Brownfield Committee Meets In Ellsworth

Updated 5 years ago

So far, so good for the Brownfield project according to the Hancock County planning board. The federally funded program helps potential property owners in Hancock County identify environmental risks before they invest. Glen Daukas, who works on the Brownfield Project, calls it economic development through environmental clean up. “But the idea is to quantify those risks,” says Daukas, “get them back into the economy, create some jobs, create some housing, green space what have you but bring it back into a beneficial reuse for the town or the property owners.”The steering committee met in Ellsworth to discuss property in Brooksville and Stonington as potential Brownfield sites. The criteria for a site is an area that can be economically viable but may or may not have some environmental risks. “We have money available to identify and quantify those risks, if any, so that it’s not unknown anymore and you can put it into the equation as far as economic your economic model for whatever you want to do with the property,” Daukas says.Gordon’s Wharf in Sullivan is an example of what the project can do. Town officials wanted to buy the property but they were concerned about possible environmental risks. “In fact there was no reason to be concerned,” says Daukas, “the property was transferred. It’s creating I believe waterfront access.” Tom Martin is the Executive Director of the Hancock County planning board and says the project is going well so far. “Well we’re very pleased,” says Martin, “we’ve got the site at Gordon’s Wharf and the 2 sites in ellsworth. It’s a great step forward.”

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Exciting News for Searsmont Man

Updated 5 years ago

A man from Searsmont who was left paralyzed after a freak accident will soon be getting special rehab that could one day help him walk again.Nick Defrancesco has been accepted into the Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford, Connecticut which focuses on specialty rehabilitation.He will be leaving Maine Wednesday morning…Defrancesco was accepted on scholarship, which means no cost for him.Defrancesco and his partner Trisha went to the Belfast Curling Club earlier this year to enjoy a day off together.But he slipped on some ice and crushed two vertebrae.He was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center where doctor’s diagnosed him a quadriplegic and told him it was unlikely he would walk again.IT’s a notion he refuses to accept and hopes to work on while in Connecticut.

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Fox Island Wind Executive at UMaine

Updated 5 years ago

The CEO of the Fox Island Wind co-op was at the University of Maine today to talk about the pros and cons of wind power.Dr. George Baker is the head of Fox Island Wind in Vinalhaven.His lecture at the Wells Conference Center on the UMaine campus was open to the general public as well as students.Organizers of the event say it’s important to get accurate information out to the communities where wind projects are being proposed. Dana Humphrey is the Dean of Engineering. “I think as we all try to make rational decisions based on whether we have wind projects at a certain location or not I think it’s really important that it’s based on good information,” syas Humphrey, “so what we’re trying to provide today is someone who can take and provide us with some good information to help us all make better decisions.”

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Former Husson President Passes Away

Updated 5 years ago

A former president and alumnus of Husson University in Bangor has died.Delmont Merrill passed away Monday with his family at his bedside.Merrill was president of Husson from 1978 until 1987.During his presidency, Husson started a nursing program, the first master’s degree program in business and the first international program.Prior to becoming president, Merrill worked as a professor, athletic director, administrator and coach.He served in the Marine Corps during World War Two.His service was commemorated in the Steven Spielberg epic “Price for Peace, Freedom Doesn’t Come for Free”, which was prepared for the national D-Day Museum.Funeral services will be announced soon.

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Lagrange Fire

Updated 5 years ago

Even with a quick response from fire crews.A couple in Lagrange have lost almost everything in a fire.Meghan Hayward has the story.” I put wood in the wood stove and I sat down to have a cup of coffee and I looked over and I saw smoke and then there was fire.”Gayle Milian and Willard Knights say fire crews were at their home on Brimstone Lane in Lagrange about ten minutes after they placed the call.They were able to get out safely, along with all their pets.” Three dogs and 6 cats.”Lagrange Fire Chief Roger Stanley says he believes the wood stove is what caused the fire.” We did some checking and the elbow on the bottom where it came out of the woodstove, water had gotten down in it and rusted and rotted out and that’s where the fire started.”Stanley says the house is a total loss.” The stove is on one end of the trailer. When they came out the other end of the trailer it had made kind of a funnel and funneled right down the hallway. When we came there was fire coming from everywhere.”The homeowners did not have insurance.” We’re getting a trailer brought in. A small one just to sleep in tonight and just go from there. The Red Cross is going to help.”

