John Bapst Students Team Up to Clean Up

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Some John Bapst football players took time off the field today and hit the streets of Bangor.The players joined with school’s environmental group and other students to form a special cleanup team. Co-captain of the team Dan Keefe says, “We’re just trying to look around the the school, look around the neighborhood blocks and try to pick up some trash.”It’s an effort, organized by the school’s Student Environmental Action Committee, to keep Bangor beautiful. Shayne Andersen is the member of the group.”We just want to help our community by cleaning up the town. Just getting all of the trash picked up before the snow falls because we do this again for earth week during the spring and after the winter so we just want to get everything nice and clean.”The pickup project doesn’t go unnoticed, either. Student advisor and science teacher Chris Packard says students filled more than a dozen trash bags last spring. “We got dead squirrels, hub caps, coffee cups, we got all sorts of things – lots and lots of fast food trash.”Packard says it’s important for kids to see how easy it is to make a difference. “Taking pride in the environment and thinking about how they can pick up stuff instead of just throwing it on the ground. That’s one thing that just makes the neighborhood look at little better and it’s just one thing they can do for the environment.”The students and athletes, like Bill Stoddard, say even though it’s a dirty job, they’re glad they’re the ones to do it.”The community comes and cheers for us so I think we should do our part and help clean the community when we can.”

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Two Generations Came Together in Dexter, Walking for a Common Cause

Updated 5 years ago

Some third-graders teamed up with residents from Dexter Healthcare Tuesday.Getting some exercise, while helping in the fight against cancer.Meghan Hayward followed along on their walk.Two generations came together in Dexter, walking for a common cause.”Basically what we did was that we realized Maine has a high incidence of cancer so last year we started with our first cancer walk.”Third-graders from the Primary School in Dexter walked outside with residents at Dexter Healthcare.With many walking in memory of someone who lost their life to cancer.Dexter Healthcare Administrator Becky Greaves says the event has won over the residents.”The older people that reside here absolutely love it. They love having the children here.”It seems to be a hit with the kids too.”I liked pushing the wheelchairs.””Walking because it helps people.””My favorite part was getting to walk around with them.”Third-grader Grace Bennett says she learned a few things about the resident she was teamed up with.”Really nice and they like to just relax and walk.”As part of the event, the healthcare facility has a few raffles and staff members donate money, with all proceeds going toward the Maine Cancer Society.Greaves says last year they raised one-thousand dollars. They’re hoping to match that this year.Resident Zeph Landry is glad she can take part in the event.”It’s wonderful. I think to have this. Just the idea of doing something for cancer.”Organizers hope to continue the walk for many years to come.”When we first started it I was surprised just how involved the staff became and it’s kind of grown in it’s enthusiasm and hopefully it will continue to grow.”

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Metal – The Art of Force

Updated 5 years ago

TV5 Photojournalist David Dane previews an event called “Metal, the Art of Force”, featuring artwork from the New England School of Metalwork’s students and faculty.The artwork can be seen during the month of October at the Center for Maine Craft at the West Gardiner Service Plaza, 24 Service Plaza Drive, just off Route 126.

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Pedestrian struck in Lincolnville

Updated 5 years ago

A teenager walking with a friend on a roadside in Lincolnville Monday night was thrown 10 feet into a ditch after a hit and run.According to the Waldo County Sheriff’s Department, 17-year-old Andrew Widdecomb, was walking on Heal Road, when a car hit him from behind.Widdecomb was taken to Penobscot Bay Medical Center with injuries that were not life-threatening.Police are now trying to find the vehicle that hit him.

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Orono Takes Back the Night

Updated 5 years ago

An evening dedicated to raising awareness about sexual and domestic violence will take place at the University of Maine in Orono Tuesday night.The University of Maine Student Women’s Association, along with Safe Campus Project, will again be hosting “take back the night.”The evening starts at 5pm with a musical performance, followed by a rally featuring survivors of sexual and domestic violence.The night will end with a candlelight vigil and march throughout campus.Anyone is welcome to attend. It will take place behind Fogler library on the U Maine campus.

