Dedicated Teacher Recognized at Retirement Ceremony in Milo

Updated 5 years ago

A teacher in Milo was recognized today for all the years he has dedicated to educating others.A serious endeavor indeed.But as Meghan Hayward tells us today there were plenty of laughs at his expense. “Declare June 16, 2009 Walter Oakes day.””Because he just thought he was going to retire and just quietly go away, and it’s been one party and thing after another.”MSAD 41 Staff made sure Mister Oakes’ retirement would not be a quiet one.At Tuesday’s ceremony they took a trip back in time with photos and even serenaded Walter who sometimes goes by his middle name Eddie. “Eddie your leaving.”Walter has been teaching for fifty years, with 47 of those years being within MSAD 41.Penquis Valley High School principal Scott Gordon says there’s a uniqueness to Walter.”First of all his longevity. He’s been here for 50 years and that in itself is something unusual for an educator in Maine.”Gordon says even after teaching all those years Walter’s sense of humor is still intact.”He emails the staff…you might be a redneck if and the response varies from day to day and that’s his thing. His way of spreading humor.”At Tuesday’s ceremony several staff members dressed in flannel shirts in honor of those redneck jokes.But what is the next step for Walter Eddie Oakes?”Well they tell me I’m at the top of the substitute list. Can’t really break clean I guess.”His wife Nancy says she has plenty of things for him to do.She says his chores have slipped over the years.But she admires his dedication to the school and his students.”He’s never missed a day of school. And I say you have 395 sick days let’s go to Bangor and he would never think of doing something like that.”There is one thing Nancy thinks he will enjoy about retirement.”I’m a walker and I get up at 6 or 7 and he says not to bother him until 8.”A man whose been waking up early and going to school for 67 years and left an impression on so many.

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WABI/Time Warner Agreement

Updated 5 years ago

We’re pleased to announce that WABI TV 5 has reached a long-term agreement with major cable provider Time-Warner.It means we’ll be carried on Time Warner Cable Systems for many years to come.And it means that all of TV 5′s high definition programs will become available through Time Warner Cable.Time Warner will add WABI’s high definition signal to its digital service soon and will inform its subscribers when that feature is added.

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New Playground in Bangor Dedicated to School Custodian

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

A newly remodeled playground in Bangor is dedicated to a man who’s dedicated his life to supporting kids. Students at Downeast Elementary School celebrated the opening of the Jeffrey L. Simpson playground today. It’s named in honor of the school’s former head custodian. Simpson was in charge of keeping the building well-maintained for 14 years.He no longer works at the school because of health issues. But he says he’s touched so many students still remember him and all the kids in the community have a nice, new place to play. “It’s exciting because it’s all about the kids. That’s the way I’ve always been, it’s all about the kids. You never cleaned a building for the teachers or for your boss, you clean it for the kids. It has to be clean for the kids in the morning time. That’s the way i’ve always believed.”The previous equipment had been used for more than 10 years and was showing a lot of wear and tear. Members of the Parent-Teacher Organization worked for months to get grant money from the city to replace the playground, which includes lots of slides, swings and even a rock climbing wall. There’s also a shaded area for picnics and other activities.

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Giant Baby Bottle Raises Awareness About Toxic Chemicals

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Environmental activists in Bangor used a massive baby bottle as a backdrop to raise awareness about toxic chemicals in products for children. They stood in front of a 20-foot inflatable bottle to demand a ban on the chemical known as BPA and encourage businesses not to sell products with it.BPA is usually found in plastics, such as as baby bottles and sippy cups. It’s also used in the lining of metal food cans, including infant formula.The activists say BPA is linked to health concerns such as cancer, reproductive problems and learning disabilities.Heather VanFrankenhuyzen is a mother concerned about her daughter’s safety.”I do everything I can not to expose her to toxic chemicals. We use all natural stuff to clean our house. I try to make sure everything she wears is safe and then when we don’t even realize it, we’re giving her chemicals that are disrupting her growth, that are endangering her in the future and it really upsets me.”The Maine People’s Alliance says the federal government needs to step up and close loopholes that allow the use of such chemicals such as BPA. Maine is already leading the way with the Kid Safe Products Act, passed last year. But members say the effort needs to rise to the national level.

