Okie Update

Updated 6 years ago

Defense attorneys have begun presenting their case in the trial of a 22-year-old man charged with murdering an ex-girlfriend and his father.
John Okie’s younger sister testified that Okie was first hospitalized for odd behavior in 2004 when he told her he believed he had to do cocaine to avoid getting cancer. The defense also called a doctor to the stand who testified about Okie’s mental status.

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Dover-Foxcroft Family

Updated 6 years ago

A popular waitress in Dover-Foxcroft is learning just what kind of town she works and lives in.

Over the weekend flames gutted the home of Theresa Spelios and her family. Co-workers and customers of Theresa’s are coming together to show her just how much they care.

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Hughes Sentenced

Updated 6 years ago

38-year-old Michael Hughes pled guilty to theft: he told police he stole items at the request of 60-year-old Evelyn Dempsey of Hampden and 61-year-old Judy Gariepy who currently resides in Arizona.

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Baldacci’s Supplemental Budget Proposal

Updated 6 years ago

Baldacci outlined his supplemental budget proposal for the current fiscal year on Tuesday. He says it includes no new taxes, fees or fines, but it eliminates 94 positions, including 40 layoffs. Most of those layoffs are in the Corrections Department.

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Public DOT Meeting

Updated 6 years ago

The Maine Department of Transportation is looking for public input on the best way to move forward with a replacement for the aging structure.

The bridge connects Route 116 and Coffin Street over the river in Howland.

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Arts & Crafts with Tracey Marceron

Updated 6 years ago

This segment originally aired Monday morning, Dec. 15th, 2008.

Okie Trial Continues

Updated 6 years ago

John A. Okie’s younger sister testified Monday that Okie was first hospitalized for odd behavior in 2004 when he told her he believed he had to do cocaine to avoid getting cancer.

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Heating Oil Continues to Drop

Updated 6 years ago

The decline came as demand for oil dropped to its lowest level in 12 years in the U.S. Overall, heating oil prices have dropped $2.28 since the price peaked at $4.71 in July.

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Federal Aid

Updated 6 years ago

The announcement came this afternoon from Gov. John Baldacci, who said the declaration covers York, Cumberland, Sagadahoc,Lincoln, Knox and Waldo counties.The declaration, requested hours earlier by the governor, allowsthe feds to release supplies to assist emergency and utilityworkers in the final stretch of restoring electricity.Central Maine Power hopes to complete power restoration effortsWednesday. As of last count, about 30,000 homes and businesses were still in the dark. All but 500 of the remaining outages are in York County.Baldacci said the granting of federal assistance is a criticalstep in delivering key response and recovery services throughoutthe affected counties. He said state officials are continuing tocompile information in support of a likely request for additionalrecovery funds.

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Electoral College Casts Votes

Updated 6 years ago

Joe Biden also got all four of Maine’s electoral votes for vice president.

Monday’s vote was largely ceremonial, since the outcome after the Nov. 4 voting has long been known. But the vote by electors is required by the Constitution in order to formally and legally elect Obama and Biden.

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Pittsfield Teacher Inspires Community

Updated 6 years ago

There’s no place Terri Kane would rather be than here.

But in the last 18 months she’s had to split her time between Warsaw Middle School and the hospital after doctors diagnosed her with stage four lung cancer. Her only symptom – a nagging cough.

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Graduation Rates

Updated 6 years ago

Baldacci says the changes, funded by a $1 million grant, bring 21st Century innovations to high schools in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island.

Besides boosting the graduation rate to 90 percent and decreasing the dropout rate to less than 1%, the consortium seeks to bolster college enrollment and see that more students who enter college graduate.

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Rumford Man Killed While Cutting Tree

Updated 6 years ago

Rumford Police say that a 66-year-old man was killed while cutting down a large pine tree on his lot.

The victim of Saturday’s accidenthas beenidentified as Donald Barker, a former union president who led paper workers during an 11-week strike at the Boise Cascade mill in 1986.

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Woman Killed in Interstate Crash

Updated 6 years ago

The crashhappened at about 8:15 pm in Augusta just north of exit 109.

State Police say a car driven by 25-year-old Tara Gamwell of Portland crossed the median of the interstate, then rolled several times and collided with with a vehicle driven by 19-year-old Amanda Garwood of Winthrop.

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More Mainers Seeking Shelter

Updated 6 years ago

The recent ice and rain followed by sub-freezing temperaturessaw Mainers heading to shelters around the state for aid.

State officials say more people who’ve lost power in the ice storm turned to shelters to keep warm as temperatures in most of Maine dipped into the low teens and single numbers Saturday.

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Thousands Still in the Dark

Updated 6 years ago

Central Maine Power says the number ofcustomers still in the dark because of the ice storm had droppedbelow 68,000 by early evening, with most of them in York County. The utility said it was making good progress Sunday and expectedto complete repairs in more than 20 northern and inland towns bydark. But spokesman John Carroll said many homes in coastal townswest of Damariscotta and through Cumberland and York counties willbe out for at least another night. CMP says more than 500 line workers, 13 pole-setting crews and159 tree crews are in the field, while hundreds more are involvedin support duties.

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Second Lynx Found Dead

Updated 6 years ago

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is

investigating northern Maine’s second Canada lynx trapping death in

less than a month.

The dead animal was discovered by game wardens Dec. 4 in woods

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Outages Remain Throughout State

Updated 6 years ago

Gov. John Baldacci and Central

Maine Power Co. President Sara Burns say it could be well into next

week before power is fully restored in Maine.

Baldacci and Burns met with police, fire and other officials at

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Storm Shelters

Updated 6 years ago

Officials in Maine say between 150 and 200

people spent the night in shelters after losing their power because

of the state’s worst ice storm in a decade.

About 18 shelters are open, most of them in southern and coastal

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Canadian Power Crews Headed to Maine

Updated 6 years ago

NB Power crews are heading to

Maine to help restore power following the state’s worst ice storm

in a decade.

Heather MacLean, a spokeswoman with the utility, says 18 crews

are headed to Maine on Saturday to help out in the wake of a fierce

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