Fire Destroys Home in Stonington

Updated 5 years ago

Fire destroyed an abandoned home in Stonington early Monday morning.A neighbor reported the fire on Tea Hill Road just before 6:00 AM.When crews got to the scene the home was engulfed in flames. It took crews close to two hours to knock down the fire.Firefighters from Deer Isle and Sedgewick helped out at the scene.No one lived in the home and the power had been shut off, so firefighters aren’t sure what caused the fire.Investigators will be at the scene tomorrow.

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Maine Beers Head to the White House

Updated 5 years ago

A small business owner is sending a gift basket to the White House, after a lighthearted request from the President.Bill Milliken was singled out this month by Obama as a small business owner who’d benefit from health care reform.Milliken – known as “Bill the Beer Guy” — owns Market House Coffee and Maine Beer and Beverage Co.The President jokingly said, “In exchange for this publicity, i hope i’m going to get some samples of beer, ok?”So Milliken arranged for a basket filled with beer from 10 brewers.Governor Baldacci and Maine Democratic Representative Chellie Pingree joined him for today’s official send-off in Portland.Milliken says it’s his patriotic duty to send the President a basket of beer — especially on Patriots’ Day.

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Open House for Prospective UMaine Students

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

A rough economy, proposed budget cuts that would eliminate programs and majors, those are topics UMaine has to face when looking for prospective students.But at the annual open house at the Orono campus, high schoolers were showing up by the hundreds.The turnout surprised even the UMaine administrators, like Senior Associate Director of New Student Relations Liz Downing. ” LIke I say the largest we’ve ever had so we’re looking for, hoping to have a large incoming class and so we’ll see. We’ve got and orientation that comes in June. That’s the final look and there are two weekends, that we have the students that are coming that are accepted and so we’ve already had a young lady from California sign up for our orientation so we’re excited about that.”Because of the more than fourteen hundred prospective students that signed up to take part in the open house, the University had all hands on deck to make sure they were welcomed to campus.”We have a cast of thousands, three groups in particular, the student ambassadors who run orientation, the tele-counselors who call the students and also our Dirigo tour guides so they’re the ones giving the tours and doing a lot of the sessions,” said Downing. “But all the faculty are helping, associate Deans, Deans are giving programs, staff all around campus, everyone from housing to residential life and admissions and financial aid.”The students came from all over to visit the campus and see what it had to offer.” We took a tour of the campus, got to see what it was like, daily lifestyle sore of thing and took a tour of the engineering building and saw what the classes and labs would look like, met some students and professors so it seems real nice,” said Kennebunk’s Tyler Panting. “I mean we’re definitely interested in it.”” It’s good cause then you can just go visit home whenever you want to and get a good education here,” said Drew McLean of Kennebunk. “And drive home if you miss it.”

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Bangor Students Head for China

Updated 5 years ago

10 students from the Chinese School in Bangor are going to practice what they’ve learned in the real world. And they are heading to China to do so.Students were at the airport Saturday getting ready to board the plane to China where they will be making their first stop in Shanghai and finish in Bejing with a few stops in between before heading home. They will be in China for about 10 days. This is the first trip where younger children will be going along.11-year-old Katie Gardella is one student going on the trip, she says she’s excited to see all of the sights while there. “We’re going to see a section of the great wall we’re going to see the tara carta warriors, we’re going to have a banquet, there’s a lot of things,” Katie told TV5 at the airport.It’s about a 14 hour flight to China. While there, the students will be donating funds they raised to aid those effected by the recent earthquake.

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Recent Weather Has Some Apple Growers Nervous

Updated 5 years ago

Some New England apple growers say it’s the earliest bloom they’ve ever seen. And that’s what has them worried.The unusually warm weather in early April had fruit trees blossoming two to three weeks ahead of schedule.The executive director of the New England Apple Growers Association says he expects there will be a lot of nervous growers during the next few weeks.Experts say a drop in temperature to 28 degrees could damage 10% of the crop and a few degrees lower could damage up to 90%.The early spring blossom could also leave fruit more vulnerable to bacterial diseases.

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Post Office Temporary Relocation

Updated 5 years ago

According to a U.S. Postal Service spokesman, folks at the Bangor post office will be making a temporary move until their future home can get some renovations.They have to make the move during a planned renovation to the Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building set to begin May 1st, but they will not be able to move to their permanent location in the former district court building on Hammond Street until some renovations are completed there.The Bangor planning board approved a site plan for the former district court site in March, after turning down the request the previous month.That temporary location hasn’t been identified.