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Keith’s Korner at Pickerel Pond

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Families fishing together.There was plenty of brook trout for the catching, and a lot of memories being made.Keith Erickson takes us to Maine Youth Fish and Game Associations’ Spring Family Fishing Day.Nobody earlier on the pond than Jordan Pinkham. He was out here at 4:30 in the morning.”And around 5 o’clock is when I got my first trout.”And more and more people kept arriving. Including Jim Willette and his son Sidney. “You like that one?” “That’s a good one.” “I grew up not fishing a lot, and the way they come out here and do this for the kids teaches them a lot of morals and values.”6 year old Cody is actually friends with Sidney. So they met up and had a prime spot right on this dock. “It’s really fun.”The pollywogs and bait fish provided entertainment. Meanwhile, Cody’s dad, Jeff helped out wherever he could. “If we catch any fish we’ll take’em home and Mom will eat’em. Him and Mom will cook’em right up and eat’em. I don’t even clean it. I leave it for her.””You got it!”The excitement really picked up when Sidney’s bobber went under.”Yeah! Sidney’s first brook trout!””Well, do you want to keep him for your first ever brook trout?” “Yeah!””Whenever the children usually get a taste of Pickerel Pond, they want to come back.””Look at the colors on that Sid.” “Nicely done Sid!” “Yeah.””Our number one deal is for the kids to get acquainted with the outdoors and to respect the outdoors.”And that’s some pretty good advice.

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Raye’s Mustard Heads to D.C.

Updated 5 years ago

A mustard mill in Downeast Maine is celebrating the delivery of its award-winning condiment to the White House.Senator Olympia Snowe served as the middleman, shipping over a gift pack of Raye’s Mustard after news reports said President Obama preferred mustard on a burger.Raye’s is described as the last remaining authentic stone ground mustard mill in North America.It’s owned and operated by Senator Snowe’s former Chief of Staff, Maine Senate Minority Leader Kevin Raye, and his wife, Karen.They are the fourth generation of the Raye family to own and operate the Eastport mill. It was established in 1900 to supply Maine’s once-thriving sardine industry.

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Changes to Several Maine Newspapers

Updated 5 years ago

Blethen Maine Newspapers, which include the Kennebec Journal in Augusta, The Morning Sentinel in Waterville and the website, are now under new ownership.The sale went through Monday to an investor group led by Bangor Richard Connor.The Portland Press Herald and Maine Sunday Telegram are also part of the sale.Together, the papers employ nearly 500 people.Connor says his new company is poised to be profitable, but future cuts at the newspapers might cost 100 employees their jobs.Connor has let go a number of employees already including top executives.

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Benefit Dinner for Orono Fire Victims

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A spaghetti supper tonight in Orono will benefit victims of the apartment fire there last week.23-people were left without a place to live, many of them college students.The fire started in a wall outlet in a first-floor apartment.Everyone made it out safely, including several pets.Area organizations are hosting a dinner tonight at the Church of Universal Fellowship, at 82-Main Street in Orono.Seatings start at 6 and 7 p.m. Donations will go to help those who lost their homes and belongings.The church is also collecting clothing, furniture and household items until 9 p.m. tonight.For more information you can call the church at 866-36-55.

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Second Arson in Lagrange

Updated 5 years ago

Officials say arson is to blame for a fire at an abandoned house in Lagrange Tuesday night.It happened on Route 16, right across the street from the fire station.No word yet on exactly where the fire started.Fire fighters in Lagrange have had a busy couple of nights.Another fire Monday night destroyed an abandoned home.Investigators say arson was to blame for that fire as well.Evidence from both scenes has been taken to the state crime lab.

