Four More Arson Fires Discovered Downeast

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Forest rangers in Washington County say they discovered four more grass fires this week that were intentionally set.In all, 35 fires Downeast this spring are being labeled as arson. Kent Nelson with the Maine Forest Service says that’s about twice as many as this time last year. He says this week rangers discovered two fires in Pembroke and two in Perry.Nelson says there are no suspects but extra rangers are on duty to investigate the fires, along with the state Fire Marshal’s Office. Anyone with information that could help them can call the Maine Wildfire Arson Reward Hotline at 800-987-0257

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Thrifty Families Consign at “Growing” Store to Make Extra Cash

Updated 5 years ago

In this economy, businesses are closing every day.Folks are looking for any way to make a little extra cash.For some, that means selling their clothes. Not online, but through consignment shops.And consignment shops are popping up all over. One place in Bangor has even opened a second shop.Not only is the business making money for the owner, but also for the thrifty folks who sell there. Chelsey Anderson joins us with part one of her special report on Thrifty Families.It’s a bargain basement without department store prices.A collection of clothes, gadgets, furniture and accessories that someone else paid top dollar for.The Growing Place in Bangor is all about growing. They have items for your child as they grow, and their business is growing too. They’ve done so well with their Hammond Street location, they’ve opened another store on Broadway. That store features a new women’s section.Adrienne Chandler, Owner of the Growing Place: “It’s been such a wonderful success. After Moms are finished with their maternity wear and their bigger clothes, they have been so excited to continue to shop and find some really classy, trendy clothes.” Owner Adrienne Chandler feels lucky to have a thriving business in a poor economy. But there’s a reason she’s succeeding. Items here cost less. Adrienne Chandler, Owner of the Growing Place 2 “If you bought a brand new Tommy Hilfiger dress, say for 90, we would probably sell it for around 30.” The reason this kind of deal exists is people bring items here to sell. Vanessa’s little girl: “Well all of the toys here are awesome!”The Growing Place has as many as 5,000 consigners. People like Vanessa Young and Robyn Straubel. They’ve been selling for five years.Vanessa Young, Consigner: “It’s great because not only does it help you be thrifty, but it helps you reduce clutter at the same time. Because as you finish things, you bring them in and get the store credit and then you’re able to turn around and buy the things you now need.”Robyn used to hold yard sales, but she felt it was a lot of work for a quarter an item.Robyn Straubel, Consigner: “Here you just bring it in and she does the work and I get the money. So I love it! I can’t imagine, I’d probably never have another yard sale!” She and other consigners at the Growing Place get up to 50% of the sale price.Robyn Straubel, Consigner: “I get a $20 check all the time. Sometimes I get a 70 or 80 dollar check and I didn’t do anything. I did what I would have done anyway.”Adrienne Chandler, Owner of the Growing Place: “I like to call it eco-chic. Because all of us have a tendency to over buy and this is such a good way to not only clean out our spaces and make room, but also benefit our family bottom line.”It only takes a little time to go through the house and clean up the things that aren’t being used anymore. Robyn Straubel, Consigner: “It’s not that hard, and it’s worth it for me.”If you plan on getting in on the action, remember, you want to sell items people want, so make sure you only put forward items that are in good condition. In part two of this series we’ll head to the Goodwill Store, where sales have soared over the past couple years, and we’ll shop along side a thrifty mom.

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Local Troop Greeters Featured in People Magazine

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Three local trooper greeters, who’s lives are detailed in an award-winning documentary, are getting some national attention again. The stories of Jerry Mundy, Joan Gaudet and Bill Knight are featured in a story in the newest edition of People Magazine. The three are part of the documentary, “The Way We Get By”, produced by Gaudet’s son and daughter-in-law. Recently the Maine troop greeters welcomed the one-millionth military member to Bangor’s airport since 2003.The magazine article highlights that accomplishment, too.