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Aid for Sardine Cannery Workers

Updated 5 years ago

While Maine officials work on a deal to save the nation’s last sardine cannery, the Department of Labor has approved federal help for workers.Senators Snowe and Collins say the Labor Department has approved trade adjustment assistance for the roughly 130 workers at the Stinson Sardine Cannery in Prospect Harbor, which shut down last week. The program provides job retraining services and help with job searching.The senators say they also are encouraged by negotiations with a potential buyer for the facility that could retain some of the current work force.

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Guilford Man Dies in Abbot Crash

Updated 5 years ago

An accident in Abbot Saturday resulted in the death of a Guilford man, according to police.At about 3:30pm 34-year-old Charles Emery was headed south on the Back Abbot Road when, police say, he came around a corner and lost control of his vehicle.An investigator with the Piscataquis County Sheriffs Office says Emery lost control of his 2008 Chevrolet and struck a utility pole, and a large tree, before coming to rest.The investigator said that Emery was ejected from the vehicle. The accident is still under investigation.

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Arts & Crafts with Tracy Marceron

Updated 5 years ago

To learn more about Monday morning’s Arts and Crafts segment with Tracy Marceron, click, or log on to

Bangor Home Show A Success

Updated 5 years ago

Organizers at the Bangor Home Show say this year’s event was a tremendous success. nearly 17,000 people jammed into the Bangor Auditorium and Civic Center over the weekend to see around 200 vendors show off their products.It was the 40th year for the Home Show in Bangor and oraganizers say Saturday drew the 4th largest crowd ever. Vendors on-hand say despite the tough economic times they’re hopeful that this year’s home show can give their businesses a boost. “All the cont$ractors are going to be going out,” says show promoter Dean Appleman, “they’re going to be installing new kitchens, doing new floors, building new foundations for more houses, landscaping, fencing, you name it, it’s all going into the economy. It’s gonna keep people working.” The home show also had finacial services so interested custoemrs could apply for financing before leaving the show.

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Crowd Gathers For Orono Bike Swap

Updated 5 years ago

Bicyclists of all ages gathered in Orono today for the 3rd annual great orono bike swap. Hundreds of bikes were up for grabs at affordable prices. It was the Great Orono Bike Swap put on by the Bicycle Coalition of Maine. The Orono police department collects lost and stolen bicycles and if they remain unclimed for one year they get sent to here. People from all over the state also brought in their old bikes.(allison vogt – executive director is the Executive Director of The Bicycle Coalition of Maine. “The bike swap is about getting more bikes in the hands of more people in Maine,” she says, “people who want to sell their bikes brought their bikes this morning. We take them, we help them price them and we put them out on the floor and at 9:00 the doors opened and a line was forming outside and within about 35 minutes 60-70% of the bikes were gone so it was very successful.”Organizers say the event gets better every year. “This is the third year we’ve had the event in Orono and each year we’ve seen more attendance and more bikes.”Will Morrison of Belfast found a buyer for his old bike. Morrison sold it to Duncan Girard who’s close to the same age as he was when he first got the bike. “Well I think my mom originally bought two identical bikes, one for me and one for my brother,” says Morrison, “we must have been probably a little younger than this guy duncan. I rode it until it wouldn’t fit me anymore until the seat post was coming right over the frame.”Girard was certainly happy with his purchase. “I think it’s really cool and i’m really excited to bring it home.”The folks at the Bicycle Coalition of Maine say making bikes affordable for kids and adults is just the first step toward accomplishing their goal.”The bicycle coalition our goal is to make maine a better place to bike and part of that is making roads and streets and paths better,” says Vogt, “but part of it is just giving access to bicycles and that’s really what this is all about. It compliments the education programs that we run that teach people how to bicycle safely and the other part of the equation is getting them bikes.”

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Woman Arrested in Connection with Bank Robberies

Updated 5 years ago

Police announced that they have arrested a Farmington woman in connection with several bank robberies in New Hampshire and Maine. Bethany Colson, 22, was wanted for conspiracy to commit bank robbery after police connected her to Bo Rodden, 19, of Berwick. Both are charged with robbing a bank in Newport last month.Police believe Rodden robbed the TD Bank branch in Newport on March 31st and fled with a bag of cash.Two other suspects Christopher Hildreth, 22, and Eric Nielson, 19, of South Berwick were charged Thursday in connection with bank robberies in Dover and Farmington New Hampshire according to police. Colson was brought to the Cumberland County Jail where she is being held without bail.