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Carr Trial Begins

Updated 5 years ago

A 30-year-old Mars Hill woman had her first court appearance Monday after she was arrested following an investigation by British police into child pornography on the internet.Julie Carr is charged with gross sexual assault and sexual exploitation of minors.She’s being held in the Aroostook County Jail and appeared in court in Caribou by videoconference.Carr was arrested Friday after a tip from British police in about video that had been streamed online showing a woman performing sex acts on a child.Carr’s bail is set at $50,000 cash, along with conditions that bar contact with anyone under 18 and the use of computers and the internet.

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Mitchell Murder Trial

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Jury selection got underway Monday in the murder trial of a man charged in the 1983 stabbing death of a 23-year-old mother from Fayette…..The trial of 52-year-old Thomas Mitchell Jr. is taking place in Franklin County Superior Court in Farmington.Mitchell is charged in the death of Judith Flagg, who was stabbed to death in her home 26-years ago.Mitchell was a suspect at the time, but there wasn’t enough evidence to bring charges. DNA evidence led to his arrest in 2006.

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Man on Trial for Aggravated OUI

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The trial began in Bangor Monday for a Danforth man accused of causing a car crash that left his passenger in a wheelchair.31-year-old Jayson Caron is facing charges of aggravated assault, OUI and aggravated OUI.The state says Caron’s blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit when his vehicle flipped over in Carroll Plantation in 2007.His passenger, 19-year-old Bobbi Jo Norris, was his girlfriend at the time. She was pregnant. Norris was ejected and suffered severe spinal injuries, and is now paraplegic. The baby survived.The state says a witness saw Caron get behind the wheel at a store after the Springfield Fair.”He insisted on driving. She unfortunately slid over into the passenger seat and then he drove from the store to the North Road in Carroll Plantation where the serious crash occurred,” says Gregory Campbell, assistant district attorney.The jury heard opening arguments and testimony from Norris Monday morning. The trial is expected to last until Thursday.Aggravated assault is punishable by up to ten years in prison.

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Honoring Meghan

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After a teenaged girl passed away last Sunday, her classmates looked for a way to honor her life. They found a way to do that by making a donation to United Cerebral Palsy in Bangor. Members of the student council at the Cohen School gathered there Monday, to honor Meghan Plunkett. “You realize it’s a really young age to pass away and it’s just so much life, just lost. It’s really sad,” says Jacob Birmingham, student council president.The students took a big chunk out of their treasury, money they raised throughout the year, to help the organization that helped her. “She was a very nice person. You could just feel in your heart,” Birmingham says. “When I heard the family had picked us I was very grateful, because this is probably one of the worst times in their lives. And to remember us, I’m very grateful,” says UCP Executive Director Bobbi Jo Yeager.Yeager says they’ve received several donations in Meghan’s name. The 25 hundred dollars from the students will help support the UCP preschool, which Meghan attended. “I was very excited because this is a significant donation that will help UCP a lot,” Yeager says.They remembered 14-year-old Meghan as a quiet, sweet girl who meant a lot to people. “She obviously touched a lot of lives and I think it’s wonderful they’re remembering her in this way,” Yeager says. “We feel very sorry she’s passed away, but this is what we’re doing in her honor,” says Birmingham.

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Relay for Life in Millinocket Friday

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

Cancer survivors are among the folks who will be walking in Millinocket next weekend to benefit cancer programs.It’s year two for the the Katahdin Region Relay For Life.It starts with opening ceremonies and the survivor’s lap at six Friday night and will last until closing ceremonies at noon on Saturday.Last year two dozen teams raised more than 18-thousand dollars.225 People were part of the relay…25 Of them people who survived cancer…The goal is to do even better this year according to the event organizer Margo Stevens. “Yeah it is to have more participants to have more survivors, to increase our fundraising money that we make and all of it stays right here in maine so that’s really important.”Part of the goal is already met because 26 teams are signed up this year, but you can still sign up a team or make a donation by logging on to their website. of the proceeds stay local.

