Northern New England Retiree Day in Augusta

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Augusta was the place to be for retired veterans today.They were able to get information on what benefits are available to them at the twelfth annual Northern New England Retiree Day.Meghan Hayward has the story.” Certainly one of those things folks don’t know what’s available for them so it’s nice to have a day where they can come regardless of their service and background and can rotate through the stations and learn more about their benefits.”Merle Kaples was one of more than 500 retired veterans who attended the event.She joined the marine corps during World War Two.And met her husband at Camp Pendleton in California during boot camp.They raised their four children mainly in Maryland, but she calls Maine her home now.Kaples joined the Marine Corps at the age of twenty. A decision she is happy she made.” It was the thing to. In World War Two this country was so involved in helping in World War Two.”Kaples says she was glad she could attend the event.” This has been a real treat today to talk to people who are volunteers and active duty. The information we’ve gotten has just been wonderful.”Kaples says she had no idea the amount of benefits out there for her and other women.” I absolutely did not know that me as a veteran and spouse was eligible for the veteran’s care.”And there was one organization on-hand that was making sure women like Kaples would leave knowing what benefits were out there for them.The Maine Advisory Commission on Women Veterans was a great source for Kaples.” There are about 10,000 women veterans in the state of Maine and that equals about 7 percent of the Maine veteran population so that’s quite a significant amount and that number is expected to increase by 2,000 women veterans in the next two to three years.”Chair of the organization Terry Moore says she wasn’t surprised that so many women were unaware of what was available for them.” Women veterans need to see women veterans and that’s part of the issue. We need to have a presence and the more they know we’re out here and we can refer them to services they are more apt to access them.”Kaples says she is leaving the event with a better knowledge of what is available to her and an even bigger feeling of pride.” Military bands still stir me completely.”

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Open Door Recovery Center in Ellsworth Needs Financial Help

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A center that helps people with substance abuse problems could use some help right now.Folks at the Open Door Recovery Center in Ellsworth just learned that a $300,000 endowment that had been provided annually has been eliminated.Executive Director Barbara Royal says because of the current economy the patron is not able to provide the funds anymore.The center provides many services and just recently opened the Hill House, which is a residence for women and their children to live while the women go through substance abuse treatment.Royal says if they can not come up with that $300,000 by the first of the year they may have to close the Hill House and cut some other services too.”We want to be able to serve this community and to make it a little safer for everyone so having services available locally allows us to be able to be part of that solution.”If you would like to make a donation to the center you can send it to the Open Door Recovery Center, P.O. Box 958, Ellsworth, Maine 04605Or go to and you can pay through Pay Pal.

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Update on Three Car Collision in Holden

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Holden police say the driver of a mini van may have made a misjudgement that caused three vehicles to collide on Route 1-A.The mini van, a truck, and an SUV crashed last night at the intersection of 1-A and Upper Dedham Road.Police say 17-year-old Kevin Bonefas of Dedham was driving the mini van and pulled onto 1-A and thought he could get into the flow of traffic.That’s when he was hit by the truck, driven by James King of East Millinocket, headed in the opposite direction.The driver of the SUB, David Silver of Massachusetts, then collided with the van as well.Catherine O’Neal, Bonefas’s sister, was injured and taken to the hospital. Her condition is not known. Their mother was also riding with them but not hurt.

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Folks Prepare for Last Boat to Launch from Legendary Boat Building Shop