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Construction on Route 1A in Ellsworth

Updated 5 years ago

Construction on Route 1A in Ellsworth is set to resume this Monday, April 19, as crews will be onsite removing portions of pavement along this seven-mile stretch of the roadway. Two-way travel will be maintained during this phase of construction, but there will be an increase in the number of construction vehicles on the road, and motorists can expect segments of gravel road. Construction on this project began last fall, and since then, crews have removed trees, improved drainage, and excavated sections of the project. Monday, April 19 also marks the beginning of National Work Zone Awareness Week. Motorists are asked to obey posted speed limits, be mindful of workers and drive with caution through any construction zone.

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Police Investigate Deadly Crash in Wilton

Updated 5 years ago

Police say they are investigating a deadly crash at the intersection of Rt. 2 and Rt. 4 in Wilton.Jeffrey Burgess, 25, of Dixfield, died when the pickup truck he was in rolled over an embankment.Two other people were in the truck at the time of the accident.Adam Turner, 27, was taken to Franklin Memorial Hospital with serious injuries and Zachary Metivier, 25, was reportedly not injured.Police say they believe the truck was trying to pass another vehicle at the time of the accident.

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Vandalism strikes Maine historic site

Updated 5 years ago

Maine and Augusta city officials say the owners of a riverside historic site are neglecting the Kennebec Arsenal and failing to protect it from vandalism. The Kennebec Journal in Augusta says Sunday a letter’s been sent to North Carolina-based Niemann Capital, the property’s owner, which plans to redevelop the 19th Century site for residential and commercial use. The property, within site of the State house,includes several granite structures whose windows have been broken and have been marked with graffiti. Thomas Niemann says his firm is dedicated to its plan for restoring and renovating the complex, but plans have been hampered by the struggling economy. Niemann tells the newspaper that it’s trying to protect the property from further damage.

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Missing UMaine Student Found

Updated 5 years ago

University of Maine student Joshua Gilmore, a 19-year-old junior from Levant went missing this morning at approximately 6 a.m during a fraternity initiation process. Gilmore went into the woods near the Stillwater River in search of an artifact. When he didn’t return after a few minutes, a group of fraternity members went looking for him. Shortly after 8 a.m., they called UMaine police for help. Director of Operations for DEEMI Richard Bowie says the search effort for Gilmore was one of the largest he’s ever seen with 200 to 300 students searching this morning. He says the response time was also great. Gilmore was found when he walked out of the woods near the UMaine Steam Plant Parking lot at approximately 2:30 p.m. and was immediately identified by search personnel. He told police he had been walking for several hours. The Maine Warden Service and UMaine police coordinated the search, which also included professionals and equipment from the Orono Police Department, Old Town Police Department, Maine State Police, Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department, Orono Fire Department, Old Town Fire Department, Milford Fire Department, Indian Island Fire Department and Maine Forest Service. Gilmore was transported by ambulance to Eastern Maine Medical Center to be treated for possible hypothermia.

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Maine Peace Action Committee

Updated 5 years ago

The Maine Peace Action Committee held a large-scale peace rally on the University of Maine mall. Organizers say the events was primarily intended as a protest against the global war on terror, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The rally included performances by a collection of bands and singing groups. It was an open forum for participants to speak about the war.

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Autism and Special Needs Fair

Updated 5 years ago

Community Conveyed Alternatives or CCA, is a group of concerned family and friends that provide information and access to therapies for children. This weekend the CCA hosted the Autism and Special Needs Fair in Dexter. The Fair was held at Dexter Regional High School. The purpose of this fair is to increase awareness of local organizations that are available to serve families with special needs children. The event was free and open to the public. Many exhibits and demonstrations of alternative therapies took place at the event.

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Apple Tree Pruning Field Day

Updated 5 years ago

Olmsted’s Orchard in collaboration with the Umaine Cooperative Extension and others hosted an Apple Tree pruning field day at the orchard on the Bangor Road. Homeowners planting or planning on planting apple trees were invited to attend. The day started with a general overview of planting and management practices for apple trees. Then attendees were invited into the orchard for a pruning demonstration.

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Police Ask for Publics Help in Search for Robber

Updated 5 years ago

At about 9 pm Friday evening, the Big Apple store located on the Norridgewock Road in Fairfield Center was robbed. Witnesses say a slender younger male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and ski mask entered the store and displayed a silver semi-automatic hand gun and demanded the money from the cash drawer. They say the suspect ordered the cashier to put the money in his blue and silver back pack. The male subject left the store on foot with an undisclosed amount of money, North on the Norridgewock Road. According to Chief John Emery of the Fairfield Police Department the Kennebec County K-9 unit tracked the suspect to a parking lot of a near by apartment complex a short distance from the store. He says it is believed that the suspect fled in a vehicle, possibly a Silver or Tan f250 Ford PU with a yellow 4 wheeler in the back. If anyone has any information, please call the Fairfield Police at 453-9321.

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