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Helipad being built at Hospital in Lincoln

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

16 hundred square miles coverings 20 towns.That’s the area Penobscot Valley Hospital in Lincoln takes care of.The hospital broke ground Monday on something that will speed up coverage for those in the most dire of circumstances. “We started discussing this probably about three or four years ago” said hospital CEO Dave Shannon “and at that time we didn’t really have the funding available to get it started, so maybe about six or eight months ago we started talking about a lesser project of being able to put it in the parking lot which really brought the cost down considerably.”Lifeflight helped with $140,000 of the total bill, which is expected to be about $400,000. Part of the money came from a 2003 state transportation bond. Bangor savings bank also contributed five thousand dollars.Some of the parking lot is going to be used as the landing area, so there are plans to expand other parking areas near the building according to Shannon. “So what we decided to do was put it in the parking lot here and then we’re going to push the bank back in a couple of places and add parking on the side of the building that which when we’re all said and done will add about four spaces.”But for patients in need of immediate care, it will subtract travel time. “It significantly reduces the time that they are out of a major hospital that may require intervention for a heart, surgery or neonatal those types of things” says Aviation Manager for LifeFlight of Maine Dennis Small. “So it reduces the time just about in half that their transport time is much less.”Currently, flights land at the airport, and patients are transported from the hospital to the helicopter by ambulance, which is time consuming according to the Director of Emergency Services at PVH, Jill Bouchard. “We can actually put a patient directly onto their equipment, versus moving them back and forth from our equipment on to theirs.”The work on the site began as soon as the ceremonial photos were taken. Flights are expected to be able to land by the end of the summer.

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Islesboro Plane Crash

Rob Poindexter

Updated 5 years ago

A small plane crashed in Islesboro just after take off Monday morning. The call came in to the Waldo County Sherriff’s office at around 11:45. The plane was flown by 56 year old Victor Hall of Rockland, who was not injured in the crash. Hall had just taken off from the Islesboro Airport in a single engine Cessna after he finished delivering mail. Hall told Waldo County Sherriff’s deputies that he began losing power just after he took off. The plane crashed approximately 800 yards off the runway. Waldo County Deputy Eugene Rega responded to the scene, assisted by Islesboro Fire and Rescue. The FAA has been notified and will be responding.

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Warren Man Killed in Crash

Updated 5 years ago

State Police say a 44-year-old man from Warren died when his motorcycle hit a telephone pole in Camden.It happened Friday night on East Ford Road.According to troopers, a Camden police officer noticed Shawn Sturdee speeding.When the officer tried to go after Sturdee, he lost sight of the bike.By the time the officer found Sturdee, the man’s motorcycle had slammed into the pole.He was pronounced dead at the scene.Police say he was not wearing a helmet.Police closed several roads in Camden while they reconstructed the crash.

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Bangor Museum Honors Veterans on Flag Day

Updated 5 years ago

The stars and stripes are flying proudly across Maine and the nation tonight, on this Flag Day.It was officially established by President Woodrow Wilson back in 1916.Sunday afternoon, a small, diverse group gathered at the Cole Land Transportation Museum in Bangor to mark the occasion.Rob Poindexter has the story.

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295 Road Closure Announced

Updated 5 years ago

Folks headed northbound from Southern Maine need to keep a traffic advisory in mind this week.The northbound lanes of Interstate 295 between Topsham and Gardiner will close Tuesday for a repaving project that’s expected to continue through most of the summer.D-O-T crews say northbound traffic will be diverted onto the southbound lanes, which were repaved last summer. Southbound motorists can travel on the Maine Turnpike or U.S. 201.The closure is expected to last until the end of August.The 34 million dollar project is funded by economic stimulus money and is expected to create more than 800 jobs.

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Maine Dispatchers to Complete Training Course

Updated 5 years ago

Maine’s emergency dispatchers will soon be required to complete a standardized training course.One official from the state’s Emergency Communications Bureau say the requirement is long overdue.Stephan Bunker says there are too many variations in the knowledge and skills of dispatchers…Up until now, they’ve been trained by the agencies where they work.According to The Kennebec Journal, reports the move follows complaintsfrom some police agencies about alleged lapses at the statedispatch center in Augusta.A dozen dispatchers from around Maine have already gone through a 40-hour basic training course and will teach it to their colleagues.

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