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Folks in Southwest Harbor are preparing for the last launch from a legendary boat building shop.As Meghan Hayward tells us, the move will be a bittersweet one for the owners.”Well my father always wanted to have a boat, and back in the early fifties, he built a boat for himself and thought he would never want to build another boat.”But Ralph Stanley did decide to build another boat, and established Ralph W. Stanley Incorporated in 1973.He also passed his love of boats onto his son, Richard, who has fond memories of the boat building shop.”I was out here scrubbing boat bows when I was three years old, so I have a lot of my life invested in this piece of property.”But after Monday, there will be no more boats launched from Clark Point Road in Southwest Harbor, the location of their home and company for so many years.”It’s really hard to let go of, but it’s the right thing to do I think.”Stanley says because of the economy and changes in equipment, it’s time to move from their oceanfront property.He knew just the boat to launch on their departing day, a 1902 40 foot Friendship Sloop.The boat was bought by a couple from Massachusetts, who wanted to rebuild it themselves.”Then they decided that it was a little more than they wanted to do and then they found me.”It has taken Stanley eight months to rebuild the boat, which is all new, except for the steering wheel.The company will now operate from their Manset location, which Stanley says will be a vast improvement for the crew.He says boom trucks and forklifts will do the work at the new site that the crew used to have to do themselves at the old location.Stanley says while he’s sad to be moving the business, Monday will also be a joyous occasion.”The romance for the owners of the boat is the day they get their boat, and that’s where the romance is and that’s where it is for me too.”

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Waterville Police Search for Two Teenagers in Arson Case

Catherine Pegram

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Police are looking for two teenagers they believe may have started a fire at an abandoned building in Waterville.They say they boys were last seen leaving the Harris Bakery factory on North Street about half an hour before the fire started yesterday afternoon.Crews from three area communities responded to the fire and say they could see smoke as they approached the building. They say the fire started in a staircase leading up to the second floor, but it was quickly put out.Investigators are calling this a case of arson and say fires like these could easily turn deadly.Deputy Chief Charles Rumsey says, “The kids themselves starting the fires could become a victim of their own fires. These fires can spread to nearby homes, where people are living with children and pets. It can have the potential for massive property damage, loss of life and some people might thing who cares about an abandoned building. We care, very much. It’s extremely dangerous and it just can’t happen.”A neigbor who spotted two boys running from the building before the fire says they appeared to be between 13 and 15 years old. One of them was 5’6″ to 5’10″ with dark hair. The other was shorter – between 5′ and 5’4″ with blonde hair. Anyone with information in the case is asked to call the Waterville Police Department at 680-4770.

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Thriving with Celiac Disease

Joy Hollowell

Updated 5 years ago

Danielle Beauregard is a regular on the Children’s Miracle Network.She suffers from severe seizures.But lately, the 14-year old has been thriving.As Joy Hollowell tells us, it’s thanks in part to a diagnosis that came as a shock to the Hampden family.===========”The day after her 1st birthday, she had a seizure that for whatever reason did not stop,” says Tracy Beauregard, Danielle’s mother.The effects left Danielle beauregard with permanent brain damage.”At that point, all she could do was lift her head,” says Tracy.Doctors diagnosed Danielle with Infantile Spasms and began a regiment of medication to control the seizures. They worked for awhile, and Danielle eventually learned to walk and feed herself among other things. But when she was nine years old, the seizures came back.”The rug was pulled out from underneath us again. And it was scary because we really didn’t know why they were happening,” says Tracy Beauregard.Doctors prescribed stronger drugs.”At one point, she was so doped up on the medication, that she couldn’t exist,” says Tracy Beauregard.The Beauregards were desperate. In the summer of 2007, they ended up taking Danielle to Darmouth to discuss possible surgery on their little girl’s brain. It was there, an interesting discovery was made.”She had been at 65 pounds, and now you’re at 57. Start counting that up, I’m like, that’s 7 pounds, 10% of that little girl’s body weight. So I asked the neurologist, ‘do yah think there’s anything else going on, any other underlying problems? He’s like, oh no.’” says Tracy Beauregard.But Tracy wasn’t convinced. She went back to Danielle’s pediatrican. He suggested testing the 12-year old for a number of things, including Celiac disease. Those with the condition can’t digest gluten – a protein that’s found in foods containing wheat, barley, rye, and oats.”We start sitting at the Internet, Celiac disease. Symptoms of Celiac disease. Weight loss, mouth sores, she had all those things. Seizures,” says Tracy Beauregard.The test came back positive, in fact Danielle’s pediatrician said it was the worst case he’d ever seen. The Beauregards changed Danielle’s diet and say the results were immediate.”She has not had a seizure in over 16 months, she’s gained 27 pounds, she has more balance, she’s a girl we hever had,” says Tracy Beauregard.Tracy and Mark are both careful to point out that they do not believe Celiac disease caused Danielle’s seizures. She is still on low doses of medication.”I believe that the medication is definitely controlling the seizures. However, I believe the Celiac disease has made her healthy, has allowed the drugs to absorb her into her system. Celiac disease was Danielle’s life preserver,” says Tracy Beauregard.==========For more information on Celiac Disease…you can log onto