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Bradford Fire Chief to Stay on the Job

Updated 5 years ago

The town of Bradford will be keeping its fire chief, after a well-attended selectmen’s meeting Monday night.Chief Scott DeMoranville officially resigned to the board of selectmen last night. He says he was frustrated over lack of communication and a new budget procedure. Two other senior fire officials in Bradford told the department they’d be stepping down, too.But Monday night, the chief and selectmen reached an agreement.A volunteer liason will now help with communication between the department and selectmen.And, they modified a budget procedure which had caused some issues. The department is now allowed to spend up to one-thousand dollars a month before seeking selectmen approval.The changes will be in place for at least a six-month trial period. Both sides told TV-5 Tuesday the agreement is a step in the right direction.

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Home Destroyed by Fire in Lagrange

Updated 5 years ago

It looks like a wood stove is to blame for a fire that destroyed a home in Lagrange Tuesday morning.The call to firefighters came in at 6:00 AM.By the time they got to the scene on Brimstone Lane, the structure was engulfed in flames.The two owners, Gayle Milian and Willard Knights, were home at the time the fire broke out. Milian says, “I put wood in the wood stove and I sat down to have a cup of coffee and I looked over and I saw smoke and then there was fire.”Both made it out safely along with all their pets, six cats and three dogs.The Lagrange Fire Chief believes the woodstove is what caused the fire. He says some piping from the stove had rusted out.The homeowners did not have insurance. A neighbor is offering a mobile home until they can get a new home, and the Red Cross has been called in to help.

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Newport Fire

Updated 5 years ago

Fire crews responded to a structure fire on Elm Street in Newport Tuesday morning.Firefighter Michael Thompson says when they arrived on scene smoke was coming from the front and right side of the building.The building was home to D.C.’s Bar and Grill.Thompson says about 5 surrounding towns were called in to assist.He says they did have some challenges battling the flames.”Heavy fire and smoke were present upon our arrival so it was tough to get in and see where the root cause of the fire was. Right now we’re still in operation mode getting some spot fires out.”The Fire Marshal’s Office has been called in to investigate.

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Wildfires Determined Arson

Updated 5 years ago

The Maine Forest Service is sending rangers door to door in Washington County to seek information about who is responsible for a series of wildfires that have plagued the area over the past month. Ranger Courtney Hammond says more than 30 fires have been reported. Hammond says some of the blazes were typical spring fires. But others – he wouldn’t say how many – were arson. Investigators believe more thanone person was involved. Most of the fires have been relatively small. Rangers from across Maine are now canvassing the area and seeking information. (AP)

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Maine State Offices Closed Tuesday

Updated 5 years ago

Maine state offices will remain closed for another day. The Tuesday closing is due to a legislatively ordered shutdown day to cut government costs. It follows Monday’s closing for the Patriot’s Day holiday. The two closings give state workers a four-day weekend. Tuesday’s is the ninth of 10 shutdown days between July 1, 2009, and June 30, 2010. The last shutdown day will be May 28.

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Gas Prices Down Slightly in Maine

Updated 5 years ago

A price-watching Web site says average retail gasoline prices in Maine are down slightly this week. says prices for unleaded fuel averaged $2.85 per gallon Monday, down 1.7 cents from a week ago. The national average is 2 cents per gallon higher than Maine’s. However, Maine’s average price is 76.7 cents per gallon higherthan the same day one year ago. (AP)

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Some Apple Growers Remain Optimistic

