year and didn’t make the ride.This year Peter’s widow, son and brother continued the tradition and started their trek in Montreal, Canada and plan to finish up in Rocklands State Park, New York.The team of 23 riders and support personnel finished this leg in Brewer at the Vacationland Inn, where 13 rooms had been donated to them.” We can’t do this kind of thing without the help of the people that support us along the route, every little act of kindness, generosity, contribution, just helps us do what we’ve come to do it’s Magic,” said Wayne Thomas.” Obviously being a hotel this is one thing that we could do was provide lodging for these guys,” said Vacationland Inn manager Brock Bradford. ” They’re a great group of people we didn’t know them before but just spending a few minutes with them you can tell they’re really passionate about their cause. We’re certainly happy to be able to help them out like this so.”If you’d like more information on their ride, or their cause you can log on to their website at

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Multiple Myeloma 5K Race/Walk

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

The 5k Multiple Myeloma race and walk kicked off from Paul Bunyan Park in Bangor.The turnout for this was also higher than it was a year ago.This is the third annual event, and in the 2008 race 30 runners took part.This year it nearly doubled to 52 participants.The runners made their way through the west side of Bangor.Multiple Myeloma is a rare blood cancer, and this race is done to raise money for research.” The medical field has made a lot of advances even in a short period of time,” said race organizer Becky Reeve. ” What was the gold standard for treatment three years ago is not the same today, but there is no cure and I think any cancer you know whether it’s breast cancer or Multiple Myeloma or anything it’s important to raise money for research so we can find a cure.”Reeve’s goal this year was to get more support and therefore raise more funds for research.And she topped her amount raised from last year.This year the race raised 31 hundred dollars.

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Bangor Memory Walk

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

The weather may have been at or below freezing Saturday morning in the Greater Bangor area, but that didn’t cool off support for a number of local events this weekend.For weeks groups have been registering for this year’s Memory Walk to support the Maine Alzheimers Association.Nearly 400 walkers showed up in their team colors to take part in this years event.It started at the grand stand at Bass Park near the race track.Walkers from several different organizations like Dirigo Pines, Ross Manor and Westgate Manor took pledges and raised money.The turnout was great they had 380 walkers this year which was 50 walkers more than last year, and 37 different teams. Organizers expected to raise fifty thousand dollars which is about six thousand more than last year’s event.One of the reasons so many are involved is because so many are effected by dementia said Kristie Miner.” It’s so very important because there are 37,000 Mainers with Alzheimers or related dementia and the disease itself is very devastating it can really cause a lot of hardship for families and families can always need a lot of support and education which the Alzheimers Association provides statewide.”This walk is one of 14 Memory Walks held statewide. It is the largest fundraiser of the year, and the money helps with local programs.

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Walk Me Home 5k

Updated 5 years ago

Some folks took to the streets of Bangor on foot today, all for a good cause.It was the first annual 5k walk-run to support Adoptive and Foster Families of Maine.Participants either donated a minimum of $30 or asked their friends and family to sponsor them.Executive Director Bette Hoxie says this walk is a great way to get information out.Hoxie says with times being so tough financially, It it hard for folks to provide the extra things.So she says this fundraiser will help them out a lot.” Well this is huge. We get seventy percent of whatever comes in. And it looks like it’s a pretty significant take for what is a small group.”After the walk, participants were treated to a BBQ and some prizes were given out.

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Fifth Annual EMMC Auxiliary Kitchen Tour

Updated 5 years ago

Folks could help in the fight against cancer today by simply taking a tour of some kitchens.The Eastern Maine Medical Center Auxiliary hosted their fifth annual Kitchen Tour of the greater Bangor area.All the proceeds of ticket sales goes toward Cancer Care of Maine.Each kitchen has special features about them.And every year there are different kitchens to be toured.Incoming Auxiliary President Paula Ballesteros says it’s one of their biggest fundraisers.And she credits its success to the unique fundraiser.” I think people are always curious about what homes look like. So by coming and looking at the kitchens they get to peek about other features of the home.”Folks on the tour visited six different kitchens this year.After the tour was complete there was a tasting held a Wellman Commons in Bangor.If you would like more information on the EMMC Auxiliary you visit their website

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Mount Desert Island Band Asked to Perform in London

