You Choose, Bangor Savings Bank Donates

Updated 5 years ago

Have you ever wanted to donate someone else’s money?Bangor Savings Bank is giving you that opportunity.Tuesday is the final day of voting online at www.communitymattersmore.comYou can go to that site and vote in eight different regions of the state with six nominated organizations.The top vote getter in each region will receive a $5,000 grant from Bangor Savings Bank.All of the 48 nominated organizations will get at least one thousand dollars.You do have to sign up with your name and e-mail address to vote in the contest.

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State Parks See Rise in Visitors

Updated 5 years ago

Maine’s state parks and historic sites drew nearly 2 and a half million visitors last year.State officials would like to see even more this year.On Monday, the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands held “State Parks Day” at the capitol in Augusta.The bureau says Maine’s 48 state parks and historic sites contribute about a hundred million dollars to the economy annually.It’s estimated for every dollar invested in the park system there’s a 25 dollar return.For more information on maine’s recreational opportunities click, or log on to

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Record Lobster Catch, Low Value

Updated 5 years ago

Officials say Maine lobstermen had a record harvest in 2009, but the value of the catch continued to plunge amid the sour global economy.The Department of Marine Resources says lobstermen caught 75.6 million pounds last year. That’s up 8% from 2008.But the value of that catch fell by 23 million dollars.

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State Police on the Lookout For Missing Jonesboro Man

Updated 5 years ago

73-year-old Charles Fagonde was last seen in Columbia Falls last Friday afternoon.He told someone he was thinking about going to the Eagles Club in Brewer, but he hasn’t been seen since.His family says this is out of character for him, and he is in good health.Fagonde was driving a 2005 white Mercury Grand Marquis, license plate 503AAC.

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Greenville Hospital Faces Further Cuts

Updated 5 years ago

C.A. Dean Memorial Hospital and nursing home in Greenville could lose nearly $350,000 in state funding.Folks there are opposing another year of cuts at the state level, which C.E.O. Geno Murray says could significantly impact how they do things.He says the 14 bed hospital is essential for the region, since it serves an older population, and the many people who take part in recreational activities in the Moosehead area.The hospital is also a major employer, with 172 people working there.Murray tells us they’re trying to be proactive and find new ways to be more efficient, but the hospital is already running pretty lean. “We’ve got to figure out how to make this work,” Said Murray. “We have an obligation to this community and this area, to provide them with access to health care. And our employees. Our employees are very dedicated.”Murray says the cuts proposed by the state this year would also affect their nursing home, which would lose $170,000.He tells TV5 that while they do work closely with other hospitals, the nearest one is 35 miles away.

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Underage Liquor Seminar

Updated 5 years ago

Underage drinking continues to be a problem, and that includes how minors get the alcohol.On Monday businesses in the Bangor area that sell alcohol underwent training to enhance their ability to spot underage customers.The session was sponsored by Bangor Region Public Health and Wellness, teaming up with the Bangor Police Department.Folks from more than two dozen stores took part.They learned tips on spotting a fake ID’s, and deciding when a person is too drunk to be sold alcohol. “We know that in Penobscot County, over 60% of high school aged students, grades 9 through 12, say that it’s easy or very easy to obtain alcohol. So this is one way to reduce access to alcohol,” Said Willow McVeigh of Bangor Region Public Health and Wellness.Another training session will take place in two weeks.That one is tailored for bar and restaurant workers.For more information, you can log on to

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Missing Snowboarders Found

Updated 5 years ago

Four snowboarders are safe after spending Sunday night in the woods at the Sugarloaf ski area.Officials say a group of three snowboarders, plus another boarder who was on his own, went out of bounds on the back side of the mountain late Sunday afternoon.18-year-old Luke Poisson of Lewiston was found around 9:30 Monday morning.The other three, 18-year-old Cory Koop of Alaska, 19-year-old Machali Belluscio of New Hampshire (both U-Maine Farmington students), and 15-year-old Aaron Nadeau of New Portland, were located a short time later. The search by the Maine Warden Service and the Sugarloaf Ski Patrol was hampered by high winds and more than five feet of new snow that’s fallen since last Wednesday.

