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Genetic Discrimination Bill

Updated 7 years ago

Today’s 95-0 vote sends the measure back to the House, which could approve it early next week. President Bush supports the legislation.

Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe, one of three sponsors of the Senate bill, calls the legislation &quot:unique and groundbreaking.&quot: Snowe says it’s the first time the Senate has acted to prevent discrimination before it has taken firm hold.

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Soldier Funeral

Updated 7 years ago

23-year-old Specialist William Koelsch III graduated from Penquis Valley High School.

He died during a training mission at Fort Polk, Louisiana on April 9th.

Koelsch was a member of an airborne unit used train other units before they were sent overseas to Iraq or Afghanistan.

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Penobscot Boys and Girls Endowment

Updated 7 years ago

On Wednesday, they kicked off their efforts to establish an endowment fund.

The club has been around since 2000, and it now serves 200 children in a variety of programs.

Board members say it’s a positive place for kids to go, and they want to make sure it’s there for years to come.

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Nason Death Update

Updated 7 years ago

Damon Nason was in his stepfather’s care when he died back in March of this year.

William Bryson of East Machias is charged with manslaughter in connection with the case.

The toddler died of a traumatic head injury.

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Flags at Half Staff

Updated 7 years ago

Specialist William Koelsch III died on April 9th. He was killed during a training mission at Fort Polk, Louisiana.

Koelsch was a graduate of Penquis Valley High School in Milo.

Visitations were held at Lary Funeral Home in Milo Wednesday evening at 6pm.

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Maine Ethanol

Updated 7 years ago

The grant, announced last week, is one of the largest in Maine’s history, and will support a cutting edge research and development program based in Maine.

The university will partner with Red Shield Environmental in Old Town, and American Process Incorporated, to develop a method of making ethanol from forest-based materials.

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Travis White

Updated 7 years ago

A judge in Hancock County has denied a motion to amend Travis white’s probation.

in 2002, White was convicted on nine counts of gross sexual assault and one count of unlawful sexual contact with four of his former players.

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Mishou Autopsy Results

Updated 7 years ago

Autopsy results show that Blake Mishou of Greenbush was killed by his girlfriend’s former lover from a gunshot wound to the head.

19-year-old Eric Niles of Alton broke into a home in Bradley on Sunday morning, where he found his ex-girlfriend, 18-year-old Kristen Cates, and Mishou staying.

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Art Exhibit

Updated 7 years ago

Three new exhibits are now on display at the museum in downtown Bangor.

The first is by photographer Todd Webb.

It’s called &quot:Joy Without Measure&quot:, and features 80 gelatin silver prints.

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Spring Brush Fire

Updated 7 years ago

The call came in around 5:30 pm, saying that a controlled burn on the River Road was quickly spreading out of control.

Orrington fire chief Mike Spencer says this was a case of burning during the wrong conditions.

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Local Soldier Remembered

Updated 7 years ago

Specialist William Koelsch, III died on April 9th.

He was a graduate of Penquis Valley High School in Milo.

Visitations will be held Wednesday, from six until eight at Lary Funeral Home in Milo.

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Boy Killed in Fire

Updated 7 years ago

A 12-year-old boy has died in a fire that destroyed his father’s mobile home in the Hancock County town of Eastbrook.

According to Maine State Police, Thomas McNeil’s body was found in his bedroom after the fire was reported at 5 a.m. Saturday.

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Fatal Bike Ax

Updated 7 years ago

Lincoln county officials say she was driving the bike on Rt. 27 in Dresden early Monday afternoon when she lost control.

She, and her 32 year old passenger, were thrown from the bike.

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Bradley Shooting Update

Updated 7 years ago

19-year-old Eric Niles was pulled over by police in Norwalk, Connecticut after a chase on the interstate.

Niles shot himself in the head while sitting in the passenger seat when officers approached the truck.

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Two Men Critical After Sled Crashes

Updated 7 years ago

Maine wardens are investigating separate accidents that left two snowmobile riders critically injured.

According to the Maine Warden Service, 62-year-old Leo Mitsin was critically injured when he was thrown into a tree after his sled hit a stump Saturday afternoon near his home in the Piscataquis County town of Orneville.

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Bradley Murder Suicide

Updated 7 years ago

Maine state police say Eric Niles, who lived in Alton, Maine, killed 20-year-old Blake Michaud when he found Michaud and the woman together in her family’s home in Bradley, Maine, early yesterday.

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Canaan Murder

Updated 7 years ago

Shannon Atwood is set to go on trial June 3 in Somerset County Superior Court for the death of Cheryl Murdoch, 37, whose body was found in August 2006.

Atwood was also charged initially with the murder of his estranged wife, Shirley Moon-Atwood, but that charge was dropped in November. Moon-Atwood was last seen in March 2006 and her body has never been found.

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Frog Listeners

Updated 7 years ago

Audubon wildlife biologist Susan Gallo says wood frogs and spring peepers are finally starting to make their spring mating calls, about two weeks later than normal because of the heavy snow cover and cold spring.

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Mainers on Hand for Pope Mass

Updated 7 years ago

Scores of Mainers were at Yankee Stadium Sunday, but they weren’t there to catch a baseball game.

They were at the ballpark to attend a public Mass celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI on the final day of his six-day visit to the U.S.

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Augusta Man Killed in Crash

Updated 7 years ago

Police say speed and unsafe operation are factors in an accident that killed a 22-year-old Chelsea man who lost control of his motorcycle while doing a wheelie at a high rate of speed on a highway in Leeds.

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