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Condo Explosion

Updated 7 years ago

An explosion heavily damaged a six-unit

condominium complex near the Sunday River ski area but no serious

injuries were reported.

Bethel police said one man was pulled from a burning unit and

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New Transmission Line

Updated 7 years ago

Central Maine Power Co. is considering a $1

billion project that includes building a 200-mile, 345-kilovolt

transmission line that would run alongside its existing

345-kilovolt line from Orrington to Newington, N.H.

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Increased Patrols on Trails

Updated 7 years ago

Maine officials are bolstering enforcement

on the snowmobile trails.

A week after five snowmobile-related fatalities in Maine,

Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap says Bureau of Motor Vehicles

investigators will join Maine wardens in enforcement efforts on the

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Local Woman attends Oscars

Updated 7 years ago


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Flood Warning

Updated 7 years ago

Flooding in past years has cost communities in Maine hundreds of thousands of dollars.

On Thursday, folks from more than a dozen agencies met in the capitol, at the headquarters of the Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA).

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Fire Destroys Southwest Harbor Home

Updated 7 years ago

By the time the flames were discovered at Carl Butler’s home on Hillcrest Circle, the blaze had too much of a head start according to officials.

A local fire fighter was among the witnesses who first spotted the smoke, and called for help.

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Heroin Found at Head Start Program

Updated 7 years ago

Jeff Paquette found nine packets of heroin Tuesday, just feet away from a head start classroom outside the Kennebec Valley Community Action Program building on King Street.

Paquette, Maintenance Director for K.V.-CAP, says he noticed the small package when he was unloading tables from his truck.

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Over Ninety People Arrested in Drug Raids

Updated 7 years ago

Drug agents working with state and local police conducted numerous raids across the state—seizing drugs including heroin, cocaine, marijuana and much more.

Three of the people arrested were in Bangor. Officials say the sweep will help raise awareness to the important work Maine’s Drug Enforcement Agency does every day.

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Energy Drink Ban Sunk

Updated 7 years ago

The decision come down in the senate on Wednesday.

Representative Troy Jackson wanted to ban the sale of the highly caffeinated products to people under 18.

He says the drinks are too powerful for minors.

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Copper Stolen

Updated 7 years ago

Police tell us that a large amount of copper wire was taken from the Verizon office on Main Street.

An employee reported the wire &quot:missing&quot: on Tuesday.

Police are still trying to figure out exactly how much of the copper wire was taken.

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Heavy Ice Collapses Roofs

Updated 7 years ago

The latest is a Maine Health and Human Services building in Augusta, the 300 people inside the building had to be evacuated on Wednesday, when workers noticed the roof was starting to sag under the weight of the snow.

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Baby Death

Updated 7 years ago

Police responded to a home last night, near Lewiston-Auburn, after getting a report an infant had died and the mother was trying to take her own life.

The Sun Journal reports the baby apparently drowned after the mother fell asleep with the child in the bathtub.

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Unity Fatal

Updated 7 years ago

Police say Ellen Jennings of Thorndike lost control on the Berry Road at about 2:00 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

The car hit a snow bank and landed upside down in Sandy stream.

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Dirigo Reforms

Updated 7 years ago

And that proposal relies on a set of tobacco tax hikes.

The measure would repeal a controversial savings offset payment that targets insurers and replace it with a health access surcharge of 1.8% on paid claims.

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Cat Killing

Updated 7 years ago

The charges against 47-year-old Richard Madden stem from an investigation by a game warden and the cat’s owner, Michael Mitchell.

The day after Mitchell and his wife heard a late-night gunshot, he found the family’s gray tabby, Dakota, buried in a shallow grave along railroad tracks that border his property. An examination of the remains confirmed that the cat had been shot with a rifle.

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Richmond Man Arrested in Cocaine Bust

Updated 7 years ago

Authorities say that Devan Lemar was arrested after he was seen taking part in a drug transaction in a parking lot in Randolph.

According to deputies, Lamar resisted arrest and tried to run away from the scene.

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New King Material Released

Updated 7 years ago

At a minute after midnight, the second Stephen King Dark Tower series hit the store shelves.

The first seven comics in the series came out in February of 2007.

This year’s series of five comic books is another collaboration between King and Marvel Comics.

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Ely Sentenced

Updated 7 years ago

A judge sentenced 23-year-old Michael Ely to two years behind bars for breaking into the post office in Etna in 2006.

Ely is scheduled to go to court again this week for the home invasion case.

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Fifth Sled Fatality

Updated 7 years ago

Game officials fear it may be just the beginning.

40-year-old Matthew Voisine from Massachusetts was killed Monday morning in Ashland.

His death marks the fifth snowmobile-related fatality in less than four days.

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Sedgwick Stabbing

Updated 7 years ago

Authorities say the stabbing started out as a domestic situation between 19-year-old Travis Roggiero, his ex girlfriend, and the 22-year-old victim who was with her at a home on the Mines Road.

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