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New Bangor Auditorium Could Cost Half As Much As Last Projection

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

A replacement for the aging Bangor Auditorium could cost about half as much as the city once expected to pay. That’s what community leaders heard today during a presentation from a newly-hired consulting firm out of Chicago. Representatives studied the area to find out what kind of facility they believe the community could support and what kind of price tag it could carry. Mayor Gerry Palmer says new estimates for a new auditorium are now coming in the 50-million dollar range – about half the cost of the last projections. He says a lot of that is thanks to a dip in the economy and an ala carte plan created by the consultants. That would let the city pick and choose certain features and build a facility over time. David Stone with Economics Research Associates says, “We’re not suggesting you build the Taj Mahal. That would be an unnecessary expense and you wouldn’t need it to get the kind of events that would be held here. It’s just not necessary and probably not affordable. But not necessary, more importantly.”Palmer says, “The Maine way is to be frugal and I think this is much like a wedding, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. And I think we’ll come up with a very good product.”The city’s studied the idea of a new auditorium for years.Members of an arena advisory committee say they’re excited about the possibilities proposed by the new architecture team. One of the leading ideas is to build another facility next to the current arena, then turn it into ballroom and meeting space, while updating the civic center. The advisory committee will review today’s proposal and discuss it in a couple of weeks.

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Driver Dies in Collision in Rockport

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Police believe a medical issue may have caused the death of a Rockland man in a car crash in Rockport Friday morning.It happened around 11 near the intersection of Routes 1 and 90.Rockport Police say a van, driven by 69-year-old Harry Rhodes, went through the intersection, drifted off the road, and slammed into a tree.Patrolman Wesley Butler came upon the accident before it was called in to police. Rhodes was pronounced dead at the scene. “Heading South on Route One, I noticed a handful of people standing outside, pointing towards the woods. In the woods, I noticed a fairly large van that struck a tree head on.”Butler says it’s likely an autopsy will be performed to confirm a medical issue was the cause of death. Traffic was re-routed around that busy intersection for about three hours.

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Truck Driver in Lincoln Died of Natural Causes

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A truck driver found in a parking lot in Lincoln died of natural causes. That’s according to medical officials, who say an autopsy performed Friday indicates Tennessee trucker Brian Isdell died of a heart attack.But, police say the man was involved in some sort of altercation in the early morning hours before he died. The incident is still under investigation. A Lincoln police officer discovered the 55-year-old man on the ground in the parking lot around 3 a.m. Thursday.”We wanted to make sure that his death was not caused by a deliberate act. What will happen from this point, now that we know it was natural causes, is we will review the other circumstances in the case surrounding the altercation,” says Lincoln Police Chief Bill Flagg.Flagg says some sort of fight took place in this parking lot on Main Street with some local teens. “An argument ensued with the driver of the truck and a couple people in the parking lot,” Flagg says. While they know who is involved, he says they haven’t taken anyone into custody. Meanwhile, the incident is the talk of the town. “It’s kind of a hardship to think something bad might have happened to him,” says Alana Lloyd, of Lincoln.”We’re pretty soft-loving people around here. Everybody’s friendly. I just don’t understand,” says Rosemary Glidden, who was shopping in Lincoln Friday.While rumors are also circulating, Flagg asks for patience while they complete their investigation.”We have to get all the facts on the table, we have to collect all the evidence, we have to review that evidence. We don’t want to make a mistake. We need the time to do that,” he says.Flagg says at that point they will review what they have with the Penobscot County District Attorney’s office, to see what – if any – further action should be taken.

