Palermo Youths Arrested

Updated 5 years ago

Two juveniles from Palermo have been charged with arson, burglary, and aggravated criminal mischief.The two are charged in connection with the burglary and attempted arson of a cottage in Palermo.The cottage was one of a pair of camps on Dow Pond that were only accessible by foot or A.T.V.Authorities report that the damage done to the cottage is estimated to be about $4,000.The damage could have been worse. A couch in the cottage had burn marks on it where someone had attempted to set it on fire.

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National Guard Deployment Ceremony

Updated 5 years ago

Folks in Orono said farewell to the 172nd mountain infantry Monday night.A ceremony was held at the Collins Center for the Arts for the troops and their families.Several people spoke at the ceremony.Governor Baldacci and Major General John William Libby were there to help send the troops off. “The state wanted to send a strong message reinforced that,” Said the governor. “Just very impressed with the Captain Bosse and his leadership and the Bravo Company overall. We’ve got some of the finest generation of warriors that the state has ever produced. So we just want them to be safe and Godspeed, and return soon.”The 150 soldiers will be deploying to Afghanistan.There, the troops be working with afghan forces: teaching them the skills to fight terrorism in their own country.

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Hazen Shaw Sentenced

Updated 5 years ago

A Lee man will spend a little more than four years in prison on a federal firearms charge.40-year-old Hazen Shaw was sentenced Friday in U.S. District Court in Bangor.He was found guilty last June of possessing an unregistered sawed-off shot gun.Court records state the gun was found when Shaw was stopped after a high speed chase in Springfield in the fall of last year.He still faces state charges in connection with the chase.

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Manna Ministries Site of Theft

Updated 5 years ago

A trailer has been stolen from Manna Ministries in Bangor.Manna uses it to pick up food and supplies.Folks at the ministry say it’s very important they get the trailer back in time to pick up items for Christmas.It’s being described as ten by five feet in dimension: black in color. It was in Manna’s parking lot at the time of the theft.If you have any information, you can contact the Bangor police at 947-7384.

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H1N1 Clinic in Bangor

Updated 5 years ago

Eastern Maine Medical Center, in collaboration with St. Joseph Hospital, City of Bangor Health and Community Service and Penobscot Community Health Center will hold an H1N1 vaccine clinic for high-risk individuals on Monday, December 14th. This clinic was originally scheduled for Wednesday, the 9th, but is postponed due to the weather. The clinic will be held at the Bangor Civic Center, from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm.Both the nasal spray and injection forms of the vaccine will be available at this clinic.Those people who are eligible for the vaccine are: Pregnant womenChildren and young adults (2 years* – 25 years)Healthcare workersPeople under 65 years of age with chronic health conditionsHousehold contacts and caregivers of infants (6 months or younger)Second dose for school children (9 years old and younger)High-risk patients are encouraged to get the vaccine even if the initial rate of H1N1 virus infections appears to have declined.*Children with asthma or other chronic respiratory conditions may not receive LAIV (nasal spray).

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Dozens of Burglaries in Bangor

Updated 5 years ago

Bangor Police are investigating more than a dozen burglaries committed over the past couple of weeks.They say the burglars are often breaking into homes when the occupants are asleep. They’ve been stealing items like computers cell phones, jewelry, cash, check books and TV’s.In fact they say, many of the televisions are large and would require more than one person to carry it out.They’re asking folks to report anything suspicious in their neighborhood. So far, crimes have been reported in homes near the downtown area on both the east and west sides of the city.If you have any information about these crimes you’re asked to call the Bangor Police Tip Line at 947-7382 extension 95811. It can be an anonymous call.Meanwhile officials are offering the following tips to prevent you from becoming a victim.–Put lights on timers.–Lock all doors and windows.–Do not confront suspects in your home, call 9-1-1 right away.–Keep curtains closed. If they don’t see anything worth taking, they might pass by your home.–Keep serial numbers of all electronic equipment, or etch your name onto it.–Keep valuables locked in a safe.–Consider installing alarm systems.

