Arrest in Murder of Old Town Woman: Latest

Updated 5 years ago

A man from Bangor is in jail, charged with murdering a 19-year-old woman from Old Town.34-year-old Colin Koehler was arrested Tuesday night after a standoff with police.Amy Erickson has the story.34-year-old Colin Koehler is behind bars, charged with the murder of 19-year-old Holly Boutilier.Police arrested Koehler Tuesday evening, after a standoff at his Columbia Street apartment.It all started when officers showed up to execute a search warrant.”When we got there, entry was denied, but we knew the person we were looking for was inside that apartment.””The building was evacuated, gas was deployed into the building…we did have negotiators from CID on scene…but contact was never established through the door or by calling the cell phone.”When officers finally got inside, Koehler was arrested without incident.”The person was brought to the station, was questioned…and subsequently, Colin Koehler has been arrested and charged with the murder of Holly Boutilier.”Boutilier’s body was discovered Sunday in a shack near the Penobscot River in Bangor.Detectives say the victim and the suspect knew each other.”They were familiar with each other. The extent of that, I am not sure, but they were familiar with each other. It was not a random thing.”Still no word on a motive…police are hoping information from the public will help shed some light.”The investigation is ongoing. We do expect we’ll probably receive a lot of phone calls now that he’s being held.”Police say Koehler is originally from New Jersey, but has been in the Bangor area for about 6 years.Koehler is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow.Meanwhile, funeral services for Holly Boutilier will be held Thursday at 1 p.m. at the Birmingham Funeral Home in Old Town.

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Take This Job and Love It: Tim Horton’s Drive Thru

Updated 5 years ago

Our own Amy Erickson switched jobs again.This time, she put on a hairnet and headset, to try her hand at working the Tim Horton’s drive thru.We’ll see how she did in this month’s “Take This Job and Love It.”As the owner/operator of the Tim Horton’s in Brewer, Marc Nicknair is charged with making sure hundreds of folks get their caffeinated wakeup call each morning.”Customers come through, they want their coffee fast, they want it fresh, they want it friendly. so that’s what we do here at Tim Horton’s.”Marc says he can teach me to get the job done…but first…the necessary accessories.”We’re gonna outfit you with a hair net. Just what i’ve always wanted!”Once I’m outfitted with a headset, it’s time to hit the most popular spot of the morning.”So we’re doing the drive thru? we’re going to the drve thru, let’s head over there.”This drive-thru gives a whole new meaning to the term “fast paced.”These ladies consistently rank in the top ten for the fastest stores in New England.”Our goal is to serve the customers in 25 seconds or less during peak hours. that was 7 seconds. i don’t know if i can do 7 seconds! sure, you can do it.”I’m not so sure.But I’m on the job as the orders start coming in.”Large coffee, they want it half decaf, cream and a sleeve…half decaf, right.”It’s harder than it looks, with orders coming in in your headset, plus up on the screen…never mind the foot traffic in the busy drive thru area.And the coffee orders aren’t as simple as “cream and sugar.””It’s amazing how people drink their coffee. i drink it black so that’s easy. we have flavored coffees…everyone drinks it a little differently.””Now you could really mess with someone if you gave them hi test instead of decaf. well, we wouldn’t want to do that. i wouldn’t want to be responsible.”After a while, I get the hang of it.”Not bad! But you guys go so quick! That was pretty fast! Not as quick as you!”From there, it was on to packing up donuts…To doing a little bagel baking…to keep up with the morning demand…”you gotta put your mitts on. oooh, they’re warm!”By the end of the shift, I’m ready for a break…and to get my review.”Alright, Marc, so how did i do? you did wonderful. want an application? so i have to work on my speed a little, cause these girls are fast. yes. speed and accuracy are very important to our customers.”Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Brewer.

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Bangor Murder Arrest: Update

Updated 5 years ago

A man from Bangor is behind bars in connection with the murder of a woman from Old Town over the weekend.Police arrested 34-year-old Colin Koehler after a stand-off in downtown Bangor Tuesday afternoon.Police had a warrant to search Koehler’s Columbia Street apartment.When they attempted the search around 3 p.m., Koehler wouldn’t let them inside.The swat team was called in and tear gas was used.Koehler was taken from the scene by Bangor Police. He’s been charged with 19-year-old Holly Boutilier’s murder.Her body was found on Sunday morning in a shack by the Penobscot River.Lieutenant Tim Reid of the Bangor Police Department say the two knew each other. “They were familiar with each other. The extent of that I’m not sure, but they were familiar with each other. It was not a random thing. The investigation is ongoing. We do expect we’ll probably receive a number of phone calls now that he’s being held.”Koehler is expected to appear in court Thursday morning.

