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School Consolidation Veto

Updated 7 years ago

As expected, Governor Baldacci has vetoed the measure.

Baldacci has submitted a similar bill that doesn’t contain the items that he found objectionable.

The new bill would allow school units to negotiate local cost sharing agreements, among other things.

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Augusta Suspicious Death

Updated 7 years ago

The body of 60 year old Naomi Buzzell was found by Augusta Police inside her second floor apartment on South Belfast Ave. at about 4pm Tuesday afternoon.

Buzzell’s body will be removed from the apartment and taken to the State Medical Examiner’s Office for autopsy.

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Body Recovered

Updated 7 years ago

State police announced Tuesday that a body believed to be that of 60-year-old Doug Low of Lincolnville was recovered from the plane’s fuselage, which was hoisted from 60 feet of water. The body was taken to the state medical examiner’s office to be identified.

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Joyce McLain to be Exhumed

Updated 7 years ago

After several setbacks her family may now be one step closer to some much needed closure.

On Monday, McLain’s mother Pam, her cousin Greylen Hale, and many other relatives and friends went before the selectmen of Medway. They went hoping that, where others have said no, they would say yes to exhuming Joyce’s body. And that’s exactly what happened.

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Orrington Budget Debate

Updated 7 years ago

Orrington’s fire department transitioned from a volunteer department to a paid department in 2005.

Town manager Carl Young says with all of the required training firefighters have to go through, and the added responsibility of carrying pagers at night, they deserve an increase in their wages:

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Nielsen Update

Updated 7 years ago

Nielsen entered a conditional guilty plea to four counts of murder last year, and was sentenced to life in prison for a bloody killing spree in western Maine.

IFhis lawyers persuade the court that his statements to police should have been suppressed, Nielsen can withdraw that plea.

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Lincoln Plane Crash

Updated 7 years ago

It happened at the Lincoln Regional Airport, just before four o’clock Sunday afternoon.

Lincoln police chief Bill Flagg says two men were attempting to take off in a private, two-seater plane when the pilot lost control.

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Plane Crashes Off the Coast

Updated 7 years ago

911 calls began to come in just after six o’clock Sunday evening. Witnesses saw a plane crash into the bay near Belfast.

Belfast police called in the Coast Guard.

They brought boats and a helicopter, and searched the waters all night for the pilot and the wreckage of the plane.

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Bangor Guard Base

Updated 7 years ago

Baldacci, along with senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, and congressman Mike Michaud, welcomed Lieutenant General Craig McKinley: director of the Air National Guard.

McKinley was given a tour, and was introduced to several members of the 101st air refueling wing. He then met with Baldacci and the delegation behind closed doors.

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Old Town Soldier Dies

Updated 7 years ago

The Pentagon says a soldier from Maine has died from wounds he sustained while on duty in Afghanistan.

Sgt. Nicholas Robertson of Old Town died Thursday at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany of wounds suffered the previous day while conducting dismounted combat operations in the Zahn Khan District of Afghanistan.

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Police Look for Jewelry Thief

Updated 7 years ago

Police are on the lookout for a man who tried to sell jewelry that had been reported stolen from a home burglary.

According to the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department, an assortment of rings, watches, necklaces and other jewelry items valued at $127,000 were reported stolen from a home in Glenburn last month while the owners were away on vacation.

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Wind Farm?

Updated 7 years ago

Aroostook County, already home to New England’s largest wind farm, is being eyed by a Texas company for several more of the energy-producing facilities.

Horizon Wind Energy envisions up to 400 turbines in farm fields and forests of the northern Maine county. Company officials say they are focusing on a forested area west of Bridgewater.

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More Mainers Using Food Stamps

Updated 7 years ago

Government officials say more people are

applying for and receiving food stamps in Maine, bringing the

state’ enrollment in the federal program to 176,000 people.

The increase of 15,000 people since January coincides with an

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UMaine Goes Smoke Free

Updated 7 years ago

Right now, folks can smoke as long as they’re outside and away from buildings.

But soon, smoking on campus will be phased out altogether.

The official announcement won’t be made until September but University of Maine administrators say they’re on track to become the state’s first tobacco-free campus.

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Newburgh School Meeting

Updated 7 years ago

The issue facing administrators in the Hampden, Winterport, and Newburgh school district is the declining enrollment at the Wagner middle school.

That facility is in Winterport.

Officials are suggesting that students who graduate from Newburgh Elementary School might end up going to Wagner.

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Albert Weymouth Obit

Updated 7 years ago

Albert Weymouth junior served the city on the school board and on the city council.

He was also a professor at Husson college for more than three decades before retiring.

The governor was a member of the city council when Weymouth was in office.

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Jewelry Theft

Updated 7 years ago

And now the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office needs your help to find the thief.

They say the crime took place some time between March 21st and March 29th.

The homeowners were away on vacation at the time.

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Autum Aquino Dies

Updated 7 years ago

Autum Aquino was 6 when she became a poster child for AIDS after her mother, Terry Dannemiller, went public in 1991 that she and her daughter were infected with HIV.

Dannemiller got the virus from Autum’s father, who was a drug user.

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Smoking in Cars To be Banned

Updated 7 years ago

On Thursday, the Maine senate gave final approval to the bill, sending it to the governor for his signature.

Only warnings will be issued for the first year, after that, the bill authorizes $50 fines.

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New Gun Regulations

Updated 7 years ago

On Wednesday, Governor Baldacci signed a bill that bans the sale of firearms to sixteen and seventeen-year-olds.

The law does allow those youths to buy a gun, if a parent or guardian is present.

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