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Log Home Maker Building Big Future, Even After Fire

Updated 5 years ago

A log home maker in Greenville says the economy had slowed down orders the past few years, but things are finally starting to pick up. And even after a fire destroyed part of their mill last week, the folks at Moosehead Cedar Log Homes say they’re still looking forward to a bright spring.Randall Comber and his wife Lucy own Moosehead Cedar Log Homes. He says they started seeing an upswing in orders late last fall.”A lot more activity, a lot more leads and a lot more firm orders. Our order book is way ahead of where it was last year this time,” Comber says.They manufacture custom-designed log homes, produced at their mill in Greenville. They’re sent all over the East Coast, and even overseas.”Our biggest year was about 80 homes, which was 2005. This year we’re budgeting for about 20 homes, because of the way the market is,” he says.They were encouraged by the recent increase in orders. But last week, fire broke out at their main manufacturing facility, where they cut their logs. The Fire Marshal’s office says there was so much damage, they’ll never know what caused it. But, Managing Director Matt St. Laurent says even this won’t slow them down now.”We have a home going to New York that was supposed to leave Thursday. And that’s being loaded and it will leave Thursday. We have homes going out at the end of March,” St. Laurent says.”We’ve had an outpouring of support from suppliers, vendors, competitors. I mean, if you have to have a tragedy, that kind of warms your heart a little bit,” Comber says.They say thanks to dedicated employees, help in town and even other log home companies, their customers won’t know the difference. Once they get the insurance sorted out, they’ll start rebuilding their mill. And they say through it all they’ll keep on building homes, for the customers they enjoy so much.”Everybody so far we’ve sold to has invited us back into their homes. So it’s kind of nice,” Comber says. “It’s gratifying to see the finished product.”Moosehead Cedar Log Homes is online, at

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Guidelines for Transgender Rights put on Hold

Updated 5 years ago

On Monday, Maine human rights commissioners decided to not move forward with implementing a set of guidelines designed to clarify the rights of transgender students’. During a commissioner’s meeting, which was not for public comment there was plenty of input from those opposing the proposed guidance. Several outbursts from opponents displayed their disgust before exiting the meeting. Transgender adults at the meeting told TV5 they think that opponents don’t understand what it really is to be transgender and they feel the guidelines would provide safety to students. Commissioner’s voted 4-1 to hold a public hearing before any decision is made. The hearing is expected to be held in May.

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Pug Puppy Lost Outside For 15 Days Returns Home

Updated 5 years ago

After surviving for 15 days in the woods of Eddington, a 7-month-old pug has been reunited with his family. He not only survived his ordeal without a scratch, but he also helped bring a community together.Until a few weeks ago Heidi Shawley’s pugs had been inseparable. All that changed a few weeks ago. “Bandit and his brother knocked down the fence on the 13th and Bob came back when I called and Bandit kept going. He was looking for a little adventure.”For the next 15 days, adventure is just what Bandit got. He spent that time in the woods while neighbors and friends frantically searched for him. Rhonda Edgecomb joined in on the search. “Eventually we developed what I call the Cruella Deville crawl, which was a technique when we would drive down the street kind of like hunched over looking back and forth for the drive.”While people searched, bandit continued to live up to his name. “We would always be like five minutes behind him,” says Shawley, “we ran through the woods like far down in Eddington where someone had sighted him and we went behind the home and we would be running through the woods and we couldn’t catch him.” When it came to food, Bandit improvised. “He was stealing a lot of cat food from the neighborhood from what I understand and people would leave cat food out for him.”His family admits they got discouraged, but they never gave up hope. “You kind of want to be hopeful, but everything is against you at that point,” says Shawley, “15 days is a long time for a little dog that weighs 16 pounds.”On Sunday, they got word Bandit had been rescued by neighbors. For the entire family, including the other pugs, the news was just what they hoped for. “Oh they were very excited. They wanted to play but he could only play for a couple minutes then he’d have to stop and rest because he was weak.”Bandit goes to the vet for a check up on Tuesday. Shawley says a plan is already in place to keep him from running away again.