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Thrifty Mom Walks Us Through Goodwill and Finds Big Savings

Updated 5 years ago

With a tough job market, wage freezes and overall tough economic times, folks are having to be a bit wiser when shopping.For some, that means shopping at a thrift store.Chelsey Anderson continues with part two of her special report on Thrifty Families.The folks at Goodwill say sales in New England are up 12% in the last year and the Bangor store is definitely seeing an increase in product movement.Shirley Hall: “Well, we put out over 22,000 items every single week. So there’s a lot of stuff to go through a lot of opportunities for the customers to get good deals.”Shirley says some people come in everyday, and the associates really get to know the regulars.Shirley Hall: “Which is great. We see a lot of repeat customers.”Like Deb Diehl. She loves a good deal.Deb Diehl: “I mean that, ha, that’s awesome! It’s a good feeling too! To find a good deal and not have to pay much for it.”Deb says the economy has made thrifty shopping more of a necessity for her family, but also it just makes sense.Deb Diehl: “It’s hard times for everybody, including myself, and I like to shop. I have a 10 year old who loves to shop and loves brand name clothing and it’s expensive to shop at the mall. So if you have a little time, you can go through the racks and find a variety of clothes and pick and choose. And it works!”Deb is a proud Grandma-to-be.”My heart belongs to Grandma!” (chuckles)And she’s certainly using her thriftiness to stock up on baby goodies.Deb Diehl: “If I find a good deal, you know, I’ll put it away. Come fall and winter I’m all set!”(Gasp!) “Love it! Might not fit her for awhile.” “These are Old Navy. Those are cute! Hee hee! I’ve bought things for her that were up to size four already.”Deb says she learned to be shopping savvy from her Dad, and is passing that on to her daughter.Deb Diehl: “She likes nice things, but she’ll look and look and look until she finds a good deal and then when she does, she feels so good!”Deb has a little advice for everyone when it comes to Goodwill’s colored barb system.Deb Diehl: “You can kind of figure out what colored barb is going to be for the following week because it usually stays the same. Come first thing in the morning, you can pick up those things at half price!”One last tip.Deb Diehl: “Spend your money on those more important things, you know, your needs.””Is that going to be it?” “That’s it.” “$18.33″ “Under 20 dollars! Look at all those clothes!””Thank you very much! It was a good day! Hee hee!”Shirley says if you’re going to Goodwill, you should plan on spending an hour to three hours to take your time to see what’s really at the store.She also says Sunday is the day when color barbs are switched over, so it’s best to shop sooner in the week than later.

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Vet Reminds Dog Owners: Don’t Leave Pets in Cars on Sunny Days

Updated 5 years ago

As our forecast slowly starts to include more warm, sunny days this spring, a local vet is urging folks to remember — that means we need to leave pets at home when we head out in the car.”Always park in the shade, leave windows down, only go in for a minute. But boy, that’s when things can go bad. If you go in for a minute and get distracted and you end up away from your vehicle for a long time.”Dr. David Cloutier with Veazie Vet Clinic says, don’t forget, it can take only a few minutes on a sunny day before things get bad for a dog left in a car. The problem is heat stroke, after your dog’s temperature starts to elevate and it can’t cool itself off.”It doesn’t have to go very far before cellular damage starts to occur, actually doing damage to their internal organs. And even if you come out and let them out of the car, that core body temperature is still high.”He says if you think your pet has overheated, trying to slowly cool them down and giving them water might not be enough. At that point, bring them to the vet.”We’ll begin to cool them with a cool water bath, also an IV cath and we’ll start cooling fluids, to try and help some of those organs that are shutting down to support them and maybe function again.”He says there’s no hard and fast rule to go by — no certain temperature or length of time he’ll deem “safe” for a dog in a car on a sunny day.”A good rule of thumb is, if it’s sunny and I’m worried at all, I probably don’t want to leave the dog in the car.”Cloutier says, just think ahead to prevent a sad situation for you and your pet.”It’s almost always an accident. It’s almost always that unintentional, ‘I didn’t think it was that hot, I didn’t realize it had turned sunny, I didn’t think I was there that long,’” he says. “And it happens.”