Updated 5 years ago

Some New England apple growers say it’s the earliest bloom they’ve ever seen – and that’s what has them worried.The unusually warm weather in early April had fruit trees blossoming two to three weeks ahead of schedule on average.That’s left plenty of time on the calendar for the region’s notoriously unpredictable weather to strike back with a killer freeze.But some local growers are remaining optimistic.”So when we bring the bees in, the hives will go right here.”For the past 30 years bees have been brought to Mainely Apple’s orchard in mid-May to begin pollination.”I’m keeping an eye on everything, but it’s probably gonna be a week to 10 days earlier.” John and Elaine Olsen were pruning their trees on bare ground back in March. John even recalls doing the work in a t-shirt.”This is the earliest bloom ever.”And with more than 1,600 trees, the couple has a lot to lose if the weather doesn’t cooperate.”Ideally I’d like it not to go below 32 till next October.””Alright, we’ll tell Todd that.””Yeah. Let Todd know.””Inside here is where the flower buds are and they’re well protected so the temp can get a little colder.”Apple growers are at the mercy of mother nature, but even if the temps were to dip down into the teens Olsen says at this stage things should be fine.”What I’d like to see now is this growth stage not get to prevalent. We don’t want to see blossoms out here end of April beginning of May.” A good sign Olsen has seen is the most recent change.”I’ve noticed over the last week or so things have slowed down because it’s been cool and damp. We had an inch of snow here Saturday morning.”So for now, all these orchardists have is optimism.

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One Arrested Following Hermon Crash

Updated 5 years ago

One person was placed under arrest Monday evening after a car crash in Hermon.Officials responded to a single car accident on the Fuller Road at about 6:30pm.They say the car struck several trees.Penobscot County Sheriff’s Deputy Todd Nadeau says the driver was under the influence at the time of the accident, and has been arrested.There were three people in the vehicle, two of them did sustain injuries. “Two of the passengers in that vehicle have been transported to the emergency room for evaluation of their injuries,” Deputy Nadeau told TV5. “The driver was uninjured.”Nadeau says that one of the passengers had only minor injuries, the other sustained more serious injuries.

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Maine State Wildfire Training Academy Set to Begin

Updated 5 years ago

The Maine Forest Service is gearing up for the 8th annual Maine State Wildfire Training Academy.The classes are being offered the first two weekends in June at Thomas College in Waterville.The classes run from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.Participants must me be 18 or older.The fees for the classes range from $20 to $76 and includes lunch and refreshments during breaks.For more information call 287-4990.

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Orland Man Leads Police on Chase

Updated 5 years ago

Police arrested a 29-year-old Orland man Sunday after he led them on a chase down route 1A.Bangor police tried to pull over Jeffrey Warren’s vehicle on the Odlin Rd. around midnight after he stopped at a green light and they noticed that his car’s tail lights also weren’t on.Officials say Warren then drove through the Motel 6 parking lot and onto I395, eventually heading onto Rt. 46 toward Bucksport.Officers stopped the vehicle with a spike strip.Warren is charged with operating under the influence, eluding an officer, passing a roadblock, driving to endanger, speeding and violating bail.

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Swans Island Teens Indicted

Updated 5 years ago

Two teens from Swans Island were indicted by a Hancock County grand jury for allegedly breaking into fifteen homes near Long Pond in January.James Lemoine, 18, was indicted on 12 counts of burglary, 13 counts of aggravated criminal mischief and three counts of theft and criminal trespass.Roman Cook, 18, was indicted on nine counts of burglary and aggravated criminal mischief and three counts of theft.Back in January, the two had been ice fishing on Long Pond in Mount Desert when the break-ins and vandalism allegedly occurred.Police estimated the damage to the homes to between $70,000 and $100,000.

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Bradford Fire Officials to Resign