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Edgard Anziani Arrested in Maryland

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

Almost a week after the death of a fifteen month old boy in Bangor, an arrest has been made.27-year-old Edgard Anziani was taken into custody this afternoon just outside Baltimore, Maryland on an arrest warrant for the murder of Damien Lynn, said Bangor PD SGT Paul Edwards “They had some indications, some info as to his whereabouts and were tracking him basically through New England and from what I understand, it started in Bangor, may have even gone through New York and ended up in Baltimore.”The arrest was made by FBI agents without incident just outside of Baltimore around one o’clock Monday afternoon.For friends of the family, who have spent the last few days by the side of Damien’s mother, it’s a relief.”Excitement, overjoyed,” said Sasha Stecher. “You know the guy’s finally going to get justice and Damien can rest in peace.”Saturday, the FBI announced a ten thousand dollar reward for information on Anziani, and about 48 hours later, made the arrest in Maryland on the murder charge.According to Bangor police, it could still be a couple of days before Anziani is back in the state and booked on charges here, according to SGT. Edwards.”Next, he’ll be hopefully transported back here to Bangor. There may be an extradition of some sort. We may send a couple of guys down to pick him up and bring him back here. The FBI I’m not really quite sure how they do things. They may bring him, transport him for us, but I’m sure it’s going to be more of an extradition. We’ll go get him, bring him back to Bangor PD, probably question him and book him on the murder charge.”The boy’s mother found out just about 20 minutes after the arrest was made.”She is honestly, as good as she can be,” said Kassandra Pulley. “She’s happy that he’s caught, that finally her son can rest,” said Stecher.

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Dover-Foxcroft Residents Rally to Save Town Hall

Joy Hollowell

Updated 5 years ago

In 1880, residents of what was then Dover and Foxcroft, pledged money to build a grand hall to hold events.The grand total came to five-thousand dollars.Now, folks in Dover-Foxcroft are again being asked to pledge their support.This time to safe the historic structure.Joy Hollowell brings us the story of Central Hall.========”Foxcroft Academy graduations, minstral shows, silent movies, basketball, roller skating, dances, town meetings, all kinds of things went on here,” says Mary Annis, President of the Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society.Just about everyone in Dover-Foxcroft has some sort of memory of Central hall. Whether it’s attending an event inside the building, or attending to business when it housed the town offices.Now, a group known as Friends of Central Hall wants to bring the local landmark back to its heyday.”We would love to make it an event center,” says Annis. “There’s no place in Dover-Foxcroft or nearby to have a wedding reception of any size.”The town currently owns it, as well as the price tag of approximately $25,000 a year to keep it running. So, they made an offer to the Historical Society. You come up with the 25 G’s by March 22nd, as well as the means to secure more money for renovations, and the title is yours.”And so our goal is to secure pledges from people in town,” says Brian Woodworth, whose part of the Friends of Central Hall group.They started fund raising in February, and in just a few weeks, have already received more than $19,000 in pledges.”It just shows that people do care about their roots, and they do care about the community and want to bring back some of those wonderful memories,” says Woodworth.++++There is currently one tenant in the building, a food cupboard.The Historical Society says they will be welcome to stay once the building is handed over.On Saturday, March 6th, the Historical Society is holding an open house at Central Hall.It starts at 10am.There will be a slideshow, displays of historic memorabilia, speakers, as well as raffle ticket drawings.The Foxcroft Academy band will also be on hand to provide musical entertainment.For more information, including how to make a pledge, you can contact Mary Annis at 564-0820 or log onto www.dover-foxcroft.orgYou can also find Friends of Central Hall on Facebook.

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Bangor Murder Suspect Arrested In Baltimore

Updated 5 years ago

A Massachusetts man wanted for murdering 15-month-old Damien Lynn in Bangor last week has been arrested by the FBI in Baltimore, Maryland. The FBI has not released any further information about Edgard Anziani’s arrest.Tuesday morning, police were called to the home on Bald Mountain Drive in Bangor where the boy lived with his mother. Edgard Anziani was charged Thursday morning with murder in connection with the boy’s death. According to police Anziani was not the boy’s father.Police say Anziani told them he had been staying there off and on for several months. Friends of the mother say the couple had recently broken up.Police say Anziani told them the boy fell down the stairs. He had been alone with the child at the time.