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Lobster Picnic for the Over 50 Crowd a Success

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Sunshine and lobster on the waterfront, it was a nice Thursday afternoon for some folks in Bangor.The Bangor Parks and Recreation Department put on a lobster picnic Thursday.It’s part of a series of monthly events the department puts on for adults over 50.$16 got folks a full meal with sides and dessert, live entertainment, and members of the rec department themselves serving up the food. “This picnic we like to put it on ourselves. we don’t hire anybody for it, we do it ourselves, for them,” Said Parks and Rec. Superintendent Debbie Gendreau. “I came last year and enjoyed it so much,” Said Iris Black of Bangor, on hand again for this year’s picnic. “The weather was wonderful, and the atmosphere was great, and the food was super.”The musicians were volunteers including two Hampden brothers playing bluegrass, and Sam Chase, who works in the department.The monthly events are open to everyone over 50, including those who live outside the greater Bangor area.

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Fire Thought to be the Work of Waterville Youths

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Officials say juveniles were seen leaving an abandoned building in Waterville, about half an hour before a fire started there Thursday afternoon.It happened on Harris Street.Crews from three area communities responded to the blaze.Fire fighters could see smoke as they approached the building.They say the fire started in a staircase leading up to the second floor.That’s a stable part of the building, so fire fighters were able to act quickly to put it out before the heat and humidity of the day became too much of a problem. “We moved to make a quick attack. Knock down the inside body of the fire. However, the fire had extended into a section between the ceiling and the roof. It continues to smolder so we have to cut the roofing material off to make sure the fire is out. We don’t want to come back,” Said Waterville Fire Chief David LaFountain.Police have been monitoring the abandoned building recently after transients were spotted in the area.

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32nd Annual Owl’s Head Auto Auction

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If you’re an antique car enthusiast, or in the market to purchase one the Owl’s Head Transportation Museum is the place to be on Saturday.Have you always had a dream car in mind?Well chances are, it may be among cars that will be auctioned off at the 32nd annual Owl’s Head Auto Auction.But there hasn’t always been as big of a selection. “The very first car auction we had I remember distinctly because we only had a few cars. I think there was 15 cars and we raised 5,000 dollars.” Museum director Charles Chiarchiaro was the first paid employee at the museum.He’s had the chance to see the auction grow through the years.Chiarchiaro says it’s become the museum’s largest fundraiser. “This is a fundraiser that we’ve done again for 32 years that has raised 3 million dollars for our endowment program.”This year’s auction goes all the way back to 1911 with the Buick 14 Roadster.The newest car up for auction is a 2000 Maserati.But the vehicle likely to draw the most attention: a 1935 Duesenberg J. “There are very few of those around. In 32 years I’ve only sold one other car that was a Duesenberg in auction. So we’re very pleased to have the Duesenberg here in auction. And if it does sell in this auction it would probably sell for over a half a million dollars.” Chiarchiaro expects to have from 600 to 800 bidders and 3,000 spectators. “And they come and a spectator watches the auction because it’s the greatest car show you could ever see. To watch people’s dreams come true is very exciting.”While this is a big fundraiser for the museum, Chiarchiaro says it isn’t all about the money. “But what’s important is that it brings people here that would never necessarily come here physically or virtually over the internet because people can look at every car online.”If you think it’s time to make that dream car of yours become a reality then head to the Owl’s Head Transportation Museum Saturday morning.Bidding starts at 9-30. Bidder registration for the auction is $75.Spectator admission for adults is $15. Members of the museum and folks under eighteen get in free.For more information, or to look at the vehicles up for bidding, go to their website

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Bangor Native Watches Childbirth From Around the Globe

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From 8,000 miles away a Marine from Maine was able to watch the birth of his daughter.Captain Nathaniel Picard is a graduate of John Bapst High School in Bangor.He’s currently stationed in Iraq.His wife Rebecca recently gave birth to their daughter at Maine General in Augusta.Captain Picard was able to watch on a live video feed…and talk to his wife during the delivery. “It just tore my heart out to watch her go through so much pain, but then I immediately forgot about it as soon I saw Lucy. So let’s go have 10 more honey!” Picard Told TV5 on Thursday.Captain Picard, Rebecca, and their daughter Lucille Elizabeth are all doing just fine.It was all made possible by the Freedom Calls Foundation, a charity that helps deployed troops stay in touch with their families during milestone events.

