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Service Dogs Found

Updated 8 years ago

(WABI) – It happened at the tail waggin’ training center in Levant.

Staffers there train service dogs for the handicapped.

The labs, named &quot:Dash&quot: and &quot:Nara&quot: broke through a fence Friday morning. The center’s owners, along with neighbors and friends, searched all day and night, with no luck.

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Soldiers Home

Updated 8 years ago

(WABI) – The 170 soldiers who make up Security Force One arrived at the Army National Guard base in Bangor Friday night to a hero’s welcome.

They’ve spend the last year serving in Baghdad and Tallil, Iraq.

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Baldacci Begins Radio Addresses

Updated 8 years ago

(WABI) – Governor John Baldacci began his weekly radio addresses Saturday on more than two dozen stations across the state.

The address is also being carried online on the governor’s website.

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L.L Bonus

Updated 8 years ago

(AP) – The Board of Directors today approved the bonuses that are each equal to7.5% of a worker’s annual salary.

Chairman Leon Gorman, grandson of founder L.L. Bean, says it’s a &quot:well-deserved bonus.&quot:

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Security Force One Returns to Maine

Updated 8 years ago

(WABI) – The 170 soldiers who make up Security Force One arrived at the Army National Guard base in Bangor just after 6:00 to a hero’s welcome. They’ve spent the past year serving in Baghdad and Tallil, Iraq.

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Hotel Demolition

Updated 8 years ago

(WABI) – The work started on Monday, with some of the smaller buildings on the site, including the former nightclub, the Bounty.

The public is not allowed in the demolition area, but anyone can watch from the sidewalk across the street.

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Education Reform

Updated 8 years ago

(WABI) – On Thursday, they presented their plan.

The governor wants to save 36-million dollars by consolidating Maine’s school districts, but the committee claims those savings can be met without cutting the number of districts from 152 to 26.

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Salmon Fishing Returns to the Penobscot

Updated 8 years ago

(WABI) – For the second year in a row, Maine will have a fall catch-and-release fishing season for Atlantic salmon along the Penobscot river.

The Maine Atlantic Salmon Commission gave the green light to the month long season, slated to begin September 15th between the Bangor and Veazie das.

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Governor Radio Address

Updated 8 years ago

(WABI) – The topic of his first address will be education reform.

The address will be available on several radio stations in the bangor area, and will be available in its entirety online.

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Singer Death

Updated 8 years ago

(WABI) – Yarmouth police say they were called to Chinnock’s home on East Main Street Wednesday afternoon.

There has been no word yet on a cause of death, though Chinnock, as well as his wife, had reportedly been suffering from Lyme disease.

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Orono Fire

Updated 8 years ago

(WABI) – The fire started about 6:00 p.m. at the Orono Senior Center on Birch street.

The senior center was formerly the old Birch treet school house, but is now co-owned by the Orono rec department and the senior center.

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Business Back and Running After Fire

Updated 8 years ago

(WABI) – The Irving Big Stop on Route 201 opened their gas pumps back up Wednesday morning for the first time since a fire ripped through the building February

A trailer on site is the new temporary home for Irving employees until a new store is built.

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Sex Offender Admits to Raping 14 year-old girl

Updated 8 years ago

(WABI) – 34 year-old Albert Dumas Junior of Whitefield entered that plea in an Augusta courtroom Wednesday.

Police said Dumas grabbed the girl at knife point last August, bound her wrists, threatened to kill her and raped her several times.

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G.E.I.S. To Close

Updated 8 years ago

G.E. Infrastructure Security, or GEIS will start shutting down its warehouse next month.

The company says 24 employees who work in the warehouse will be let go.

The 41 other employees will be moved to the company’s facility in Pittsfield, to replace some workers there, meaning a total of 54 jobs lost.

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Education Consolidation Latest

Updated 8 years ago

(AP) – Governor John Baldacci is promoting a major downsizing of the statewide network of school systems and counting on related savings of 36-point-five million dollars in his biennial budget.

But a number of issues have split the Education Committee, ranging from the optimum size of a school district to how much involvement the state should have in encouraging collaboration among different school systems.

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Arrest In Bangor Homicide

Updated 8 years ago

(WABI) – After interviewing more than 70 people, Bangor police arrested, 59-year old Ashton Moores of First street, in connection with the city’s first homicide of the year.

Christina Simonin’s body was found Saturday night near an apartment house on Union Street.

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Hewitt’s License Permanently Revoked

Updated 8 years ago

(WABI) – Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap announced Wednesday that Scott Hewitt’s driver’s license has been permanently revoked.

Hewitt was operating with a suspended license when he crashed his big rig into a car at a construction zone in Hallowell, killing a Scarborough woman.

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Cigarette Tax Debate

Updated 8 years ago

(AP)-Members of the Appropriations and Taxation committees stayed late yesterday to hear diverse views on the proposal to increase from the state’s present tax of two dollars a pack.

The proposal also seeks higher taxes on smokeless and pipe tobacco and cigars.

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Steuben Shakeup

Updated 8 years ago

On Monday, residents voted to do away with their &quot:town manager&quot: form of government. They also voted to reduce their board of selectmen from five positions down to three.

The two candidates who were elected Monday say the smaller board will mean more work, but it’ll also make the selectmen more responsive to residents.

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Fatal Car Accident in Orland

Updated 8 years ago

Hancock County Sheriff’s officials say 53-year-old Robert Florence was travelling along the Castine Road, when his pickup truck was hit head when another driver, 29-year-old Scott Ring of Castine, crossed the center line.

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