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Husson Serves Up Some Soup

Updated 5 years ago

“Dining should be providing a wide variety of foods to accommodate the needs of our guests. We have students that prefer to eat fast food types of things, but we also have students who made a real commitment to wellness, and we want to recognize and encourage that.” Says Michael San Antonio, Dir. of Diningn at Husson University.Monday, the folks at Husson University rolled out a new – healthier – addition to their menu, a soup bar.”I like that option! Cause some people don’t like what’s regularly being served, so you can go get something else.” Says Samantha Hall, a student.There are about 60 varieties in Kettle Cuisine’s line of Soups. The dining hall will feature four different options daily. “Kettle Cuisine Soups is an all natural soup company. All of our products are made from scratch. We make our own soup stock. We use fresh vegetables. No preservatives, no additives. We have a series of soups. We have vegan soups, dairy free soups, gluten free soups.” Says Denise Levesque, a representative for Kettle Cuisine.”This gives us some more variety. I think more people will take advantage of it. And I also think it will be a bit healthier, because I think there will be some fat free soups as well.” Says John Carll, a student.”It’s healthy because the college 15,the freshman 15. I’m worried about the junior 15!” says Hall.Monday was the first big test for the new addition – folks got to sample some of the soups. “I had some of the chili over on the new soup bar.” says Carll.”I got some pea soup and some shrimp corn chowder.” Rod Larson, Dean of Pharmacy adds.”Chicken noodle soup, and it’s wonderful! .. Better than Campbell’s!” says Rachel Reno, a student.The diners have spoken — looks like this will be a lunch line favorite! … The soup bar gets an ‘A’

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Windy Conference

Updated 5 years ago

Wind energy is the topic… and Tuesday, the first conference of its kind on that topic will be held at the Augusta Civic Center.The U.S. saw record growth in wind energy last year.Governor baldacci will kick off the day long meeting at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday.He’s just back from a trade mission tour of European wind companies.No everyone’s on board. Opponents of industrial wind plan to make their presence known too.

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Pharmacists and Flu Shots

Updated 5 years ago

Besides getting your pills from a pharmacist, you can now get your flu shot too.A new law has cleared the way for that.Adrienne Bennett spoke with a local pharmacy owner who says, it’s about time.(Script) You no longer have to go to your doctor to get a flu shot. Grab your grocery list and stop in at a local pharmacy.Maine is the last state in the nation to pass a law that allows licensed pharmacists to vaccinate you.Joe Bruno: “This is all part of healthcare reform spreading out who takes care of people and what their scope of practice is.” Joseph Bruno owns community pharmacy with ten locations across Maine.I spoke with him about the requirements pharmacists need in addition to their six years of training to administer these shots.Bruno:”It’s an all day class, but beforehand they have to do online training for about 12 hours. It’s hands on. They give each other injections and then they have to apply to the board of pharmacy to do it.”Adrienne: “In Maine, there are more than 1700 licensed pharmacists. However right now there are only about 50 who have the required training to give flu shots.” Seven out of 30 community pharmacists are ready to roll up their sleeves.Bruno: “There’s not an overwhelming rush yet. (splice to 10.13.15) A lot of the older pharmacists are trained to the doctor is this, the pharmacists does this. The younger folks are not that apprehensive about it.”Both h1n1 and seasonal flu shots will be available at pharmacies….certain immunizations will also be offered. Bruno:”This is something that should have been happening a long time ago.” Adrienne Bennett, WABI TV5 News.

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Tabor Battle Heats Up With New Online Service

Rob Poindexter

Updated 5 years ago

Michael Bowden of the Heritage Policy Center say it’s a great informational tool and it’s just ben added to their website. A website that has had over 120,000 hits. “What we found from is people started asking questions and that’s what we want them to do,” says Bowen, “we want them to look at the data on there and we want them to compare spending in their town versus spending in other towns.” It’s called the property tax calculator and it can be found at their website,, the idea is to get Maine citizen’s more involved in how their tax dollars are ultimately spent. The opposition says comparing property taxes between two different towns simply doesn’t make sense. Tom Battin is with the Citizen’s Unified for Maine’s Future and he says it undermines everything Maine is about. “It’s tricky sometimes to compare apples and oranges,” says Battin, “one town has a different set of priorities than another and Maine is about local government and local control and the challenge of Tabor, to me, or to our organization is that it takes that away.” Those at the policy center say some cities and towns do not provide their citizens with enough data to explain why their property taxes are on the rise. “We want citizens of those towns to go in and say, wait a second, my town is the same size as this town but we’re spending twice as much what’s going on,” says Bowen. Battin says he believes they’re misrepresenting the information. “I think the challenge of data itself is in the interpretation,” he says, “and I think they have misinterpreted the data and presented it in a way that’s most beneficial to them, but I don’t think it’s beneficial to the voters. I think they do a disservice to the voters in the way they presented it to the voters.”There is a debate scheduled for Wednesday October 7 at Jeff’s Catering in Brewer. It runs from 12:00-1:30. Mainers will ultimately decide the matter when they vote on Question 4 in November.