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Irving Oil Makes $50,000 Donation

Updated 5 years ago

Parents who have a child in the hospital have one less worry, thanks to a generous donation by Irving Oil. Monday they presented a check for $50,000 to continue funding Fuel the Care.Through the program, they give gas cards to parents so they don’t have to worry about the cost of travelling to the hospital for their sick child.Angela Wortman knows of the importance of the program. Her son, Henry, was born in May of 2008 weighing only one pound, seven ounces. He was the size of a soda can. Henry spent 122 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The Irving gas cards helped make sure his mom could be there by his side. “It meant a lot because there were a lot of times where we had no extra help and nobody could afford it. And there’s a lot of families like that. So, the gas cards, just so they can see their children, means a lot to a lot of people.”Since 2004, Fuel the Care has provided more than $365,000 in assistance for more than 10,000 families in Maine.

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Coming Together to Remember: Pearl Harbor

Updated 5 years ago

It happened on this day, 68 years ago. The attack on Pearl Harbor brought people together throughout America today to remember.Locally, folks gathered along the Kenduskeag Stream footbridge in downtown Bangor.”It is this sort of comradeship that lives through succeeding generations…because we know that neither time, nor events, can separate those who have joined in the common defense of our flag and our country.”Sixty-eight years after the attacks that killed more than two thousand people, the date which will live in infamy is also a day to come together.”It means freedom for our country, and having the honor to serve,” says Bob McDonald of Bangor, a World War II veteran. “All the men and women who’ve served should be proud.””To all of you who served ahead of me, I salute. And to those yet to serve, I challenge you never to quit. And remember the hallowed words of duty, honor and country.”For World War II veteran Louis Pare of Brewer, December 7th, 1941, changed the rest of his life.”I quit high school to join the Marines. My parents signed for me,” Pare says.He says the feeling during the rememberance ceremony is hard to describe, but seeing the flag and his fellow veterans is impactful.”It’s emotional,” he says.A plaque is being installed to honor Willard Carleton Orr, the only Bangor resident killed in the attacks.Folks there say it’s a marker to his sacrifice, and that of others who serve.”Some sacrificing their lives, all sacrificing time away from their families, and putting themselves in danger for the rest of our country,” says LCDR Dustin Smiley. “It’s something that we need to remember not only on these special occasions, but every day.”

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Success Found in Jobs for Maine’s Graduates

Updated 5 years ago

The Jobs for Maine’s Graduates Program commonly referred to as JMG has one mission. To see that students succeed. 23-year old Magen Merrill will tell you that the program works. As a teen Merrill was unsure of where she wanted to go in life, but with the help of JMG she found a career path she enjoys today. As a document control manager at Cianbro she has been able to use the skills that JMG teachers taught her and apply them in the real world. Initially created for high school seniors as a school-to-work program, JMG has evolved into an organization serving more than 3,600 students per year in more than 60 school-based sites, reaching into more than 170 Maine communities.For more information on JMG click here.

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Body found in Pushaw Lake, Death Ruled Accidental

Updated 5 years ago

Officials say the death of 54-year-old Christopher Sargent of Bangor was an accidental drowning.His body was found in the driver’s seat of his car in Pushaw Lake.Police were called Saturday by a group of duck hunters, who spotted the car about fifty yards offshore in the water off Gould’s landing. Officials say Sargent’s family reported him missing earlier in the week.State medical examiners performed the autopsy Monday.

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Man’s Death in Vienna Ruled Accidental

Updated 5 years ago

Authorities say it was an accident that killed a 49-year-old man in Vienna.He had been missing for several days.A friend found his body Sunday in the man’s cabin on Anderson Road.Officials say an autopsy revealed blunt force trauma to his head and neck, which they tell us happened accidentally.

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Red Cross Has Cell Phones For Soldiers Program

Rob Poindexter

Updated 5 years ago

The American Red Cross is helping soldiers over seas keep in touch with their loved ones back home and they need your help. The cell phones for soldiers program takes old cell phones and accessories and for every phone they turn in, it helps give soldiers abroad an opportunity to talk to their loved ones. Trudy Darling is an Account Executive at the Red Cross and she’s urging folks to drop their old phones off. “If you’re driving by, stop and give your old cell phones cause we’re still doing the cell phones for soldiers,” she says, “We do take those cell phones and turn them into 60 minute international phone cards and we want to send those to our troops.”You can drop off your old phones at 900 B Hammond Street in Bangor.

