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Negotiations Continue

Updated 7 years ago

Another day… another step closer to a nurses’ strike at Eastern Maine Medical Center.

Negotiations continued this weekend…talks have been underway between nurses and management for two months.

Both sides agree that the major sticking points are wages…and the nurses’ request to form their own Professional Practice Committee to address staffing issues.

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Interstate Crash Update

Updated 7 years ago

A Waterville man remains hospitalized after the truck he was driving overturned on the Interstate.

It happened Friday afternoon near Newport.

24-year old Adam Pollard was flown to EMMC, where he underwent surgery.

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Neilsen Trial Date in Question

Updated 7 years ago

A judge will not alter the trial schedule for accused quadruple murderer Christian Nielsen, but his lawyer says Nielsen’s dramatic weight loss could still push the trial back a week or so.

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Tribal Racino Campaign Begins

Updated 7 years ago

The group is encouraging voters to pass a ballot question that would allow the Passamaquoddy tribe to build a racino in Washington county.

Supporters claim that harness racing and gaming revenue would help the tribe, while providing much-needed jobs and revenue throughout the county.

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Anti-War Protest in Bangor

Updated 7 years ago

The demonstrators were from maineimpeach.org handed out fliers and held a rally to convince the public to join the cause.

They also asked folks to sign statements encouraging congressman Mike Michaud to call for impeachment.

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Wild Weather During the Heat

Updated 7 years ago

The hardest hit area appears to be around Augusta, where the storm brought down trees and power lines, though Downeast wasn’t spared either.

Winds gusted up to 45-miles per hour, as the storm moved from western Maine, through the capitol, and into the Rockland area, before blowing out to sea.

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Kossuth Accident Investigation

Updated 7 years ago

One man was killed and two were injured in the collision on Route 6 in Kossuth Township on Monday. State Police say 56-year-old Kenneth Slauenwhite of Island Falls was driving a log truck towards Calais. He lost control of the truck on a sharp curve and slammed head on into a MDOT truck.

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U-Maine Receives Record-Breaking Gift

Updated 7 years ago

The gift comes from the estate of a man who graduated from the school’s forestry program seventy years ago.

George Houston, class of 1937, left his alma mater $12,000,000 in his will.

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Senators Help Mainers Fill the Tanks

Updated 7 years ago

The $131,000,000 heating assistance reserve was set to expire at the end of this month, which would have dispersed the money into other projects.

So senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe asked the federal government to give it to folks around the nation who need help topping off their fuel tanks before winter arrives.

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St. Albans Fire

Updated 7 years ago

The fire that left three people homelessbroke out on the NokomisRd. around 2:30 in the afternoon. A neighbor reported seeing flames shooting from the two story home. At first, firefighters couldn’t find the homeowner. Holly Adkins lived there with her daughter, fiance and two dogs. Fire crews did find a car in the driveway with the keys in the ignition.

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Acadia Bussing Program

Updated 7 years ago

According to officials at the department of transportation, the D.O.T. and the town of Trenton are proposing a project to ease the summer travelling woes along Route 3.

The Sensible Transportation Act, passed in 1991, requires that all alternatives are thoroughly explored before the construction of a highway is even considered. That is why Ron Roy of the Department of Transportation along with the town of Trenton and the Friends of Acadia are hoping this new project will make it a little less stressful for travelers to get to Mount Desert Island.

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Milford Fire

Updated 7 years ago

Despite their efforts, there was little that could be done to save the home on Bryer Heights road.

The fire chief says flames had already engulfed two sides of the home by the time they arrived.

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Man Charged In Illegal Alien Plot

Updated 7 years ago

A Harrington man has been indicted by a Federal Grand Jury for conspiring to hire illegal aliens. Juan Centeno Perez (46)is charged with conspiring between January 2005 and June 2006 to hire at least 10 illegal aliens to work at the sea cucumber plant in Lubec operated byISF Trading Co. Perez is believed to have fled the area. His wife is being held on immigration charges. Doris Amanda Ayala Escalante pleaded not guilty in July to charges of visa fraud and aggravated identity theft after being indicted by a Federal Grand Jury.

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Nielsen to Stand Trial

Updated 7 years ago

Christian Nielsen’s court-appointed lawyers entered a plea of not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect but Nielsen told a judge last week that he preferred to plead guilty to avoid a trial in Oxford County Superior Court.

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Day of Remembrance

Updated 7 years ago

The ceremony coincided with a National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims.

While Maine is considered to be a safe state by national standards, Baldacci says it still had 23 homicides last year. The governor says the number does not include others victimized by the violence, including family members, friends and neighbors.

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St. Albans Fire

Updated 7 years ago

Firefighters from St. Albans, Pittsfield, Hartland and Corinna were called to 379 Nokomis road to fight the blaze.

A neighbor reported seeing flames shooting from the 2 story home. By the time crews arrived on the scene, the fire was fully involved.

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Fatal Accident On Route 6

Updated 7 years ago

At approximately 9:12 Monday morning police received a report of an accident on Route 6 in Kossuth Township.

An investigation revealed that the driver of the tractor trailer truck, which was hauling logs, was Kenneth G. Slauenwhite from Island Falls.

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Rockland Child Killed in Parking Lot

Updated 7 years ago

Police in Rockland are investigating the death of a two-year old boy, who was run over in a parking lot. The accident happened yesterday afternoon, at Steven Green Apartments off Lovejoy Street. Rockland police say Connor Knight was playing behind a car, when it backed out over him. The driver, 22-year old Crystal Davey was arrested on unrelated charges, but police say they do anticipate filing additional charges once blood and alcohol tests comes back. Both Davey and Knight lived at the apartment complex.

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Waldoboro Teen Update

Updated 7 years ago

The teenager shot by police near Waldoboro over the weekend died of multiple gunshot wounds. That’s the conclusion of an autopsy conducted by the state medical examiner.

Officer Zachary Curtis stopped a vehicle on the FriendshipRd. early Sunday morning. Eighteen year old Gregori Jackson was a passenger in the vehicle. Authorities say Jackson got into a fight with Officer Curtis and then ran into the woods. The officer followed and another fight broke out. It was during that second fight that shots were fired. Jackson died at the scene. He was not carrying a weapon. The Attorney Generals office is still investigating this incident.

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Truck Vs. House

Updated 7 years ago

Hancock County Sheriff’s deputies say 24-year-old Justin Boyce was trying to make a turn at the intersection of the Upper Falls road and the Mast Hill road when he lost control of his truck and hit a house on the other side of the intersection.

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