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Bangor Standpipe Lights to Dim in Honor of Kay Lebowitz

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

The lights of a Bangor landmark will go dim Friday night in memory of another shining light in the city. Kay Lebowitz, a former state representative, Bangor mayor and long-time troop greeter, died Monday. She was 94. In memory of her, the lights of the Thomas Hill Standpipe will be turned off for 94 seconds as a part of a candlelight memorial. The event, which was organized by city councilor Cary Weston, starts at 8 p.m. at the standpipe.Everyone’s welcome and encouraged to wear something that reminds them of Lebowitz, like a broach or pearls or the color pink.Funeral services for Lebowitz are at 1 p.m. Friday at Brookings-Smith Funeral Home in Bangor.Police expect a lot of traffic at the standpipe Friday night, so some special parking will be in place. For more information, see below.From Bangor Police Department:1) We will post Thomas Hill Road (from Ohio Street) as one-way and post the left side of the street “no parking” and allow vehicles to park on the right hand side of this street only. A barricade will be placed at the top of the hill, near the standpipe lot, which will prohibit vehicles from exiting this area onto Ohio Street. 2) We will allow traffic to move in both directions on Thomas Hill Road (off of Union St), Highland Avenue and the other adjoining streets. At the intersection of Thomas Hill Road and Highland Avenue, we will put a barricade and a “no traffic beyond this point” sign and not allow traffic to move into the standpipe parking area from this direction. It appears that there is ample on-street parking in this area and we will not need to restrict parking on either side of the street. 3) We will also post no parking signs along the curve in the road on Ohio Street (in-bound), near the entrance to Hilltop Daycare in order to prevent any potential hazards from cars having to go into the other lane on this blind curve in order to get around parked cars.

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Fish Fry Raising Money for Deer Isle-Stonington Chess Team

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Some young but seasoned chess players are heading to a national tournament soon. And they need your help to get there. The Deer Isle-Stonington Chess Boosters are holding a fish fry fundraiser Saturday. The money will help the local elementary school’s state champion chess team. The students are going to Atlanta for a national competition, May 7th. Saturday night’s dinner is at the Fisherman’s Friendly Restaurant in Stonington. Tickets are $15 a person. Children under 5 eat for free.

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“Field Day With Friends”

Updated 5 years ago

It was “Field Day With Friends” in Orono, where Special needs students and their friends got together at the Orono High School track. “Field Day with Friends” started last year when the Special Olympic Regionals had to be cancelled. Based on the popularity of last year, organizers decided to do it again. They say the kids competing look forward to these events year round, especially the kids here today who will not be going to the regional special olympics next week. It begins with a parade. Events include include 50 to 100 meter walks and dashes, softball throws, and long jumps. More than 40 special needs kids and their friends compete in these events. Organizers say that students working together promotes tolerance. Organizers say they plan to hold this event again next year.

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Workers Let Go as CIANBRO Completes Job

Updated 5 years ago

CIANBRO’s Eastern manufacturing facility in Brewer is trimming it’s work force again in preparation for the completion of a big job.CIANBRO has been building refinery modules for a $7,000,000,000 expansion project for an oil refinery in Texas.Workers at the CIANBRO facility will be wrapping up the job in the next few months.At the height of the job, there were 500 employees at the Brewer facility, so far 100 of them have been either laid off or transferred to another job site. By June, company officials say there will only be about 100 workers left at the Brewer site.Company officials hope to have enough work to keep the majority of the workforce within the company.

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Babcock in Court

Updated 5 years ago

A Brewer man arrested for his alleged role in a domestic dispute was indicted in Penobscot County Wednesday.Daniel Babcock is charged with domestic assault, criminal mischief, and other offenses.Police were called to a house on Fourth Street in Bangor last month for a report of a family fight.Officials spent the next day searching for Babcock before they arrested him.He has previously been convicted for similar offenses.

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Glenburn Teen in Court

Updated 5 years ago

A Glenburn teen accused of hitting another teenager with a hammer has been indicted in Penobscot County Court.18-year-old Lawrence Dipietro of Glenburn was arrested last month.Police say he assaulted a 17-year-old while the two were in a car on Ohio Street.The teen escaped from the vehicle, and was taken to the hospital where he was treated for his injuries and released.Dipietro was indicted on counts of aggravated assault, assault, having a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle, and unlawful possesion of scheduled drugs.