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St. Joseph Hospital Auxiliary Holiday Auction

Updated 5 years ago

The St. Joseph Hospital Auxiliary will be holding their annual Holiday Auction this week.The event will include a luncheon. Organizers say it’s a great opportunity to get some holiday gifts, while supporting the hospital.The auction will be held on Wednesday, December 9th, at noon.It will take place at the community center of St. John’s Catholic Church on York Street in Bangor.Admission is $5.00, or you can make a donation to the auction and get in for free.

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Red Cross Open House Tuesday

Rob Poindexter

Updated 5 years ago

The Red Cross in Bangor has a new way to collect much-needed plasma and platelets and there will be an open house Tuesday to show it off. It’s from 10:00 -11:00 Tuesday morning at the Red Cross offices on Hammond Street.They’ve had the new equipment for a few months now and say they’re ready to go now after training with it and working out all the kinks. Trudy Darling is an Account Executive at the Red Cross and she says they’re anxious to unveil this new method. “So we’re really excited about introducing this and what this is going to do is it’s going to position us better to supply the hospitals with what they need for blood and blood products so we’re really excited about that.”

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Designer Cakes

Joy Hollowell

Updated 5 years ago

Decorated cakes have taken on a whole new meaning since the Food Network launched such shows as “Cake Boss” and “Ace of Cakes.”A woman in Bangor is showing she too can take the cake.Joy Hollowell introduces us to the owner of Gateau Maison.=======At first glance, they look like sculptures. But this artwork is edible. Laurie Berry is the woman behind these eye catching cakes.”I had taken a class, just a plain, simple little after school type butter cream cake making class. And it kind of started a little spark with me,” says Laurie.She began experimenting, and quickly discovered a knack for creative confections.”I’m a visual person,” says Laurie, “so when I see something, I kind of break it down, and kind of hands on, do it that way.”About a year ago, Laurie decided to try selling her designer desserts. She started her own business, Gateau Maison, which means cake house in french.”Right here in my kitchen,” says Laurie.”Just you?” “Just me, I’m a one man show.”Laurie shows our camera crew some of her decorating techniques.”I am going to put a little bit of snow on my pine cone.””This cake here can take me up to a week to do, just to doing that fondant and the materials that go on it.””It’s funny, the simpler the cake is, honestly, the more difficult it can be, because you really have to be clean and you really have to perfect, every little thing. You can’t hide your mistakes,” says Laurie.Laurie’s custom cakes start at fifty dollars, and this self acclaimed sweet tooth promises they taste as good as they look.”When I’m craving something, it’s usually cake. I don’t as much anymore. Since I started the business, it slowed down a little bit, but yes, I love cake,” says Laurie.Joy Hollowell, WABI TV 5 News, Bangor.========Laurie Berry does offer delivery service.She says she’s open to just about any kind of designer cake.Laurie can be reached at 262-3296 or 356-8780. You can also email her at

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Noisy Toys Can Damage Children’s Hearing

Rob Poindexter

Updated 5 years ago

Toy safety is always on parent’s minds this time of year. That includes keeping your kids safe from toys that could be too loud. An expert at a hearing center in Bangor has a few tips on how to protect your childs hearing. Amanda Samoluk, Director of Audiology at The Warren Center, has done research on how noisy toys affect children’s hearing. “When I think of noisy toys, I think of cap guns and musical instruments, drum sets, those kinds of things,” she says. “When I was doing some research on it, some of the noisiest toys were rattles and stuff for infants even.”According to Samoluk, sounds that are 85 decibels or higher can permanently damage your hearing, but she says there are more factors than just how loud a toy is. “It depends on how long you play with the toy rather than how loud the toy is itself,” says Samoluk, “so it’s kind of a ratio between time and volume. You know it’s exposure, it’s cumulative over our lives starting at infancy and up, so that’s the part that really counts is that time frame.”There are some things parents can do to help protect their child’s hearing. “Look for stuff that has volume switches, stuff you can turn down,” says Samoluk, “I would look for stuff that you can take the batteries out of. Listen to them and see what you think as far as loudness. I also use tape on my toys. Put a little masking tape or duct tape on the speaker.”A few precautions today can mean everything to your child’s future. “Noise induced hearing loss is the only kind of hearing loss that is preventable and that’s why we advocate that. “We have noisy lives anyway so any little bit can save our ears really adds up in the long run.”

