Turkey Telethon Tonight on TV5

Updated 5 years ago

WABI’s Turkey Telethon kicks off at 5pm tonight.We’re picking up where the folks from Z107.3 left off after Free the Z. Their drive collected 2816 turkeys, but Manna Ministries in Bangor- which will distribute those birds- still needs 1,680 turkeys.If you want to help the cause be sure to tune in tonight. The telethon lasts through the 5 and 6pm shows.

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Baldacci Orders Curtailments

Updated 5 years ago

Governor Baldacci is ordering Maine state departments to curtail $63 million in spending to help balance the budget.Preliminary estimates showed a shortfall in the two-year budgetapproaching $400 million, or nearly 7 percent.The governor’s order is in effect until the Legislature returns inJanuary for its 2010 session and modifies the budget. Lawmakers passed a budget this year that cut spending by $500 million,giving Maine the first budget in three decades that was smallerthan the previous one.As he issued the order, Baldacci pledged not to support increased taxes to close the budget gap. He plans to submit to lawmakers a budget reflecting the plunging revenues next month.More on TV5 News at 5 and 6 tonight.

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Turkey Drive Exceeds Expectations

Updated 5 years ago

A local radio d.j. says it’s been the best year ever for their turkey drive.Z 107.3’s The Kid camped out in the Brewer Hannaford parking lot all week, vowing to stay put until he collected at least 2009 turkeys.They’ll be distributed to folks through Manna ministries and other food pantries.Kid reached his goal Thursday morning, but decided to continue collecting donations until 6 that night.He says people have been more generous than ever.”On the second night where we traditionally have 13-14 tops we had 1900. We’ve had small donations from people who didn’t have much to spare to big donations from clients of ours and the people in the community. It’s been amazing.”The final count was 2816 turkeys.

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Dixmont Voters Approve Ordinance

Updated 5 years ago

The company considering building a wind farm in Dixmont says a voter-approved ordinance will make it difficult – if not impossible – to move ahead with the project. Folks in town said yes to an ordinance that would regulate wind power development.The issue arose when the Mount Harris Wind company began looking into the prospect of placing ten wind turbines along Mount Harris in Dixmont.For the past nine months the local planning board has been researching the effects of such projects on residents living nearby.They’ve drafted an ordinance that includes restrictions on the sound and shadows produced by turbines, as well as their distance to other structures.Several folks spoke at Thursday night’s meeting, voicing their views on the issue.”It is going to change the way people see Dixmont. It’s not the rolling hills of Dixmont everybody loves. It’s like, ‘slap ‘ya in the face,’” Said one resident.”This ordinance represents we the people. They sent around that little card that said this is going to save you money on your electricity bill. And they might be right. They’re putting pennies in this pocket, while we been pulling dollar out of this pocket,” Voiced another.According to the Dixmont planning board director, the final vote was 229 Yes, and 78 No.Andrew Price, a partner with the wind company, says he believes the new ordinance is the most restrictive in the state and essentially bans any kind of wind project in Dixmont.

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Police Officers To Take Tips

Updated 5 years ago

Usually you don’t want to try to tip a police officer. Crime tips, yes, but not money. That could get you in trouble.But on Friday a lot of local cops will gladly take tips.The Bangor Police Department and Texas Roadhouse will host Tip-a-Cop from 4 to 8 pm. All tips collected go to the Special Olympics of Maine. Officers will assist restaurant staff waiting on tables, and they’ll be there to greet you at the door too.Sgt. Paul Edwards of the Bangor Police Department: “The Bangor Police Department has always supported the Special Olympics here in Maine, we feel it’s our duty and our commitment to the Special Olympics, and what better way to raise money for that?” The Special Olympics promotes year-round sports and athletic training and athletic competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

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Turkey Day in Guilford

Updated 5 years ago

There will be a free Thanksgiving dinner in Guilford.The local United Methodist church is hosting it Thanksgiving day from noon to three.Everyone is welcome to attend, eat, and socialize.The meal is provided and served by the community. Donations and volunteers are always needed.To lend a hand or for more information, you can call Kirsty Pratley at 876-4261.