Updated 5 years ago

The fire chief and two other senior fire officials in Bradford are stepping down. It comes after what the chief calls “communication issues” with the town’s selectmen.Lieutenant George Ouelette says issues that have been brewing for months between the Bradford Fire Department and the town’s selectmen have finally boiled over.”Our chief, Scott DeMoranville, our assistant chief, Tom Kirlin, and our ex-chief, Carlene Oakes who is a firefighter here, have all turned in their resignation to us,” Oulette says.Chief Scott DeMoranville declined an on-camera interview but tells us he’s leaving out of frustration. Among other issues, a new procedure was put in place recently charging the town’s selectmen with overseeing his department’s expenditures– which he says prevents him from doing his job efficiently.”In the selectmen’s meeting there’s been a lot of tension, a lot of animosity between some people and it kind of has just boiled and boiled. There’s a lot of anger and there’s a lot of power struggles,” Ouelette says.”I was shocked. To think that three of our most senior members could leave– they’re dedicated to this. To consider this, there must be something really, really major going on. They’re not people who take their duties lightly,” says Bradford resident, Diane McDonough.First selectmen Bruce Bailey says he’s sorry to see the fire officials leave but tells us economic issues are to blame for the new procedures. Several selectmen we spoke to Monday declined to appear on-camera, but they tell us the communication problems aren’t on their side.Ouelette says while he understands why the officials are leaving, it still won’t be easy for the department.”Really it’s a detriment to our town, that’s what’s happening,” he says, “we’re losing a ton, most of our experience, especially in fire ground operations. And we’re losing that and to lose it all in one fell swoop is really, really going to hurt us.”The fire officials are expected to formally resign at a selectmen’s meeting at the town hall in Bradford at 6 p.m. Monday night.

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Bomb Threat At Bangor Daily News

Updated 5 years ago

Police say the Bangor Daily News on Main street had to be evacuated for around 30-minutes this morning after a bomb threat was phoned in. Bangor police say they got the call around 9:00 this morning.An unidentified man told police he received a call stating that a bomb would go off at the Bangor Daily News. Police responded and searched the building using explosive detection dogs — but no bomb was found.The scene was cleared around 10:30 this morning. Bangor Police say they’re taking this matter very seriously. “It is a felony charge to terrorize in that fashion when you evacuate buildings due to that threat so we’re taking it seriously,” says Sgt. Paul Edwards, “it is a serious crime and if anybody has any information you can call us.”The incident remains under investigation. Anyone with information about the bomb threat is being asked to call the Bangor Police at 947-7382.

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Preparation For Bangor Garden Show Underway

Updated 5 years ago

It’s thought of by some as a sign that spring has arrived. For the people in charge of the Bangor Garden Show it was especially sweet to watch the landscapers start the process of setting up their gardenscapes that will be on display at this weekends garden show. “Excited,,” says show coordinator Judi Perkins, “very excited and I hope folks will come and see us. It’s always great excitement from the day that we open the doors from the folks coming through to see spring inside.”Last year the Garden Show was cancelled after financial problems forced the non-profit that used to be involved with the show to close it’s doors. But this year the event is back and according to organizers people can expect it to be as good as ever. “Well they can expect to see 8 landscapes and they can expect to see over 50 vendors with a variety of services and products that support landscaping and gardening,” says Perkins.”It takes the landscapers nearly 3 days to set up their masterpieces. The folks here say it’s nice to show off a bit. Mary Lou Hoskins owns Greencare Landscaping. “Well it’s always a good opportunity to show what we can do to our customers and maybe pick up a few new customers and if we win a prize that would be great,” says Hoskins. The cash prizes this year are certainly enough to get the attention of the competitors. There’s $5000 for first place, $2500 for second place, and $1500 for third and a number of honorable mentions.Auditorium Director Mike Dyer hopes the big turnout for last weekends Home Show here, will be a sign of things to come for this weekends Garden Show. “Boy it appears that people are getting in the mood and the home show relies on people buying things,” says Dyer, “but we’ll take all the tire kickers in the world.”

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Photojournalist Speaks About Trade Policy

Updated 5 years ago

The loss of manufacturing jobs in Maine can be blamed on current U.S. trade policy. That’s the message photojournalist David Bacon was sharing at the University of Maine Monday.Bacon says current trade policy has been devastating to American blue collar workers. He also believes it can be linked to our immigration problems, forcing millions of Mexicans and Central Americans to come to America to support their families.Bacon is urging people to support a bill introduced in congress by Congressman Mike Michaud. The TRADE Act is endorsed by more than a dozen fair trade groups and more than a hundred other Representatives. “That would begin to address this problem of forcing people into migration by essentially stopping NAFTA and CAFTA from doing the things that it’s done that both rob jobs from people here in the U.S. But also put people into poverty in countries like Mexico.”Bacon has written several books. His latest is called Illegal People: How Globalization Creates Migration and Criminalizes Immigrants.

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