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Penquis: Making Children Happy This Holiday Season

Updated 5 years ago

There are many initiatives Penquis has taken on to assist in meeting the needs of Children in our communities. In total Penquis will have reached out to 2,000 children this year in partnership with other organizations. If you would like to be a part of making the holidays brighter for these children please visit these. Christmas is For Kids- KISS 94.5 Mike and Mike, partnered with Penquis and Sutherland and Weston Marketing Communications for the 27th Annual Christmas is for Kids Program. Over 800 children are registered with their Christmas wishes and 480 children still waiting to be sponsored. The website to sponsor a child is Piscataquis Santa Project- The Piscataquis Santa Project is sponsored by Penquis and working with the Three Rivers Kiwanis, Dover-Foxcroft Kiwanis, Moosehead Kiwanis, Key & Builders Clubs, Toys for Tots, Piscataquis Chamber, Granges, Churches, Businesses, other groups, and the public to fill this great need. As of Saturday, December 5th there were over 620 needy children registered requesting a wish from Santa. At that time there is about 350 children left to be sponsored. You can go online to then select a child’s wish code and email it to or Maine Bikers’ Toy Run- Penquis Distributed toys for 150 children in Penobscot County. For more information visit penquis.orgBorders Charity Holiday Book and Bear Drive- Over 500-50 Bears have been donated so far.  Stop by Borders in Bangor for more information or visit penquis.orgBy- Renae Muscatell, Penquis

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New Veterans Lounge at UCB

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

On this anniversary of Pearl Harbor University College of Bangor opened their new veterans lounge.The school was the only one in New England to receive a national grant to boost support of veterans in higher education.The grant came from the American Council on Education and the Wal-Mart Foundation.The lounge will be a place where veterans on campus can gather and have a place where they know they are surrounded by people who have had similar experiences.Which is going to increase an already positive college experience for some of the veterans enrolled at the school.”This veterans lounge is icing on the cake,” said Patricia Violette who is a student at the school and also a veteran. “It’s pretty amazing that they would recognize a group of individuals and you don’t realize how many veterans there are until you start in class, hey I served here or I served here and even the staff and instructors.”University College of Bangor is an extension of the University of Maine at Augusta.The lounge is designed to enhance and expand their military offerings.It has a table and chairs, a couch, a TV and a computer for the veterans to use.

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Ellsworth Home Owner Upset with DOT

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

If you’ve driven down Route 1A at any point in the last six months, you know there is road construction going on.The road is being widened so it will be easier to travel to and from Ellsworth and the coast.But for some who live or own businesses along that stretch of road, like Jim Sarosi, the improvements are taking away their property.”They looked around the property and there really isn’t anything else or any other thing they can do except, I mean they told us that the right of way isn’t in our house, so there really wasn’t anything else they were going to do for us.”Sarosi bought this place in 1994. But with the improvements to Route 1A, he’ll have just a few feet from his front steps until he’s off his property.”From Bangor down to Ellsworth, Route 1A is a very important economic corridor,” said Mark Latti the Public Information Officer for the Maine Department of Transportation. “And what we’re trying to do is make that road safer and more efficient and that’s why we’re straightening out the road and widening the road so it’s going to be a safer road, with better drainage, better visibility and it’s also going to be able to move traffic more efficiently.”The Sarosi’s were told about the widening project last spring.”After some thought into it, I mean we wouldn’t have any parking. We have a son with Aspberger’s. It’s a spectrum of Autism. I mean it’s not safe to be right that close to the road and we weren’t very happy with it all together.”The Sarosi’s aren’t the only ones the State is negotiating with according to Latti.”We have over 200 property owners that we are talking with in that seven mile area, and to date we’ve reached agreement with all of them except for only a handful.””You can wait til the project is over and it goes to the Boards of Appeal,” said Sarosi. “And you stand in front of them and let em know what’s happened and they will review it and give you their decision on what should happen.””We’ve been working with a lot of property owners in good faith to get things settled,” said Latti. “And if it doesn’t, it can go to claims court where it will be presented before an independent judge and they will decide what the right amount is for that property.”

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Bangor Parking Ban Tonight

Updated 5 years ago

Anyone who parks in downtown Bangor tonight will need to find another spot.The city is posting a parking ban for all of the downtown area, so that they can remove the snow that fell over the weekend.It starts at 11 pm and goes until 6 am Tuesday morning.All vehicles left on city streets during that time will be towed at the owner’s expense. For more information, you can call 992-4500.

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