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TJX Lawsuit Filed

Updated 7 years ago

The banks want to recover tens of millions of dollars in damages from costs to replace cards as well other expenses.

Massachusetts-based TJX operates nearly 25-hundred discount stores.

Late last month, the company said the theft involved information from at least 45 million cards, though many of the cards had already expired.

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Oil Dealer Pleas Guilty In Stealing Money

Updated 7 years ago

A former oil dealer from Bradford has pleaded guilty to stealing money from the low income home energy assistance fund, or &quot:LIHEAP.&quot:

42-year-old Barbara Jean Pearson entered the guilty plea a day before her trial was to start in federal court.

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Missing 3 Year Old

Updated 7 years ago

A massive search is underway in Fort Fairfield for a three year old girl missing since a little before noon Wednesday after wandering away from her apartment.

A boot was found near the Aroostook River.

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Plans for Tribal Racino Move Forward

Updated 7 years ago

The Maine House today gave its final approval to a bill that would allow the Passamaquoddy Indian Tribe to develop a racino in eastern Maine, leaving only a final Senate vote before the measure is sent to the governor.

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Guns Missing From Police Evidence Locker

Updated 7 years ago

(AP) The count of guns missing from the Washington County Sheriff’s Department evidence locker has nowreached 70 — up from an earlier estimate of 25.

That’s according to an inventory that was taken following the discovery that a number of guns were unaccounted for. Sheriff Donnie Smith told the Bangor Daily News that the guns went missing before he took office in January.

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Bangor Okays New Chief

Updated 7 years ago

After considering 40-candidates, city leaders decided during Monday night’s city council meeting, that Ron Gastia was the right man for the job.

Gastia joined the department in December of 1982 and worked his way up to Lieutenant.

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Sockalexis Remembered

Updated 7 years ago

He served the Penobscot Indian Nation as its representative to the state legislature during its last session.

Sockalexis reportedly died sunday at a Bangor hospital at the age of 60.

Sockalexis made it his mission to try and preserve the Penobscot language: last year, he sponsored a bill to allocate money for a language preservation fund.

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Red Shield Boiler Meeting

Updated 7 years ago

Many of those citizens say that they don’t feel like they got much information from either Red Shield, or the D.E.P. During Monday night’s special meeting in Old Town.

The meeting brought out some high level people, from the commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection, to Senator Elizabeth Schneider, but some are saying that it is too little, too late.

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Walmart Standoff: Update

Updated 7 years ago

(AP) A Windham man who’s charged with terrorizing after a gun-waving incident that cleared an Augusta Wal-Mart last week is to appear before a judge tomorrow at the earliest.

Forty-two-year-old Philip Urquhart has been held at the Riverview Psychiatric Center under an involuntary commitment order since Saturday, the day after the incident at the Wal-Mart.

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Vote of Support for Patrick Fleming

Updated 7 years ago

(AP) Patrick Fleming, who heads the Maine State Police liquor licensing, gaming and weapons unit, won a strong vote of legislative support this afternoon to become the state police chief.

Fleming, a 23-year state police veteran who holds the rank of lieutenant, won an eleven to one vote of support from the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee. The committee’s strong recommendation heightens Fleming’s chances of being confirmed by the Senate.

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Bar Harbor Woman Stabbed: Update

Updated 7 years ago

A Bar Harbor man accused of stabbing a woman over the weekend made his first court appearance Monday. 62 year old Zenith Cote is charged with elevated aggravated assault.

Police say the assault started when 40 year old Lisa Curtis of Bar Harbor drove Cote to his home. Police say Cote hit Curtis over the head with a metal tool while they were still inside the car.

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Burn Danger

Updated 7 years ago

Lots of sun this weekend, but there was plenty of wind as well…that has firefighters concerned about grass and woods fires.

On Saturdaynight, Waterville fire crews responded to several grass fires on the County Road.

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Sad End for Website Eagles

Updated 7 years ago

Among the apparent victims of the storm, two newly hatched eagle chicks that had become stars of the internet. Researchers at the BioDiversity Research Institute believe that the two chicks featured on an eagle cam project perished in coastal Hancock County.

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Flood Repair Warning

Updated 7 years ago

(AP) Beware of flood-repair scams.

That word from Maine Attorney General Steven Rowe, who advises property owners whose homes were damaged in last week’s coastal storm to be cautious if door-to-door contractors show up asking to make repairs.

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Plants Suffering

Updated 7 years ago

The folks who run nurseries and greenhouses are thrilled with this weekend’s warm weather…they’re now trying to make up for lost time.

Tim Davis is the grower at Sprague’s Nursery in Bangor…he says this spring has been a tough one for growers in Maine.

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Collins to Speak at MMA

Updated 7 years ago

Maine Maritime Academy says Senator Susan Collins will be the principal speaker at the school’s May fifth

commencement in Castine.

Academy President Leonard Tyler said Collins will receive an honorary doctorate in recognition of her public service, including her advocacy of port and maritime security.

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Fire Risk

Updated 7 years ago

Lots of sun this weekend, but there was plenty of wind as well…that has firefighters concerned about grass and woods fires.Last night, Waterville fire crews responded to several grass fires on the County Road.Bangor Assistant Chief Scott Bostock says now is the time for homeowners to start their cleanup…that means plenty of folks are doing their spring burning.Bostock says it’s important that folks get the proper permits before burning anything…and you always need to keep an eye on the wind.Assistant Chief Bostock says Bangor fire is now issuing season-long permits for outdoor fireplaces, now that they’re so popular.All you have to do is call the Department at 992-4700…they’ll send someone out to inspect the fireplace and the site, and will then issue a permit for the summer.

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Harness Racing Begins

Updated 7 years ago

It’s a sure sign of spring in Bangor…the horses were running at bangor raceway Sunday.

Rarness racing began its 124th year Sunday at Bass Park.

Racetrack officials are getting ambitious…they’ve increased the number of race dates this year to 54.

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Matthews Death

Updated 7 years ago

The man charged with rolling a pig’s head into a Lewiston mosque killed himself Saturday morning…

Police say 34-year-old Brent Matthews called them threatening to kill himself.

Police found him in the parking lot of Marden’s on Main Street.

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Standoff Ends

Updated 7 years ago

A man is in custody after a standoff with police at an Augusta Wal-Mart.

It happened Friday night, shortly before 9 pm.

Police say 42-year-old Philip Urquhart of Windham entered the store armed with two handguns, and began telling customers to get out.

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