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Bangor’s Paul Bunyan Has Been Restored

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The Paul Bunyan statue in Bangor is 50 years old, and there’s been an effort by folks in the area to restore the legendary landmark to its original glory.After months of work the make-over is finally complete.The committee did several things to restore the statue, including repainting Paul, rebuilding the base, and fixing the landscaping around the statue.Tracy Willette, Director of Parks and Recreation in Bangor, says the restoration effort wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of volunteers.”It’s a huge effort and the city is so appreciative of the many organizations, businesses, and individuals that were willing to step forward with time, effort, funding, and volunteerism.” says Willette.A fund was set up to raise money to help restore the statue. That fund is still open, and the city is still taking donations for future repairs.If you’d like to donate you can send a check to Bangor Parks and Recreation. It can be made out to the City of Bangor, and in the memo area specify the money is for the Statue.

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Holden Car Accident

Updated 5 years ago

An accident on Route 1A in Holden shut down a portion of the road for a bit earlier this evening.Three cars were involved, a minivan, a truck, and an SUV.The accident happened at the intersection of 1A and Upper Dedham Road.Police say the minivan was pulling onto one-a when it was struck by the truck, which was headed in the opposite directions. Officials say the SUV then collided with the van as well.Holden Police Officer Chris Greeley says increased traffic in that area may have contributed to the accident.”This time of year traffic is very busy on 1A in Holden. We see maybe 30-thousand cars a day in the summer time.” Greeley adds.Officials say one person was transported to the hospital with substantial leg and forehead injuries, two others involved had minor injuries.

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Iraq Soldier Witnesses Birth Of Daughter Via Video Conference

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From 8000 miles away a Marine Captain from Maine was able to watch the birth of his daughter. Marine Captain Nathaniel Picard, a graduate of John Bapst High School in Bangor, is stationed in Iraq, while his wife Rebecca was giving birth to their daughter at Maine General in Augusta.Captain Picard was able to watch on a live video feed and talk to his wife during the delivery. “It just tore my heart out to watch her go through so much pain,” said Captain Picard, “but then I immediately forgot about it as soon I saw Lucy so let’s go have 10 more honey!”Captain Picard, Rebecca, and their daughter Lucille Elizabeth are all doing just fine. It was all made possible by the freedom calls foundation, a charity that helps deployed troops stay in touch with their families during milestone events.

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H1N1 Summit In Augusta

Rob Poindexter

Updated 5 years ago

Nearly 1500 people gathered at the Augusta Civic Center thursday morning to disuss the H1N1 virus. The Maine Center For Disease Control is anticipating an escalation in the number of cases once students return to high school’s in the coming weeks. Dr. Dora Ann Mills was one of the speakers at today’s summit. “We are absolutely stunned we have over 1400 people here today from all over the state,” says Dr, Mills, “and they are here today to help us prepare and help the community prepare for an escalation of H1N1.”The Maine CDC expects that escalation to happen when schools around the state are back in session this fall. “So that’s why our strategies this fall are focused on schools,” says Dr. Mills, “and vaccinating children and pregnant women because they are the ones who are being effected by H1N1.”These vaccinations will be optional for Maine students according to Susan Gendron of the Maine Department of Education. “This is not mandatory,” says Gendron, “parents will have the option to say yes or no, but it is a matter of how do we make sure we get that vaccination to our children.”The goal of this summit is to stay one step ahead of H1N1. “The formula is known,” says Dr. Mills, “we know that through prevention and early detection, isolation of people with symptoms, and treating people appropriately who have symptoms we can address this.” However Dr. Mills did say their concern is the unknown. “What we don’t know is, we don’t know how H1N1 will progress, we don’t know whether this will turn into another 1918 pandemic, which it doesn’t look like it will, but we don’t know, or whether it will be a more milder pandemic.”The folks here say there’s no need to panic, they just want to be prepared. “It’s just like if you go away on a winter weekend,” says Dr. Mills, “you know it’s going to be sunny and beautiful, and you’re going to go skiing, but you also need to make sure you’re prepared for a snowstorm, and so that’s what we’re doing preparing for a snowstorm basically of a pandemic.”Now, says Dr. Mills, it’s just a matter of getting the schools on board. “We’ve been very impressed that the number of school districts that have shown an interest in providing seasonal flu and h1n1 vaccines represents over half of maine’s school children.”