Updated 5 years ago

Members of the Mount Desert Island High School band received some exciting news today.As Meghan Hayward reports they’ll be ringing in the new year in royal fashion.In about fifteen months members of the Mount Desert Island High School band will be tapping their feet to the beat of their music, in London.It’s a special honor but not a first time honor for some of the band members, they’ll be going back for a second time.” I didn’t believe it. I think it took me about a week before I realized he was serious and I actually had the opportunity to go from a rural town in Maine to one of the biggest and best cities in the world.”That city is London, England.The opportunity is to perform in the 25th anniversary New Year’s Day Parade.There will be more than 10,000 performers in the parade, which will have a street audience of about 500,000, and it will be on TV around the world.They’ve done it once before so they know what it was like the first time around.” Excitement, happiness. I felt like I was part of something, a bigger part of the world.”Executive Director of the parade Bob Bone and Deputy Lieutenant of London Roger Bramble traveled to MDI to deliver the news.Bone says they were an easy choice.” A very very good reputation for making very good music. We we’re attracted to them first of all because they have a good concert reputation.”Bone says it may have been an easy pick for them, but it took twelve years to convince the high school music director to make the trip.He says they brought a lot to the parade two years ago, and he is sure they will add even more this time around.” Every American band adds a great deal to the parade. But I think it’s the first band from Maine that had ever marched in the parade so that was quite something for the audience.”Music Director Daniel Granholm says now the real work begins. ” The marching part is a big effort because we don’t march very often. So in order for us to look good and sound good and play outside that’s a lot of hard marching band work.”A lot of hard work for an opportunity Deputy Lieutenant Roger Bramble says will stay with the students for a lifetime.” I have always felt that kids who love and practice music are more alive to all that’s out there.”

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WABI Says Goodbye to Amy Erickson

Updated 5 years ago

It was a bittersweet day here at our station Friday.After seven years with the TV5 Family, Amy Erickson is moving on.Amy is heading back to her home state to take a public relations job in Boston.She and her twin girls will be closer to her family. Aislin and Emma will be five in December, so Amy says the time is right to make the move before they start school.Amy has been a big asset for us, both as a reporter and anchor. We will miss her, but wish her the very best in her new career.We get to hang onto her husband, Keith, a while longer. He’ll be with us a few more weeks before he joins Amy and the girls in Massachusetts, which is also his home state.

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Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims

Updated 5 years ago

Today was a day to remember. A day for families who have been affected by violence to honor loved ones lost to murder. The third annual, day of remembrance for murder victims was held at the statehouse Augusta today. Dozens of families gathered at the statehouse with pictures of relatives to share. The ceremony lasted about three hours with speeches from Arthur Jette, who is the leader of the Maine chapter for parents of murdered children, attorney general Janet Mills, and songs were sung by Bill Fink and Tina Theberg.

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Volunteers Clean-Up Bangor Trails

Updated 5 years ago

A group of volunteers spent the day giving some of Bangor’s nature trails a makeover.The folks from the Maine Conservation Corps want folks in the city to be able to enjoy the wilderness, too.Amy Erickson has the story.”You can be here and you don’t know you’re 5 minutes from the mall. You could be up in the north woods!””It just makes your soul feel good to walk in a beautiful spot.”Lucy Quimby says these trails off the Kittredge Road are some of Bangor’s hidden treasures.As President of the Bangor Land Trust, she wants to make sure they’re in good shape, so folks can actually use them…and appreciate this taste of wilderness right in the city.Right now, the trails are in rough shape, thanks to heavy use and poor drainage patterns.The Bangor Land Trust is looking for more volunteers to help rebuild the trails.If you’re interested, call the office at 942-1010 or send email to

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Back-to-back Robber in Court

Updated 5 years ago

The Fairfield man charged with two armed robberies in the greater Bangor area on back-to-back days made his first court appearance Friday.Police say 21-year-old Alex Gerald robbed Sun Tan City in Old Town on Tuesday night after taking a tour of the business earlier in the evening.Then, Wednesday night, Gerald allegedly robbed the Wilson Street Dunkin Donuts in Brewer.After arresting Gerald, police recovered the weapons used in both robberies, which turned out to be plastic guns that had been spray painted black.Between the two robbers, Gerald made off with less than a thousand dollars.Police say he was looking for money to support his drug habit.He appeared before a judge in Bangor District Court today but did not enter a plea.Bail was set at ten thousand dollars cash,partly because Gerald has a criminal record that includes a failure to appear charge.Gerald is being held at the Penobscot County Jail.He’s expected back in court October 30th.Each robbery charge carries a maximum prison sentence of 30 years.

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New Portland Maine Pleads Not Guilty to Murder

Updated 5 years ago

(AP) A 31-year-old New Portland man pleaded not guilty Friday to a charge he murdered his neighbor and former employer outside her business in 2007. Jeffrey LaGasse entered the plea Friday in Somerset County Superior Court in Showhegan. He was indicted by a grand jury last week. The victim, 50-year-old Louise Brochu, was found dead outside her flooring business in June 2007. LaGasse had been questioned previously about Brochu’s death. LaGasse has been in custody for almost two years on an unrelated charge. He was brought to court from the Maine State Prison in Warren and returned there after his court appearance.

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