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New Wing, New Students at the Hutchinson Center in Belfast

Updated 5 years ago

The University of Maine’s Hutchinson Center in Belfast has nearly doubled in size. Construction on a new wing is complete, allowing the school to offer students in the Midcoast area more options.UMaine President Robert Kennedy says the extra 15-thousand square feet of space allows the Hutchinson Center to offer more course options in science, technology and the arts.”The need really was an expression by the students to have broader course offerings than what we could with the original facilities,” Kennedy says.And so as the ribbon was cut on the new wing Monday, down the hall, students were already putting its new classrooms and lab space to good use.”Oh my word, I’ve had so much fun. The professors have been phenomenal. They’re all very helpful and I’ve just enjoyed the learning experience,” says student Hannah Maker.Maker says because of the new degree options, she’s now back in school and able to study nursing, locally.”The lab rooms, the biology and chemistry labs, without those you’d have to take some of the classes up in Orono. That just isn’t a possibility for me right now. But I can take all of my classes right here,” Maker says.Nearly one thousand students are currently enrolled at the center, from all backgrounds.”It really runs the gamut from an 18-year-old high school graduate, to someone who’s had one or two or three careers, and maybe they thought they were retired and now they’re continuing their education,” Kennedy says.”The Midcoast area is really rich with a lot of people who are hungry for knowledge,” says professor Charles Dufour.The addition was funded through a 2-million dollar revenue bond, and another 2-million raised in private donations from more than 300 individuals and groups.”In every respect, the reality is it’s just exceeded our expectations,” Kennedy says. “The enrollment, the students that it draws, The Hutchinson Center, there’s so many heartwarming stories.”

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New Business Magazine

Joy Hollowell

Updated 5 years ago

Starting next month, the publisher of Bangor Metro will put out a new magazine.It’s called Maine Ahead, and will be a monthly publication.Joy Hollowell shows us what readers will find inside.++++++++++++”We’ve looked at the business niche for a long time and we’re seeing that there’s no magazine in Maine that speaks to the issues of business.”Mark Wellman knows a lot about the business of magazines. His company, Webster Atlantic Corporation, publishes Bangor Metro, Real Maine Weddings and a number of custom magazines for companies. In about a month, they’ll introduce the latest addition to the news stands, Maine Ahead, a magazine all about business.”We have a very unique distribution formula in that we are a controlled circulation of 14,000 executives in Maine. So, people in charge is what I’m talking about,” says Wellman.While Bangor Metro caters to a regionalized readership, Maine Ahead will be state wide. Editor in Chief Tori Britton says this magazine will focus on all businesses, from the big corporations to the mom and pop operations.”It’s still pretty people-centric. We’re going to be doing a round table so that we’ll interview many people on one topic. One of the things we’ll be doing is called private tour, all these big places that you’ve seen but you wonder how it all works, what goes on behind the scenes,” says Britton.Wellman says he’s hired five additional people to help run the new magazine. It will include issues on green businesses, the tourism industry, and the election in the coming year.”There’s all sorts of opportunities for us to talk to intelligent people, who can give us the insight, their insight on what we can do as a state to try and make it easier for businesses to operate here, so we can bring more investment to the state, we can hire more people, we can pay better salaries. It’s about moving ahead,” says Wellman.Joy Hollowell, WABI TV 5 News, Bangor.

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Worker Injured On Hammond Street Overpass

Updated 5 years ago

A man working on the Hammond Street overpass was hospitalized today after falling about 15 feet onto a steel piling.The project manager for the overpass says the injured worker was a subcontractor from Newman Concrete out of Central Maine.His name has not been released.The man was working on the side of a pier column, when he fell backwards.He was taken by ambulance to a local hospital.We’re told he broke a bone but suffered no major injuries.

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Home Break-In Items Recovered

Updated 5 years ago

The Waldo County Sheriff’s Department has recovered several items reported stolen from a few different homes over the last month, and deputies are looking to the public for information.On October 1st, a homeowner in the town of Waldo reported a burglary in which jewelry, a Sony camera, cash, and coin collections were stolen.Later that day, deputies and Belfast Police detained 27 year-old Derek Creasy of Freedom on a probation violation. The car Creasy was driving, a Ford LTD sedan, was found to contain all of the property stolen from the Waldo residence. Also found were 2 Husqvarna chainsaws and pulp hooks stolen from a home in Unity on September 7th. On October 2nd, police searched a home at 77 Glidden Road in Freedom, where they found additional stolen property.Deputies are asking anyone with any information on these burglaries to call them at 338-2040.

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Bradford Pumpkin Breaks Maine Record

Updated 5 years ago

It started as a pumpkin seed, of course, but grew to become the new record holder as the largest pumpkin in the state of Maine.Elroy Morgan took his giant pumpkin to the Damarascotta Pumpkin Festival over the weekend, where Sunday it was weighed… at a whopping 1210 pounds.Morgan won $500 for taking top prize at the festival.Morgan also entered his long gourd in a contest in Topsfield, MA over the weekend. He placed 5th in the world with the gourd measuring 127 and 3/8 inches.Morgan says the key to his success… lots of cow manure.

