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St. Albans Woman Killed in Crash

Updated 7 years ago

State police say 40-year-old Heather Barrows died at the scene when her car was struck while travelling along the Palmyra Road.

The crash happened just before 7 pm Thursday night.

According to the police report, 49-year-old Estella Briel of Cambridge was headed in the opposite direction when her car went off the pavement.

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Maine Author Dead at 68

Updated 7 years ago

Sylvester Pollet was the assistant editor of the national poetry foundation.

He edited and published 100 single-sheet collections of poems between 1994 and 2006.

The compilations, which he called &quot:backwoods broadsides,&quot: were mailed across the country and overseas.

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Former Maine Baseball Coach Dies

Updated 7 years ago

Eugene McClure died on Monday, December 24th, from a stroke.

After his own stint in baseball, McClure coached in Maine for four decades.

McClure was 12 when he played in the little league world series, there the young Eugene met baseball legend Cy Young, a meeting McClure would never forget.

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Machias Medicare Settlement

Updated 7 years ago

The U.S. government alleged that from 2002 through 2005, Down East Community Hospital over-billed Medicare for the cost of transfusions and related goods and services.

The suit says the hospital knew or should have known about the improper billing early on, but did nothing about it.

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If Pats Win, You Eat Free

Updated 7 years ago

If you’re a fan of asian cuisine, you could benefit if the Pats win.

Oriental Jade in Bangor has promised to give away free chinese food if the Patriots beat the New York Giants in the final game of the season.

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Christmas Fire in Bucksport

Updated 7 years ago

The Bucksport fire department says the call came in just after two o’clock Tuesday afternoon.

When crews arrived at the home at 44 Middle Street, most people had already vacated the building, but firefighters did have to rescue a few others.

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Manna Christmas

Updated 7 years ago

People were packed in the Job Corp Gym on Union Street for the annual christmas party on Tuesday, where Manna served dinner to the families, then provided entertainment.

Afterwards, kids could pick up the gifts they had signed up for.

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Interstate Accident Claims the Life of a Winterport Teen

Updated 7 years ago

State police say 17 year old Matthew Osborn of Winterport was killed when he was hit by a jeep after exiting his car, which was pulled to the side of the highway near the Hogan Road exit around 5:30 Monday night.

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Proposed Faipoint-Verizon Hearing

Updated 7 years ago

The Public Utilities Commission was scheduled to take up a settlement agreement Wednesday on the proposed sale of Verizon’s Northern New England land lines to Fairpoint Communications.

Last week, the PUC told the parties involved in the proposed sale to clear up several questions about the settlement by the day after Christmas.

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Teens Charged in Belfast Arson

Updated 7 years ago

The Bangor Daily News reports police arrested the 15 and 16-year-old boys late Friday night.

The bomb threat, found in a second-floor bathroom last Tuesday, forced officials to evacuate the building.

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Gorey Pleads Guilty

Updated 7 years ago

Jacqueline Gorey pled guilty to a felony theft charge.

She was the longtime tax collector and town clerk in Willimantic.

She choked up in court, and admitted that she started taking a few dollars from town coffers that she intended to pay back, but the stealing got out of control.

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Christmas Weather

Updated 7 years ago

Melting snow is creating some messy conditions for drivers as the temperatures climb to unseasonable highs.

State police trooper Joshua d’Angelo says motorists need to be careful and plan on extra drive time.

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Sexual Abuse

Updated 7 years ago

The Somerset county sheriff’s department arrested 60-year-old Frank &quot:Skip&quot: Gleason III on Saturday, after a complaint was filed with the department.

That complaint alleged that a 15-year-old boy, who attends Carrabec High School in North Anson, was sexually abused by a school faculty member.

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Lowery Homecoming

Updated 7 years ago

Army Sergeant first class, Jonathan Lowery was killed last week when his unit came under fire in Mosul, Iraq. He was 38-years-old.

Sergeant Lowery served in the military for 21 years, and was recognized more than 41 times with awards and decorations for his accomplishments. He was serving his second tour of duty in Iraq when he died for our nation.

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Brooksville Fire

Updated 7 years ago

We’re told part of that building was destroyed by fire Thursday night.

Fire chief Bill Leck says the owner had already started moving belongings into the home on the Varnumville Road.

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Suspects Arrested in Pittston Break-in

Updated 7 years ago

21-year-old Daniel Fortune and 20-year-old William Darrell Page jr. have been arrested on charges of theft.

Police say Fortune and Page stole 30-thousand dollars in cash and approximately $170,000 in rare coins and old paper money from a residence in Pittston.

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Heating Assistance

Updated 7 years ago

Congress has just approved a $400,000,000 boost in the government’s low income home energy assistance program.

Maine Senator Olympia Snowe says Maine stands to get about $10,000,000 more for energy assistance.

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House of Pizza Fire

Updated 7 years ago

Due to the extensive damage, fire investigators say heavy equipment may have to be brought in to move the mess to help determine what started the fire.

Fire crews were called to the House of Pizza on Main Street, just before 11 o’clock Tuesday night. Someone passing by noticed the flames and called authorities.

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Belfast School Scare

Updated 7 years ago

A fire was reported in the boy’s bathroom on the second floor, at around 10 o’clock Wednesday morning.

No one was injured, but all students were sent home because of smoke damage.

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Etna Fire Chief

Updated 7 years ago

Walter Gibbons has been chosen to be Etna’s fire chief, it’s a position he’s held in the past.

Gibbons takes over for chief Rick Goodell, who resigned after a falling out with town officials.

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