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Casino Ballot Question

Updated 5 years ago

The question over whether or not to allow a casino in Oxford County will be on the ballot in November.And now we have a first draft of how voters will see it.It reads: “Do you want to allow casino gambling in Maine at a single site in Oxford County, subject to local approval, with part of the profits going to specific state, local and tribal programs?”The public now has 30 days now to comment on the proposed wording of the ballot question.

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Springfield Man Arrested

Updated 5 years ago

A husband from Springfield is behind bars…charged with terrorizing his wife.Police say they received a 911 call around 10:45 Wednesday night from a home on the Mills Hill Road.The woman stated her husband, Frank Ring, 52, was intoxicated, and being verbally abusive.Police say during that conversation, Ring grabbed the phone away from her and has been quoted as saying “If anyone shows up on the property, I’ll shoot them.”Authorities say the wife took off for a neighbor’s house.Ring went into some nearby woods, reportedly carrying a loaded assault rifle.In the early hours of Thursday morning, Ring emerged from the woods unarmed, and was arrested by officers, who say they found the loaded rifle in the trees.Ring is also facing misdemeanor charges.He’s due in court today.

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Old Town Students Get Important Message About Distracted Driving

Updated 5 years ago

It’s something that most teenagers can’t wait to get, their driver’s license.But when they’re behind the wheel, they face a lot of distractions, everything from cell phones to the radio.Some students from Old Town High School got a heart felt message today, to encourage them to keep their eyes on the road.A driver’s license for a teen spells freedom.”Just being able to drive somewhere by myself and not be dependent on my parents.”But today’s teens also are faced with a lot of decisions while behind the wheel, should they talk on the phone, or text.”Texting seems a little crazy having to type up a message while you’re concentrating on the road”Several of the sophomores here at Old Town High school say they’ve seen their friends get distracted while behind the wheel. Hopefully this presentation will make a difference.”Just not enough driving experience caused my daughter her life.”This is Tina Philbrick. Her daughter Lindsey Almenas was pulling out of a driveway back in 2005. Her boyfriend Ryan Worcester was a passenger. Their car was struck by a cement truck and they both died.”If we could just get our message across to be safe and make smart decisions our job is done.”Lindsey’s aunts and mother joined forces with folks from Liberty Mutual and the principal here at Old Town High where Lindsey once attended, to encourage kids to pay attention while on the road. They plan to do this every year.They hope it not only keeps Lindsey’s memory alive, but might just save a life.”If I could say one thing to impact your life in any way, I would say I miss my daughter so much. I’d do anything to have her back. Enjoy your lives and remember your decisions not only impact your life but the lives of everyone involved. One mistake could potentially change your family’s lives forever. Thank you and please be safe.”

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Florida Man Who Claimed To Have Dynamite On Flight Appears In Court

Updated 5 years ago

A man from Florida who caused a plane from Paris to Atlanta to land in Bangor yesterday remains in the Penobscot County jail tonight.27-year-old Derek Stansberry appeared in federal court just a couple of hours ago.Stansberry is charged with intimidating a flight crew and making false statements about possessing explosives.The passengers on board that plane finally took off this afternoon for Atlanta after spending the night in Bangor.According to court documents, former U.S. Air Force member Derek Stansberry passed a note to a flight attendant, saying he was not an american citizen, he was traveling illegally, and his passport and identity were fake.The note was given to Federal Air Marshals on board who took stansberry into custody.Marshals say he told them he had dynamite in his boots that were in his backpack and a pressure switch would detonate the explosives and there were explosives in his laptop.Marshals searched Stansberry’s bag and laptop, but found no explosives.Authorities say he told them he was in possesion of classified documents. He feared passengers on board had followed him and he made up the story about the explosives to divert attention.Marshals say Stansberry admitted to taking some sedatives, but not while on the flight.Stansberry’s court appearance today was brief – just about 10 minutes. He was sent back to jail, pending a mental competency hearing.

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Demolition of New Stable Inn Begins

Updated 5 years ago

Demolition of the New Stable Inn on Wilson Street in Brewer started Wednesday.The inn closed in late January after high winds tore off its roof.Original plans to burn the building were abandoned after possible hazzardous materials were found inside.Earlier this month, city councilors voted to forgive about 45-thousand dollars in unpaid taxes and utility bills owed by the building’s former owner, Farhat Cheema of Massachusetts.After Cheema failed to pay his mortgage, Paul Means of Means investments of Bangor wound up with the building.

