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Newburgh School Meeting

Updated 7 years ago

The issue facing administrators in the Hampden, Winterport, and Newburgh school district is the declining enrollment at the Wagner middle school.

That facility is in Winterport.

Officials are suggesting that students who graduate from Newburgh Elementary School might end up going to Wagner.

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Albert Weymouth Obit

Updated 7 years ago

Albert Weymouth junior served the city on the school board and on the city council.

He was also a professor at Husson college for more than three decades before retiring.

The governor was a member of the city council when Weymouth was in office.

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Jewelry Theft

Updated 7 years ago

And now the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office needs your help to find the thief.

They say the crime took place some time between March 21st and March 29th.

The homeowners were away on vacation at the time.

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Autum Aquino Dies

Updated 7 years ago

Autum Aquino was 6 when she became a poster child for AIDS after her mother, Terry Dannemiller, went public in 1991 that she and her daughter were infected with HIV.

Dannemiller got the virus from Autum’s father, who was a drug user.

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Smoking in Cars To be Banned

Updated 7 years ago

On Thursday, the Maine senate gave final approval to the bill, sending it to the governor for his signature.

Only warnings will be issued for the first year, after that, the bill authorizes $50 fines.

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New Gun Regulations

Updated 7 years ago

On Wednesday, Governor Baldacci signed a bill that bans the sale of firearms to sixteen and seventeen-year-olds.

The law does allow those youths to buy a gun, if a parent or guardian is present.

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Medical Examiner’s Ruling in Machias Death

Updated 7 years ago

That’s the ruling of the State Medical Examiner.

The autopsy report obtained by the Bangor Daily News indicates 61-year-old Reid Emery had five different drugs, including powerful painkillers, in his bloodstream when he left the hospital on the night of January first, against the advice of doctors and nurses.

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Man Takes Guitar in Unique Way

Updated 7 years ago

Police say it happened last week at a store in the Lewiston Mall.

They’re looking for three men, including two who acted as lookouts.

Police say one of the men shoved a Fender Stratocaster in his pants and then pulled a sweatshirt over the top.

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Veazie Arrest

Updated 7 years ago

It all started when police tried to stop a car on the Chase Road in Veazie for an expired inspection sticker.

They say the driver quickly pulled into a driveway, and bolted into the woods.

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Missing Snowmobiler’s Body Found

Updated 7 years ago

The search for 42-year old Edward Tessman from East Haven, Connecticut had been called off Wednesday because of high winds.

They resumed the search this morning and located Tessman’s body in 14 feet of water, about 260 feet from where they found his sled Tuesday.

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Supermarket Apologies

Updated 7 years ago

C.E.O. Ron Hodge has sent a message to customers through leaflets in shopping bags as well as on-line.

He apologizes for the &quot:concern and inconvenience&quot: that was created when more than four million credit and debit cards became potential victims of fraud.

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Cigarette Tax Hike

Updated 7 years ago

A coalition of health groups is calling for a tax increase of one dollar on the already two dollar tax on cigarettes.

The money would help fund Dirigo and other public health programs.

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Positions Cut

Updated 7 years ago

Now that the state’s plan is in place, schools across our state re-evaluating their budgets, and face some tough decisions.

MSAD 47, serving Oakland, Sidney and Belgrade may wind up losing as many as fifteen positions.

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Real ID Deadline

Updated 7 years ago

Maine has until 5 pm Wednesday evening to file an extension with the department of homeland security regarding the Real ID act.

Governor Baldacci says he will have a plan ready.

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April Fools for Plum Creek

Updated 7 years ago

April first is a day traditionally known for pranks.

Volunteers with the Native Forest Network dressed in costumes calling themselves golfers for wilderness sprawl.

They marched onto Plum Creek property Tuesday morning.

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Boat Buyback

Updated 7 years ago

The Federal Government is involved in a 100-million dollar buyout plan designed to reduce the number of people catching fish and bring relief to New England’s struggling groundfishing industry.

Money would be paid to those who give up their fishing permits and destroy their boats.

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Real ID Update

Updated 7 years ago

Without that move today, come May 11th Maine drivers licenses would have been no good as proof of id at airports and federal buildings.

The Department of Homeland Security listed several shortcomings in Maine’s Real ID compliance effort.

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Missing Snowmobiler

Updated 7 years ago

Rain coupled with fog and warmer weather have made conditions in many places dangerous for snowmobilers.

Wardens say the man, who is from Connecticut, Was staying at a family camp on North Twin Lake. He was reported missing just after midnight Monday night.

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Seat Belt Law Now in Effect

Updated 7 years ago

Maine’s seatbelt law went into effect last September, but up until now, police had just been issuing warnings.

Maine’s bureau of highway safety says that as of Tuesday morning, first-time violators can get $50 fines.

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Budget Passed

Updated 7 years ago

The new budget is now on governor Baldacci’s desk, waiting for his signature.

The new budget, spearheaded by majority democrats, passed in the house Monday night, 84 to 55.

The vote in the senate was 18 to 17, as the midnight deadline closed in.

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