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Jury Selection Begins For Matinicus Lobstermen

Updated 5 years ago

Jury selection begins today in the case of a Matinicus lobstermen and his daughter charged in connection with the shooting of another lobsterman last summer.Edwin Bunker faces 2 counts of elevated aggravated assault in connection with the shooting of 41-year-old Chris Young. Bunker’s also charged with criminal threatening and reckless conduct against another man.Bunker’s daughter, Janan Miller, is charged with reckless conduct with a firearm in connection with the shooting.According to police, the shooting stemmed from a territorial dispute in the fishing waters off matinicus. The shooting victim, chris young, has already pleaded guilty to criminal trespassing for refusing to leave bunker’s boat on the day of the shooting.

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Dr. Seuss’ Birthday Celebration

Updated 5 years ago

Get ready for a Dr. Seuss birthday celebration.On Tuesday, March 2nd at 4:00pm the Bangor Public Library will host a birthday bash for the late author.He would have been 106 years old.Volunteers will read Dr. Seuss’ books and play games with the children.There will be cake at the end of the celebration.For more information call 947-8336 and ask for the children’s department.

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European Inspired Farmer’s Market in Bangor

Updated 5 years ago

The European Farmers Market has been held held in Bangor every Saturday morning since 1996.It’s hosted by Rick Gilbert at the Sunny-Side Greenhouse across from the Bangor Auditorium parking lot.The market runs from 9:30 am. to 1:00 pm.Gilbert says the market is modeled after those he and his wife often visit in Europe. “It gives people a social chance to get together and talk and also buy food that’s been produced or grown by a vendor,” Said Gilbert.The european market in Bangor offers a selection of vegetables, fruits, local specialties, organic food, and crafts.

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Local Foods Subject of Weekend Fair

Updated 5 years ago

Several farms and small fisheries were represented at the Community Supported Agriculture fair Sunday.According to Ryan Parker, one of the fair’s organizers, it is an annual event.He says it is co-sponsored by Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, and the Maine Council of Churches. It’s an informational fair open to the public where people can learn about fisheries and organic farms.This was the first time this fair has been held in Bangor.Organizers say it’s an opportunity to talk to farmers about buying shares in their operations. “By buying a share that means they’re supporting that local business and that they’ll be getting deliveries or picking up the produce or the fish that this particular producer is providing,” Said event organizer Laurie Osher.Organizers say buying shares is one way to live simply, reduce personal impact on the planet, and support local farmers.

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If You’re Planning on Hitting the Trail, Respect the Property you Tread Upon.

Updated 5 years ago

A national organization has a message for folks who ride off-road recreational vehicles:Respect private property.The group called Tread Lightly held a class at Friend and Friend in Orono this weekend.The eight hour course is designed to educate people on how to behave when they’re riding their off road vehicles on other people’s property.Organizers fear that if this message doesn’t spread quickly, it could have a serious impact on where A.T.V.’s are allowed to ride. “Well it’s certainly been a big issue. Anyone who follows the news knows that the problems with ATV’s and four wheel drives going off road is a big issue,” Said Steve Salisbury from Friend And Friend. “But actually it goes beyond that with mountain bikes and hikers if they don’t respect land owners property and leave it better than they found it there may be some issues with closures.”Tread Lightly will offer one more class in the coming weeks.For more information you can check out their website,

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Skiers Found on Sugarloaf

Updated 5 years ago

Maine Game Wardens have found four snowboarders missing at Sugarloaf Mountain in Carrabassett Valley since Sunday evening.It is unknown whether they intentionally went off the marked trail or if they became lost.The snowboarders used cell phones and text messages to contact family, friends and public safety dispatch crews throughout the night.The people who were missing are: Luke Poisson, 18, of Lewiston, he was on his own: Cory Koop, 18, of North Pole, AK, a student at the University of Maine at Farmington: Machali Belluscio, 19, of Keene, N.H., also a student at UMF: and Aaron Nadeau, 15, of New Portland.The search was focused at the 3,500-foot elevation mark on what’s called the “backside” of Sugarloaf Mountain, a heavily forested area with extremely steep terrain and ravines.The Sugarloaf Ski Patrol also helped in the search.

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Arts and Crafts With Tracey Marceron

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To learn more about Monday morning’s Arts and Crafts segment with Tracey Marceron, click, or log on to