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Bangor Troop Greeters Reach Milestone

Updated 7 years ago

They welcomed the 500,000th serviceman to pass through Bangor International Airport.

Some of the greeters have been welcoming troops since the first battle with Iraq, showing their support as the troops either head toward the warzone or return from battle.

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Maine Airman Killed

Updated 7 years ago

Among the victims is 25-year-old Lieutenant Jerry Smith of Greenville.

He and his crew had just taken off from an aircraft carrier when they went down in clear weather.

Search crews have found debris from the plane, but no bodies.

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Hotel Crunch for American Folk Festival?

Updated 7 years ago

And this year, that increase in foot traffic is being felt even farther from the Bangor waterfront.

This summer, Bangor has about 180 fewer hotel rooms than it did last year.

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Fatal Skowhegan Crash: Update

Updated 7 years ago

Police say Pamela Seymour of Milton, Vt.was killed when a sport utility vehicle crossed over the center line on Route 2 and struck her car nearly head on.

The two occupants of the SUV, David and Edna Farris of Granby, Vt., were airlifted to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor. Two passengers in Seymour’s car — 28-year-old Angela Simays andher 2-year-old son Kobe, both of Colchester, Vt. — were transported to a hospital in Skowhegan.

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Troop Greeter Milestone

Updated 7 years ago

They’ll be welcoming their 500-thousandth service member.

Every time a troop plane lands at the airport a dedicated group of mainers show up to welcome home the troops or wish them well as they head off to war.

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TSA Director Visits BIA

Updated 7 years ago

The Director of the Transportation Security Administration is spending time in Bangor this week.

Edmund &quot:Kip&quot: Hawley is in the area to support a new law, passed earlier this month.

The &quot:See Something, Say Something&quot: provision was drafted by Senator Susan Collins and Senator Joe Leiberman of Connecticut.

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Charges Dropped Against Orrington Couple

Updated 7 years ago

Brandi Harris and Vince Hatch were arrested Tuesday in Maine after a nationwide amber alert was issued by the state of Iowa.

Harris and Hatch drove there and picked up Harris’ children, 8-year-old Rae Ann Meyer and 10-year-old Cameron Meyer, without permission from her ex-husband, Jeff Meyer.

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Rabies in Central Maine

Updated 7 years ago

There have been several cases of rabies reported in cats in Central Maine.

Two cats testsed positive last week.

A stray cat had to be put down in Greene after it attacked one person.

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Foot Found in Searsport Identified

Updated 7 years ago

Damon’s been missing since March.

Witnesses said they saw him jump from the Penobscot Narrows Bridge on a bitteryly cold night but his family believes he fell.

They say he suffered from cerebral palsy, and may have become disoriented in the cold.

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Acadia Hospital Receives $250,000

Updated 7 years ago

It was a day of celebration at Acadia Hospital in Bangor Thursday.

The facility has been providing mental health care and sustance abuse treatment for 15 years now.

Every year, the staff throws a barbecue to show their appreciation for all the hard work put in by the staff.

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Skowhegan State Fair

Updated 7 years ago

The Skowhegan State Fair continues through Saturday.

It has a long running agricultural history in Maine, that has kept families coming back since 1818.

This year’s fair is sure to please with plenty of food, games, rides, entertainment and of course, animals.

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Missing Kids Update

Updated 7 years ago

Two kids from Maine, who’ve been the focus of a nationwide search, are expected to be re-united with their father Thursday.

Meanwhile, the mother accused of taking them from their father illegally, says she doesn’t regret the decision.

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Camden Town Grant

Updated 7 years ago

The town of Camden is getting 200-thousand dollars to help clean up the former Apollo Tannery property.

The tannery was shut down in 1999.

Camden applied for the money from the Environmental Protection Agency last year, to clean up the chemicals on site.

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Brooksville Residents Speak Out About Mine

Updated 7 years ago

The metal comes from the former Callahan copper mine. Tuesday night, residents heard what officials have concluded about the potential hazards.

The mine was closed down more than thirty years ago, but the contamination in the environment is still a concern in Brooksville. The Maine Department of Transportation and the federal Environmental Protection Agency have done a study to determine how much damage has been done. The study precedes a clean up that the D.O.T. is committed to do.

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Bucksport Fatal Accident

Updated 7 years ago

It happened just before ten at the intersection of Route 46 and the Russel Hill Road.

At this point in the investigation, officials say it appears the driver of the car pulled in front of the dump truck.

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Mother in Court for Causing Amber Alert

Updated 7 years ago

Brandi Harris of Orrington and her boyfriend, Vince Hatch, are accused of illegally picking up Harris’ son and daughter in Iowa and bringing them back to Maine.

The state of Iowa issued an amber alert for Harris and Hatch yesterday and state police arrested them last night on I95 near Etna, the adults were sent to the Penobscot County Jail and the children into protective custody.

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Two Maine Tanneries Plan to Merge

Updated 7 years ago

Irving Tanning Company in Hartland, and Prime Tanning Company Incorporated in Berwick say they’ve signed a letter of intent to merge into what will be known as Prime Tanning Company. They say there will be no immediate effect on the 565 jobs at the two sites. In fact, there’s a possibility of expansion.

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Northern Maine Land Deals Moving Forward

Updated 7 years ago

(AP) – The Bangor Daily News says conservationist Roxanne Quimby, an advocating of limited access to wilderness, has reportedly bought some 4,900 acres in two parcels north of Millinocket and west of Stacyville.

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Missing Children

Updated 7 years ago

Brandi Harris is the mother of the two children, 8 year old Rae Meyer and 10 year old Cameron Meyer.

Police say she and Vince Hatch took the children from a house in Iowa Monday.

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Missing Boaters’ Bodies Found

Updated 7 years ago

They were in a 14-foot boat that was struck by a large speedboat Saturday about a quarter a mile from shore.

The two people aboard the larger boat managed to swim to shore.

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