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Blueberry Crops Beat Rainy Season and Fungus

Updated 5 years ago

Blueberry crops appear to have beat the rainy season and fungus that threatened the fruit.The Vice President of Operations at Wyman’s in Milbridge says they expect to be above average this season.Nat Lindquist says the rain did slow them down a bit but they are basically right on track for this time of year.He says the fungus was also a concern but they took all the necessary precautions and none of their crops were affected.So what is the best condition for a large blueberry crop?” Ideally we’d like to have an inch of rain over a weeks time.”Lindquist says the harvesting season usually lasts from 3 to 5 weeks and they expect to be done in four.

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Benefit Supper For a Harrington Teen

Updated 5 years ago

Some teens in Harrington are coming together to help raise money for a classmate and friend who hasn’t had an easy go of things in life.Meghan Hayward has the story.”We didn’t really at that point understand when we first found out. And it probably took 2 to 3 weeks to sink in. When they were telling us take him home and enjoy what time you have left with him.”Stephanie Norton is talking about her son Brandon Beal’s diagnosis of Primary Pulmonary Hypertension, when he was just two months old.A message that left Stephanie thinking her days with her son were limited.But fast forward to 2009 and Brandon is a recent high school graduate and a pretty popular guy.”He’s just a great guy. Nobody has bad things to say about him because there aren’t any. He’s a great guy that helps anybody out no matter what. He’s never let his condition limit him on what he does.”A condition that Brandon says does limit him somewhat.”Probably not being able to run around with other kids. I’m definitely limited on that.”But Brandon or “Beal” as his friends call him does get plenty of video games in with his buddies.He says it’s his friends that have kept him going through the years.And now his friends have come through again. They’re hosting a benefit supper for him.”A lot of them have been at my house every day for the past few days and it’s been great.”On Monday Brandon will face one of his biggest challenges yet. He is headed to Boston where he will have a heart catheter put it. And he’ll be put on a list for a heart and lung transplant.He will also be put on a drug that will pump to his heart.While his parents understand he has reached the point where he needs this type of treatment they are still worried, but trying to remain optimistic.”When it comes to your kids you’ve got to do what you can do.”What does Brandon hope to get out of the procedure?”Hopefully just to live as normal a life as I can. That’s basically it.”The benefit supper will take place Saturday August 22 from 4:30 to 7:30 at Narraguagus High School in Harrington.Donations are appreciated.If you would like to help out with the supper or want more information call Gail Myshrall at 598-5695.

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Police Investigate Early Morning Stabbing at Bangor Apartment

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Bangor police are looking for the person who stabbed a man this morning in an apartment on Hammond Street. Police got a call just before 5 a.m. that a man in that apartment had been attacked. When they arrived, they say they found a 20-year-old man from Hermon outside the building. He had been repeatedly stabbed. The man was taken to the hospital and we’re told his injuries appear to be non-life threatening. Anyone with information in the case is asked to call police at 947-7382.This is the second stabbing in less than a week in Bangor. Saturday 21-year-old Sean Chaput was arrested after police said he stabbed a man in the back, in connection with a dispute at an apartment on Center Street.

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