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Maine Health Care Premiums on the Rise

Updated 5 years ago

A new study shows family health care premiums have grown more than four times faster than income this decade in Maine. Families USA said Wednesday health insurance premiums rose by 101 percent, while median earnings rose by only 22 percent from 2000 to 2009. Ron Pollack, executive director, says health care costs continue to grow even as employers scale back health plans and raise deductibles and co-payments. Families USA says the average annual family health insurance premium rose from $6,915 to $13,927 over the 10-year period. The report was released a day after President Barack Obama visited Portsmouth, N.H., to press the case for health care reform. (AP)

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FairPoint Communications Discuss Ongoing Problems

Updated 5 years ago

FairPoint Communications officials are going before a Maine legislative committee to discuss ongoing problems with the company’s delivery of land line telephone and broadband Internet service. Wednesday’s session comes two days after regulators in Vermont opened a probe into whether to revoke FairPoint Communications’ right to do business in that state. Frustration is strong in Maine as well over billing errors,service order delays and long waits on call-in customer service lines. Senator Barry Hobbins, co-chair of the Utilities and Energy Committee, said FairPoint’s system is not functioning at an acceptable level.FairPoint bought Verizon’s land line business and Internet operations in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire in a $2.3 billion deal last year. (AP)

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Bangor Man Arrested for Murder

Updated 5 years ago

A Bangor man has been taken into custody in connection with the murder of 19-year-old Holly Boutilier.Officials say that 34-year-old Colin Koehler was arrested after a stand off in downtown Bangor Tuesday afternoon.Koehler lives in an apartment building on Columbia Street.Police had a warrant to search that apartment.Around three-o’clock Tuesday afternoon, members of the criminal division of the Bangor Police Department went to the suspect’s apartment to execute the warrant.The stand off started when the suspect denied officials entrance. “The warrant was approved earlier this afternoon as a result of a number of interviews that we’ve done. I’m not going to reveal the content of the interviews,” Said Lt. Tim Reid of the Bangor Police Department.The swat team was called in and tear gas was used.Koehler was taken from the scene by Bangor Police, we’re being told he’s been charged with Boutilier’s murder.Her body was found on Sunday morning in a shack by the Penobscot River.

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Block Party To Aid Workers

Updated 5 years ago

Organizers of a block party to be held Wednesday afternoon in Dover-Foxcroft say they hope the event will also help laid-off workers.Organizers say they’ll be serving up free barbeque for folks between 11am and 1pm and offering information about free local resources.Free food will also be available from the Good Shepherd foodmobile as will information about transition services and Penquis resources.They hope the event will help folks who used to work at True Textiles in Guilford and other places.The block party will be held at 50 North Street in Dover-Foxcroft.

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ATV Ruling

Updated 5 years ago

Maine’s Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that in a 2007 incident game wardens had the right to stop an ATV operator without suspicion of wrongdoing.A Mars Hill man claimed his fourth amendment rights were violated when a warden stopped his ATV to give him a field sobriety test.Tuesday’s Supreme Court 4-3 decision said it was necessary for game wardens to be allowed to stop ATV drivers.However, a recent change to state law that takes effect in September says wardens must have “reasonable suspicion” of a violation in order to make a stop.

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Governor Baldacci Meets With President

Updated 5 years ago

Governor John Baldacci met with President Obama while attending the President’s health care town hall in New Hampshire Tuesday, and offered his support for national health care reform.The Governor greeted the President at Portsmouth High School, and had a brief conversation with him.Governor Baldacci says workable solutions at the national level are needed more than ever to address out-of-control costs of health care.Baldacci’s first action when taking office in 2003 was to take steps to pass Dirigo Health, whose goal is to provide access to affordable health insurance.

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Federal Dollars to Help Lobsterers

Updated 5 years ago

More federal support has been announced for lobstermen as they transition to federally mandated sinking rope.Last spring new guidelines banned the use of traditional floating rope used by lobstermen to reduce the risk of entanglement to whales.The Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation says federal funds will help the more than 500 lobstermen still on the waiting list exchange their old rope for the new, more-expensive sink rope.The foundation says the support of Senators Snowe and Collins means they’ll be able to continue their groundline exchange program and research throughout the next year.$1,700,000 was allotted to the Department of Marine Resources for research and rope exchange.