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Lewis Pearson Grand Jury Indictment

Updated 5 years ago

The owner of an oil company in Hermon, who’s accused of stealing more than 30-thousand dollars in home heating oil in Brewer was indicted by a Penobscot County Grand Jury Wednesday.Forty-eight-year-old Lewis Pearson is charged with theft by deception. He’s the owner of L.A. Pearson Heating Oil.The investigation started when two local oil delivery companies were charged for oil from a distributor in Brewer they say they didn’t receive.Police say Pearson was fueling up his delivery truck at the distributor, using other company’s account numbers.

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Garrett Cheney Grand Jury Indictment

Updated 5 years ago

A man accused in the hit-and-run death of a UMaine student from Camden was indicted Wednesday by a Penobscot County Grand Jury.Twenty-two-year-old Garrett Cheney of South Berwick is charged with manslaughter, aggravated criminal OUI, and leaving the scene of an accident.Authorities say he was in Orono on January 29th visiting a cousin and went out drinking.Twenty-year-old Jordyn Bakley was struck on Middle Street in Orono in the early morning hours of January 30th.Her body was discovered that morning by a newspaper carrier…Police had been looking for a Chevy Silverado.They say the evidence led them to Cheney.

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Historic Opera House Awarded 2 Million Dollar Grant

Updated 5 years ago

A two million dollar grant in support of renovating and expanding the Waterville Opera House has been made. Wednesday afternoon at the opera house members of the Harold Alfond Foundation announced that the grant would be awarded to the historic theatre in the elm city.Consistent with Mr. Alfond’s preference for awarding matching challenge grants as a way to build community relationships, the foundation will match every dollar raised up to two million. “We hope our commitment to match every donation will inspire all members of the community who have enjoyed the opera house over the years to support the renovations of this historic theatre,” said Greg Powell, Chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.Built in 1902 and listed on the National Register of historic Places the opera house is in need of renovations to bring it up to code according to theatre executive director Diane Bryan. The project will include a new ventilation system, lighting and new seating. “This project will allow us to bring the opera house into compliance with regards to safety, accessibility, to promote the arts to people of all ages and nurture development and education to children in our community,” said Bryan.A new addition is planned as well, which will be named the Alfond addition. It will include dressing rooms and rest rooms. A freight elevator and new entrances will also be added. Bryan says work will begin next March and is expected to be completed before the end of 2011.

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Florida Man Seated Next To Stansberry On Delta Flight Speaks About Ordeal

Updated 5 years ago

TV 5 spoke with the Florida man who was seated next to Derek Stansberry, the man authorities say made a false bomb threat on the trans-atlantic flight that landed in Bangor yesterday.Tim Lazaga was on his way home from Cyprus. He says 26-year-old Derek Stansbury was seated next to him on the plane. At first, Stansberry’s behavior didn’t seem strange to him, but that changed about three hours into the flight. “When I was kind of waking up, I saw that he was passing notes to the stewardess and I was kind of watching the dynamics and I was kind of watching everything going on with the stewardess and I saw something was up,” says Lazaga.Stansberry’s behavior not only caught Lazaga’s attention, but other passengers were getting concerned. “And then a guy came and asked him how he got through security and he basically said he had a fake military I.D. and he was able to get through security with that,” says Lezaga.Lazaga says as they continued to talk, he became fearful Stansberry might do something drastic. He showed Stansberry pictures of his wife and children in an attempt to get through to him. “I took a picture out and I just said, I miss my kids, I miss my wife, I can’t wait to get back and see them. I showed him, you know, and he said, oh you have three kids and he said it in french, in like a french dialect. I said excuse me, oh you have three kids and I said yeah and I looked him in the face and I said, am I going to see them today? And he shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t say yes, he didn’t no.”When the plane touched down safely in bangor, he thought immediately of his family waitng for him in Florida. “I can’t wait to see them. As soon as I touched the ground, I had the cell phone out and called my wife right away. I was very excited.”

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