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Launching A Cross-Cultural Exchange at EMCC

Updated 5 years ago

To cross a cultural divide, there’s nothing quite like…a tennis ball launcher. The machines are bringing together students from Maine with students from France.”…avec college American…”There are some new sounds in the shop at Eastern Maine Community College. Students in Charles Whorton’s computer integrated machinery class are teaming up with a similar class in France.”It’s been fun to interact with people who don’t speak your language,” says student Charlie Haskell.The goal, design and build tennis ball launchers.”Make some sort of mechanism to fire a tennis ball a given distance, with a certain percentage of accuracy. So we’re taking part with them and co-producing, designing and building this,” says student Cole Wills.In the design phase now, they’re sharing plans online.There is one trade-off. The French students will speak English, while the American students will use the metric system.”In this shop, these machines aren’t set up to run metrically, they’re all on the American standard. So I look forward to the challenge, for sure,” Haskell says.The students are also learning about each other’s cultures, sharing videos about their lives.”I put a video together…I went deer hunting, but I ended up getting a partridge. And I sent it to them because they don’t hunt over there,” says student Phillip Moulton. He’s headed abroad this February as part of the program.Whorton came up with the idea, since his son works in France.”My son and I have been talking about it for a few years, exchanging ideas over the Internet, sending blueprints back and forth,” Whorton says.Students say learning to communicate has been a challenge, but helpful, since they’re entering a global field.The project goes all semester, until the big reveal.”We’ll take our parts, ship them over there and get their parts, and essentially construct these tennis ball launchers– and hopefully they work, and go together,” Wills says, with a smile.

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Penobscot County Budget Meeting

Updated 5 years ago

The Penobscot County budget committee approved a 14.8 million dollar budget Wednesday.Which is about 400,000 more than last year’s budget.County Administrator Bill Collins says the county will lose 140,000 dollars in income next year due to the Superior and District Courts relocation.Collins says they hope to make up for the lost revenue and increased costs by renting out office space in the former Superior Courthouse, to non-profit organizations.The budget committee also agreed to reduce the Penobscot County Sheriff’s budget by 100,000 dollars.Collins says the Sheriff asked for eight new vehicles and they were only able to approve four new ones.” We realize the economy isn’t positive. With the move with the courthouse that really just compounded the issue for us and the commissioners of Penobscot County are very frugile. But this year we really had to tighten the belt and as such the different departments are going to experience. We really have to do as good of a job as we can with the money we have.”A public hearing on the budget is tentatively set for 10 am on Tuesday December 15.

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H1N1 Vaccine Supply Shortage

Updated 5 years ago

Maine’s health director says the need for swine flu vaccine is widening as the disease spreads throughout the state. Dr. Dora Ann Mills of the state Center for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday that the shortage is very frustrating for those who want the vaccine. Mills says there’s only enough vaccine for less than two-thirds of high-priority people who need it, including pregnant women and children. In her weekly update, Mills said the state’s expected to have a total of 210,400 doses of vaccine by tomorrow. She said 50 people have been hospitalized in the last week, half of them children. Mills says it’s not clear when the disease will peak in Maine, but she hopers it’ll be in the next couple of weeks.

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Old Town Man Faces Felony Drug Charge

Updated 5 years ago

An Old Town man faces a felony drug charge.Twenty-two-year-old Christopher Daley has been charged with drug trafficking.Maine Drug Enforcement Agency Division Commander Darrell Crandall says Daley was arrested after agents and Old Town police officers searched his home.Police say they found nearly sixty ecstasy tablets, a pound-and-a-half of pot and a small amount of LSD.They also seized more than 3,100 dollars in cash believed to be proceeds from drug sales.Daley is free on 12,500-dollars cash bail.If convicted he could go to prison for ten years and be fined 20-thousand dollars.