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Electric Hospital Records Up and Running

Updated 5 years ago

It has taken five years, but now the nation’s largest statewide electronic health exchange system is up and running in Maine.Healthinfonet recently rolled out to fifteen hospitals with more than 2,000 medical providers.The goal is to reduce medical errors and make better, more informed, treatment decisions that will save lives and money. “Gives us consent to put your name into Healthinfonet.”As the Maine network, dubbed Healthinfonet, expands services across the state, an estimated 50-million per year in healthcare costs is expected to be saved as doctors order fewer unnecessary and duplicative tests, procedures, and prescriptionsThose using the system say it should save time too. “If they’re not at a hospital affiliated with this one, we have to do it manually, make a phone call, send for records, photocopying or faxing and we may not get the info on time.”Doctor Mike Palumbo offers this scenario: “Someone could come in on an ambulance that collapsed on the street and was unable to give me their information and we could get their name from their i.d. And I could get on the system and obtain their medical info in the absence of them being able to give me their history and yes, I may be able to make a decision that could save their life.”In an effort to protect privacy, only certain data will be part of Healthinfonet, including prescriptions, lab results, x-rays, and medical problems.Substance abuse, mental health, and HIV test results are not put into the system. “Healthinfonet has gone through rigorous security setups to make sure this information is going to be safe and confidential.”To join, patients do nothing, but if you don’t wish to have your medical information shared, you can opt out. “You have the right as a Maine citizen to say no, I don’t want to take part in this.”While Healthinfonet is a nonprofit, it will cost nearly $6,000,000 each year to operate.Despite a budget shortfall, the state has included nearly $2,000,000 in the upcoming 2010-2011 budget, matching federal funds are expected to keep the program afloat as well.For more information on healthinfonet log onto

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Swine Flu Death

Updated 5 years ago

Maine has recorded it’s first H1N1 Influenza related death.The Maine Center for Disease Control in the Department of Health and Human Services reported on Tuesday that a York County man in his 50′s died from underlying conditions that were complicated by the H1N1 flu.According to Dr. Dora Anne Mills, director of the CDC, the man died last week and had been hospitalized for nearly three weeks before his death.His name and the date of his death are not being released to protect the privacy of the family.Since first being recognized in April H1N1 has spread to 168 countries and has resulted in more than 6,000 hospitalizations and 436 deaths in the United States alone.

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Standoff Linked to Boutilier Murder Case

Updated 5 years ago

According to an eyewitness on the scene in downtown Bangor, there was a standoff resulting in police taking a man into custody. The identity of the individual is not yet known, but he has been linked to the death of Holly Boutilier who was found murdered over the weekend.Middle St. and Columbia St. in downtown Bangor were closed during the standoff.WABI will bring you more details of this developing story as they become available.

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Man from Houlton Recovering After Plane Crash

Updated 5 years ago

A man from Houlton critically injured when he crashed his small plane in Hodgdon Saturday is getting better. 49-year-old Wesley Tidd is now in fair condition at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor. Troopers say about 7:30 Saturday night, his single seat plane made an emergency landing in a hay field off Route 1. The plane flipped over once it hit the ground.Police say Tidd had taken off from the Houlton Airport and experienced engine trouble.Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board are looking into the crash.

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World War II Veteran Honored

Rob Poindexter

Updated 5 years ago

Robert Hunnewell’s wife knew he had served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. What she didn’t know was how many medals he had earned while doing so. “She started going through some of his stuff,” says Michelle Michaud, an assistant to Senator Susan Collins, “and found his discharge papers that had listed some medals he had earned during World War II and she had never seen them, didn’t know they existed.”Mrs. Hunnewell’s family contacted Senator Collin’s office to find out about the medals. Senator Collins, the daughter of a World War II veteran, took an interest in the Hunnewell’s plight. After looking into the matter, Senator Collins discovered he had earned more medals than originally thought.The Senator contacted the Department of the Navy and tuesday, more than 60 years later, Hunnewell was honored for his service to his country, which delighted Captain Will Fitzgerald, a fellow Navy man. “Certainly the Maine delegation has always been supportive of the military,” says Captain Fitzgerald, “and the fact that they were able to intervene and get replacement medals and have us come and present them today, I think says a lot about just the whole Maine climate and the value they put on veterans of all wars.” Hunnewell’s daughter, Essie Mae, looked on as her father received some long overdue recognition. “They should be recognized before they reach their elder years,” says Mae, “so I would urge our country to seek out those veterans and honor them now before it’s too late.”Among the guests in attendance were several current members of the military, just there to say thank you. “It’s important to honor our veterans,” says Captain Fitzgerald, “especially the world war II veterans because they truly are our greatest generation and what they did and the sacrifices they made allow me to do what I do today and I really appreciate that.”

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Police Continue to Investigate Bangor Homicide

Updated 5 years ago

Police continue to investigate the death of a young woman along the Penobscot River in Bangor. The body of 19-year-old Holly Boutilier of Old Town was found Sunday in a shed along the railroad tracks near the I-395 bridge, after police received a tip that afternoon.After an autopsy Monday, her death was ruled a homicide, but police aren’t releasing the details of what happened while they continue to investigate. Boutilier was last seen walking downtown Saturday afternoon in a pink bikini top and grey sweatpants.Police ask that anyone who might have seen her in the 24-hours before her death to contact them on a special tip line. That number is 947-7384, extension 95811.