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Pancake Breakfast

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

A rainy Sunday morning gave some the chance to go out for breakfast and support a good cause at the same time.It was the Third Annual Pancake Breakfast at Applebees to support the Shriners Hospitals across the country.About four years ago Applebees contacted the Anah Temple Shriners in Bangor and said they wanted to do something to help.And the five dollar pancake breakfast came about.For a five dollar donation, breakfast was served.And according to the Public Relations Chairman for the Anah Temple Shrine in Bangor Paul Harriman, these funds will be very beneficial to what the Shriners want to do.” What we provide is 100 percent free healthcare to all of our child patients in our 21 hospitals they have in the United States, the Shrine runs completely on charitable donations and because of that we can provide medical care for free so this is very important especially in this economy.”

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NTSB Report Released

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

The National Transportation Safety Board has finished their report regarding the 2008 fatal plane crash in West Gardiner.The private jet went down in February of last year and killed both the pilot, 45 year old Jeannette Symons of Colorado and her ten year old son.The NTSB says the crash was an accident, but it will be another month before the cause of the accident is released.Freezing rain was falling at the time of the crash of the Cessna Citation.Shortly before the crash, Symons radioed that she had an instrument problem.The Kennebec Journal reports symons was up to date on her flight training and medical certificates and was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.Symons and her son spent the week before the crash at the Sugarloaf ski area, where her son, Balan had participated in a ski camp.

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Paul Bunyan Citizen Awards

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

A crowd of more than fifty people packed in to the Bangor Parks and Recreation building to honor some unsung heroes of the Bangor community.As part of Bangor’s 175th anniversary thirty-four people were selected to receive the Paul Bunyan Citizen’s Award.The award went to folks who make a difference in their community, through their selfless acts.Each recipient was awarded a plaque.This is the first time that these awards have been given out.Bangor City Council Chair Gerry Palmer handed the awards.He said Bangor wouldn’t be what it is without these award winners.”These people make Bangor what it is, we’re friendly, we’re down home friendly, and we’re diverse here and everybody contributes and we have a better city because of it.”Recipients must be Bangor residents and not hold political office.This is the first year the Paul Bunyan Awards were handed out.

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Gone to the Dogs

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

Man’s best friend was on display in Ellsworth Sunday.It was the Fourth Annual Canine Carnival.It was held in conjunction with the AKC, and done as a responsible dog ownership day.The rain dampened it some, and forced the cancellation of some of the events that were planned.But all in all the organizers were very pleased with the turnout and the day.The chairperson of the event is Debby Fitch and she wanted to make sure that if people were going to get a dog they did their research and got the right dog for them and their lifestyles.”We’re doing a meet the breeds which there are people representing our kennel club talking about specific breeds, they work with and give feedback on the care that they need and the type of exercise you’d have to give a dog. There are also rescue groups from different breeds.”There was an australian shepard rescue group and a greyhound rescue group on hand.There was also a canine photo contest and childrens dog show

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Erase The Stigma Walk

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

This week is Mental Illness Awareness Week, and it started with a fund raising walk that started in Brewer and looped through Bangor.The Walk to Erase Stigma kicked off at the OHI office in Brewer.It’s a three and a half mile walk.The walk is designed to raise awareness for two area programs.The Acadia Recovery Community and OHI Rachel’s House.While there are funds raised through this it’s not the primary motive, the goal is to attract positive attention to those will mental illness and those that support them according to Bonnie Jean Brooks the President and CEO of OHI.”Many people in our communities have not understood mental illness and there is stigma attached and many people who are walking today either have mental illness or have a family member with mental illness and we’re trying to do away with the the stigma that is associated with mental illness and let the community know that the people with mental illness are just like everyone else and mental illness is nothing more than a cough, cold or appendicitis.”The walk is the first part of the week, there will also be five different lectures held throughout this week.This is the 11th year that Mental Illness Awareness Week has been held.

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Living History Days

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

The weather may not have been ideal, with the cool temperatures and on and off rain drops,But that didn’t stop folks from heading out to Leonard’s Mills Historic Settlement in Bradley for living history days.Volunteers were in 1790’s period dress.The sawmill and logging village were full of activities from that time period.The fall celebration is a chance for visitors to check out some of the colors of the season with their foliage tour.They had wagon rides, and fresh pressed cider hot or cold for those who stopped by.And the President of the Maine Forest and Logging Museum Mike Lane says this shows Mainers where their roots are. ” I think it give you a good sense of where we’ve come from in Maine, we have a tremendous forest products industry and this shows where it started and how much is involved.”

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