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Winterport Resident Concerned about Upcoming Central Maine Power Service Interruption

Updated 5 years ago

Winterport residents will have an interruption in their electric service early Saturday morning.One resident has a few concerns over the length of time he will be without power.Meghan Hayward has the story.Tracy Demmons of Winterport received a postcard from Central Maine Power in the mail earlier this week, informing him about an interruption in electric service for seven hours.Demmons had some concerns.”Is it really a smart idea to do this where it’s dropping during the night below freezing.”Demmons is also worried about his mother, who relies on an oxygen tank that requires power.He called CMP and says he was told he should have back up tanks for his mother.”Well their back-ups don’t really last that long and they said, well they should have more.”CMP spokesman John Carroll says they hope it won’t take the entire seven hours, but the work needs to be done.”We have some equipment that we need to take up service so we can do some work in a substation that will improve the strength and reliability of operations there.”Carroll says they’re required to notify residents in advance of a service interruption.”So in this case everyone received postcards several days ago now. We also put a notice in the newspaper so that everyone would have time to prepare and if they needed, to make other plans to ensure they have power for their equipment.”Demmons says they were able to get extra tanks for his mother, but he still doesn’t feel he was treated with respect.”I work customer service myself, but just not a whole lot of compassion in the time that they were giving.”Carroll says it’s important for residents to realize power can go out at any time for extended periods.”All of our customers I think understand that they need to have a back-up plan for if the power goes out. That’s especially important for people with medical equipment and it’s their responsibility and we hope they understand it.”Over 5,000 customers in Winterport, Belfast, Frankfort, Hampden, Monroe, Prospect, Searsport, and Stockton Springs will be affected by the service interruption.Which will start at 1 am this Saturday and power is expected to be restored no later than 6 am.

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Cookie Swap

Updated 5 years ago

Swapping cookies – it’s not just for Christmas anymore – that’s the message of the book “Cookie Swap,” written by cookie maker and author Julia Usher. It’s a book filled with lots of non-holiday cookie ideas, which she shared with us a couple of months ago. Julia’s back with some cookie-related fun that ties in perfectly with the upcoming holidays. Here’s a list of events Julia will be at:Bangor Public Library, Bangor, Thursday, Nov. 19 @ 6:30pmMaine Coast Book Shop & Café, Damariscotta, Friday, Nov. 20 @ NoonNow You’re Cooking, Bath, ME, Friday, Nov. 20 @ 4-6pmStonewall Kitchen, York, Saturday, Nov. 21 @ 12pm-1:30pmMr. Paperback, Ellsworth, Saturday, Nov. 28 @ 1pm-2:30pmRabelais Books, Portland, Sunday, Nov. 29 @ 1pm-3pmFor more information visit Julia’s website at:

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St. Joseph Healthcare Honors Top Employees

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Saint Joseph Healthcare in Bangor took time today to honor three workers with the hospital’s most prestigious award. The employees were all given the Mother Mary Angela Service Award.She founded the Felician Sisters 154 years ago – on November 21st, 1855. Each year three people are recognized for carrying out the mission of Mother Angela. This year Maintenance Supervisor Raphe St. John, Social Worker Lindsay Chadbourne and Volunteer Marjorie Robinson received the awards.The credit their fellow workers and patients for the honor.Chadbourne says, “I think the work we do here at St. Joe’s reflects on our patients and their families. I think we get a lot of people telling us time in and time out that they really enjoy their stay here and I think that helps reflect for the Mother Angela Award.”All of the winners were nominated by their peers. Today’s award ceremony was part of the hospital’s Founder’s Day celebration.

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Bangor Humane Society Offers Pet I.D. Clinic

Updated 5 years ago

The Bangor Humane Society is doing their part to help make sure your pets are easy to identify in the event they’re lost. They’re offering a pet I.D. clinic this Saturday from 10:00-4:00. You can have your pet microchipped for $20. It’s a nearly painless procedure that puts a microchip under the nape of your pets neck. Organizers say the procedure feels like a small pin-prick for your pet but makes it easy to alert you when your pet is found. “The owner goes online and registers and puts their contact information in, then if something happens to your pet, they’re scanned, when they come into most shelters, and most vets, we can scan it and say, Oh this is Bob Smith’s dog, he lives at this address, this is his phone number,” says Suzan Bell Executive Director at the Bangor Humane Society. The clinic is Saturday from 10:00-to-4:00 at the Bangor Humane Society. In addition the microchips the humane society is also offering engraved nametags for $6.00, or 2-for $20.

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Police Investigate Break-ins at Bangor Business Park

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Police are investigating three break-ins at a business park in Bangor – all in the last month. Mert Enterprises was the first business in the Bomarc Industrial Park to be hit.Thieves broke in over the Halloween weekend and stole 9 computers. The owner says they also took at least 250-dollars of change collected to buy Special Olympics uniforms. Mert offers services to developmentally disabled adults. Police say the most recent crime was last weekend when someone broke into Chute Chemical and also stole computer equipment.Another business was target but nothing was taken. Police say they’re trying to determine if the crimes are connected.