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Prentiss Man Sentenced to 30 Years for Murder

Updated 5 years ago

A Prentiss man found guilty of murdering his best friend while under the influence of cocaine was sentenced Tuesday to 30 years in prison.In May, Joseph Dumas was convicted of shooting Mario “Sonny” Litterio in the back of the head back in November of 2007.During the trial, the defense argued Dumas was in a cocaine-induced psychosis at the time and therefore committed the lesser crime of manslaughter.The jury found him guilty of murder.Dumas’ attorney Richard Hartley says he believes the 30-year sentence was fair.”Mr. Dumas had led a life that was not a violent life. He hadn’t engaged in behavior like this before. And this was really an aberration in what was a productive life for the last 20 years while he’s been in the Prentiss area.”Hartley says Dumas’ step-daughter was in court Tuesday for the sentencing, and his co-counsel read a letter from his daughter.The state had asked for a 40-year sentence, while the defense asked for 25.

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Feral Cats in Islesboro

Updated 5 years ago

When a cat is not spayed or neutered, it can quickly multiply.In fact a female cat, her mate and their offspring can produce more than 11-thousand cats in just five years.The folks on Islesboro know this is true. They’ve had a problem with wild cats for years. But some folks in town are doing something about it.Before Sharon Pelletier left on maternity leave she spoke to the folks at Island Feral Cat Association.”It’s estimated that there are more feral cats on the island than there are deer.”Feral cats are just like domestic cats, except they were born in the wild and haven’t had human contact.There are lots of them on Islesboro, it’s tough to say how many or why they’re here. Some believe they are the products of household pets, that wandered off from their owners who are summer time residents of the island.”So the cat would come in and when they step on this trundle to get food (trap closing)”Lisa Satchfield and many others on the island have had a soft spot for cats, and decided to try to cut down on the population by trapping them on their own, having them spayed or neutered, then releasing them back into the wild.Over ten years, they estimate trapping 75 cats, but then 2 years ago Janice Bethune wanted to do more.”My husband made the off hand comment since you like to volunteer so much, I’m surprised you’re not doing something with cats.”So she did, she founded the Island Feral Cat Association, and recruited lots of folks in the community. They organize their efforts to trapSpay, neuter and vaccinate all the cats. Some can actually be socialized and adopted.”He’s a success story that feral cats can definitely be adopted and be wonderful house pets”Janice has an island feral cat in her home..and Joan Lillie has four.”They’re all very friendly tame and wonderful.”But many feral cats can’t be socialized, so they’re released back into the wild.”It breaks my heart, they’re beautiful animals and the ones that you can socialize, the kittens you catch theyr’e just, they want to be loved. They want a place to be taken in and when you can’t do that for them it’s just heart breaking.”But the organization also makes sure that even the wild ones have a warm place to sleep, food and water.In just two years, they’ve managed to capture close to 2-hundred cats.And the organization also has another mission”It’s not just rescuing it’s also the education because it’s really inhumane for people to just dump cats which is where a lot of them came from”The Island Feral Cat Association wants to get the word out about the importance of spaying and neuturing your animals, and they’ve gotten young people involved in the group too.”Once I had to go check on a trap for them.””We help socialize the cats and the kittens.”This way the next generation will be able to carry on the mission of caring for these cats, in a humane way.The group gets some funding from grants but they rely heavily on donations, and so far they’ve been able to create a heated kennel, develop a cat food pantry, and pay the vet bills.It looks like this community has a real fondness for the their feral felines.”I’m just really proud of the people who’ve been association with this organization. I think they’ve gone the extra mile to try to correct a situation that a lot of people would choose to ignore.”

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Snowmobile Clubs in Milo, Otisfield Get Help from Federal Government

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Two local snowmobile clubs are getting money from the federal government to help buy new trailgroomers. The Department of Agriculture is handing out more than 75-thousand dollars to Devil Sledders in Milo and Otisfield Trailblazers. Congressman Mike Michaud, who announced the funding, says the money will help increase tourism and economic activity in those communities.

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$732,000 to Advance Genetic Research in Maine

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Jackson Laboratory and The Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory are getting nearly three-quarters of a million dollars in federal stimulus money to advance their genetic research. Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe made the announcement today. The money comes from the National Institutes of Health. Of the 732-thousand dollars, Jackson Lab will receive 316-thousand of it. The rest will go to the MDI Bio Lab to enhance a database that looks at the effects of environmental chemicals on human genes.

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