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Bangor Land Trust Announces Plan For Walden Parke Preserve

Updated 5 years ago

After two years of planning, the Bangor Land Trust is excited about the Walden Parke Preserve. “A lot of people came to us when we were first given this land and said please don’t develop it, please keep it really wild, please keep it just as primitive as it is always was and that’s what we’re doing,” says Lucy Quimby, the President of the Bangor Land Trust.Outdoor enthusiasts will have plenty to do without leaving Bangor, all they’ve got to do is drive out Essex Street. “Hiking, it’s a great bird watching place, mountain biking,” says Quimby, “when it snows, there’ll be a lot cross country skiing and snow shoeing. I’ve spent a lot of happy hours out here with my snow shoes.”Quimby says the area will still leave quite a bit to the imagination. “There is one wide trail that we call our blue trail that we’ll have a published map for and then there are a bunch of really narrow trails that we’re going to mark as trails,” she says, “we’re not going to have maps just because some people like the thrill of knowing they could get lost if they don’t pay attention so they’re going to have that opportunity out there.”Quimby says they’ve received some funding from local contributors like Bangor Hydro and Maine Distributors, but they’re counting on some help from volunteers. “The trails need some work and that’s a big project for next summer,” she says, “there are some areas that are wet and muddy and we’re going to be digging some drainage ditches and putting in some bog bridges so that people will be able to use it without damaging the trail.”If you’re interested in volunteering at the Walden Parke Preserve, call the Bangor Land Trust at 942-1010, or send them an email at

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Community Honors Red Cross Real Heroes

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

They’re ordinary people who step up in a time of need and become extraordinary. And today the local chapter of the Red Cross and community honored them. Six people in all were awarded this year’s Red Cross Real Hero awards during a breakfast at the Bangor Civic Center.They come from all over Maine and in the last year, they’ve put their own lives at risk for others. Like 12-year-old Brooke Staton of Bangor.She guided her two younger sisters of out their burning home, to safety. Red Cross Executive Director Shannon Cox says all of the heroes say they just did what anyone else would do. “They really just stepped forward and did something that was quite extraordinary. If you ask them, they don’t think that but we know it to be true and we think it’s a great thing to be able to spend the morning recognizing them for the things they’ve done.”The Maine Air National Guard was also given the “Extra Mile” Real Hero Award – which is handed out to an organization in the community. Starting next Monday, you’ll have a chance to catch the stories about all of this year’s Red Cross Real Heros. They’ll air throughout the week on TV5 News in the morning and TV5 News at 5.

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Police Caution Drivers About Black Ice

Updated 5 years ago

State police are warning drivers to be aware of black ice this time of year, after they say it played a role in a car accident in Township 28 this morning.They say Tina Seelye of Calais was headed west on Route 9 when it happened. Police say she was passing a tractor trailer when she hit a patch of black ice, skidded into the side of the truck and crashed into the embankment.Seelye was taken to EMMC with minor injuries. The driver of the truck was not injured.Her car is totaled.Police caution drivers to slow down, and to start being alert for possible black ice on the road.

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Baileyville Man Accused of Assaulting Police Chief

Updated 5 years ago

A Baileyville man is under arrest for allegedly assaulting the town’s police chief Wednesday morning.Chief Philip Harriman was reportedly attacked by 49-year-old David Troy while trying to serve a protection from harassment order.Chief Harriman was injured in the face. He was taken to Calais Regional Hospital, and was later released.Troy was transported to the Washington County Jail in Machias. He is being held on a $5,000 cash bail.

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Maine Tech School Directory

Updated 5 years ago

A new website in support of Maine’s career and technical schools has been unveiled. The website offers information about different technical education schools serving high school age students.The site gives students insight into what the schools offer and what training is required for certain careers. “It is one of the best kept secrets in public educationally, we felt that a website would take care of some of the information that we need to get to the public, students, parents, our industry partners, and the community as a whole,” Said the director of the Maine CTE Don Cannan.27 career technical educational schools in Maine are included on the website.For many of the schools it’s the only web-based information shared.

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